KidCo S353 Door Lever Lock White

KidCo S353 Door Lever Lock White

KidCo Door Lever Lock KidCo Door Lever Lock is perfect for childproofing decorative door handles. The lever lock is easy to install, as it does not require any tools and has an adhesive that helps in securing it. It can be used for both right handed handles and left handed handles. It has a swing action that can be used to open it. The lock then resets automatically after each use. Why You’ll Love It: The door lever lock is designed for doors with lever locks and helps make childproofing easy. Features Decorative lever style door handles No tools required for installation Adhesive mount; no need to disassemble door handle Installs on right- or-left handed handle Product Dimensions: 2 x 4 x 10 inches

Main features

  • White in Color
  • No tools needed installation.
  • No need to disassemble lock to install.
  • Automatically resets after use.
  • Locks one side of door, allowing access from other side

Verified reviews


I don’t see what the problem is.

After reading reviews I purchased this thinking that it would probably not work.It actually works very well and was the easiest child proofing item I have had to install. In fact I had to read the instructions twice because I couldn’t believe how simple it was; I was sure I was missing something.We have medium sized, higher end, modern-shaped door handles and I didn’t have to remove any of the foam or place more in. The plastic casing is a little loose but it doesn’t really affect the functionality of the device.You should always remember to press items with sticky tape up against the surface for a slow 10 seconds and give it an hour (or so) to set before raking on it. Make sure the surface is clean too. I have tested it by putting a fair amount of weight on it and it has held very well. Even if I had to screw the lock into the door or add some extra foam padding it would still be a quick and simple install.

Tracie Beaumont, CA

Not for all doors

We have two lever handles. This did not work for one of them because it has trim at the top, so it prevented the locking part from meeting with the lever cover. However we put it on our other door and it was so easy & works like a charm — not pretty though, but it does work. Unfortunately it’s hard to know if it will work for your door until you try it.

Kellie West Paris, ME

does the job!

ordered this the day the toddler opened the basement door – put it on 2 days later – easy to install, and she cant open it now. and I can open the door from the other side without a problem.wonderful!

Francine Naples, NY

Worth it, they work!

We bought these for our entire house…which has all lever knobs. It was either buy new knobs…and then the cheap round safety locks, or splurge on these expensive lever locks ….we went with the latter and haven’t been disappointed. The levers resist my cats hanging from them (the original reason we got the locks)….and my toddler can’t open them either.

Zelma Bethel, VT

Great product…very easy to install

I am not handy, but this was easy even for me to install! Took about 2-3 minutes per door. The locking mechanism sometimes slips off the track when you open the door (which is the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars) but it is a very minor inconvenience and can easily be put back on track. Overall, very solid product and our little one hasn’t cracked the code (yet).

Latoya Ash Grove, MO

Doesn’t install on my door

I have never given such a bad review and I always buy a product based on other’s reviews and for this one I should have listened to the majority when they said it is crap. I have spent 30 minutes trying to install one and the darn thing will not snap shut. I thought I had standard lever door locks but I’m guessing I don’t. It looks like maybe the base of mine is to thick???? I’m curious if anyone has had this problem. I’m desperate to find something that works and there aren’t many options out there. I liked these because they lock back up automatically. Guess ill be returning them.

Rachelle Springfield, LA


Sorry but I can’t figure this product out. I have no idea how to install it. It’s pretty complicated. It ended up in the trash. I didn’t bother returning it because Its not even worth the hassle.

Cassie Independence, VA

Keeps the cat out of my office

My cat is too smart for her own good. She jumps up and opens our scroll style doors. After one too many hairball incidents on my paperwork she is forever banned from my room. We used to prop a baby gate up sideways to cover the handle to keep her out. That’s a horrible pain for me! This opens easily. You can open the door from inside the room still too. I can’t imagine this working well for most children I know that are tall enough to reach a door handle though. Maybe my friends children are just exceptionally gifted, but this is like a puzzle they would figure out quickly after watching me open in once or twice. However, this works great to keep the cat from opening my office door!

Tameka North Springfield, PA

did not work on my door

I really wanted this product to work but it would not fit on my door. If your door handle is close to the edge of the door do not buy this product. The door will not close.

Constance Canton, GA


We use these for the inside of toddler room and to keep him out of the bathroom. I highly recommend this product,

Maryanne Hugo, CO

Works well for our son

We are using this on the dog room so that when the dogs are in their room, our little one doesn’t go in there to bother them (it is their own piece of heaven/quiet)There was no problem installing it, we actually drilled it in.It haven’t fallen off and fit on the handle just fine.It doesn’t auto lock so if we want the handle to lock properly we have to spent a split second making sure it is set correctly.So far our 1.5 y.o. who can open all the other door knobs and levers hasn’t figured this one out.

Sophie Stuttgart, AR

Works well for us!

I installed this on our pantry door over a year ago using the adhesive that came with it. My almost 2.5 year old still has not defeated it and it is still stuck firmly to the door despite opening and closing the door numerous times each day. I actually came here to buy another one to use on our front door now that my daughter has learned how to unlock outside doors. I was very surprised to see so many negative reviews. We have other child locks on other doors and they don’t work as well as this one. I do have to be careful to make sure the lock re-engages when I close the door and my daughter rarely hangs on this door handle, but it has never failed us yet.Update: We’ve had this installed for about 2 years now and we’ve had no problems with them. They are still firmly attached to the doors and work well. My now 4.5 year old can open these easily but they are still great for keeping my almost 2 year old contained. It is funny, they seem to be adult-proof, though. Most adults who visit us struggle to figure these out!

Angel Westfield, IL

Works, and easy to install

The product was easy to install over our curved door handles, and works nicely. I like that you can still open the door with one hand.I wish there was a little more of the padding foam in the package, 4 pieces instead of just two. The case is rather large and really needs padding on all four sides for a snug fit.

Lois Comstock, TX