KidCO Outlet Plug Cover

KidCO Outlet Plug Cover

The KidCo Outlet Plug Cover provides baby proofing protection for your plugged in electrical outlets. Fits both Standard Style(center screw) and Decorative Style(top & bottom screw) outlets. Large size allows for storage of excess cord. Just screw in back plate and snap on cover. Ideal for Home or Office. 6\” x 4\” x 3\”

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Keeps little hands from pulling out the plugs!

So far, this has stopped my 13 month old from yanking the plugs out of the outlet. It seems a little big (sticks out from the wall 3 inches), but the good thing is it fits a big 3-prong extension cord plug. I’m very happy with this item.

Terrie North Brookfield, MA

Cord keeper

My 13 month old loves to pull the cord out of the outlet and we are constantly jumping up to pull the cord out of his hands. This was easily installed and the cover snaps over the cords to hold them in place. I gave it 4 stars because I had to buy a longer screw to hold the cover in place (no screw included–you are supposed to use the existing screw from your faceplate but it was too short to hold).

Claudine Standard, CA

Not as expected

It’s too big. I returned it cause it was not as expected. Don’t like this product around my baby. It’s a harzard

Robbie Limekiln, PA

Much better than the Safety 1st cover!!

I bought 10 of the Safety 1st plug covers from various places then when I started to install them around the house, I found that they only fit the outlets with 1 screw in the middle and I had some that had 2. Also, these had 2 tiny holes on the bottom for the cord so my multi-outlet strip cord would not fit through – very frustating! I had to return most of them.The Kidco guys thought all this through and solved both problems!!! Great product!!

Cora Yarmouth Port, MA

Best product I’ve found, but not perfect

This is the best outlet cover that I’ve found so far, but it’s not great. It is relatively easy to install, and unlike the safety 1st version, it will fit on outlets that have 1 screw or 2. I find it hard to open once installed, so it’s best for outlets that are not frequently used. Also, it is a very tight fit over power strip cords since they stick out farther and it does not fit over big, square AC adapter plugs. The hole for cords to come out is only on the bottom, so you have to install it opening to the right. If you have a tight space and need it to open left, the cords will then come out the top, which looks ugly. Still, it’s fairly cheap and I’m confident that if I can’t get the thing open, my baby won’t either.

Pat Lynx, OH

kinda works

My toddler is really loves to pull plugs out of the wall and put them back into the outlets. This seemed like the perfect fix. Not exactly.It’s flimsy. The backplate and the door come apart easily. My toddler just has to shake the door hard and it comes off. One day, he somehow turned the entire unit upside down (it was empty)! Plus, only thinner plugs will fit into the case, not one with a stiffer cord like my vacuum cleaner or a computer cord.

Joan Franklin, MA

Would not lay flat against the wall

I purchased this cover to put in my living room so that my son would not play with the stereo plug. I was very disappointment with the fact that the plastic is very flimsy and when installed, it curves forward and does not lay flat against the wall. I installed it twice thinking the screws may have been too tight or too loose. Tight or loose, it still would not lay flat against the wall – the top and bottom would curve leaving space between the wall and the cover (even when the cover is closed). For those of you who don’t mind, it is very quick to install and does the job – just don’t expect it to act as your current wall electric cover and understand that the child may not be able to get to the cord, but has some space to mess with the cover.

Dixie Challenge, CA

It works well with decora style outlets

All the power outlets in my house are decora style. None of the outlet plug cover in Babies R US work on decora style outlets, including the ones made by Safety 1st. Luckily I found this product from Amazon. It is fairly easy to install, and it works as advertised. It is slightly bigger than I expected, but I’m okay with that, as long as my little princess is safe.

Tabitha Nisswa, MN

Useful; just need a screw

This item makes it easy to toddler-proof electrical outlets without inviting the toddler to try to unplug the cords. It took me a couple minutes of study to figure out how to open the plug cover, so I imagine our toddler won’t figure it out any time soon. But it’s an easy mechanism for an adult who knows that you must simultaneously push the tab and slide the cover. I gave four stars instead of five because it does not come with a screw. Most of the wallplates being replaced will have 3/8″ or 1/2″ screws, but this needs at least a 5/8″ screw to attach.

Ada Haltom City, TX

Works with one flaw

This works great as long as you only have one thick 3-prong wire (which has to be plugged in on the top). If you are using two regular (2-prong wires) then you will be just fine. If you are using a large adapter, don’t plan on using the bottom outlet. But overall it is still worth buying.

Claire Woodburn, IA

Worth every penny!

We love this product for my toddler’s room! SInce he is in a "big boy bed" now he is free to roam the room and this cover gives us peace of mind that he isn’t playing with the lamp or monitor plugs in the outlets. Worth every penny!

Lidia Cleveland, NY

it works

My daughter is into everything and i cant hide all the plugs with furniture. This is a great alternative! Easy to assemble.

Loraine Marion, NC


Pretty good with keeping my very curious child out of the plugs. Pretty strong. My issue is that it is off white when I would have liked it to be pure white.

Bernice Port Clinton, PA

Works as it should

Easy to install and my 2 year old has not bothered with it so its working as it should !

Queen Budd Lake, NJ

Sticks out REALLY far

Sticks out from the wall pretty far, would probably accommodate a really large plug pretty well. The cord winder would really only help if you have a super thin cord, or don’t have to wind it too many times.

