KidCo – GoPod, Portable Baby Activity Station – Pistachio

KidCo – GoPod, Portable Baby Activity Station – Pistachio

Fold and go design makes the Go-Pod the perfect choice for use both indoors and outdoors. Easily unfolds and can be moved from room to room. The KidCo GoPod is a lightweight and portable Activity Center to keep your child safe and entertained at home or “on-the-go”. Simply fold up, put it in a handy carrying bag with storage and take it with you anywhere you go. The KidCo GoPod Portable Baby Activity Station features a floor pad to keep little one’s feet from touching undesirable surfaces and a locking button to ensure the safety of your baby. It is a great item to have for your growing baby thanks to the four seat height positions. It is easy to adjust so it can grow with your child. Five nylon toy loops located in different places at the top of the GoPod hold your baby’s favorite toys in place and within reach. It also sports a drink and snack holder so your child will have everything they need to stay safe and entertained while you relax a little bit. Folded dimensions: 6.5″L x 6.5″W x 29.5″H. Open dimensions: 24″L x 24″W x 19.5″H (at lowest seat level) .

Main features

  • Fabric/Nylon
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE – Fold and go design makes the Go-Pod the perfect choice for use both indoors and outdoors. Easily unfolds and can be moved from room to room.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – The KidCo GoPod is a lightweight and portable Activity Center to keep your child safe and entertained at home or “on-the-go”. Simply fold up, put it in a handy carrying bag with storage and take it with you anywhere you go.
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST – The KidCo GoPod Portable Baby Activity Station features a floor pad to keep little one’s feet from touching undesirable surfaces and a locking button to ensure the safety of your baby.
  • EASY TO ADJUST – The KidCo Go Pod Portable Activity Station is a great item to have for your growing baby thanks to the four seat height positions. It is easy to adjust so it can grow with your child.
  • FIVE NYLON TOY LOOPS – Five nylon toy loops located in different places at the top of the GoPod hold your baby’s favorite toys in place and within reach. It also sports a drink and snack holder so your child will have everything they need to stay safe and entertained while you relax a little bit.

