KidCo Spring Action Cabinet Lock 4-pack

KidCo Spring Action Cabinet Lock 4-pack

Need a shorter cabinet and drawer lock to keep even the littlest hands out? Our Spring Action Lock is just the one! With an internal reach of only 1 1/2″ it’s just about the shortest lock ever. The spring inside the lock, allows it to ‘pop’ back into a locked position after use, for an automatic lock each and every time. This great lock also has a disengage feature that allows you to turn the lock ‘off’ in temporary situations when you don’t need it. The spring is sealed inside the lock for extra safety against accidental pinching. Lock measures: 2 3/4″L x 1 1/2″W x 2″H Lock hook measures: 1 1/2″L x 3/4″W x 1/4″H Additional hardware included for frameless cabinetry. Keep little hands out of dangerous drawers and cabinets.

Main features

  • KEEP THOSE LITTLE HANDS OUT – Having problems with kids being too curious? These KidCo Spring Action Cabinet Locks are perfect for dangerous cabinet doors and drawers.
  • AUTOMATIC LOCK EVERY TIME – The spring inside the lock, allows it to ‘pop’ back into a locked position after use, for an automatic lock each and every time.
  • DISENGAGE FEATURE – When you don’t need the lock, just simply turn it off to disengage it.
  • SAFE CONSTRUCTION AND EASY OPERATION- The spring is sealed inside the lock for extra safety against accidental pinching. The lock has a simple design for easy, one hand adult operation.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Multi-pack of 4 locks. Additional hardware included for frameless cabinetry.

Verified reviews


Not perfect but keeps doors tighter than other brands

It seems like there should be a perfect cabinet lock by now, but this is the closest we found.Other locks allowed our cabinets to open far enough for daughter to reach in and pull items out easily. This one keeps the drawers and cabinets more closed. It does make it more difficult for the grownups to open, but it keeps her from pulling all the items out of the bathroom drawer.

Juliana Clarksburg, CA

Better than Most!

Easy to install. My husband did our entire kitchen in a half hour! It keeps the cabinets pretty closed, however it’s still a bit too close to comfortably open. I like the spring action better than just bending the plastic which can wear over time.

Colette Syracuse, MO

Poor quality

A week after installing 8 of these locks 2 are already broken. First one basically broke off with no force, second one jammed, so I had to pull hard to open the drawer at which point it broke.

Emma Iron City, GA

Very cute but mildew easily.

Bought two to cover the bottom of our tub, one for each of our sons to sit on. Very cute, stay put well, but you have to pull them up after each use to let dry otherwise they tart to grow mildew almost instantly. Thankfully it was easily removed.

Alisa Culver, OR

they do what they supposed to do

easy to install, it keeps my daughter from drinking supplies under the kitchen sink. i also bought the magnetic lock set, not worth it, actually it didnt even work.

Natalie Bushton, KS


I can not say thank you enough for making these wonderful locks available for purchase. We had cabinet locks before that were very annoying to use – mainly because you had to darn near stick your whole hand in the cabinet to disengage the lock in order to get into it. These are fantastic! They are spring action so all you have to do is compress the little lock and it pops right open and self locks when closed. Biggest word of advice which I took from the other reviews – USE TAPE TO ALIGN. My husband was going to install it per the instructions and I gave him that warning. He said it made it so much easier and didn’t have to redo anything – installed perfectly the first time.

Rosella Eureka, UT

Best cabinet locks by far

I have purchased probably every type of cabinet lock out there and these ones are by far the best. The reason I like these so much is that they are spring loaded so you don’t have to hold down the lock to close the door. No matter where or how you place these you just shut the door and it will lock itself and its pretty forgiving during installation because the spring compensates if placed to high. They are also pretty beefy so they aren’t going to break on you. My two year old HATES them, which mean they are doing their job. Sure they are a bit expensive compared to other brands, but they work way better and are less annoying!

Iris South Grafton, MA


I searched forever to find cabinet latches to keep my daughter away from the cleaning products under our sink. I found these and they have been very effective so far. A bit difficult to install if you aren’t the most handy person, but they work very well.

