KidCo Sliding Cabinet Lock – White

KidCo Sliding Cabinet Lock – White

Use on cabinet/drawer knobs and handles.  Attaches easily and closes tightly. Contains: 2 piece lock. G.S.C. Certification.  Global Safety Cooperation (GSC) certified products have been tested for simplicity, reliability, installation and ease of use. Warranty If not completely satisfied with this product, return it with proof of purchase and we will replace it free of charge.  For more information about products or warranty please visit Model S334 Made in Holland

Main features

  • Keeps your little one out of the cabinets
  • Unlocks for an adult by sliding the pieces apart
  • Won’t scratch cabinets
  • An essential device for childproofing your home
  • Use on cabinet knobs and handles

Verified reviews


Keeps adults out too!

I’m not liking these. They are difficult for me to remove once they are in place. Also, since the plastic has a big gap versus being one continuous circle/oval, a good yank can take these off the door knobs. I bought some other ones from a different company that are continuous ovals and easy for me to use! I’d recommend something other than these for your own sanity. We need as much of that as we can get after a long day and just wanting to open the stinkin’ door to the trash can! 🙂

Opal Birmingham, NJ

they work great until….

These locks worked GREAT, until my daughter turned 1 year old. now, she pulls the cabinet door open as far as it will let her, then slams it back closed- as fast as she can- bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!without fail, she then tries to stick her fingers in to pry the door open while slamming the door shut (dont ask me- it’s just what she does!) so now i’m searching for those magnet locks which keep the door completely closed. ugh. perhaps these are better for older kids? not so sure, but i know they are worthless to me now.

Maura Mesick, MI

It’s OK if you don’t need in your cabinet often

This definitely works at keeping the little one out of the cabinet, but for us was nearly impossible as adults to remove when we needed in! I want to keep my child out but I want to be able to get in! All in all I wouldnt’ recommend to others unless you hardly ever need to get into the cabinet you are locking. I ended up usingSafety First Cabinet Flex-Lock 2-Packand I like them MUCH better.

Agnes Sugar Grove, PA

Works like a charm

I purchased three of these to put around my apartment – one in the kitchen and one in each bathroom. They have worked like a charm. My son is fairly strong for his age (he is currently 22 months) and pulls with all of his might but they stand up against him. I ordered two more to put on two dvd cabinets in my living room. He has literally rocked the cabinet back and forth pulling on the lock; however, the lock still stood strong!

Shirley Voorhees, NJ

biggest reach

compared to the other lock, this one has the farthest reach between knobs.good for when there is a vertical piece between doors like the picture.a little harder to work, but you get used to it.

Marisol Shelter Island, NY

Tricky to Use, but effective

You won’t have to worry about your kids figuring out how to use these; they are a pain! It took my husband using a hammer to finally get the lock off the cabinet doors! I don’t recommend using these on doors that you use frequently; however, it may be a good idea to put these on cabients that store chemicals, cleaners and such. They do the job!

Betty Gallupville, NY

Very tough to open and damages your wood

I was surprised how tough this is to open. On my cabinet, the two connections almost touch each other, and the cabinet knobs create quite a mechanical interference so that my fingers can’t reach in to the proper handle area where you need to lift and pull. Other than that, it was fairly easy for my 1 year old daughter to bend the plastic back to the point where she could rip it off of the cabinet.

Aurora Port Monmouth, NJ

works well enough

hard to open/close the clasp. We land up pulling the cabinet door open in order to activate latch to open the lock.

Faith Buffalo Gap, SD

Works well but doesn’t last

We bought three of these to keep my 18 month old out of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. At first they were tough to get on and off but it seems to get easier over time. 4 months later and my daughter has managed to break one just by yanking on it. A small piece of plastic used in the ratcheting mechanism broke off. It makes me question the durability and reliability.It’s a shame because I would have given these 4 or 5 stars instead.

Bobby New Cumberland, PA

great lock for toddlers, definitely not hard for adults to open!

i use this on all cabinets they work great i can quickly open them with one hand,and very neat design..

Cassie Center Point, IA

Works so well the wife can’t get into the cabinet.

Seriously, she made me stop using these on cabinets she needs to get into. I think they’re very easy to use, so there you have it. Remember if momma aint happy, aint no one happy.

Della Sims, IL