KidCo Safeway Gate – G2000 – White – 24.75 to 43.5″

KidCo Safeway Gate – G2000 – White – 24.75 to 43.5″

Easy one hand adult operation. Quick release hardware allows gate to be easily removed when not needed. Directional stop prevents gate from swinging out over stairs. Hinge side hardware can be mounted on an angled surface. Heavy duty steel construction. Adjustable width. Wall mounted. Gate Width: 24.75 in – 43.5 in.. Bar Spacing: 2.63 in.. 29.5 in. L x 43.5 in. W x 30.5 in. H (9.45 lbs.). The KidCo Safeway is a hardware mount gate that provides maximum safety at the top of stairs and in high traffic doorways because there is no bottom threshold to potentially trip over as found on pressure mount gates.

Main features

  • Easy one hand adult operation
  • Quick release hardware allows gate to be easily removed when not needed
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Hinge side hardware can be mounted on an angled surface
  • Directional stop prevents gate from swinging out over stairs

Verified reviews



I looked at lots of gates and returned some. This, like all, has a ledge on the bottom that a tot can stand on—not good for those bolts in the wall! They need to make a totally flat gate. Installing is crazy hard; you have to line stuff up. It is at the top of thestairs, and a bit of a hassle to push on, then lift up. Not very easy but OK. It’ll keep my baby safe, but I am worried the toddler will break the bolts in the wall.

Jodie Moorefield, NE

Kidco Safeway Gate, easy to install

It arrived fast, it was easy to install and easy to use, I can finally feel safe.

Marci East Alton, IL

Very dangerous if you have kids taller than 26″

The KidCo Safeway gate works well with crawling babies but if you have an older child, 26″ or taller, beware. Two long, rudimentary bolts extend out past the gate, top and bottom, to secure it to the wall or railing. The top bolt is directly in the path of a child’s head and they can run into it if the gate is accidentally left open. It is not-self closing like other models.We installed it yesterday and it’s coming down today. No way I’m leaving this up with 2″ bolts sticking out and a four year-old in the house.For a safer alternative with rounded edges, that can’t be climbed and can be mounted for stairs, consider theThe First Years Everywhere Gate.

Nannie Saranac, MI

Does not come with the proper hardware for most locations

A lot of the reviews of this product here are very good and have good ideas about mounting the gate. I am really surprised that one key piece of information is missing from all of them. This gate does not come with screws to mount this on a wall with dry wall – even WITH a stud behind it. A one reviewer mentioned the directions themselves say that the screws included are meant for mounting this gate directly into wood. However, they go on to talk about mounting this into a stud behind dry wall. The screws included are 3/4″ long at most. Dry wall is 1/2″ thick on most interior walls. Add the bracket to that and the screws that come with the product will not even hit the stud even if you do mount it over one. The fix is easy: Go get #6 screws that are 1″ to 1.25″ long. But can I just point out how friggin annoying that is? COME ON KIDCO!!! That is just ridiculous. 90% of customers are going to be mounting this into “normal” walls with drywall on it. That said, the gate is very sturdy and of high quality. I was in a situation where I did not have studs that directly oppose one another on the walls I was mounting it to. If that is the case, put the hinge side on the stud. Contrary to the other reviewer, Toggle bolts should be sufficient to hold the latch brackets in place and be quite safe – as long as the hinge side is in a stud. Ironically, most of the reviewers here probably used the boxed hardware and are not mounted into a stud at all but find the gate to be quite secure anyway. one final thing to keep in mind is that the bottom brackets are all the way at the bottom of the gate. If you have a rather tall floor molding that does not have at least a 2″ flat surface for you to mount the lower brackets on, this gate may not work for you because it will be mounted too high. My molding is 4.25″ off the ground and is not as safe as I would like it to be. As my daughter gets older it will be less of a problem but this is definitely something to consider before purchasing.4/5 for not including the standard hardware needed to mount this gate. Really dumb Kidco. You can do better.

Rosalinda Powell, TN

Crappy Gate! Don’t waste your money!