Chasity Trivoli, IL

Broke while installing

Product broke when my husband tried installing it ( have to admit that hubby is not a handy man)….However, it currently still keeping my 21 month old out of the electric sockets (has been keeping for the past 1.5 month) . He runs to pull it…….. then stops when he sees the box around it. He have not attempted to pull on the box yet ( I am sure its coming) since it barely attached to the wall now.

Marjorie Monticello, SC

Absolutely GREAT!

Front he time our daughter could reach an outlet, no cord was safe. We put plugs in all of the unused outlets, but the used ones were really tough. We had to continually relocate her to keep her from the plugs. When she started cruising and walking, she was able to get back to them about as quick as we could move her, so we got this.This item is GREAT! It has a wrap for shortening loose cord length, and allows for a number of different plug styles to be used with it. The cover actually replaces the standard outlet cover, so it holds on tight to the wall, and stays in place. When you need to access the plug, it’s easy to pop and rotate, without allowing the baby to get into it.It has saved us from having to repeatedly relocate our daughter to avoid the outlets, allows us to be confident that she is not going to into a live wire, and is a great way to keep the TV or other items from being unplugged while in use.Absolutely a 5 star item.

Carrie Lyons, WI

bought 3 of these

my daughter is determined to see how many volts she can handle, but lucky for me i covered the outlets with theses nifty doo dads

Paige Sumas, WA

Pretty good but needs to be larger on the inside and needs a better lock

This product is very good at getting rid of unwanted cords. However, it is very small inside and will not accommodate more than one of those plugs that has a large base to it and some plugs with a large base may not fit at all. For example, I bought this product for use in my son’s room where I have a plug-in video baby monitor and a plug-in baby swing. Both the video baby monitor and the baby swing have plugs with large bases (not just the normal small two-prong plug). I was only able to fit one plug into this plug cover and even then it just barely fit. The locking mechanism of the plug cover is not very good. It is just a very small piece of plastic that you press to release (see the tiny latch on the left side of the photo of the plug cover). I do not doubt that my 1 year old could manage to release this latch if he tried hard enough. Despite these problems, this is the best plug cover I have found for a baby’s room. I definitely think this plug cover is better than nothing but I still do not trust it to really keep a toddler out for long due to the flimsy latch.

Willie Byrdstown, TN

Get the job done

These outlet covers are a little cheap feeling but they work. My daughter hasn’t really tested them after the first pull and nothing exciting happened. There isn’t a lot of room for wrapping a longer chord inside so it’s a tight fit and hard to open and close so they’re best for our purposes for things we don’t wish to unplug often, if ever. They do their job and keep kids from being able to get to the outlet/plug.

Brandie Indialantic, FL


These are ok, I broke one on accident as soon as I took it out of the package! the plastic piece that closes the box is little and frail.we used the other 3 and they seem to work ok, I just have to be careful opening it, not to brake it! For now it keeps our just crawling baby away from the plugs but I think if he got really curious he could manage to figure it out. So I think I will be searching for something better as he becomes more mobile.

Bessie Hendersonville, NC


Finally she gave up on unplugging the cords from this socket, and easy to install too. I would buy it again

Melanie Massena, NY

Works great

The box keeps my little guy from pulling the cords out of the walls. I have 3 of these all around the house. They are great!

Denice Fortville, IN

Great outlet cover!

This is a great outlet cover, especially if you are using larger plugs like the ones on a baby monitor. It’s easy to install and is made of sturdy plastic.Our outlet happens to be right behind my son’s crib, so I needed something to protect him from pulling the cords out or sticking his fingers into the outlet. This sticks out from the wall a bit, but not so much that we have a huge gap between the crib and the wall. Our toddler doesn’t even notice it’s there, and I feel confident that he won’t be able to bypass the security features.

Augusta Nashport, OH

I love this outlet plug over all other outlet plugs – hail the king of outlet plugs

I love this outlet plug. It is simple to open for adults and impossible for kids. Plus it easily accounts for cords from lamps and vacuums. I use this to prevent my 14 month old from receiving a nasty surprise and it has been 100% effective.

Libby Caldwell, NJ


My son can’t pull any cords from the outlet but, it’s easy enough to open and close when it needs to be.

Katharine Stonewall, LA

pretty good

These do the job well enough and are easy to install. There are plastic "edges" inside the box. They are not structurally necessary and make it impossible to plug in larger objects(our camera charger for example). I removed these "edges" with pliers and can now use the outlet covers with most things. I find these covers more convenient than the plastic pieces that are plugged into each outlet individually.

Lindsay East Montpelier, VT

We have 4!

These are great! We have them in my babies room, as well as my 5 year olds room. I was tired of always resetting the clock. This makes the unplugging issue go away!

Jeannine Fallston, NC

Works as advertised

Can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this. Went on as easy as a wall plate and does the job nicely. I would not recommend for an outlet you use often but is great for things like lamps that stay plugged in 24/7.

Marissa Healy, AK

Great product

This is a great product, we had trouble with our youngest always unplugging our tv. This was an easy and quick fix that only cost us a little over 7 dollars. Great and the TV has not lost power since. LOVE LOVE LOVE a must for any baby/kid friendly house.

Polly Deal, NJ