KidCo Peapod Plus Portable Bed – Twilight

KidCo Peapod Plus Portable Bed – Twilight

The redesigned KidCo Peapod Plus is finally here! The Peapod Plus is a convenient travel bed or outdoor enclosure for kids 1 to 5 years old. It comes fully assembled with a Micro-Lite sleeping pad already attached to the floor. This model also features 2 large zipper panels, lightweight mesh for great airflow, adjustable window screens, anchor straps, UV protection and a storage/carry bag. Twilight color. Carrying bag Quickly folds for storage Protects kids from insects Fits in carry-on luggage Perfect for short or long trips 52.5″L x 34″W x 25″H in open position Storage bag size: 19″L x 3.5″W x 19″H Weight: 3.65 pounds Note: The prior model of the Peapod Plus was recalled last year. This newly designed model eliminates the problems from the earlier model.

Main features

  • Sleeping pad easily removes for cleaning
  • UV protection from the sun
  • great for the beach
  • Adjustable sun screens
  • Inner mesh zipper panel
  • Anchoring straps

Verified reviews


Nice idea, 2 year old wouldn’t sleep in it

Well constructed and she thinks it’s great fun to play in, read books, etc. Our cat enjoys sitting in it. However, it has yet to serve it’s intended purpose of sleep. We’ve tried multiple times to get her to nap in it and generally she talks to herself for about 30 minutes, cries, cries louder, we take her out and put her in her crib and she falls right to sleep.

Glenda Sterling, MA

New design for Peapod Plus

Just to make things clear: I was a fan of the original design and so I’m predisposed to like any Peapod I can get my hands on after the recall shut down all distribution of both the large and small models.I learned of the recall when I tried to buy the larger model, the Peapod Plus, after happily using my Peapod (smaller version) for several years. My twins used the Peapod as a napping tent when they were just past one years old. Later, we used it as a travel bed for them until they could barely fit into it at 3 years, 6 months. I had read that using tents as travel beds helped kids adjust to strange rooms because it gave them a smaller enclosed space that felt safe. These Peapods really worked for us and I wanted to use them again. Anyway, I called Kidco and found out that the newly redesigned Peapods would be available sometime after June 2013 and put my name down with the best reviewed retailer (Aidleyco Baby) I could find to get the first shipment.Standard Features:The Peapod Plus is still made to be an instant tent. It comes to you in a folded disk and snaps into its full configuration when released from the carrying bag and securing strap. You do not insert or remove any tent poles. To return it to its compressed state you sort of twist and fold it back into a disk. I recommend watching a video to pick up how to do this (see […] Because of this method of storing the tent you may have to rebend it to its optimum shape before use. I mention this because the ones we got were a little shorter and more squashed than I like, but I know it’s fixable. The listed dimensions of the unit are 52.5″L x 34″W x 25″H. Ours shaped out to be about 52″L x 31″W x 21 1/2″H out of the box. There is a pad on the bottom to make it more comfortable than bare floor. As pictures show, it is sort of a “pup tent” and isn’t a full-on camping tent. It’s not really weather proof with all that mesh (for sun shading, mostly) and your child probably will not be comfortable playing in it unless they are on the young end of the age spectrum. I put my 4 year old in it (it’s rated from 1 to 5) and she looks like she just fits. She’s about 41″ tall so it would probably accommodate her until she hits 5, but it will be a tight fit. As the pictures show the sides slope down at the ends so even if it is 52″L it’s very short at the ends. The width of the tent varies as the footprint is a bit of an oval. In ours the maximum width is 31″W and averages about 23″W near the end arc centers. The greatest feature it has, in my opinion, is that it is lightweight and easy to pack. I have been using the Lightspeed Tiny Tent recently, which is another instant tent but with more traditional tent features. The Tiny Tent is larger and taller and breaks down to a comparably good compact bundle. However, it took the largest suitcase allowable by the airlines (without paying extra) to fit two of them for travel because of the length of the stored tents. The Peapod Pluses can fit into a smaller suitcase and is lighter.I never had the original Peapod Plus so I can only compare the new design features to the original Peapod. Here’s a quick breakdown of the redesigned elements:New Features:1. The age range on the product now says from 1 to 5 years old. Previously, they stated it could be used for younger infants.2. The bottom of the vertical walls of the tent is now made of mesh rather than the solid “tent” material. I expect this was so a child with their face pressed against the side of the tent while lying down can still breath. I do question whether using this material at such a stress point may eventually cause it to fray or weaken.3. The padding on the bottom of the original Peapod was a stiff inflatable pad that was meant to be inserted into a zippered sleeve (accessed from outside the tent). Some people incorrectly installed this pad and so Kidco made this a major redesigned feature of the new version. The new pad is not inflatable and is snapped onto the outside bottom of the tent. It comes pre-installed so you can see how it’s supposed to look. Because the new pad is just a thicker soft material (like the puffy material of a sleeping bag) and not stiff, like the inflatable pad, it would probably be easier for a sleeping child to move in the event it was AGAIN mis-installed into the tent itself. The pad can be kept on the new Peapod Plus even when folded, which removes a step in set-up and breakdown compared to the original version.4. The strap to secure the tent when it is folded now gets a tiny zippered compartment for storage5. Some additional changes I think of as “amenity” changes include:-a. Adding little ties to all the flaps so they can be held open.-b. Added a mesh insect screen to the door flap opening, so that there’s two “flaps” at that point. Both flaps have double zippers so you can use one flap without the other. The mass of zippers is a little confusing when they’re all bunched up together.-c. Added mesh windows to the other three sides for more air flow/visibility that you can either leave open or cover with a flap of solid “tent” material.-d. Added four little elastic loops on the bottom of the tent at the “corners”. Possibly, you can use these to secure the tent to the ground in some fashion?Edit: My kids slept in them last night and had no problem. They’re already used to tents and recognize that these are similar to the Peapods they used previously. The restless sleeper spent part of the night hanging half over the tent opening with her rear end and the tent did not fall over. They actually liked the addition of the mesh as it let them peek out at different spots while inside. A minor note: I don’t know if it’s the larger size or if something about the frame have changed but I’m having more problems folding these up than the original Peapods.Note: I just wanted to add an opinion about the Peapod Plus versus the Peapod. I know that buying the larger version will let you accommodate your child for far longer than using the smaller version but if you’re traveling a lot with a young child you might find the smaller version worth it. I find that with the pay-per-bag thing going on with some airlines that every bit of space helps. I don’t regret having bought the Peapods first and then the Peapod Pluses later since the Peapods were exactly right at the time we needed them. If you can afford it and you’re traveling with small children (2 1/2 and younger?), you might consider buying the smaller version just for the extra space it gives you in your bags. (I have the original Peapods, not the new versions.)

