Kidco G80 Configuregate – For Irregular Openings

Kidco G80 Configuregate – For Irregular Openings

The Configure Gate, with its unique sectional design, goes where standard toddler safety gates won’t work. Three interlocking sections fit together in a bendable configuration that you can shape to the layout of your home. An adult-access, walk-through gate keeps grown-up traffic moving while toddlers are protected from unsupervised areas. The configure gate mounts safely on your walls and is made of strong tubular steel and covered with a nontoxic coating. Made in USA. 29-1/2Hx1Wx72L”.

Main features

  • Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind.
  • Top Quality Children’s Item.

Verified reviews


Hard to set up but easy to use

I found this gate hard to set up – the instructions weren’t as clear as I would have liked and did not mention to remove the vertical bars before trying to adjust sections. (I am a minor DIYer).It’s great once it’s in place, though! It is very sturdy and the gate is easy to open if you have a free hand.

Diana Yachats, OR

Good product

This gate is grate especially if you have pets and stairs. The only thing I didn’t like about the gate is how hard it is to bend/configure each panel of the gate.

Judith Stratford, VA

Great gate if you’re not planning to use extensions.

I have this gate set up in two different parts of my house… one part as-is, and one part with two extensions. The gate that that has no extensions is very durable, and easy to open, however there is a bar that goes across the bottom of the “door”, and myself and my guests are always bumping bare toes on it…ouch!In the other part of my house, I have this gate with two extensions. It’s such a LONG gate, that there is no stability… the whole thing kind of sways, and my toddler finally was able to pull it out of the wall. There aren’t many gates out there that will let you cover such a wide room, though, and for that it was nice while it lasted.

Saundra Pikeville, NC

Fantastic, and expandable

We got *seven* extensions for this and put a fence across our den, marking off a one-hundred-square-foot area for the lil’guy to crawl around in. I was worried that the length would make it insecure, but it doesn’t: Just be sure not to have the fence completely straight; use the nifty connection corners to alternate turns, using either angles back and forth or a serpentine pattern. Then hang stuff like toys, instruments, and mobiles from it. Our lil’guy loves it! 🙂

Vilma Arnett, WV

We love this gate!!

We bought this gate for a opening between our foyer and kitchen. We ended up buying one extension and are very pleased!!! We put it together in about 30 minutes. It’s great because you can bend it into whatever configuration you need. For us, we were hesitant to drill into our walls but didn’t have another solution. Now that it’s installed, we definitely feel like the safety and convenience factors far outway the problem of drilling into our walls. I definitely recommend this gate!!

Corine New Iberia, LA

Mom of 2

The advertising for this gate made it seem like the right purchase for me, but I was wrong! First, the hinges on the gate which allow you to place the panels at an angle are not wonderful. If you’re a little too forceful, it can easily break. And if it breaks, you’re out of luck with installing this gate. Second, the mounting pieces for the wall are fixed position, at the top of every fence panel. The wall mounts are not the same as shown in the Amazon picture, which is in the middle of the panel! This became a problem for me because I have a window ledge that is lower than the wall mount location. Third, this Kidco gate is clearly terribly overpriced. Most people will have to buy extension gate panels to make this work and boy does the cost add up. If you have an irregular shaped area or room that needs a gate, I’d recommend that you look into the North States 3 in 1 Super Yard Gate. I bought this North States Gate with a total of 6 panels (12 feet) and it did not have any of the problems I just described. It was expensive, but cost less than the Kidco. Overall, it is sturdier and better made too. The North States Gate can be placed at various angles too just like the Kidco. North States Gate needs to amp up their advertising though because it isn’t quite clear that it can do the same as the Kidco Gate at a better price too.

Katie Mckenna, WA

Decent gate but annoying door release and very narrow

Overall this appears to be a decent gate set – it easily configured to fit the area we needed to cordon off from our wee one. However I do have a few issues with the gate that are keeping me from being completely satisfied.The biggest issue, to me, is the door release. Basically, you squeeze up on the handle and then pull the door up. It actually takes a little effort and the gate itself doesn’t feel that it’s truly sturdy enough for this abuse. Plus, did I mention it takes a lot of effort? It’s not as well designed as several of the other gates we’ve used.The second point is just how narrow this gate is. I am not a large person and while I do fit through the opening I do worry that some of my larger friends may have a harder time of it. This width of a coach class airline seat, maybe a tad less, and you have idea on the width of the opening.Their are some good points. The gate is easy to configure. When you have it set up, it feels like it’s locked into place (unlike a few other large area gates I’ve used). It does feel very secure. Additionally, it won’t be hard to take the gate off it’s wall moorings should I need to temporarily remove the gate. This is a great feature.Overall this is an ok gate. It may be the best gate for versatile areas where traditional gates don’t fit. However if you can avoid this gate and go for something else – you might be better off looking around.