Verified reviews


A lifesaver for a mom of twins

As a mom of twins, I’ve struggled with handling two active babies at once, at home and on the go. This activity seat has been a real lifesaver – I no longer have to hire someone to help me! I now keep two in the car and two at home. It goes where bouncy chairs and exersaucers cannot.GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES – I’ve found tons of uses for this seat – at home, it keeps my babies safe in the foyer and within view while I take things to and from the car. It keeps them busy and happy in the bathroom while I get ready or while bathe the other twin. In the dining room, it keeps them entertained while we eat. When not in use, I just close the seats and tuck them into a corner.GOES ANYWHERE – The seat weighs just seven lbs and comes in its own carry tote with shoulder strap and storage pocket. Closed, it measures 30″ x 6″ x 6″. The attached floor pad keeps their feet from touching any dirty surfaces. Two of these should fit easily in a 32″ duffle for travel (if it can be carried on a plane as the picture on the box shows it would be great for layovers – I haven’t tried this). A great one:High Sierra 32″ Drop Bottom Wheeled DuffleEASY TO SET UP – It’s a cinch to use – no assembly required, it pops open in less that 15 seconds. Open, it locks into position into a sturdy seat with an ample top – 24″ x 24″ – just make sure the push pin in the bottom front left leg is out so the seat is locked.AN EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS – On the go, it fits easily in the trunk of your car and can be used in a pinch when the parking spaces between cars is too narrow for a double stroller (so I don’t leave one baby alone in front of or behind the car in a stroller while I put the other one in the car seat – I put one in the GoPod next to me). It’s also great for doctor’s offices. And my favorite, for getting one or two babies and a stroller safely up and down stairs (put one baby at the bottom in a GoPod, the other one at the top, bring the stroller down empty).VERSATILE – Five loops on top can be used for hooking toys (not included) – just make sure they have plastic loops (not strings) – any toy from an activity mat or from the brand Lamaze works well. my babies love theLamaze Freddie the Firefly, Colors May VaryAGE & WEIGHT – The recommended weight capacity for the seat is 12-26 lbs, for ages 4 months+ (can hold head up to walking age). I’m not so sure about that. I use it for my 7 month-old twins who can sit almost unsupported and they barely reach the floor in the lowest setting. The top of the seat comes up to their armpits.For my 27″ 18 lb daughter, who can’t reach the floor, I found that putting a rolled up hand towel or blanket in front of her keeps her from wobbling around in the seat. For my 28″ son, who can reach in tip toes, the towel in back seemed to work better. The disadvantage is that they tend to want to lie back if they’re not able to stand – again, a rolled up towel behind their head helped (bit not ideal). For an average size baby (50% for weight), this seat should be usable up to 18 months.SEAT – The seat diameter is 10 .5 inches and about 10 inches deep. The leg holes are toward the front so your baby sits in it (doesn’t hang from the crotch). However, the fabric is flexible, so the baby can tip forward if she’s not touching the floor – an important consideration as a younger baby would be swallowed up by the seat. The “table” top is also not level (it sinks down with the weight of the baby), so don’t plan on using this for eating or for putting sippy cups in it (regardless of what it says, though cheerios should be Ok)GROWS WITH BABY – There are four height positions, each about an inch apart. At the lowest position, the bottom of the seat is about 6″ from the floor, the top, 16″. In the highest position, the bottom of the seat is about 10″ from the floor, the top about 20″. I do wish the instructions were clearer for adjusting the height – it’s not readily apparent as it extends above where the crossbars on the corners intersect (not below). It’s not hard though, just press the button on each leg and, while holding on the leg, raise the top plastic piece in each corner – a picture on the box shows how. The push buttons that lock each leg in place can be tricky but if you rotate the top corner piece a little it makes it easier to slide and lock the bars – fortunately you don’t need to adjust the height each time, it closes on any setting.SURFACE CLEAN – Finally, the material. It’s a synthetic canvas-like material that should hold up over time – similar to a duffle’s. It’s surface clean with water and mild soap (no bleach), air dry. Not practical at all for feeding a baby. I’ve found that putting a burp cloth on top helps keep it clean as both my babies are teething and drooling a lot. Although it has drink and snack holders, I’d be careful what I’d put in them.In all, a great baby product that I would highly recommend. If it could be used for eating it would be perfect.** UPDATE 9/8/11 – these seats were great during a recent evacuation for Hurricane Irene, as they held the babies while we scrambled about and then fit in the car with all the supplies – they fit well in the small interior room we used to ride out the storm. This said, my 32″ tall, 22 lb 15 month babies are now in the last setting for height, and I expect I’ll be able to use these for a couple of more months. I’ve found that now that they’re able to cruise they have figured out how to slide the seat around several inches on the kitchen floor by jumping and twisting around in it. They are also trying to tip it by pushing forward and backwards (not successful yet but one end did lift off the ground a little). Keep this in mind and never leave them unattended or near stairs or near a coat rack. Not sure how to remedy this but it’s still the only activity seat that will hold them **

Jodie Walnut Hill, IL

Pretty good – but only for big babies

I got the GoPod because I saw a friends’ baby playing in it and thought: This is a really cool device to keep the baby stationary and yet entertained!However… this thing seems to be HUGE – hence: Only for HUGE babies.My daughter is more on the “tiny-baby”-side… and she gets “lost” in the GoPod. She’s almost a year now and still borderline too small for it.Wish the GoPod was a little tighter.Otherwise it’s a really great product!

Virginia Moatsville, WV

Sharp edges, broken plastic covers. no thanks!

We ordered this thinking it would be a great seat for our boy camping and around the house (you know so you could sneak in a shower). It came and 3 of the 4 plastic sheaths on the legs were cracked and worse both cup holders/ place for toys had razor sharp edges. Crazy this passed any sort of inspection. would not recommend to anyone.the other complaint most people seem to have is the seat sits very deep and this is true as well so for smaller torsoed babies may not really be an option anyway.

