KidCo Gateway Pressure-Mounted 37″Gate, White

KidCo Gateway Pressure-Mounted 37″Gate, White

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Gateway- White The KidCo Gateway is the perfect solution for heavily traveled doorways and room openings. As a pressure mount gate, it provides maximum safety for use in doorways and hallways when drilling into woodwork or drywall is not desirable or practical. The Gateway incorporates exclusive Pressure Plus Technology, which forces additional pressure on the door frame when the handle is locked after each use, providing extra stability and security. Optional extensions are available for larger openings up to 6 feet. Features: Easy, one hand operation No damage to walls or doorways Installs quickly; No tools needed Heavy duty steel construction Gate Width: 29″ to 37″ Gate Height: 29.5″ Includes two extensions Optional extensions (Models G4100 and G4110) are available for openings up to 6′ Product Dimensions:1.8 x 28.8 x 30.2 inches Product Weight:16 pounds

Main features

  • Easy, one-hand operation
  • No damage to walls or doorways
  • Installs quickly; No tools needed
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Adjustable width (29″-37″)
  • Includes (2) extensions

Verified reviews


Best gate I’ve found

After trying 3 different gates (that all had high ratings on Amazon), this is my favorite. I turned my home into my own version of a baby gate showroom to figure out which one I wanted, so here’s my take on three different gates.I think they are all pretty good gates, it just depends on your situation and what features you’re looking for. The key features that ended up making a difference to me were 1) the width of the gate opening and 2) the latch mechanismKidco Center Gateway:———————cost $85 & extensions $24 / gate is 29.5″ Tall / fits 29.25″ to 37.5″ doorway width / 1″ bar to step over / gate opening 22″- Has the widest gate opening (the space you walk thru, not the doorway that it fits into) of any of them – about 22″. (This certainly won points from my 6’2″ husband who was pretty irritated when walking thru some of the others). I was surprised after reading so many reviews on all these gates that there wasn’t more mention of this feature.- This one also had the most secure latch feature. You have to push a button to lift the handle and lift the gate over a little ledge to open it and walk thru. I figure this will absolutely be the hardest one for my little one to figure out.- This gate has the most adjustable widths and therefore would probably be the strongest in most door widths. The gate has about 2.75″ pieces on the ends that you can use or not with the optional extensions (more 2.75″ spindles as additions – 2 per box) to provide the most width flexibility. Because all the gates become “weaker” if the posts are extended too much, this one seems the sturdiest in my doorways. (ie. if the gate says it fits up to 37″ and your door opening is 36.5″, it won’t seem as sturdy as if the doorway was 34″).- It doesn’t have its brand name printed on it anywhere (a plus in my book) so it’s totally white.- It has the lowest bar across the floor that you have to step over at only 1″ high (seems less of a tripping risk).- This is the one that has the highest rating from Consumer Reports. (Child safety gates 08/04)- Unfortunately, it also is the most expensive of the bunch at about $85 + any extensions you need.- I do have to say that this one had the most confusing directions, but you can still figure it out ok – none of them took longer than 10 minutes to set up.- It’s the shortest gate and I wish it was a little taller.- All in all, if you can afford the price of this one, it’s definitely worth it!Summer Infant – Sure & Secure Extra Tall Gate———————————————cost $60 & extensions included / gate is 36″ Tall / fits 28″-48″ doorway width / 2″ bar to step over / gate opening 19″- This is the one that I wanted to like because I thought it was the best deal.- The gate opening is about 19″ – which I thought was ok, but hubby wanted wider.- The latch mechanism is really easy to operate and I thought kids could figure it out easily, but because the gate is so tall, they would probably have a hard time reaching it.- It does come with its own extensions in 5″ and 10″ so it more easily fits the wider doorways.- However, depending on the width of your doorway, this one may or may not fit as well. For example, I had a lot of doorways that are about 33″ and this gate didn’t end up fitting well in them because the gate without any extensions was too small and the posts had to be extended so far it didn’t seem stable. And the 5″ extension was too big to add. (vs. the kidco gate’s extensions add 2.75″ as needed).- It’s by far the tallest and I liked that since my daughter has been in the 95% so far. I also just like the way the taller gate looks.- It does have the highest bar across the bottom to step over – 2″.- If it fits well in your doorway it is probably the best value for the money.First Years – Hands-Free Gate—————————–cost $50 & extensions $15 / gate is 32″ Tall / fits 29″-34″ doorway width / 1.5″ bar to step over / gate opening 17″- My gripe with this gate was primarily because the gate opening is only 17″ wide! I’m 5’8″ and I felt like I was going to have to really pay attention walking through it so I wouldn’t end up bumping it every time. However…- The hands-free step pedal is pretty cool and worked pretty easily. I wouldn’t worry about a little kid figuring it out and having enough weight to be able to push it down to open it. For me it just wasn’t cool enough to overcome my issue with the gate opening width.- Good height to the gate.- It was very sturdy in my doorway.- This one did have a little ramp feature for the bar that goes across the floor that helps minimize the tripping factor.- Fits only up to 34″ doorways so has the best chance of needing an extension.- All that being said, if you really want a hands free gate, and the width of the gate opening doesn’t bug you, try this one.All three gates seemed to:- Fit pretty tightly in the doorways after being adjusted properly. Depending on your walls and if you have moldings etc, you might need to take an extra 5-10 minutes to adjust them and get them straight and hanging correctly.- Had the same type of post for the pressure-mount that is covered with a rubbery material to help it not slip on the wall.- Were pretty easy to set up.- All look about the same from a quality point of view – in other words one of them didn’t look “cheaper” to me than the others.Please remember that for safety, only hardware mounted gates are considered stable enough to put at the top of stairs, so don’t use any of these for that. Think about how you will use these gates in your house and what features you will value. Good luck with your own purchase!