I don’t know if the manufacturer hired people to write reviews for this thing or people just have no clue about what they review but here is my honest two cents:Pros:- It’s white- It’s metal- Free shipping thru AmazonCons:- It sucks in all aspects!1. It takes FOREVER to put it together2. The templates for installation wasn’t straight so I had to go back and drill more holes in the wall3. The locking mechanism seems less sturdy than a pressure mount4. Everything just seems flimsy and not the material you’d want to protect your child with from falling down the stairs( Specially the locking mechanism)5. There are no screws for the dry wall so unless you have your own special mounting screws, you are are screwed!6. The directions are not that clear and the set up is just wayyyy too complicated7. Poor designWhat can I say? I was duped by all the misleading reviews so I ordered it. Had it not been for the 2 hours that I spent setting it up, it would have been sent right back.Moral of the story my friends, don’t trust ALL the positive reviews as they can mislead you.

Frankie Rowland, NC

Sturdy and simple

UPDATE 1/11/11 We still love these gates. They’re holding up very well. We are thinking of adding a Pool Gate Alarm to alert us if the gate is accidentally left open.These KidCo gates are sturdy and simple. We have 2, one at the top of the stairs and the other at the bottom.My complaints with other gates is that they have fancier locking mechanisms that tend to break. There’s very little that could break on these gates. It’s really just 2 metal gates that you bolt together to be the appropriate size, and then slide into PLASTIC hinges that are screwed into the wall.Yes, the hinges that attach this metal gate to that wall are plastic. That’s my only complaint. The hinges appear very sturdy; however, the plastic makes me a little uncomfortable. I know other people have complained that they cracked while they were screwed into the wall. This sounds like an installation error. You never want to crank a screw into plastic as hard as you can turn it or as hard as a power screwdriver will turn the screws. Plastic is just too brittle to take the pressure created by that much torque. The screws should be tight and secure, but not tightened to an extreme level.I love the fact that the entire gate swings open, that makes it easy to get through the opening. We have other gates that have built in doors, and they’re much harder to walk though while you are holding things (or babies). The latching mechanism on these gates is easy to use, but it does not close automatically. If automatic closing is important to you, pick another gate.Installation was easy for me, but I do major home renovations myself. It seems like anyone could do it without problems as long as they took care in using the included templates. Note that the gate can be installed without extra hardware in locations that are not quite straight openings. This results because one side is on hinges that fully swivel, so the gate can rest at an angle that is not perpendicular to the wall. The latch side must be perpendicular to the wall.As a final aside, I’m not sure why people are afraid to drill holes into drywall or a wood banister. Using the included screws and drilling into wood, you’d be left with a hole that’s about 1/8″ or less. When you take the gate down, invest $3 in wood putty that matches your banister and you can fix the hole in a matter of seconds. Drywall takes marginally longer to fix with some spackle and paint, but it’s still quick and easy. Filling in holes is much easier than fixing dents created by pressure mounted gates.

Brianna Morris Plains, NJ

My favorite gate so far

We have 2 toddlers and have bought many gates. This is by far the most attractive and easy to use gate of all that we bought. It is very slim so it is not very distracting and easy to use. This is our third one and I couldnt be happier. I was actually able to get them to work on stairs without adaptor plates but it takes some creativity.

Evangeline What Cheer, IA

Best on the market

I actually read reviews from other sources (like consumer reports and such) before I bought this gate. This is rated the top gate for the top of the stairs. My husband installed the gate with no problems, although we did use larger screws than the ones that came with it, and we made sure it was screwed into a stud. The locking mechanism isn’t the most convenient (it doesn’t lock automatically when swung shut), but it is secure and sturdy. My two-year-old cannot unlock this gate, but his 6-year-old cousin was able to, which is fine because a 6-year-old won’t fall down the stairs! We had the problem of a gap in between the gate and the top stair just because of the location of the stud, but the gap is not large enough to crawl through or get stuck in. We also purchased the accompanying kit that connects the gate to a wooden banister, preventing damage. If you don’t purchase any extra supplies (either the kidco kit or your own hardware), both ends will screw into the wall and/or banister. Overall, I think this was a great purchase. I know my son and soon-to-be-crawling daughter will not be able to get down the stairs!

Denice Sallis, MS

Best Gate!