Marcie Mount Jackson, VA

a bit too tall, even at lowest setting

We have to keep a pillow under our daughter so her legs won’t dangle. She is 6 months old and 26 inches tall, and still doesn’t reach. Maybe in a few months she will be ready for it. I do like that it has the bottom protector, so when we go camping our outdoors somewhere, we can put her in this without shoes and her feet won’t get dirty (when she is able to reach the ground).

Jody New Market, MN


I LOVE the go-pod!!! Every time I use it, someone comes up to me and asks where they can get one! And I recommend this to my mommy friends all the time! It’s one of my favorite pieces of baby gear!It comes fully assembled and is ready to use straight out of the box! It clicks open and locks into place. When you push a little button on the bottom of one of the legs, you can easily close it. It folds like a camping chair and fits nicely in it’s bag. The material is sturdy, and I love that my baby’s little feet are also on material instead of dirt, grass, cement, etc.The go-pod is also adjustable with a few height settings. This is also easy to do.The seat is very deep, so smaller babies may need some type of insert– but it also means that my baby isn’t going to topple out it. My son is 8 months old and 20 pounds. We use it in our yard, at baseball games, at the park, in hotels, and in the house when I need a quick, safe, portable spot for him. I keep it in the car so we always have it handy! It’s big enough to be safe and sturdy, but small enough to use almost anywhere!I purchased the recommended straps to attach toys. I also use those plastic links that attach to toys.I have the grey/green go-pod. The colors are very nice– especially when I use this at church while I teach music. The other colors look very fun and cute, too! Look for the best deal and go for it! It’s only a waste of money if you don’t use it! ;-)I would buy this again and again! I’ll be sad when he outgrows it!I’m very, very picky about what I buy, and I rarely give 5 stars for anything!But I just love this!

Joni Squire, WV

Great Chair!

I debated on getting this as we already had a saucer stationary jumper, but it was awkward to move and can’t really use it anywhere but our living room. Our daughter loves this! She almost likes it more at times than her big jumper. I think it is because it is less stimulating and she can "lounge" back in this one. I love that I can have her in one hand and carry the go pod upstairs in the other hand. It has also been great to take anytime we leave the house, the carrying bag is so convenient.I was worried the fabric would be hard to clean. Our daughter recently had to have some mineral oil type cream on her head for cradle cap. It was so oily and gross, so I would usually put her sitting up after I applied it. I sat her in the go pod one night and she leaned back rubbing the cream all over the material. I was upset thinking it would stain, but I quickly got a wet washcloth and it came right off.Our daughter is 4 months, 26 inches and 16 lbs. She has been able to use this for the past few weeks with a hand towel stuffed in around her waist on the lowest height setting. She loves putting her legs on the front bars too.We love this so far and glad we got it!

Allene Lake Providence, LA

Great alternative to activity centers

We did not want the bulky activity centers. We also didn’t want the super busy and overly stimulating toys and doodads. The GoPod is great. I can fold it up (one-handed, while I hold the baby) and put it off in the corner when it’s not in use. Also, we can change up the toys every time our daughter is in it: this helps keep her interested. She did go through a phase (around 7 months) where she didn’t want to go in it anymore (she was just starting to become mobile), but has since returned to it on occasion. Before that, it was a great transition from the swing and a nice break from our arms.

Cortney Reedville, VA

Must have for parents

If you get out of the house at all, you should get this! Unless you just want to hold your baby in you lap while he grabs at your food and everything else you have within reaching distance!It was easy to use. I had no problem setting it up or taking it down. A friend saw me trying to figure out how to raise it (without reading the directions, haha) and showed me how, even though he had never seen one before. So I’d say most people should have no problem, especially if they read the directions.