Trudy Pharr, TX

wouldn’t do it again

We got this for a one step down into a den. Well, this gate has a metal plate across the bottom which becaome the cause of many trips, baby included. Also, the handle mechanism actually fell open/aprt. the first time, dh just screwed it back together. It did it a total of 4 times before we just took it down. THe opening is VERY NARROW. I have many scratches and bruises on hip from that gate. DH too. If you are REALLY skinny with no dh, okay, maybe. Also, when walking through, when you turn to close and push down, sometimes the plastic didn’t go under the red tab, totally defeating the purpose of the gate

Iva San Clemente, CA

Great Gate with combination of Y Spindle

I have a medal banister on my stairs and have been having a lot of trouble getting a gate to fit. The kidco gate in combination with the Y Spindle has given me a safe and secure option for the bottom of my stairs.

Reva Palmyra, NJ

The bets gate ever!

I absolutely love this gate. We were going to get two, but only got one to make sure we’d like it. We didn’t want to drill any holes and our gate sits at the bottom of the stairs just like in the pictures, only on the floor not the first step. It’s great. All four points where the gate touches the wall are different depth and I also used the extension kit and it works perfectly. It is very stable and my little boy can’t open it or pull it down. I’m about to order another one for the top of the stairs.

Lila Mainesburg, PA

Does the job!

This was purchased for use in a special needs classroom. It was easy to install, easy to use, and has stood up to the abuse of being used in a school classroom. It is much more sturdy than previously used wood gates. The item may be a little more expensive, but the quality is well worth it!

Ida Port Carbon, PA

easy and good quality

Easy to use, easy to install and it has so many different options of installation (extensions, y-spindles, stairway adaptors) and all were easy to figure out. Even my 60 plus mother said it was easy to figure out how to use it without any instruction. Really liked how the bottom “supports” that press against the wall were flat on the bottom edge so they lay against the floor better. My other brand of gate didnt have that. Only complaint was my box had no directions in it. But managed without them.

Jeanette Stillwater, OH

Works for us

I was happy to find a gate that works for us. We use it at the bottom of our stairs along with a kidco y spindle. Not sure what other options we had for mounting to our round staircase baluster. If you have a similar staircase I would say this is the product for you!

Rena Demorest, GA


we wanted a gate for the balcony door and this fit perfectly! i wasn’t sure abt tension gates but this is great, no drilling and it’s very sturdy. the gate is so simple in design and it’s perfect for our place. set up was fast and easy

Pearl Flintville, TN

High quality and easy to install

I purchased two of these gates for the bottom of my stair cases. They were fairly easy to install even though the instructions weren’t that clear. I had to buy a 5.5 inch extension and the Y spindle pack to fit my stairs. Once I got it all together I was very surprised at how sturdy the gates were. They seem to be of very high quality.

Concetta Centerview, MO

Good gate, did the job

So this gate’s latch is slightly annoying but it did the job and kept my child off the stairs. Like this product and would purchase again.

Blanca Milledgeville, TN

Not perfect, but a good gate.

We bought this gate a few months ago. It’s generally well made and is sturdier than some other gates. Overall, it’s a good choice, although in my opinion it is a bit overpriced. An appropriate price for the quality would be around $50.PROS:-Adjustable size-Door swings both in both directions-Door is pretty easy to open-Pressure-mounted (no damage to walls)CONS:-You have to lift the door as you open it. This gets to be a bit of a pain-Not as sturdy as a hardware-mounted gate… it loosens over time so you do need to take minute to tighten it up periodically.Other reviewers have commented that the bar across the bottom is annoying. I actually find it to be fine. You do have to step over it, but it’s only about 1″ so it doesn’t bother me.I will update this review when my baby starts walking… I’m hoping that the pressure mount will be strong enough to hold up to a toddler!