The best baby gate I have ever used! (And I have used a lot.) It is great for a top of the stairs gate, or any doorway. It requires you to push the lever down with your thumb while simultaneously pulling the gate up. You can do it with one hand, but your toddler won’t be able to do it at all!

Eva Harmony, RI

Great, sturdy gate

When looking for a non-preasure mounted gate, somehting safe and secure for stairs and such, this is perfect, especially for the price. Very solid, very well built.

Mable Pine Top, KY

Really great gate.

This gate is the only gate that would fit the top of my stairs. I live in a german house, and nothing would fit on the top of the stairs. I tried this gate and it worked.

Rosanne West Point, VA

KidCo Baby Gate Vs Summer Infant Wide Baby Gate

For the price this is a good buy for us. Our 1 year old is now walking and our 2nd will arrive in 4 months. Therefore, we needed something at our steep stairs. We already had one gate by the bonus roomStylish & Secure Wood & Metal Expansion Gatebut it was getting harder to contain her in that one space. I have a review on that product as well.This gate is not as sturdy as theStylish & Secure Wood & Metal Expansion Gatethat I purchased from Buy Buy Baby but it does the job. The latch is a little awkward to use but I guess that will make it harder for the baby to figure out.My husband reinforced the wall by using pieces of wood to screw it into. I show this in the brief video.In short, I am pleased with the purchase for the price. I gave it a 4 for serveral reasons.Cons- I don’t think I will be able to open it with her in my arms. The lack is arkward but we have only had it for 2 weeks.- You can tell the difference in the materials based on price compared to the more expensive gate we have.- It is not as stylish. It is a plain white metal gate.My review of the Summer Infant;=B00AQE6Z6I&linkCode;=&nodeID;=&tag;=

Elaine Hoschton, GA

Hardware insufficient and locking mechanism has issues

This is the gate for the top of the stairs – the really important gate. A lot of gates are intended for everything but top of stairs. The problems with this gate begin during installation. Appropriate hardware for most situations is not included. I had to find my own parts. The tiny screws included were not nearly up to the job, not to mention that the connection between the gate and the wall required wooden parts as well. As for the locking mechanism, in practice it jams so that it takes a long moment to open the gate when locked. I regret this purchase whereas I’ve been pleased with the other gates I got.

Mitzi Fremont, MI

Kidco Safeway

We bought this as a top of the stairs mounted gate. Installation was ok, make sure you read the directions and follow the template. Once it is installed it is VERY secure. It can be opened and closed with one hand without a problem. The little guy can bang away all day and it’s not going anywhere. Worth the price.

Anne Barnett, MO

Would buy it again- makes me feel safe

This is the perfect gate for the top of our stairs. At first, I wanted to make sure that my kids would not be able to fall down the stairs. Now, I use it more for containment than anything else. If the playdate is upstairs in the gameroom….. close the gate and the kids can’t make a mess everywhere 🙂 Easy to use with one hand. Sturdy. I like that it swings both ways. I have a banister at the top of the stairs so I use rubber bands to keep it attached to the banister when not in use. Works perfectly- cheap too!

Charlotte Liberty Center, OH

Great gate – BAD screws

The gate is great and works perfectly! Go ahead and buy a set of longer screws or anchors to install with the gate. We have two of these, and ended up having to do that to both of them after they came out of the wall when opening!

Stacy Ada, MN

Great at Grandma’s

I bought this gate for the top of the stairs at Grandma’s house. My 11 month old son and I are over there almost every weekend and needed a solution that would protect my son but without being in the way the rest of the week when we are not visiting. This gate is perfect. You unsnap one plastic cover (when the gate is open)and the entire gate will slide up off the hinges to be stored in the closet until baby visit’s again. It can be put back on the hinges in just a few seconds. My husband installed the gate in a wood door frame at the top of the stairs using the included template and it was super easy. Many other reviews complained that the screws are to short and they would be short for drywal but not for wood.

Julie Morrow, LA

Works well, I like not having to step over anything and having full width.

