KidCo Magnet Lock Starter Set

KidCo Magnet Lock Starter Set

Starter Set contains key set and 2 locks. Installs with out tools or drilling. Adhesive mount installation makes it ideal for any surface.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Starter Set contains key set and 2 locks
  • Installs with out tools or drilling
  • Adhesive mount installation makes it ideal for any surface

Verified reviews


Pluses and Minuses versus Safety 1st Tot-Lok Starter Set

If you’re reading this on Amazon, you’re probably also considering other magnetic locks for keeping children from opening cabinets & drawers, especially theSafety 1st Tot-Lok Starter Set, akaCabinet Locks: Magnetic Tot Lok Starter Set. (The “Deluxe” Tot Lok starter versions have 4 locks, seeSafety 1st Magnetic Tot Lok Deluxe Starter Setor Deluxe Magnetic Tot Lock Starter Set – 4Pk orMagnetic Baby Safety TOT LOCK Latches 4 Lock 1 Key.) I’ve tried them both, and here are the pluses and minuses:ADVANTAGES COMPARED WITH SAFETY 1ST TOT-LOK: (1) Installation is much easier and faster (a few minutes at most). You simply stick the catch (with 4 “installation tabs”) on the cabinet edge, put the latch (with foam tape exposed) on the catch, close the door, and the latch sticks to the correct place on the door. You then break the 4 “installation tabs” on the catch. In theory, you don’t need to use screws; however, if you want a more secure installation (as I did), you can easily screw in the catch and the latch. Ingenious! (2) You need to drill only small pilot holes for the (optional) screws, not a large nonstandard-size hole as for the Tot Lok. (3) Besides the screws, locks, and a key, there are no extra pieces to get lost during installation. (4) The key has a holder, which theoretically will help prevent it getting lost when there’s no steel (e.g., refrigerator door or medicine cabinet) nearby. (5) You don’t need extension pins/slugs for thicker doors as the Tot Lok does; the KidCo will work on doors up to about 1-1/2″ thick. (6) The screws can be turned with a standard #2 Phillips screwdriver instead of a #1 (small) Phillips screwdriver.DISADVANTAGES COMPARED WITH SAFETY 1ST TOT-LOK: (1) The latches depend on gravity, meaning that they can be mounted only at the top of a door or drawer; in contrast, the spring-loaded Tot-Lok can be mounted in any position (e.g., on the side or bottom of a cabinet door). (2) The dark grey sliders to disengage the locks are harder to manipulate than the Safety 1st red bars. (3) Unlike the Tot Lok’s catch (which has oblong slots instead of round holes for the screws), you can’t adjust the catch forward/backward. Combined with the default position of the catch being flush with the cabinet edge, installation on old-style cabinet doors with a “lip” (i.e., that protrude into the cabinet opening perhaps 1/4″) takes extra time.Good luck choosing! BTW, the Safety 1st Tot-Lok and KidCo magnetic keys are of similar strength and polarity (i.e., the Tot-Lok key will open a KidCo lock and vice versa).

Margery Saint Vrain, NM

Not for side use – on top of cabinets only

This is a good product and works well where we can use it. Unfortunately, we cannot use it on most of our cabinets and drawers. It will only work on the top of cabinets where there is a fixed surface to mount onto inside. So, if you have a drawer immediately above your cabinet, this will not work. Additionally, the mechanism will not work when mounted sideways, as we had planned to do for our drawers. Found out while discovering this problem that the sticky glue is really strong and quite hard to peel off, though.

Marva Lakeland, FL

Doesn’t work on all cabinets or drawers

I really like these magnetic locks on the cabinets that they fit on. However, they do not work on all cabinets. We have cabinets that are have pulls located near the top of the cabinet. We cannot place the lock on the inside of these cabinets because the magnet interferes with the screw of the cabinet pull. Also, the magnet doesn’t fit on our drawers.