Francisca Edmonson, TX

Great travel bed!

I gave this a 4 star rating bc of the price. It’s a little too pricey for my taste. Although after reading other reviews I decided to purchase it anyway. The quality and size is good. The padding is ok.. I placed it on top of a carpeted floor for my daughter to sleep and that seemed to do the trick! I went with the larger size bc I want it to work for my daughter for a few years. My husband who is 6ft 2in can fit (squished of course) with my 17 month old inside with the tent zipped shut! So it seems to be large enough to grow with her. I was concerned that it wouldn’t fit inside my suitcase, but was happy to see it did! Although in the picture of the suitcase shown on the site- i’d just have to say that their suitcase must be a giant size! Mine is normal size and it took up 3/4 the length of it. I had to push it in to fit. I thought it might brake, but it seemed to be pretty sturdy! In one suitcase I was able to pack; 1 peapod plus travel bed, 5 days worth of 18month clothes, 5 days worth of diapers/wipes, burp clothes, 16 food pouches, 1 stuffed animal, 1 blanket, and 3 raincoats!! All in all I was happy to have it all fit, and not have to pay for an oversized item such as a pack-n-play! My daughter now likes to take naps in the tent, and we will be using it again on our next trip.

Eunice Stanwood, MI

This is my MUST HAVE for baby!

I started using this bed when my baby was a newborn so that he would be used to it as he grew. Well, now at age two this tent has allowed us to stay late at friends houses for dinner, travel all over Europe with no sleeping issues, and even use it camping! He feels safe and comfortable when he’s in a new place his sleeping is the same. I highly recommend it!UPDATE: purchase of second tentWith baby number 2 on the way I decided to get a second bed and was surprised with how different the newer model is! First it’s much larger than our older model which will be perfect for my older son to use. Air vents are on the bottom for breathability. And there are windows that you can cover or open for added ventilation.Two things I’m not crazy about, but sure they are for safety…. Zipper can be undone from inside allowing the child to get out making it not as containable as a pack and play. And the mattress is affixed to bottom of tent. It’s thin and flimsy and would be rather hard to put a sheet over inside if tent…. Which is why they did this im sure for recall purposes. However being a bed would would want a way for your child to sleep on something softer than tent material… Overall happy with new tent but would not use for younger child under one… Which apparently box says age 1-5

Mattie North Clarendon, VT

Cool Product for travel

Buy it! Space saver and Crazy easy set up! I ordered this for a trip we were to take to Vermont. I received the Peapod, set it up literally in seconds! This product is great quality.I had to return it because it warns the consumer many times that it is a suffocation risk with children under a certain age, I believe any age under 1 year, I can’t remember. My daughter is only 6 months and I was not willing to take the risk.I will definitely order this product when she is old enough and I have already told a few parents about it. Crazy cool. The price is fantastic as well.

Dianne Indian Orchard, MA

It fits into a large suitcase nicely, it’s a little tight for the carry-on size …

Did the trick- our son had no problems sleeping in this compared to sleeping in his crib. Folding it up is a little tricky, but I always get it with a little effort. It fits into a large suitcase nicely, it’s a little tight for the carry-on size suitcase (although, if you are traveling with an infant, you’ll need the bigger suitcase anyways).