Lena Greene, NY

Helpful but a Word of Caution

Another busy mom of twins here who has found this seat helpful for shower time or holding one baby while I’m busy with another. Great portability and easy to put up and out of the way, a plus in our small home. But just today, I saw a scene that gave me pause. I had left the go pod out near the area where the babies roll around and play with toys on blankets on the floor. Was busy changing one and saw another pulling up on the legs from her side. She was trying to turn herself over and up at the same time. It looked like the v-shaped part of the leg could have been a trap hazard, although she did not get herself stuck. It just reminded me that unless the baby is in it, it needs to be folded up and put away.

Sally Nehawka, NE

Good but not great.

Our five month old at 97% for size was too small for the opening and needed towels folded around him…his two year old nephew climbed in and fit perfectly but was obviously too old and mobile to use. I would suggest making the opening a little smaller and lowering the lowest setting so younger babies do no cause the material to collapse downward and inward. Good design for quick folding and travel…I wish it was not made in China.

Olivia Victor, NY

Finally, something that supports 3 month old in an upright position!

Our kids, even tho they haven’t been diagnosed with any kind of acid reflux, are only comfortable in an upright position – a position that is only possible if you’re holding/carrying them all day long. The Go-Pod allows my baby to “lounge” in an upright position (he has very good head control for his age – 3 months) so I can be handsfree for at least a few minutes at a time (~10 minutes). To explain the “lounge” capability – the material is flexible and gives a bit – like a hammock does. This creates support for his head that creates a “lounger” for him that is just slightly reclined – maybe 10 degrees or so, but much more vertical than any car seat, bouncer or swing.We do have to pad it a little bit to support him – a blanket to fill in the width around his tummy, and we do put a pillow underneath his feet because he is still quite short. I wish they had invented this for our 1st child, but we are very happy it’s available now for our second child! We also took it to the park with us one day – useful, and not too heavy for an picnic at the park either. Great product – hope it holds up!

Cherry Madrid, NE

So great I bought two!!

This is great for keeping your baby safe and occupied! I bought one to use on the beach this summer and I like it so much that I bought another one to use by our pool but I also use them in the house when we aren’t outside. Baby is 7 months now and he’s been using it since he was about 4 months. Yes, if the baby is not standing he will sink into it, but my kid didn’t care. I put some of his favorite toys on the loops and it keeps him occupied. Now that he is at the stage where he constantly wants to pull himself up and stand this is even better! He can stand and look around or play with the toys I have hanging. And the best part is it keeps him safe and secure while mom and dad can relax a little bit. The fact that it easily folds and has a carrying bag adds to my love for this. You can take it anywhere!! I highly recommend. (side note, I do believe it’s for little ones who aren’t walking yet…my friend’s son outgrew his the second he started walking)

Sylvia Walton, IN


Although a great idea….it just takes up too much room. I thought this would be great for a planned cruise….but it just opens to too large of a set up. Sadly, it was returned.

Jacquelyn Allison, IA

Adding to the chorus of rave reviews

I absolutely love the GoPod. I hate big obnoxious baby crap and didn’t want some ginormous jungle gym in my living room. The GoPod appealed to me because of its simple design and ability to be folded compactly for storage or transportation. It has filled these needs and more.My guy loves to hang out in this chair, watch Sesame, and eat puffs – and my dogs love when he drops them on the floor. This chair provides me the opportunity to get stuff done – cleaning up, taking a shower, etc etc. Yet, it’s very lightweight and easy to clean up, fold up, and put away. I recommend the GoPod to all my parent friends.

Shelby Brockport, NY

This chair doesn’t last long. Poor quality.

I only use this go pod when we’re at a soccer game. I bought it because I was looking for a chair to place my 5 month old in while I washed the dishes. It turns out that when my baby sits in it, the go pod sinks in. Another thing that I didn’t like about it was that the material is falling apart at the corners.

Lila Afton, MN

PERFECT for us!

This “pod” is perfect for my 6 month old. He can entertain himself and practicing standing all on his own long enough for whoever is caring for him to get some work done. It is great for our small apartment and perfect for travel. Light weight but feels sturdy and safe. Best part is I can connect his existing toys to it. I know they entertain him and they get more use!

