KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed, Kiwi

KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed, Kiwi

Children’s travel bed perfect for short trips or long visits.

Main features

  • Fabric/Polyester
  • Surrounded by lightweight mesh that promotes air flow and acts as an insect screen, this 3.5lb travel bed folds into a compact size
  • The UV protection and anchor straps for ground attachment allow for outdoor use
  • The peapod plus comes fully assembled with a sleeping pad snapped to the underside of the floor. No further assembly is needed as it can be folded and stored with the sleeping pad fully attached
  • A large front zipper panel makes access to children easy
  • Comes with a carry/storage bag

Verified reviews



We love this tent for our little one. She loves it too. So much easier than a pack-n-play to haul over to grandma’s house.

Nichole Morgan, VT

LOVE this travel bed!

I adore this travel bed! It is the largest option I have found! I have had several other kinds, but this is worth the money because you can use it for so long and because it is so lightweight and compact, not to mention that they don’t reach a weight limit like a pack n play and they don’t bust seams or leak like blow up beds (we have had both for kids). My 5-year-old can still fit in it this deluxe version! She will be able tl use it for a while longer. Wish I had just ordered this when she was little. I don’t know how well it will work to keep a child in like a pack n play as I haven’t tried my 2-year-old in it yet. But he can climb out of the pack n play anyway, and may, at this point, have reached the weight limit.

Ila Clines Corners, NM

Good option for travel

We bought this for travel and it was a pretty good purchase. The zippers are a little too loud (and I wish there were double zippers on both sides), but it’s so light, easy to use and BIG that I can’t be mad at it!

Stephanie Confluence, KY

So surprised she slept in this!

Purchased for a short road trip where we were staying in hotel and then with family. My then 16 month old daughter had never slept anywhere but her crib. I was hopeful but thought for sure she would have a fit and try to claw her way out of this thing. I did her normal bed time routine, put her in the Peapod and zipped it up fast. About 3 seconds of fussing and she went right down! Rinse and Repeat for about 4 nights. Folds up very nice and so much better than traveling with a pack n play. I took off a star because, as other reviewers point out, there really is not enough padding, even on carpet. I just took the extra hotel blanket, folded in up and placed it completely under the Peapod and problem solved.

Kara Nolan, WV

So far we like it

Bought this for a vacation- my daughter loved it. It’s light, collapsible, and novel enough for my daughter to not beg to sleep in the bed with us. She’s a small 4 year old and still fits great in it. We have been taking it on all our overnight trips. No more preschooler hogging all the bed!

Dominique Cedar Brook, NJ

Works Great for my Infant

My husband is in the military and we were moving across the country with our 5 month old daughter. We were extremely tight on space, and couldn’t bring her pack n’ play. I needed something for her to sleep in that was safe and portable. (I was not comfortable letting her sleep in hotel cribs) Travel bassinets were out, bc she was too big and could easily roll over and out of them. The PeaPod was perfect for all my needs, and safety concerns. (I try to minimize SIDS risks any way I can.) Here are a few reasons why I think the PeaPod is a must have and worth the money!1. It is safe! At least it has proven true for us. There is a small pad attached on the outside bottom of the bed. This allows for some comfort for sleeping on the floor, but not so much that I felt was dangerous for an infant. My daughter learned to roll over at 12 weeks and would not sleep on her back. The padding is no more than the floor of a pack n’ play. People with older kids may not think its enough, but it was perfect for my infant.2. The entire bottom section is mesh, so I wasn’t worried about her suffocating in the event she rolled into the side while she was sleeping.3. Portable! The PeaPod folds up easily and can fit about anywhere. Which is great when traveling with 2 adults, an infant, and 3 dogs!4. It keeps her contained. The PeaPod has a 2 separate "doors", so you can zip up just the mesh door or the mesh and solid doors. This allowed me to zip her up to make sure she didn’t roll out of the Pea Pod during the night, but I could easily check on her since I would only use the mesh door. I also like the windows for the same reason.5. This Pea Pod can be used well beyond her infancy. Many travel beds/bassinets can only be used up to 11lbs. This can be used up to 5 yrs old! For me it was a much better investment.6. All kinds of uses!! We use the PeaPod when she goes over to the babysitter’s house or if we are going to be at a friend’s house during naptime or bedtime. It’s a quick portable bed for any occasion. It is also good to use if you are outside. It provides shade, protection from insects, and a comfy place to nap up off the grass.) I actually keep it in my car, so that I know she always has a "bed" no matter where we are.I would absolutely buy this product again and recommend it to friends!!

Dionne Naugatuck, WV

Great for travel

Love love love this pea pod. My daughter sleeps wonderfully in it while we travel and it’s so much easier than carrying a pack n play

Margo Danvers, MA