Cecile Summit Station, PA

The right lock for the right situation – a roundup

As with everything about being a parent, locks are more complicated than you’d have thought (or would like!):ADHESIVE MOUNT MAGNETIC LOCKS: The KidCo adhesive mount lock will only work in some spots, but it’s still a good lock to try first, for a lot of people, because it works well (in the right situations) and is easy to install. Buy some and see how they work on your cabinets. Once you’ve tried a few, it’s a lot easier to see where’ll they’ll work or won’t work.Pros:+ Quick to install, after a few minutes of figuring it out+ No drilling required, so less work and no damage to furniture or cabinetsCons:- Only installs horizontally (along the top edge of a door or drawer), given the way they use gravity to lock.We just use the adhesive mount, no additional screws, for some furniture we didn’t want to drill holes into. They seem to be strong enough so far, especially since our kids seem to give up trying a door after a while – if it won’t open, they lose interest. I don’t know how the adhesive would stand up to long term use or really heavy pulling.SCREW-MOUNTED MAGNETIC LOCKS: TheSafety 1st Tot-Lok Lockscan be difficult to install, especially on drawers, but have more flexibility about where you can install the lock than the adhesive locks and seem very secure:Pros:+ Very nice & secure once installed, especially since the fit can be adjusted to give a tight lock when closed.+ Works vertically or horizontally … that is, on the side of a door or the top.+ Can easily be switched to hold the lock open, for when no children are aroundCons:- Complicated to install especially in some situations.- Requires drilling a hole partway through the cabinet door from the inside for the magnetic part, plus some small holes to attach- May require some new tools – a collar lock, to keep from drilling through the door; and a right angle chuck for tight spacesIf you plan to be in your home for a while, and want a finished, secure set of locks, the Tot Loks may be a good choice.One note, if you use them often the magnetic key will wear the finish where it rubs.HOOK LOCKS: The advantage that either of the magnetic locks has over the old fashioned hook type (like theMommy’s Helper Safe-Lok Cabinet Door and Drawer Lock) is that the hooks have a lot more play (they have to open a little bit to give you access to the lock). So a child can bang them back and forth – they might not open the door or drawer, but they will make a racket. Maybe OK in some situations, but not a great solution for easily accessible drawers or doors.SLIDE LOCKS: Slide locks (such as theAmerican Red Cross Cabinet Safety Slide Lock) are very quick and easy to install, if they fit. But they can also be pretty easy for some kids to unlock, so if they are within reach they aren’t much of a barrier to older kids. And even younger kids can sometimes open them by pulling or pushing on the doors. However, they are a good temporary solution and can be useful to carry when you travel.FLEX LOCKS: Flex locks (like the Safety First Cabinet Flex-Lock (see reviews) orCabinet Flex-Lock 2-Pack) are strong and easy to install, and you can see by looking at them whether the lock is secure (unlike the magnetic locks, which are designed to be out of sight). So you might want to use them for critical spots such as under the sink; or use them when you travel. And as a bonus, they are so secure that even some adults can’t open them! 😉 (They do take two hands to open.) Not attractive, but they do the job if you keep them tightened.

Minerva Jelm, WY

Only two out of nine still working

For me these were a waste of money.I used the adhesive tape only. The tape is not like the easily removable 3M tape so removing the locks and adhesive residue is difficult.Only two (seldom used) cabinets are still working. This is an Ikea cabinet so maybe the locks fit the modern design well.The other seven locks were installed in the kitchen and bathroom which have old cabinets. The locks simply do not catch. It is as if the angle of the door closing means the locks and catches do not line up properly. One cabinet worked well but my toddler pulled on it hard enough to break the adhesive. I considered re-installing it using the screws but just went for a simple door handle lock (I had to change the cabinet handles from knobs to D-shaped ones).I feel like I might be doing something wrong but there is another sort of lock I installed successfully on drawers which I could not install in the bathroom cabinet. It seems the angle of the door closing means the locks and catches do not line up properly. Whereas drawers open and close in the straight line.

Lola Corning, AR

Ok, but adhesive isn’t good.