Maggie East Elmhurst, NY

Great product but overpriced!

I love this product! Great for taking your little one to the park, ball field, hotel rooms, ect. I especially loved it for my 7 month old when we went to disney. He could play in this while we were in the motel room to keep him off the filthy floors. I also use it very frequently when I take my older child to the park. This way the baby isnt always confined to the stroller. I paid $50 and since found one used for $25. If i had to do it again I would look for used the first time around. $50 is just too much even though the product is very useful.

Grace Milton Center, OH

Excellent product

Ideal for family with limited storage space, or those who often travel. I use frequently outdoors, easy to set up.

Jami Phenix City, AL

Very convenient!

Our son is still too small (his feet won’t touch the ground) but this is going to be an excellent on-the-go seat for him when we visit family and friends.

Patti Divernon, IL

Reviews were right in the most part!

This is very useful to take everywhere. However, I agree with the reviews that say that it is too deep for the baby to sit. It is still very useful to have them being independent andtravel with it everywhere.

Carey Clinchco, VA


Purchased this for my 6 month old daughter when we were going out of town for Christmas. As most of you know…it’s crazy trying to fit everything required for a family in one vehicle…so this was a lifesaver. We were able to take it to everyone’s house while out of town, and have a place to contain our little one. I have even taken it to doctors appointments that I had to take her to. It’s super convenient, sturdy, and my little one loves it.I just attach some toys to the hooks and put some snacks in one cup holder, and she is as happy as in her exersaucer or jumparoo at home!I would highly recommend.

Mona North Oxford, MA

Nice portable solution, but still a bit big/heavy

This is a great alternative to exersaucers and bouncers that are cumbersome to move around. However, it is still a bit bigger and heavier than I expected. So much so that I would never consider flying with it – it would take up too much weight in my luggage. However, for something portable for the house or car trips, this is really nice. Very easy to open and collapse.It’s a bit big for my son still, who is an 18-pound 5 month old. It works, but he sits a bit low in it. May be too large for smaller infants.

Jane Alamo, TN

Too tall for my big baby…

I have a large 6.5 month old that can’t even touch the floor on the lowest setting. She was not comfortable at all. I returned the item.The material definitely seemed low quality and I think the price of the item should be $30, not $50. I wonder if there are some quality control issues happening seeing as some people have small babies in there’s in the pics? My baby is on the second setting in her fisher price jumperoo for comparison.

Nannie Manton, CA

Maybe baby’s not ready…

So our four-month-old is 100th percentile for height (seriously he’s a very tall baby) and he drowns in this. Maybe he’ll like it more once he gets taller. We even have it on the lowest height setting.But he seems to be comfortable enough in it. Only thing is he can’t put his arms on the top of the pod, so they just stay down at his side in the hole. We’ve only put him in it for a minute since it looks pretty boring to us. And the hole for baby is quite large, so he is either reclining or falling forward. I can’t imagine that once he’s tall enough for this to be functional that he’ll care to be in a pod.Never the less, the product couldn’t be simpler and more convenient. I hope our son can grow into it, because it’ll make visiting friends and going to the beach a breeze. The carry bag is so handy, and it pops up and closes in one swift action.

Jeannie Greenbrae, CA

Probably one of the better kid products out there

We got this as a gift for a vacation so our 7 month old would have a little playseat. I was a little skeptical at first, seeing as he wasn’t terribly thrilled at the Fisher Price kind of Playseat we had for him at home, but whatever.We got it and set it up – just like a collapsable chair that you’d get from Sports Authority or wherever. It just opened and clicked. The colors were much more vibrant than the picture suggests (orange and green – almost looks like Danica Patrick’s car). We put our son in, and we were shocked – HE LOVED IT. We were amazed that he liked this but not the Fisher Price one. Not once did he cry in it (unless he was tired or hungry). He looked so comfortable in it. We liked the height adjustability and the ability to collapse it instantly (read the instructions – it has a master button/lock to collapse).Small issue, it was a little difficult to pack into a suitcase, so we just put it back into the shipping box, taped it up and put it as checked baggage.It’s sturdy and made with very good quality materials. Better than some of those chairs aforementioned…Our 3 year old liked it too – he wanted to get in (we said no – too big for it).We brought it outside while we were eating and every. single. person. that walked by asked about it and commented how cool it was.Totally worth it.

