KidCo Door Knob Lock – White, 5 Pack

KidCo Door Knob Lock – White, 5 Pack

You will receive (5) WHITE KidCo Door Knob Locks. About KidCo Door Knob Lock: Easy snap together installation Unique side pinch-grip design Available in White or Clear

Main features

  • Unique side pinch-grip design
  • Easy snap together installation
  • Fits standard style doorknobs
  • You will receive (5) Door Knob Locks by KidCo in WHITE
  • A must for door safety!

Verified reviews


So Much Better then Usual Covers!

I HATE DOOR KNOB COVERS! But not these! My baby can’t figure it out but I can! So simple for an adult to use yet so hard for a baby! Get these, you will be happy you did!

Olivia Ivoryton, CT

Easter to use than the other version

I bought those door knob covers that have holes in them for you to grip the know. They weren’t old child proof but me-proof-lol. These are great-much easier for me to open but my son still can’t. I did cut off the middle part so I could use the locks on some off the handles.

Tracie Del Rio, TN

This lock is terrible.

I originally bought this to keep the cat from opening the door where her food is stored. I put it on and all of a sudden she was able to open it more easily than before!I didn’t rate it then because the lock is intended for toddlers, not cats, and perhaps it would work better there.I just tried it out with my toddler and sure enough: now he can get into his sisters’ room more easily than before!

Katrina Clarksburg, NJ

Ha Ha Ha little hands…

These work great. Our little one had discovered how to open doors and these keep him from getting into places we don’t want him. Easy to install and just give it a squeeze to open.

Frankie Holly Bluff, MS

Did not fit on standard door knobs

These did not fit on either of my standard size door knobs. I was unable to squeeze to turn the knob when they were installed.

Jo Elora, TN

Not very sturdy

Our toddler is just able to reach door knobs so we needed something to help prevent her from locking herself into a room. These are ok, but I should have sprung for something a bit nicer. The two pieces snap together kinda poorly and the clamping area on the bottom you use to grasp the knob is flimsy so you really have to work it to get the doors open as an adult. Smaller door knobs just won’t work. The lock cover is molded silicon and while it is easy enough to open, it’s hard to seat after. Spend a little more money and get something nicer if you can. These keep everyone out…

Paula Middletown, CA

great for toddlers

We purchased these to use on our pantry doors, bathroom doors, etc. They work great and I find they are plenty simple to use for the adults! The installation was simple as well! They keep my 2 1/2 yr old out of places he doesn’t need to be so I would highly recommend these to anyone!!

Georgina Cashion, OK

Works great

These work great for us. I’ve read other reviews where people complain that it makes it easier for the door knob to be opened. I think it all has to do with what type of knobs you have in your home. Ours are very round and slick and these work perfectly.I deducted one star because the tapered piece at the bottom sometimes blocks the door from being able to close and we have to make sure it’s pointing away from the door jam when closing the door.

Adele Benoit, MS

KidCo Door Knob Lock ** 5 PACK ** (WHITE) plus ** BONUS ** Tooth Tissues!

I have a 2 year old son who recently got where he could open some of our doors. But now no longer can with these they so far have been what i needed

Maricela Belleville, MI

Better than the average lock

I had got those safety first locks that you see everywhere. My two and a half year old could take them apart no problem, and was outside all the time. not cool. I thought I’d give these a try, and at first he pulled so hard it came apart, but after that, he hasn’t taken them apart and they work really well.

Katharine Norris, SC

Toddler Proof!

These work well… my 2 yr old has gotten through almost every single baby proofing device we’ve bought so I was glad to find one that works. Just a heads up though, none of the adults who visit (including parents with kids) can get out of our house either. Haha. Every once and a while he does get it off, but it’s rare and he can’t repeat the trick so that’s what is important.