This product worked great the first day. The adhesive installed very easily and I allowed it to cure for 24 hours before activating the locks. It worked great the first day until the adhesive starting shifting around and the locks would no longer lock!! Good thing the kit came with screws for installation as well. I’ll have to remount them using the screws instead of the adhesive. The lock itself is awesome! You can’t see it from the outside at all. You get a key with it and you simply touch it to the magnets in the lock through the cabinet door and they unlock. Its really cool how they work. You don’t even have to twist the key thing. Just a touch of the magnets releases the lock. If the adhesive was much stronger I would have give this product a 5 star rating. I’m sure once I mount these with screws they’ll be perfect.

Deidre Hague, NY

Five Stars

Super easy to install and work great for their intended purpose.

Debora Philo, CA

don’t fit drawers

These were easy to instal (I used the screws, the tape is not very secure) and work very well.However, I bought them for our standard kitchen drawers, and they don’t fit! So I’m using them for cupboards instead, but it would be nice if they fit all kinds of kitchen door hazards.

Aurelia Wingate, TX


I tried all magetic locks available, including this one, and concluded that we love the Safety First Magnetic Locking system (the one with 8 locks, 1 key in a package) the most. They all work very similarly. Both of these install easily. But Safety First lock takes less space in a drawer & is cheaper. It installs just as easy too (we use optional screws for Kidco). Note: I don’t think safety first has adhesive option though. I bought my safety first locks at Babies r Us with a 20% off coupon.

Louise Centuria, WI

great locks!

these locks are great. they are very easy to install and the magnetic aspect really works well. the unlock switch is a very nice if you do not need to use them for a small period of time, but still want to keep them installed. i did have a few issues, none of which are huge, but ppl should be aware of them:1) buy extra magnetic locks, trust me, it is worth it. they are not that expensive and frankly, in a kitchen, it is nice have several of them hanging on walls2) when installing, decide first if you want to use the double sided tape or the screw option as you cannot change it later. the reason for this is if the catch on the lip of the cabinet is pulled off (happened to me twice), it can be screwed in using the supplied screws, but it will not longer line up with locking mechanism as the double sided tape on the catch has a certain thickness in it. if the screws are then used, that thickness is no longer there and thus, the locking mechanism will not longer line up. my kids defeated 3 of my locks and i had to simply pull them off completely and buy new ones. so, plan ahead and it will save you a decent amount of time3) along the same lines as #2, the catch can be defeated fairly easily has the double sided tape is not that strong. the catch will fall off before the locking mechanism, so if can, i would just use the screws.other than those 3 items, these are great and kept my kids out of all sorts of trouble 🙂

Eve Thorndale, PA

Great but sometimes installation problems

My child easily started defeating my other locks (that you push down to unlatch) at 16 months. He reaches his arm in there and undoes the lock… so I am switching to these. These are very nice except when installation doesn’t go well. These must be installed almost exactly correct for them to work right. A little too high or too low and there could be problems. They are not easily adjustable and can be very frustrating if not installed exactly correct (won’t latch right, won’t close right, won’t open right, etc.). The company should give more consideration to be able to make small adjustments when installing. That is my main “complaint” and thus I’m not rating it 5 stars. Also these are rather expensive but I suppose they are worth it considering that my other locks were more of a waste because they had to be replaced when they were defeated.

Claire Macclesfield, NC


the lever dont work. dont waste your money. get the old fashion childproofing latches to save yourself the time and frustration of installing and wondering why the dag nabbit magnet dont work

Amparo Milladore, WI

Could NOT figure these out at all & they don’t stick!

Somebody said these were “foolproof” – I must be missing something. I followed the instructions, put the catch section into the cabinet only to have two “tabs” poking out around the front of the cabinet so that the door couldn’t close properly. I snapped them off thinking they were just trim and not essential to the product only to find the adhesive didn’t stick at all!I was hoping to avoid drilling into our cabinets and these were touted as no tools necessary, unfortunately we spent ages trying to get them to fit our cabinets and they just didn’t work.

Gretchen Eldorado, IL

I had hopes

Break off the doors. Kids just ripped them off with in hours of them being installed. A 2 and 3 year old. Sad. And only one key??