Lula Leonia, NJ

A very good and very effective gate

This gate is much better than most on the market. The design allows it to function well as a gate, yet allowing foot traffic through by the inclusion of a lockable door in the unit. The gate is made of metal, but I deducted 1 star due to the locking mechanism being made of plastic. Only time will tell how much real-world use it will stand up to. Another thing about this gate that I like is the flexibility offered by the availability of extensions — it is possible to mount this gate pretty much anywhere needed. Overall, I am happy with this purchase.

Sophie Moose Pass, AK

Worth Every Penny!

I would highly recommend this gate! We are using it at the bottom our basement stairs, and it is just what we needed. Installation was not difficult at all. I would recommend reading through the entire instruction booklet and looking at the pictures in the back first, but the entire installation only took me about 15 minutes, and that was with my 3 year old helping me.Things I love:1. Nice wide gate (the part that swings open is wider than any other gate I have seen. This is very helpful when trying to get through with a baby on one hip and a laundry basket on the other)2. Secure latch (I have a 3 year old and an 11 month old, and my 3 year old can open a different gate we have, and sometimes forgets to shut it. This gate requires more strength to open it, which means I am confident leaving the kids to play while I am in the next room)3. Ease of installation (seriously, this was a very easy install requiring no additional tools)Things I would improve:1. The height of the gate. My 3 year old is an escape artist, and he has already figured out that he can push several toys over to the gate and climb over it. Not too big of a deal since he can safely climb up and down the stairs, but it doesn’t keep him contained at all.2. The instruction booklet that comes with the gate. the booklet has instructions in several different languages in the front, and then referneces pictures that are in the back of the book. This means that you must constantly flip pages when reading the instructions. I understand why they did it (1 set of pictures for several different languages), but it would be nice to have the corresponding pictures located on the same page as the instructions.All in all I would definately recommend this gate to anyone!

Marcy Gibson Island, MD

Kidco likes to make things difficult for busy parents

This is the second Kidco product I have purchased. Let me start by saying that their products are some of the safest out there and I have every confidence in the security of the gates I have installed. BUT, the first gate I purchased was the standard gateway that uses hardware to install. You can see my review there but the thing that is pertinent here is that they only included limited hardware in the box which would not work safely if installing the gate into dry wall (even when there is a stud). So, instead of including another set of screws that would’ve cost them about $0.90, Kidco likes to make busy parents go buy that stuff themselves.Well, this gate has its own torturous surprise for busy parents who are trying to multitask every hour of the day. Kidco kindly includes two extensions making this gate much more versitile than most on the market. The thing they don’t tell you is that these extensions are held in by the same tension that holds the gate into the wall. Each of these tension screws are completely separate from one another (which is good design because it allows installation over uneaven surfaces). However, because there is no mechanism holding these extensions into place, this means that the parent installing the gate must use two hands to hold up the gate, make sure each of the 4 separate extension brackets and two separate support bars, and the 4 metal extension bars which the brackets slide over (none of which lockinto place in anyway) don’t fall off, all the while trying to tighten one tension screw at a time… I cannot even explain to you how two limbs are not enough to get the job done and still remain sane by the end of the process.Throw me a bone Kidco! How about the brackets clip or screw that holds the brackets into place so they don’t slide off while I’m trying to mount the gate? Something!?!Unfortunately, you will find that Kidco often makes the best products for this kind of thing but they sure do cut corners on the little stuff that would make a parent’s life a LOT easier.

Pansy Theresa, NY

Very Pleased

Very pleased with this gate. It was easy to install even with the extension we needed to buy with it. My 4 year old can also use it without any issues which I like.

Dee Granby, CT

Truly pressure mounted – and – a solid product

I purchased this product used. It was still easy to install and it is truly pressure mounted – we did not need to put holes in our walls. We installed this at the bottom of our stairs, one step up.Pros:
• This is a very sturdy gate. My twins stand on the first step and constantly play and apply their weight.
• Its fairly simple to use one handed.
• The opening is plenty wide enough to walk through without having to turn sideways (and I’m not a skinny minnie)
• This will probably work if I need to install in a doorway to keep toddlers in their room, and not conflict with a doorknob (just guessing).
• The door can open either direction (although on the stairs that doesn’t matter)Cons:I’ve been using this gate for at least 4 months now – I can’t think of any.I bought another brand gate (a tall gate) to use in another entrance. It is getting returned because 1.) its not truly pressure mounted, and 2.) its not sturdy like this kidco gate – I’m spoiled! I mention this because I will go back and get another Kidco gate – I feel more comfortable knowing that it will hold up to two toddlers hanging on to it and I don’t have to mar my walls.I recommend this gate and would purchase it again (even new).(I don’t use this for pets, but this would be good for smaller animals or those not jumping due to the height of the gate)

Staci Tivoli, TX