Terry Powhatan, VA

Perfect for our needs…

We have a soon to be 5 month old and he is not crawling yet but we wanted to be prepared. Our stairs needed a special gate and this is perfect for us. We especially love the fact that you can take the entire gate off when not needed and it’s easy to put up and take down. Thanks to Little Folks and Amazon!

Darlene Ona, FL

Love This Gate

This gate was perfect for our split-level home with the addition of one 24" extension. It does the job of keeping the baby away from the stairs and the dog out of where she isn’t allowed. My husband said it was very easy to install. The stay-open and auto-close features are great. I plan on buying another for the bottom set of stairs.The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because I do feel like it could be slightly sturdier for the abuse my three-year-old tries to give it.

Avis Dover, OK

perfect for wide spaces

We needed a gate for a really wide space between our family room and kitchen and this gate works perfectly. It doesn’t look terribly cheesy. The gate is easy to open and close, but not so easy that our toddler can figure it out.

Gladys Ketchikan, AK

Worked for my config; Instructions could better; Rather pricey with extensions

I’m quite happy with the gate, although I had to spend $250 to make it fit the bottom of my stairs. I removed the left 24″ panel, replaced with an 8″ extension, then inserted 3 more 8″ extensions on the right. The $30 8″ extensions are way too expensive for what you get I think (and often arrive with scratches and rust due to the extra pole in the box).Like many Kidco gates, the instructions could have been better. And it would be nice if the mounting hardware were metal instead of plastic.I used a 1/8″ drill bit to create pilot holes before screwing into my banister (rather hard wood). While it may be obvious to some to do that, others might not know, or might not know what size drill bit to use. I tried a smaller one at first but the screw was extremely difficult to attach. Only when I used a 1/8″ drill bit did it go in.

Adeline Lowman, NY

Best Large Opening Gate out there.

We bought two different kinds of Gates for our living room area. We bought the Kidco Configure gate and the Kidco Elongate.The elongate was to cover an area of 84″. The elongate can only go straight across and opening. It’s extension are screwed together and have an overlap. So the gate is not actually straight across. We are very disappointed in this purchase and wished we had bought two Configure gates. Took us some time to screw the extension in and then to screw the supports in and then to mark it on the wall. Took us over an hour.The Configure gate is on the pricey side. We almost did not buy it. But it has two different size extension pieces and you can bend and configure it to the space you need. We use it at the bottom of our stairs and it bows out to give you an area so that the gate is not up against the stairs.It was so easy to add the extension piece on. You just snap out the pole and add the extension piece. You can bend the gate different ways to fit in the opening.To Mount on the wall you just mark the screw holes and screw in the plate then snap the gate on. It was mounted on the wall in less then 20 minutes. It was very sturdy.I highly recommend this gate.

Sadie Chula, MO

Great gate

I love this gate! We have a spiral staircase that continues for 3 floors and it was almost impossible to block off on the second level. This gate has solved all our problems.The door does not swing closed behind you, which I like. The bar across the bottom of the door is very low compared to other gates, about an inch. When the door is closed it is secure, much more so than our gate that swings shut behind you. The entire system spans 72″ and is very stable, even when my 1 year old shakes it.This gate is a great solution for difficult areas and is well worth the money.

Mattie Arctic Village, AK


It’s pricy, but very sturdy. To open and close gate is little tricky though. I purchased Northyard gate also. I like it better.

Patrice Alton, NH

Perfect for difficult areas

We have two landings where we use these gates and they work really well for them. The first one was a little tricky to install but the second was much easier to do. I love the magnetic latch because I know the gate will close every time. It can be difficult to open sometimes but I’d rather that than have it open too easily and have my child sneak through.

Nancy Peach Bottom, PA

Great gate

We’ve had this gate since late 2007 when our oldest started walking. Fast forward to home# 2 and three running , half-heathen boys. The gate has stood-up to our abuse, the elements (having been outdoors since first acquired), and the dismantling and ressembly due to a move.We’ve never had a problem opening or closing the gate and find the opening more than adequate. My larger friends due as well.We did buy another Hearthgate to section off our family room from the rest of the house and yes, the mounting screws are coming out of the walls. but, I’d like to preface, that is because I didn’t use drywall mounts to attach the gate to the walls. I desperately needed a gate ASAP since our new house had a narrow, metal spiral staircase with a gate which didn!t latch( yes, we immediately rectified our spiral staircase gate sitch and now have a key lock on it!).. So As soon as I got the gate home, I installed it. After almost two years of dogs nosing it, kids hanging on it, people pushing on it, the screws are finally beginning to come out of the wall. Tomorrow, I’m headed to the hardware store for some drywall mounts.After all the gates we’ve been through, I still think this gate is the best. Installation for both gates was a breeze.Customer service was great as well. I installed it while kids were napping. I had to call the company after We received the wrong extension piece( wrong gate piece in extension piece’s box)Oh, FYI: even after all these years, our original hearthgate doesn’t show any signs of rust.