Penny Waldron, AR

the locks won’t work.

We bought 3 packages of this product and most of them did not work out (we returned 2 of the 3 packages). For the locks that were placed in the drawers that we use more often, those locks did not work after a month. I think the reason is because of the adhesive, which might be wiggled out of the original position after several pulling/pushing on the drawers, resulting to the locks not latch appropriately and become useless.

Patty Hygiene, CO

Don’t work well on flush-front drawers

So, in practice, if you have the right kind of drawers/cabinet faces, these are great locks. My brother has them around his house, and we bought several for drawers that we open less often. (I went with the standard plastic non-magnetic locks for cabinets I do open more frequently, like for the kitchen garbage when I can’t be bothered to find the magnetic key when I’m holding a bunch of gross food waste.)We have a set of drawers in a desk where the front of the drawer is completely flush with the front of the desk drawer frame. These locks were problematic to install, and ultimately I wound up having to sacrifice one of the lock sets as a practice, and ripping off the sticker from the drawer back/frame was not clean or easy. To get them to stick, I had to stick the front part of the lock to the drawer and THEN try to stick the back part of the lock to the top interior of the drawer (it’s confusing to read, but it’s exactly opposite of how the thing should work – you should install the top drawer part and then close the drawer into it, at which point the lock is stuck & lined up properly to both the drawer frame & drawer face). Anyway, they sort of work. One of the drawers doesn’t lock when closed now, and another is very hard to open. So just be aware that your mileage may vary depending on the construction of whatever drawer/cabinet you’re trying to secure.

Eloise Leander, TX

Works great

These worked great for us after our 2 year old became too strong (and smart) for the usual locks. Magnet is strong and is placed on the fridge well out of reach of our son. Just follow the instructions and use the provided screws. Relying on the adhesive only is asking for problems. Yes, I hated screwing into beautiful cabinets but the peace of mind was worth it. When our kids are older I plan to repair the holes with some filler, sand it and repaint.

Deborah Goodland, KS

Decent lock for price but has minor issues

I have tried a few different types of locks for our cabinets, these are ok. I am not thrilled with them but I don’t hate them either.The good,1. They are pretty easy to install and most of them work pretty well2. The magnet is easy to trip with a strong refrigerator magnet so you don’t have to buy the set with a key….or if you lose the key3. You can turn off the locking mechanism so if for example the child has grown up and it no longer needs to be locked or the child is in bed and you are going to be in and out of the cupboard for whatever reason you can just set it on unlock.The bad.1 They don’t work really well for all the cupboards, some cabinets either the door frame part where the base sits is too narrow for the adhesive to really bind it well enough to hold it in place.2. Good luck if you have any hinged corner cabinets (like for a Lazy Susan)The ugly1 If you do choose to or have to screw them in, there is a chance that for whatever reason either they don’t sit very well on the ledge, or a screw goes in wonky or whatever reason, that the cabinet will either close just enough that you can see the white plastic from the base or the door piece. Or worse yet not work at all, we actually had a couple we had to unscrew and wedge a small shim between the base and the cabinet top to lower the lock enough that the door component would fasten and lock.2 After you install the baby-proofing try to open the doors from the babies height also, I found that some of the doors I couldn’t open because when I try to open it apparently I pull at a different angle than the baby does, because she could still open them. (that said loosening the screws and installing a shim as above has corrected this problem.)Over all its not a bad product, I cannot say I recommend this product but I will not warn against it either.

Libby Corapeake, NC

Good Construction but not for every application

Purchased these for our living room furniture as well as a pack of the Safety 1st brand from Hardware Store. These don’t require any drilling which is nice. Unfortunately our drawers are flat when pushed in so these do not work. For kitchen cabinets they are good I am sure but not so great for other applications.

Ingrid Montgomery Village, MD

Perfect child locks

Easy install, easy use. Does the job intended. Just make sure you mount the key in a neutral place you can always find it, and you’ll have no problems. Hated the expense, but wanted something that wouldn’t ruin my cabinets.

