Kidco Go-Pod Portable Activity Seat

Kidco Go-Pod Portable Activity Seat

The Go·PodTM is an ultra lightweight, portable activity seat developed as an alternative to bulky, stationary activity centers. Its one-of-a-kind ‘mobility design’ makes it a must have for in-home or travel needs. As living spaces are getting smaller and lives are busier, the Go·Pod sets the standards for both worlds perfectly. Simply fold and go! Its perfect for small spaces, where bulky stationary activity center won’t fit comfortably. It folds up and stores in handy carrying bag with storage p

Main features

  • Floor pad – Keeps baby’s feet from touching undesirable surfaces
  • Locking button – ensures Go·Pod is locked in place; safe for baby
  • Four seat height positions – grows with baby for appropriate leg/feet positioning
  • Drink and snack holders
  • Five nylon toy loops – holds baby’s favorite toys

Verified reviews


issues from the start

Yes, it looks pretty and you may think it is great but it collapses constantly and there is really nothing special about it. My son would stay there for a few minutes and begging to get out.

Darlene Nash, TX

A lifesaver for a mom of twins

As a mom of twins, I’ve struggled with handling two active babies at once, at home and on the go. This activity seat has been a real lifesaver – I no longer have to hire someone to help me! I now keep two in the car and two at home. It goes where bouncy chairs and exersaucers cannot. (UPDATE 8/21/11: At 14 months, my babies have outgrown all bouncy seats and excersaucers – this is the one place I can put them safely still – 1-2 slots still to go heightwise)GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES – I’ve found tons of uses for this seat – at home, it keeps my babies safe in the foyer and within view while I take things to and from the car. It keeps them busy and happy in the bathroom while I get ready or while bathe the other twin. In the dining room, it keeps them entertained while we eat. When not in use, I just close the seats and tuck them into a corner.GOES ANYWHERE – The seat weighs just seven lbs and comes in its own carry tote with shoulder strap and storage pocket. Closed, it measures 30″ x 6″ x 6″. The attached floor pad keeps their feet from touching any dirty surfaces. Two of these should fit easily in a 32″ duffle for travel (if it can be carried on a plane as the picture on the box shows it would be great for layovers – I haven’t tried this). One great one:High Sierra 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled DuffleEASY TO SET UP – It’s a cinch to use – no assembly required, it pops open in less that 15 seconds. Open, it locks into position into a sturdy seat with an ample top – 24″ x 24″ – just make sure the push pin in the bottom front left leg is out so the seat is locked.AN EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS – On the go, it fits easily in the trunk of your car and can be used in a pinch when the parking spaces between cars is too narrow for a double stroller (so I don’t leave one baby alone in front of or behind the car in a stroller while I put the other one in the car seat – I put one in the GoPod next to me). It’s also great for doctor’s offices. And my favorite, for getting one or two babies and a stroller safely up and down stairs (put one baby at the bottom in a GoPod, the other one at the top, bring the stroller down empty).VERSATILE – Five loops on top can be used for hooking toys (not included) – just make sure they have plastic loops (not strings) – any toy from an activity mat or from the brand Lamaze works well. TryLamaze Freddie the Firefly, Colors May VaryAGE & WEIGHT – The recommended weight capacity for the seat is 12-26 lbs, for ages 4 months+ (can hold head up to walking age). I’m not so sure about that. I use it for my 7 month-old twins who can sit almost unsupported and they barely reach the floor in the lowest setting. The top of the seat comes up to their armpits.For my 27″ 18 lb daughter, who can’t reach the floor, I found that putting a rolled up hand towel or blanket in front of her keeps her from wobbling around in the seat. For my 28″ son, who can reach in tip toes, the towel in back seemed to work better. The disadvantage is that they tend to want to lie back if they’re not able to stand – again, a rolled up towel behind their head helped (bit not ideal). For an average size baby (50% for weight), this seat should be usable up to 18 months.SEAT – The seat diameter is 10 .5 inches and about 10 inches deep. The leg holes are toward the front so your baby sits in it (doesn’t hang from the crotch). However, the fabric is flexible, so the baby can tip forward if she’s not touching the floor – an important consideration as a younger baby would be swallowed up by the seat. The “table” top is also not level (it sinks down with the weight of the baby), so don’t plan on using this for eating or for putting sippy cups in it (regardless of what it says, though cheerios should be Ok)GROWS WITH BABY – There are four height positions, each about an inch apart. At the lowest position, the bottom of the seat is about 6″ from the floor, the top, 16″. In the highest position, the bottom of the seat is about 10″ from the floor, the top about 20″. I do wish the instructions were clearer for adjusting the height – it’s not readily apparent as it extends above where the crossbars on the corners intersect (not below). It’s not hard though, just press the button on each leg and, while holding on the leg, raise the top plastic piece in each corner – a picture on the box shows how. The push buttons that lock each leg in place can be tricky but if you rotate the top corner piece a little it makes it easier to slide and lock the bars – fortunately you don’t need to adjust the height each time, it closes on any setting.SURFACE CLEAN – Finally, the material. It’s a synthetic canvas-like material that should hold up over time – similar to a duffle’s. It’s surface clean with water and mild soap (no bleach), air dry. Not practical at all for feeding a baby. I’ve found that putting a burp cloth on top helps keep it clean as both my babies are teething and drooling a lot. Although it has drink and snack holders, I’d be careful what I’d put in them.In all, a great baby product that I would highly recommend. If it could be used for eating it would be perfect.** UPDATE 9/8/11 – these seats were great during a recent evacuation for Hurricane Irene, as they held the babies while we scrambled about, fit in the car with all the supplies and then in the small interior room we used to ride out the storm. This said, my 32″ tall, 22 lb 15 month babies are now in the last setting for height, and I expect I’ll be able to use these for a couple of more months. I’ve found that now that they’re able to cruise they have figured out how to slide the seat around several inches on the kitchen floor by jumping and twisting around in it. They can’t do this on carpet. They are also trying to tip it by pushing forward and backwards (not successful yet but one end did lift off the ground a little). Keep this in mind and never leave them unattended or near stairs. Not sure how to remedy this but it’s still the only activity seat that will hold them **

Antoinette Stanaford, WV

Broke the first day and we returned it

This thing lost a rivet/connector and broke the very first time we used it so we sent it back and didn’t get another one. Didn’t really seem that durable. Then again our kids are pros are destroying things made for kids so it might be fine for little sissies.

Lana Mulino, OR

Great kid holder for parents who are trying to avoid clutter!

We’ve only just started to use this and we love it. I didn’t want one of those massive exersaucers because they take up so much space. This folds up easily when not in use. Can’t wait to take it camping this summer.

Lauri Vernon Hills, IL


Bought for a friend with twins. Took a look at the Go Pod when I got it looks like it is very good quality and could be very handy!

Leila Daufuskie Island, SC