Cheryl Brownville, ME

Purchased so toddler doesn’t lock herself in a room

I know these are designed to keep a toddler out of a room or unable to open a door, but I’m more interested in my child avoiding locking herself in a room. Since the lock is covered by the product, this works perfectly. I do have to agree with another parent’s criticism that these may make opening a door easier for a child – but I’m good with that. These serve another purpose for me.

Zelda Ceredo, WV

My 20 month old figured these out in less than 5 minutes. Not worth it

Tommie Sparks Glencoe, MD

Easy & effective!!

These are super easy to install and effective. It makes it hard to lock the door but I just use my key for the outside doors. This model is much easier for an adult to use as well since it doesn’t require the same hand strength as the others I’ve seen but just gross motor coordination. Great purchase and enough to cover all the important doors in your house for a very reasonable price.

Janie Creighton, PA

Doesn’t fit old fashioned glass door handles

We have old cut-glass door handles and these don’t fit on them at all. My sister-in-law used them in her home however, and they worked great for her.

Sierra Portola, CA

Does not work

This product does not work. If your door nob is not really small, the rubber on the inside will catch on the door nob with even the smallest pressure, or even just turning of the product, and it will open. My 2 year old opened this in 1 night. We even tried to carve out the rubber on the inside completely, but again, she could open it. Our door nob isn’t huge or anything, I’m not sure what’s going on. Even my 1 year old who can barely reach the door nob can open it because he pulls on the product enough to turn it. Useless in our household.

Pamela Leetonia, OH

Does the job in a very flimsy way

A pretty good deterrent especially given how cheaply made they are. Used to keep a 2 year old out of the bathroom without our knowledge. Does the job for me. I’d recommend that this is a good place to start before spending a lot more money on something else.

Christian Florence, OR

Toddler stoppers!

Fantastic product, does just what it says – stops the little ones from opening the doors. My grandson was so quick to open the door to the lanai/pool, but these have put an end to that! Now he doesn’t even try to open the door because he knows it’s futile. GREAT product – I HIGHLY recommend them!!

Sharron Hailesboro, NY

Does the job

These definitely do the job of keeping toddlers from getting out of the room! Only complaint is that, because they are one-size-fits-all, they are lose on doorknobs, and if you don’t grip at exactly the right place, it takes a second to be able to open the door. This is generally fine, but we had to remove this from our master bathroom door (son likes to go in the bathroom and lock the door behind him, but can’t unlock it again) because whenever one of my husband or I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom, it made a minor rustling noise while we tried to work it – which always woke up the other one of us.

Carmela Ferris, IL

Very easy to open

Did not work at all. Very easy to open. So easy, my toddler was able to open the door instantly. Really wished they would have worked.

Marylou Von Ormy, TX

Keeps toddler out of rooms

Great to keep my 2.5 year old out of closets and rooms. He can’t figure out how it works so I am happy. They look pretty good as well…as good as a child proofing item can look anyway 😉

Francis Sinclair, WY


Couldn’t find a door piece that would keep my two year old from getting into rooms she wasn’t allowed. Found this on Amazon and thought I’d give it a try, glad I did.

Jasmin Fair Haven, NY

These worked great for 2 months, our son is now 21 months old andthese are just another toy to him.

These worked great for a few months, then about a week ago our son figured out how to pop these off in about 10 seconds. Now we are looking for something else.On the bright side, these will work for you for a little while.On the bad side, theses will work until your child is 20-21 months old.

Billie Sugar Grove, WV

Works great for toddlers and moms

So far, I’m the only person in the house who can use these 100% of the time. Baby is still at 0% and mom is at about 50%. They work very well. We have a step down into our bedroom that the baby can’t quite navigate yet, so this is a bruise saver.

Minnie Bridgeport, PA

perfect fit

we have 5 doors that needed locks on them and this pack was the perfect amount and easy for us adults to use. Our daughter is 18 months and isnt able to open the doors with these on.

Lynda Hitchcock, SD

So far so good

My 17 months toddler has started opening doors but haven’t figured out how to open a door with these handle covers (yet :). Very easy for an adult to use.

Linda Gadsden, TN