KidCo G16 White Center Gateway Extra Tall 42in

KidCo G16 White Center Gateway Extra Tall 42in

The Gateway series uses the pressure mount system rated 1 by a leading independent consumer organization. This premier gate installs quickly without tools or hardware, leaving no holes to damage walls or woodwork. Constructed of strong tubular steel, the U-shaped frame remains firmly installed while the center walk-through door opens in either direction. At 42in tall it is great for the safety of children and confinement of large dogs while also helping owners prevent bad habits like jumping and climbing. Basic gate fits openings 29 1/2in to 37 1/2in wide. Optional extension kits G16-5 or G16-12.5. Space between the bars range from approx. 2in to 2.25in.FOR ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER PLEASE CONTACT KIDCO AT 1-800-553-5529

Main features

  • Fits openings of 29 1/4 to 37 1/2 inches wide
  • Gate is 42 in. tall
  • Taller than standard Center Gateway Gate (SKU G15)
  • Please be sure to measure the opening prior to purchase to insure a proper fitment
  • Pressure mounted gate

Verified reviews


used on stairs

The extra tall gate is a must for stairs. The regular height is just too low when coming downstairs. and my toddler would already be able to reach it. It is really not that stable but when put up just right will withstand toddler pushing and pulling. The height was over my banister but the regular height was under, so I needed to do some fiddling. Notice in the picture, you do not actually see how it is attached to the stairs. We needed the y-spindle and a little extra engineering to make it work.

Anita East Barre, VT

Good for kids and pets

We purchased this gate after reading the reviews here and have been very happy with this purchase. We have an 80# black lab/great pyrenees and an agile 10# calico cat that we were wanting to keep from entering our 5 month old’s and our bedroom in order to have some fur-free areas of the house. I must say that this gate has done a great job of keeping what needs to be kept in, in and what needs to be kept out, out. Our cat has only once jumped the gate but that was after she snuck in when the gate wasn’t latched and I caught her roaming around. I think I scared her into jumping over the gate in order to get out of our room! 🙂 Since then, she’s not expressed any interested in jumping it.We have had an issue with a spring coming apart from the latch but that was because our cleaning lady didn’t know how to operate the latch and inadvertently forced it open. I called Kidco Customer Support and they graciously sent me another latch replacement. I haven’t installed it yet but they told me it was easy to replace.

Eloise Burlington Flats, NY

My hope for a great gate.. eliminated after 15 minutes of use.

So.. My wife and i had tried out the Summer Extra Tall gate and were underwhelmed by the limitations and i was disappointed by the narrowness of the walkthru part of the gate.With that said, we opted to try the Kidco Extra Tall (extra tall so cats cant jump over)..Numerous great reviews prompted us to give it a try.Value: Well, $90 + $25 for an extension makes this by FAR the most expensive baby gate option for us.Installation: It lacked REAL detailed pictures for step by step walkthru.. (i figured it out on my own, but there is no way my wife would have understood this)Use: After it was installed, we began testing and QUICKLY learned after about 15 minutes this was not the gate for us.The part you walk thru was the nicest feature about it. It was 22” wide. More than enough for my 225lb and 6’1 frame to fit thru – but that is where the positives end…The latch to unlock it feels cheap and flimsy. It feels almost like the plastic youd buy a gallon of milk in. It doesnt flow smoothly to pull up and over.At the bottom, there is a ‘bracket’ that extends down about 1 inch. This bracket ensures the door is aligned to the frame. When pulling up on the latch, you have to lift the gate up over that inch (doesnt sound like much but the others we have tried you only lift up a little bit and its unlocked.This bottom bracket also causes trouble when it shuts, which i might add does not automatically shut.I was shutting the gate door, and noticed that i several times had to stop for an extra amount of time to ensure the bottom bracket was aligned correctly to the frame. It was a cumbersome process and wasnt what i wanted if i was in a hurry.Other gates just have a metal pin that hangs down, that when it meets the bottom of the frame it simply slides in and shuts very easily.Another feature i just could stand at ALL, was the fact that if you have the gate door open half way and it isnt in the “lift up position”, you have to lift it up again. Its kind of odd to describe in this review.oh yea – the supposed stainless steel extension connecting bars were RUSTED when they came! i pulled the first two out, and they were fine. the other two were totally rusted.Its just nothing at all what we want and i am surprised how many good reviews this has.

Lydia Victoria, VA

Best Gate Ever!

This gate has been the best for us. When our son started climbing out of his crib right at 2 years old, I knew I didn’t want him to have free reign of the house at night while we were asleep. We converted his crib to a toddler bed and installed this at his door, essentially making his entire room (which was baby proofed to the T) his new, very large, crib. This also helps in case of a fire. You don’t want your little one to get scared and run off when your smoke alarms go off. You want to know exactly where you can find him and get to him fast. This will ensure he’s at least SOMEWHERE in his room. I know some people will argue this, but I felt much safer having this at his door than him being able to roam free while I was asleep. We stopped using this gate when our son was nearly 4 and able to open it himself. We still have it and will use it at our daughters door when she starts climbing from her crib.

Deanne Adairville, KY

My favorite gate

I love this “baby gate.” I actually bought it because my 75 lb labradoodle was jumping over our other baby gate on a daily basis & I wanted to keep him out of our dining room. This is the tallest baby gate I’ve seen – definitely too tall for my dog to get over. I also like that you can open the gate & walk through. It’s too complicated of a mechanism for kids to figure out (not that they’d be able to reach it…), but easy for parents to use & can be done with one hand. While easy to do, it is a bit cumbersome to open/close the gate, since you have to push a button while you lift the plastic handle, & then you have to lift the gate up as you push it open. I don’t need to use the gate often, though, so it’s OK with me. Although it does take a bit longer to open/close, it is definitely much more secure than my other baby gates. It was really easy to install, too.

Cecilia Nicktown, PA