Frankie Saltsburg, PA

Great inside cabinet locks

These locks are hidden and easy to use. Love that they can be operated with one hand (after a little practice). They work well, and stay on with just the adhesive unless pulled on repeatedly, then you can use the screws and those stay put. They can also be locked in the open position so if you no longer need them they can be permanently disabled.

Gloria Gloucester, MA

Not great, not horrible.

I got this product because its the only adhesive lock available and I don’t want to drill holes everywhere, so thumbs up for that.Unfortunately one has already lost its “stick” but I can probably blame myself for having to remove and reinstall it once. I wish it were a slightly easier install but I think I’m just impatient and didn’t follow the directions close enough so it didn’t quite line up. Must be RIGHT ON to latch.UPDATE: The adhesive has just enough “play” in it that i am constantly pushing on it to make the latch lock right. Even when you have the lock set on “unlock” the more you open and close the cupboard (like to get to the trash can over and over) the more it wears on the product. So I ended up purchasing a different set of locks that are attached with screws and prefer them over the adhesive. They feel much sturdier and i know they’ll never give out as my son gets stronger and the more we use the cupboard.If you’re looking for a quick fix on cabinets that your child doesn’t mess with very often, these will work. But in “high traffic” areas I’d opt for the sturdier locks.

Colleen Indianola, IL

We love these locks,

They are easy to install, come with hardware for a more secure fit if desired, and they keep my toddler out of most cabinets. As with any adhesive mounted lock, you get one chance to get that sucker on the door right, because there’s no getting the adhesive off once it’s stuck. They also don’t work on all my drawers; they seem best suited for “flush mount” doors that don’t have part of the door going into the cabinet frame. Make sure you give the glue the recommeded 24 hours to dry, my daughter went to work on a door right after installing and got it loose, and I had to install another while she slept and let it cure overnight.Overall, these are the best cabinet locks I’ve found that combine ease of installation and don’t require ugly exterior visibility, and that actually keep the doors locked. Recommend!

Vicki Carmel, CA

Easy and convenient!

So far, so good. We are renting our place and don’t want to drill into the cabinet doors. These were the first locks (magnetic or otherwise) I could find that are adhesive-mounted. Installation is ridiculously easy, and they work well. Not sure how we are going to remove them when it comes time to move, but that’s a problem for Future Me.

Delia Marienthal, KS

the best and safest!!

This locks are the best!!! I bought different kinds and only liked this ones they are sooo easy to instal, and the tape is really hard, although I did screw one side just in case!!!My 1 year old tries and tries until he gives up!!! great product!I wish they would do one for cabinets! this ones only fit in doors!

Cherie Ellendale, DE

Kidco Starter Lock Set

We purchased and put this item on our kitchen cabinet doors before my daughter was born. She’s now 4 and we still have and use them for our cabinets. It’s a great product that all parents and grandparents should own. You never have to think twice, did I lock the cabinet doors. Once they close they remain closed until you use the magnet to release & open the door.

Desiree Westfield Center, OH

not worth the money

We bought one of the starter sets and two fo the 4 packs and have been really disappointed. We installed the two from the starter set first. One was broken and wouldn’t latch and the other had such a sensitive magnet in it the nails in our cabinet door caused the latch to be permanetly down so it wouldn’t lock. We are not happy with these and will be returning the rest of them.

Kayla Peebles, OH


Does not fit to use on any of our kitchen drawers. Where we do have them set up on our cabinets, we have to slam the cabinet in order to get the lock to engage.More of a hassel than a help. Very disappointed. For the amount of money we spend on these locks I expected something better.

Kathi Savery, WY

Waste of money

The magnet works, the adhesive works. The locking mechanism does not work. My cabinet opened and closed without the lock ever latching correctly. I read all the instructions and tried placing the latch on my cabinet a few different times, but could not get it to work.

Maureen Geuda Springs, KS

So far so good

Have been using for about 2 weeks and works GREAT! Was very easy to install also. I installed in about 5 minutes.

Elvia Avoca, IN