Alejandra Frankfort, OH


I used these for my children twenty nine years ago and was pleased that they’re still around! Now, I purchased them for my first grandchild who’s 14 months now. They’re on the kitchen cabinets and drawers as well as his bedroom dresser drawers. I recommend this product to everyone who has to have a child-proof environment.

Tammy Lakeland, LA

Very durable

Only cabinet locks I have seen that can withstand the wrath of an 18 month old thrashing them all day for months… Plastic is twice as thick as competitors.

Bobby Naoma, WV

Easy to install and use—but a few were broken!

Overall, I’ve been pleased with the performance of the Kidco Spring Action Locks. I ordered four sets of these to put on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Overall, they were fairly easy to install. I put them in myself (with limited experience) with just a drill, some bits and a pencil. With some of the cabinets/drawers, it was a pretty awkward angle, so it may have been helpful for me to get some help from my husband. It took about 5 minutes to install each one.In the end, we’ve had them up for about a week and they’ve worked great. My son hasn’t pinched any fingers and it didn’t take us too long to adjust to having the locks on the cupboards. They’re easy to use.I have two complaints. I ordered four packages of these (for 16 total locks) and I would say that 6 of the locks were damaged and didn’t spring properly. This was a bit of a bummer, as I wanted to use them on all of the cabinets. Second, there are four holes on the back to insert screws….however, there are only two screws included in the kid for each lock. I didn’t realize this until I already screwed four screw holes for the first two locks. It holds fine with just two screws, but would have been sturdier with four.Overall, I think it’s a good product, but there are some issues with quality control, so you may want to order an extra set to account for potential defects.

Mellisa Casar, NC

The best locks

These are so easy to install and use on a daily basis. We have them in our kitchen to keep our toddler out, works great on both cabinets and drawers, we are getting more for the bathrooms.

Lula Newberry, SC


These locks are perfect for our kitchen and little one. They install super easy (which I love!) and hold up well- and I am so happy that when we don’t need them to lock, we can easily click them in place so you can open/close the door with NO lock. That way we don’t have to un-install them all once we no longer need them- OR- I can leave certain doors un-locked as I see fit. Our cabinets do have a perfect lip on them- so we only had to install the main part. Not sure if it would have been so simple otherwise? But these met my expectations and then some!

Odessa Crestline, CA

great locks by Kidco

these were just what I needed and work great. depending on the width of your cabinet wall there may be some play that allows your little one to open the door a crack but not enough to get something out…but enough to make them think they can and they keep yanking on it. after several scoldings and failed attempts my 18 month old finally gave up and kudos to the lock for surviving her yanking on it. oddly, both of the packs of 4 that i ordered had all 4 of the spring trigger part but only 3 of the catch part. A quick call to kidco fixed this, they were very nice and quick to answer the phone, 2 catches in the mail the same day I called.

Cecilia Karnak, IL

My favorite (be careful if you have thick underside to cabinet, or no place to latch at all)

This was my favorite safety latch. Just be careful and make sure that you have something to latch onto, and a thin-enough piece so that you have enough finger space to press down and unlock this. I love the ease of pushing this down, and love that the gap is minimal for kids to stick their hands in. This is especially idea under my kitchen sink, where the garbage resides. I also liked the Safety 1st 4 Pack ProGrade Pivot Position Cabinet and Drawer Latches, but these leave a larger gap, and the push-down is not as nice as this KidCo latch. Like I said, measure to make sure you have enough room to push down.

Dayna Onarga, IL

These work great!

We installed thee cupboard locks on all of our kitchen/bathroom cupboards that hold any “dangerous” items – cleaning supplies, garbage, etc. They’re easy to open and close for my hubby and I but our 18-month-old has yet to figure out how to open them. It’s a very nice feature to be able to lock the hinge down as well so that you can use the cupboard as normal if you’d like.

Alexandra Alton, VA

Well made.

Well made & well designed. Installs easily with four screws each. I recommend you drill first in order to prevent cracking of wood. The lock is precisely molded. It does the intended function. One caveat is that in places where space is tight it might be hard to install. On normal size cabinets, no problem. Good stuff.