Brooke Drybranch, WV

Great for the the bottom of the stairs

We have a row home with very low banister. I purchsed the Kidco Configure Gate along with the extension and it fits perfectly and wraps around the area nicely and doesn’t take up too much room. For the purpose I gave it 5 stars, but I did feel both the gate and extension were a bit pricey. The gate is crafted well, easy to install, and the peace of mind is well worth it.

Tabatha Roscoe, IL

Great, also can be used to create a separate play space!

This is a great gate, and one of the few with the flexibility to accommodate non-straight spaces. It’s pretty sturdy, the kids shake it sometimes but it hasn’t ever opened or torn from the wall. The downside (or upside, depending on perspective) is that the gate is harder to open than the previous version. The magnetic catch is handy for a quiet but easy close. I got the extension, and it still stands pretty sturdy. No regrets on the purchase.BTW, this gate works really well as a separate space for an older child to play. We use it for my 3 year old to have a space on the main floor to play with toys without the baby able to interrupt. It’s nice because he feels included with everyone else there, but doesn’t get upset by his brother knocking down or taking his legos. Highly recommend for that purpose. Looks ok, good if you have white for trim, but ultimately, its a baby gate and looks like one.

Ashleigh Holts Summit, MO

Would buy again!

We have used several other gates to block off the stairs in our home and have been frustrated with them all. My husband and I wish that we had ordered this gate a year ago! It was easy and quick for my handy husband to install at the base of the stairs. The gait opens easily with one hand (the trick is to pull the latch and then LIFT the gate just a bit, which we didn’t know to do and initially caused us to think the gate was defective until reading the directions. This feature is nice as our toddler can pull at the latch but can’t lift the gate to open it by herself). The gate is also fairly wide, allowing us to pass through it easily, even when carrying things. The gate automatically swings shut, which is convenient, but will also stay open if opened to 90 degrees. Would highly, highly recommend this gate!

Violet Beallsville, PA

Worth Every Penny!

This kidco configure gate is worth every penny if you need to enclose and odd shaped space! We needed to block off a hallway in our basement, but had uneven walls, and this gate works perfectly. The installation was a little bit involved, since you have to screw the brackets into studs in the walls, but it only took about 20 minutes and we had it up.Some tips for installing the gate:1. First, read through the entire instruction manual before you start. The way the manual is structured, there are instructions in several languages in the front, and then reference pictures in the back. If you read through the manual and flip back and forth until you understand the pictures before you start, it makes the installation go pretty smoothly.2. Try to mount the brackets to studs in your walls. Since you can configure the gate to any length/angle by changing the angle of each joint, try to configure it so that you can mount each bracket to a stud in the wall, so you don’t have to worry about energetic kids pulling them out.3. Try to configure the gate so that each joint is at least at a 10 degree angle. If you put them straight across, the gate will flex a little bit. It doesn’t really affect the stability of the gate since it is anchored to the walls, but the flexing will go away if you angle each sectionOverall, this gate worked for enclosing our odd shaped space perfectly and I would highly recommend it!

Victoria Medford, WI

Best Gate I’ve Used!

I run an in-home daycare in a townhouse in addition to having my own young children.This gate is by FAR the sturdiest gate I’ve used and it is my absolute favorite. I have 4 different baby gates. We used it in a previous home to surround the fireplace but have it in use for keeping children in the playroom across a large doorway now.The gate is attractive, too! I don’t feel like I’m keeping the children “trapped” like with other gates.My only issue is that my oldest daughter figured out how to open the gate at the age of 2. However, by then she understood and obeyed when I told her WHY she couldn’t go through the gate.This gate is also taller than the average baby gate, which I love for my 12 month old climber. She stacked pillows and climbed over the first gate I installed in that doorway.

Lucia Silver Lake, OR

Awesome gate

We have used this gate since our oldest started moving around. Now 3 years and another child later it is still functioning great! It still looks and works as well as on day 1.We picked this for the top of our stairs so we could have a “landing” at the top. We did not like other gates where you have to balance on the top stair, with a baby in your arms, to open or close the gate.It is easy to open, but not for little ones. My 3.5 year old still cannot open this on his own.I would buy this same gate in a heartbeat.

Charity Clare, MI

Very sturdy – fenced off my dining room

We have been using this system for about two months now. We have 2.5 walls in what was once our dining room (now play room). We used 4-5 extensions as well. We bought this new, and it was easy to set up. Be sure you install it into the studs – infants will pull up on the railing. Kidco is pretty easy to work with. They sent me free “templates” for the wall and I bought some screws (for another gate).I LOVE this system. The quality is great. I recommend it and would purchase another if needed.

Jennie Powderly, KY