KidCo – Finger Guards

KidCo – Finger Guards

Soft flexible design attaches to most interior and exterior doors to prevent finger injuries. Keeps doors from slmming and helps prevent painful and serious finger injuries. Easy to install and remove. Fits most interior and exterior doors. Two guards per pack. * Keeps door from slamming and helps prevent painful and serious finger injuries * Easy to install and remove * Fits most exterior and interior doors * Soft flexible design

Main features

  • Prevents finger injuries.
  • Keeps doors from slamming shut
  • Fits doors 1 3/8″ to 1 3/4″ thick.
  • Set of two.

Verified reviews


Pretty good, but not worth $10

I bought several packs of these when our twins started walking. And they worked great and were very easy to put on/take off as needed. Since they were affordable I bought extras for the in-laws house. But after 10 months of use the rubber in them has softened up a bit (from the kids trying to close the doors) so they are not as firm and therefore allows the door to be closed further. So now we are using 2 of these per door. I thought I would come back and buy a couple of more packs, because we have lost some. But I see they are currently $10.xx for 2. I thought that seemed high for 2 small pieces of rubber, then I checked my Amazon purchase history and see that I only paid $5 for 2 of them 10 months ago. I definitely won’t be buying any of these now at $10 a pair.

Luisa Zachow, WI

Easy to use, true to function.

I like these finger guards, I bought them to put on all my doors after watching a couple close calls with kitty tails and toddler fingers. You can put them on the outside of the door, and it will keep it from closing all the way, or on the inside and it keeps it open a bit wider. One of them seems to be fitting more loosely after being out on and taken off multiple times, which is why I gave it 4 stars. Hopefully it doesn’t ‘stretch’ any more otherwise it might not stay on the door. Otherwise, it’s not over the top like some child safety guards I’ve seen, and suits its purpose.

Karla Belmond, IA

Does the job

These are tough and durable. They seem to be made of a thick rubbery material, not soft foam. They’re great!

Jana Walton, IN

Easy to use

These are great. Simple, straight forward, easy to use and remove when you don’t want them. I take them off the door and perch them on the molding over the door when not in use.

Rosalyn Park River, ND

work great

Easy to use and remove. We placed on the top of the doors as put less stress on hinges.

Cecile Ava, IL

Worked great until it broke our door.

I have a 2 and 4 year old. There is a lot of rough play and running around (especially since we’ve been cooped up this winter). So there has also been a lot of door slamming. I bought these and loved them at first. And then my 2 year old slammed the bathroom door and realized it ‘bounces’ back so he continued to do so a few times (until I could get to him to stop him) and took the screws right out of the wall (from the door hinge). Of course, i want safe fingers BUT I also want my doors in tact. I will keep looking for a new solution.

Catherine Kanawha Head, WV

No pinched fingers!

This is a simple, inexpensive guarantee of finger protection. We purchased these a few months ago when our son became very interested in opening and closing (and opening and closing . . . ) doors at home. The finger guards are unobtrusive, easy to place and remove, and durable. They prevent finger pinches on both sides of the door/frame. Highly recommend.

Faye Alexis, NC


These little gadgets have saved more fingers than I can count! They fit right onto the door when in use, and for storage, they pop onto the door knob. Genius!

Lillie Artois, CA

Excellent Product!

These finger guards are simple to use and very effective. I highly recommend this product for anyone with a toddler or infant on the go!

Frankie Falun, KS

Terrible product

After reading all the reviews I decided to go ahead with this purchase anyway. Other reviewers warned that this would take your door right off the hinges if it was pushed too hard, but I figures, how hard can my 14th month old really push anyway? He loved to close doors and I thought these would be perfect to keep him from getting stuck in a room or losing a finger in the door. It certainly stopped my toddler from closing the door, which was great. However after only 3 uses my door started separating from the wall at the top hinge and now I don’t need the door stopper at all, the door won’t even close now. Hopefully we can repair/replace the hinge without too much trouble, but dont bother wiht this product. Try the Safety 1st no drill door stopper, works awesome, and I’ve had one in place for 6 months and absolutley no problems with that door whatsoever.

Kate Indian River, MI


I bought this for my daughter because she slammed her fingers in the door only one time but I didn’t want it to happen again. These work great! If they are put on the inside of the door by a hinge it keeps the doors from being closed at all. I love it!

Muriel Schenley, PA