Kelli Bates, AR

Why I chose the Peapod Plus over other travel cribs

Our family is traveling internationally and we’re not going to bring along a monstrous Pack ‘n Play so we started looking around for travel cribs. There are a number of options (some cool ones sold only outside of the US available online but we chose to find one domestically).After doing research and looking around at the options, we thought the Peapod was a great design but the recalled design was obviously a dealbreaker so we looked elsewhere. We ended up buying a Phil&Teds; traveller which on paper was great. Very light. Very portable. Very sturdy. We got one and found it to be bulkier than anticipated and much tougher to setup and tear down than we hoped.Then we heard that the redesigned Peapod just became available and for half the price opted for the Peapod Plus (our little guy is growing fast so the bigger size seemed to be a no brainer). We just got it and have used it several times.Pros:(1) Super light. It’s a few pounds lighter than the Phil&Teds; Traveller (weighs about 5 pounds) which is great for long travel as well as trips to the beach.(2) Super compact. It folds up really small and flat, which makes it easy to put in the bottom of a suitcase or in the bottom of a big pile in the car. It probably folds into a circle with a diameter of one foot.(3) Super easy to setup/collapse. This was the dealbreaker on the Traveller but the Peapod pops up quickly with no setup required and folds down really easily (it can be tough to find the right shape you need, but try a few times and you’ll get it pretty quickly).(4) Good design. The soft “sleeping bag” snaps to the outside so you could remove it if needed to wash or clean or if you want to go without it but it provides a decent amount of cushion without having to blow up a mattress or carry anything too bulk. The mesh sides are great and breathable and our little guy likes to look out the windows and laugh.(5) Cool profile. We like to camp and the Peapod looks really great – like a miniature tent ready to go. We anticipate this being a fun thing as the little guy gets older.Cons:(1) Because the Peapod doesn’t have a sturdy frame (like the Traveller or a Pack ‘n Play) it’s possible that with the right movement and momentum, a toddler could “hamster ball” the Peapod. Assuming you didn’t put anything heavy or dangerous inside the Peapod, I DON’T think this would cause any harm but could illicit some cries or screams. We haven’t used this overnight yet (just for naps and at the beach) and this has *not* happened yet, but it’s something that seems like a possibility.(2) … no other cons yet. More use will tell, but so far the redesign looks like a great choice for a travel crib.**UPDATE: August 2013**We just returned from a two week international trip where our boy slept exclusively in the Peapod. We are SO glad we had it with us as it worked REALLY well for a travel crib.A few things to note:(1) Airflow through the Peapod Plus is okay but not great. It gets warm in there pretty fast! We were very glad we chose the Peapod Plus (versus the smaller Peapod) since there is more airflow in the larger Peapod Plus.(2) Due to our destination, we would have needed a mosquito net for an open crib – we were glad to have a fully enclosed place for our boy to sleep on this trip without worrying about netting or covering.(3) Our boy did manage to tip the side of the Peapod one morning when he was playing in it after waking up. **Make sure you only use this product on the floor.****Second Update – August 2013**When I took the Peapod out to clean it, I removed the “sleeping bag” pad that snaps in underneath to clean it and one of the snaps tore right off of the pad. So now I have a loose pad which doesn’t snap anymore. I will contact Kidco and hope customer service can resolve the issue quickly. For the time being, I downgraded the Peapod to 3 stars since it seems the pad snaps may be subpar. Will update if I hear from Kidco.**Third Update – September 2013**I added back a star because Kidco’s customer service was excellent. It was easy to get on the phone and explain the problem. After snapping a picture with my phone and emailing it directly to the customer service rep I spoke with on the phone, I was called back in short order and told that a replacement would be in the mail early the next week. Within 7 days, we had a replacement in 100% working condition. Very happy with the service and support of this product.

Helga The Rock, GA

Great travel tent

This PeaPod PLUS is a great travel tent and we have used it a few times so far for my 2 1/2 year old son. I only wish it came with a snap in water proof insert since he is potty training and there really isn’t any way to clean the tent lining if there is an accident. Other then that – excellent product!

Rhonda Cooke City, MT

wish I had found this sooner

Wish I had known about this earlier, got it for second kid to take camping, since pack and play wasn’t going to fit in the tent with 2 adults and another kid. Very easy to use, and fold up and WAY more portable than a pack and play (which we never use anymore). Also great as a small-storing, easy-set up bed at home. When our 18 month old is keeping her four year old sister up at night trying to play games, we move her out of their bedroom to the tent in our room to fall asleep, then move her back later. There was some crying the first few times we tried to have her use it, so I would recommend some acclimating before travel. Also, the zipper is not a deterrent, our 18 month old figured out how to unzip it quite quickly. If she is at home and tired, she’ll stay in anyways, but we often use a twist-tie to hold the two zippers together from the outside so she can’t get out and roam. Little pricey, but I think we are getting our money’s worth

Shanna Marshallville, GA

More space in the car!

My daughter sleeps in it (she is one year old), it is light weight, easy to use and perfect for children. She likes to play in it at home as well (like a little club house). We’ve used it for one trip already and will use it when we visit the in-laws for Christmas.

Zelma Ferris, TX