Gwen East Prospect, PA

Better than an plastic activity center! Must have for twins/multiples!

I am using this now with my 9 month old preemie twins (6.5 months adjusted) in lieu of a plastic standing activity center. I just could not bear to have two huge plastic bright kiddie color gear items in my house. And with twins, we have a LOT of gear and stuff…if I buy anything it has to be very practical, be able to be folded and put away and serve multiple purposes if possible. We love it…easy to fold up and carry out on the deck, move all over different rooms and levels of the house, to friends homes when we visit and just in the house when you need to contain them somewhere while you bathe or do laundry or whatever. We attach some of the zillion toys they already have with plastic links we already have from other toys and it is better than a dedicated activity center in my view and without all the bright colors and plastic. When home solo and they need to eat at the same time I stick a Podee bottle in the cupholder and they can self-feed or one can while I feed the other. Love it!!! Best purchase ever!update: twins are 12 months old and still one of my fav items. Our twins are cruising not walking yet. Hope to use through 18 months as another reviewer suggested as its end life.

Molly Lankin, ND

Perfect for keeping a little one out of trouble

Everywhere I take this thing, I get several comments from other moms, "ooooooh, that is genius, I wish I had one of those."And really, they are right. It folds down the size of a camping chair, and you can take this thing anywhere. We love to take when we are spending time as a family at a friend’s house, or outside at a park, or practically anywhere. It keeps the baby out of the dirt and out of trouble.I won’t go so far to say it is a "must have" baby item, but it sure does come in handy.My kiddos love the Jumperoo for at home, but this is what they have used when out of the house and I need to park them somewhere for a few minutes.

Lottie Thompsonville, NY

Used this instead of a traditional activity seat

We mostly let our daughter play on the floor, so we never bought a jumparoo or its like, but as she got a little more mobile, we did occasionally want to be able to secure her. This seat was a great find. She could sit in it for short periods of time and we could attach our own toys (no "overstimulation station"). And it packed up well for travel and picnicking. My only trouble was that I was never quite sure it was the right height for her; I didn’t know how to tell if she was putting too little/ too much weight on her legs before she could really stand on her own. So we used it very minimally during that stage.

Connie Port Elizabeth, NJ

Best buy!!!

Purchased this as a portable hangout place for my child. There are loops that we were able to hook toys to to keep him busy. This is an absolute must-have for us at the beach and by the pool. Worth every penny! Folds up easily and is fairly light-weight.

Selena Chesapeake, OH

Do I Need Another Baby Item? Yes!

I was hesitant to purchase this because at close to $50, do I need another baby item that may only get used once or twice? Then I had a friend who raved and raved about this item. Since we were planning on several trips to the beach this summer, I decided to go ahead and get it.This is a must have for the beach if you have a baby! Our 9 month old happily played in the Go-Pod for HOURS (we would take her out a few times but she never fussed when we put her back in) while we were on the beach! So Mommy and Daddy got to relax on the beach as well. 🙂 There are hooks to attach her toys, plus 2 cup holders for her sippy cup and snacks. It was also useful when I needed to feed her lunch on the beach and even breakfast in the hotel room. The bottom pad was nice as a barrier between my barefoot child and the hotel floor too.Since the trip to the beach, I have used this Go-Pod to go to the pool and also when we want to hang out on our deck but not hold our daughter the whole time. It collapses easily, much like those foldable canvas chairs and even has a carrying case. And the height adjusts for your growing child. This was a great purchase!

Shannon Warfield, VA