Kelly Castle Hayne, NC

Easy to install and use

We love these cabinet locks. Very easy to install. The best thing is that once your child is old enough they lock down so the drawers and cupboards open without using them, this is great when you have young kids visiting because it takes a few minutes to make all your dangerous areas locked again. We went so far as putting these in every drawer and cabinet in the house. We have had a couple pieces break, but we bought extras in case.

Bettie Portia, AR

Fine for awhile…then they break

We put this lock on all of our cabinet doors….LOTS of cabinet doors. They worked fine for about about 8 months. Then, the little piece of plastic that holds the spring in place started breaking off all the most frequently used cabinets. So, we had to order another brand of lock and replace them all. The little piece of plastic and the flying springs are dangerous and HARD to find once they fly out of the mechanism. Not great when you have a toddler in the house. If you want to use them on cabinets you never intend to open, they’re prefect.

Ada Lenox, GA

Love these

These locks work great especially for the top drawers. The simpler version of the cabinet/drawer locks work good but were near impossible to install on the top drawers. These were perfect for our needs.

Roberta Erie, KS

easy to install/use

My husband had no problem installing these (although he is very handy so maybe that is not a good indication for the average person).They are very easy to operate once in and have stood up well for the last 6 mos since we installed them. We had one out of six installed break because I forgot it was there in the beginning and yanked the cabinet open quickly when I was in a rush one morning. When we decided to install more locks on more cabinets we bought more of these we liked them so much!

Jennie Cortaro, AZ

easy to install, cheap, do the job

I’m not really for complicated things. I want it easy to install, cheap, and functional. This fills in all three categories. The pots and pans breath a sigh of relief.

Estela Marion, LA


If you have a smart kid, just don’t buy these. You’ll fool em for MAYBE a day. Then, you’ve just wasted your time and your money.

Ines Absecon, NJ

Best Latch!

Okay, so four months ago I installed another brand of lock latch. Five them have already broken and had to be replaced. I found a bag of these Gerber locks that my cousin gave me. My cousin had already been using them 8+ years! As the newer cheap latches are breaking, I’m replacing them with these Gerber locks. The Gerber locks are made with better materials and don’t budge! I’ve been so happy with these and plan to get more of them to finish replacing the other brand. One reviewer commented on the spring making it easy for kids to do. Well, my 18 month old twins (which, by the way, get into EVERYTHING)have yet to figure them out.

Erna Hudson, FL

Best lock we have had so far!

We have a very curious and naughy 23 month old daughter who absolutely loves getting into everything she is not supposed to. We have tried every cabinet latch available at BabiesRUs and Home Depot. When we moved into our house recently, these Gerber latches were already installed in a few cupboards and worked so well that we just had to find it! My only fear is that these are fairly easy to open so once my daughter figures it out, it may become useless. But so far, so good! We have also liked the magnet locks a lot and those work very well without letting the child get their fingers stuck when they struggle to open the door/drawer. However, you do have to reach for the magnet every time you need something so that can be a bit cumbersome especially when I need something really quickly.

Laurel Southeastern, PA

Don’t buy any other brand

Seriously great. Husband bought another brand and hated them. These were slow to install on our (very hard) cabinets but they are working out great.

Lawanda Fayetteville, TN

Better quality than what you will find in the stores

Excellent product. Make sure you use a drill to start the hole before screwing in the product. It makes for a much easier install, and the cabinets don’t get as ruined. These worked well for a very long time, but my 2 1/2 year old has now figured out how to open them.

Lidia Granite Springs, NY

It the best latch

This is just the best. My hands down go to latch. Cant find a better ones for keeping little hands (or paws) out of the garbage!

Candace Halsey, OR


Love em! Great product, awesome price, easy to install, work terrificly! We are very happy with our choice. Our son is a cabinet menace. He cannot get past these.

Clarice Ridgefield, NJ

DIdn’t work for us

I had been looking at a bunch of cabinet locks because we had a few issues: (i) all lower cabinets and no uppers, so all our glasses, plates etc are at baby level; (ii) Ikea modern cabinets with no frames so limited options for places to attach the locks and actually create a lock; and (iii) didn’t want to drill in my brand new cabinets. I tried a bunch, hoping somehow, somewhere, one of these would work. These did not work for frameless cabinets, so i didn’t even get around to checking whether they would work with high strength tape (in lieu of drilling).

Rhonda Holden, UT