The only negatives are:1. The two plastic pins that are supposed to stop it from opening in both directions, do not work at all. The gate goes right past these and could open down the stairs if not for the handrail on the stairway that it runs into.2. It is easy enough for our 41/2 year old to open and close although we all have to pay attention to ensure the bottom side sets into its holder (i.e., just aligning the top latch does not ensure the bottom latch is in place).Having stated the negatives, I think I would buy this again. It works well, the latch is very easy to use compared to another latch system our friends have, and our 4 1/2 year old learned how to use it within a minute or two and has never had a problem since. Our 13 month old can stand against it and I have no fear of it giving way. I was only able to hit studs on three of the four points (both top and bottom of the latch side and bottom of the hinge side). So I had to use a wall anchor on the top hinge side. So far despite our 4 1/2 year old occassionally putting more weight than we want him to on it with the gate open (he would swing on it if we didn’t tell him not to) the one wall anchor has not shown any signs of pulling out.

Bernadette York, ME

Secure and attractive

We have this gate at the top of a staircase, and I know this sounds superficial for a safety item, but I love the way it looks in the house. It’s very minimal and clean looking, not obtrusive and ugly, like a lot of baby gates. It looks just like a continuation of the rest of the staircase bannister.It’s very sturdy and after several months still works perfectly. We love how the whole gate swings away and it swings both ways. So if the kids are safely in their jumper toys or in bed we can open the gate all the way and it will lay flush against the wall, and the whole width of the hallway will be open. Great for carrying in groceries or when we’re entertaining. Most importantly, it does a great job of keeping the kids safely away from the stairs!The only downside with this gate is that on the side where it closes there is a little clasp at the top and at the bottom. When you close it you need to line up BOTH clasps properly, and it’s a little time consuming. We have a few baby gates, and this one always takes the longest to close by far.

Marci Murrieta, CA

Horrible design

This gate is awful. It takes forever to get it closed and I always have to get down and slide the bottom part into place which is not easy to do with baby in hand. After about a week I took it down it was too ridiculous to get it closed, waste of money!

Amparo Lottie, LA

Stable and easy

I had this at the top of long, very steep stairs in a loft apartment with my toddler. Worked well, no accidents or mishaps with this gate. Really happy with this product.

Caroline Hornbeak, TN

Bare bones

I can understand making the banister mount an optional kit (k12), but I don’t understand why they made the drywall installation kit (k100) optional. After getting the banister piece mounted, I found that I had to drive back to the store to get the drywall kit. Big pain.Because this required 3 separate kits, I had to juggle 3 separate sets of instructions to put this together. The instruction manual for the gate itself could use some work, as the text for the instructions and the images that went with the instructions were at different parts of the manual. I ended up ripping out the 10 or so pages of intervening Spanish and French instructions so that it would be easier to flip back and forth between the text and the images.Also, the templates might have been more useful if the screw hole spacing on the template matched the actual spacing of the screw holes on the hinges. In one case the spacing on the template was roughly 1/8 inch (3mm) wider (or was it narrower?) than the hinge.

Sharlene Eyota, MN

Great Gate for the Money

This gate was easy to install in our banister posts, the gate itself seems very solidly built, and it operates pretty smoothly, so I’m happy with it.My only complaint is that the little plastic "catch" that locks the gate shut is very shallow, so if you pull up fairly strongly, it will pop open. I’m not sure if a toddler could generate the force needed, but it may be possible. It’s only a slight concern for me, though. I think it will work fine, and tweaking the screws might provide a little more hold.Side note: I noticed other reviewers saying that the included screws were junky, so I used my own "gold finish" screws, and have had no problems.Recommended, just test the "catch" and make sure it’s holding to your satisfaction.

Carolyn Foreman, AR

Really Pleased With These Gates

We currently have six of these wall-mounted gates in our home (kids and dogs!) and are very pleased with them. They are much safer and sturdier than the pressure-mount gates, and fairly easy to install. They are easy to open and close with one hand, and we like the option of the gates being able to open in either direction (swing in/swing out). We have had no problems with these gates, all have come packaged nicely with all parts and no manufacturing defects. Would highly recommend.

Bernice Elkton, SD

great gate

this is perfect for the top of our steps. we wanted a gate that was secured to the wall, not just pressure mounted. this has been awesome and we saved our banister from screw holes! great product

Lucille Conway, NC