KidCo Stairway Gate Installation Kit

KidCo Stairway Gate Installation Kit

KidCo Stairway Gate Installation Kit In the Stairway Gate Installation Kit (Model K12), KidCo has assembled the materials and fasteners necessary to properly install any child safety gate to a stairway banister, without drilling into your expensive, decorative wood. One kit is required for each side of the gate that is being mounted to a banister; and only the most basic tools are needed to assemble any good child safety gate. For use at the top or bottom of stairs with hardware or pressure mount gates. The hardware is designed to fit square posts 2 1/2″ – 3 5/8″ wide or use the included insert for round post installation. Why You’ll Love It: This kit makes it convenient to install the safety gates in the staircase without drilling a hole through the banister and is easy to use. Features For use with hardware or pressure mounted gates Easy to use No drilling required Product Dimensions: 36.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches Product Weight: 3 pounds

Main features

  • Plastic, Wood
  • Designed to fit square posts 2 1/2″ – 3 5/8″ wide or use the included insert for round post installation
  • For use at the top or bottom of stairs with hardware or pressure mount gates
  • No Drilling necessary fasteners allow for safe attachment without damaging decorative wood
  • One kit is required for each side of the gate that is being mounted to a banister
  • Easy Attachment to a single banister, this kit does not support multiple banisters

Verified reviews


A bit misleading…not a gate

I should have realized I guess by the price, and I also should have read more reviews. But sometimes I get in the shopping zone (that day it was baby-proofing) and I purchase things a bit hastily.This product is NOT actually a baby gate for stairways. It is a kit to help you install a gate you have purchased separately onto your stairway. It is designed so that you can install the stairway gate (again, not included) without drilling into or otherwise messing up your banister and posts.I probably will end up using this product, it is a good idea and I already own it, but I don’t want to use it with the gate I currently am getting ready to install. But I have several to install and I haven’t bought them all yet, so I will look for one that appears to work well with this device. But I do feel a bit misled.

Debbie Fairfax, VT

Functions Well, But Instructions Are In Small Print, Do Not Depict Parts, Fail to Mention Tools Needed, and Have Swapped Figures

(This item is not to be confused withKidCo Safety Gate Installation Kitor Kidco Gate Installation Kit or The KidCo Gate Installation Kit model K10 which has hardware such as screws and plastic tie straps, but no clamps.)I wanted to put a pressure-mounted baby safety gate at the bottom of stairs that have a banister (i.e., handrail and balusters) on one side, but I didn’t want to drill holes into the newel (i.e., the thick post typically at the end of a bannister). Also, the newel was about 3″ wide, which looked too large forY Spindle for Gate Installation (2 Pack) from KidCoor Safety Innovations GM6 Baluster Mounting Kit by Safety Innovations.This product worked great after installation on the square and round parts of the newel. The pressure-mounted gate is secure against it (and the manufacturer claims that it also works with gates that would otherwise be screwed into a wall).However, installation took about 30 minutes, which could have been shorter if the trilingual (English, Spanish, French) instructions had been better. You can see the instructions (aka “user guide”) at the Kidco Web site. It has the following problems: (1) The font is quite small. (2) It has no diagrams of the 10 types of parts (clamp fronts, clamp backs, bolts, wood blocks, shims, round post adapters, finish washers, 1-1/2″ screws, 1-3/4″ screws, and a 36″x1″x2″ wood piece). These would have been especially helpful for people who are not mechanically inclined, or for people whose first language is not English, español, or franais. (3) It does not specify what tools are needed for installation: a Phillips screwdriver (to attach the clamps to the baluster), a level (to make the 36″ wood piece perpendicular to the floor), a drill with 5/32″ bit (to connect the 36″ wood piece to the wood blocks inside the clamps), and a saw and sandpaper (if the 36″ wood piece needs to be cut shorter). (4) The pictures for Figure 2 and Figure 4 are swapped. Figure 2 is supposed to show the round post adapters and Figure 4 is supposed to show the installed gate.So I’m giving the product 5 stars and the instructions 3 stars, for an average of 4 stars.

Ivy Grapevine, TX

Worked Great with Rail

Did exactly what it was supposed to. It wasn’t the easiest to install, and you probably need to be a little bit handy and able to make measurements (there’s a lot of drilling and screwing to do), but when finished it works.

Joan Slaton, TX

Works great and NO DRILLING!

Installs in minutes with no drilling. Works great. We have two and the second which was sold by Aidleyco Baby came with a missing piece which I did not discover till we started baby proofing 9 months later. I contacted them and had a email within minutes and a replacement piece sent the next day! AWESOME CUTOMER SERVICE!

Jaime Sondheimer, LA


this kit was a lifesaver so we could attach our cardinal gates to our open staircase – and it looks classy still!

Caroline Milford, KY


This product is genius. Easy to install and doesn’t harm the banister wood. You do need a drill to install it though.

Jacklyn Revere, MO

Great invention

This allows you to use almost any gate. We have a relago. It is hard to see in the pictures, but what it does is wrap around the post and provide a flat surface for your gate to press into. We have one for the top & bottom of the stairs and it is working well!

Ila Bellamy, VA

Did Exactly What We’d Hoped

We were renting a house when our baby became mobile and we didn’t want to start drilling into the wooden banister to install a stairway gate, so this product was just what we needed. The post was square at the bottom and round at the top, and the kit fit just right. After reading the reviews, my husband did have to make a few adjustments to the installation instructions, but he’s very handy and had the whole thing installed in about 15 minutes. It was very sturdy and we had no worries about her pushing on the gate at the top of the stairs. I would definitely recommend this product. (Although I can’t speak for exactly what kind of adjustments my husband made to make the thing work.)

Georgia Winnetka, CA

skinny metal railing install,

The install wasn’t hard, just could a been clearer. Though we were moving and pregnant etc, so I ordered 2 kits to make sure I had enough brackets to install 1 gate at the top of the stairs. 1 kit comes with a smaller bracket and a square bracket thinking most railing have a newel post like setup, which i do not. after looking over the directions, which are downloadable from kidco’s website, I could have just ordered the brackets I needed outright and probably been cheaper. Which I will do when we are ready to gate off the the bottom of the stairs. Overall, I feel the gate is plenty secure as its at the top of the stairs and my 3 year old doesn’t climb it, though she’s not one to climb a gate.

Reyna Piermont, NH


I looked all over the internet for a solution, as I did not want to ruin my beautiful banister. I did have to stain the piece of wood to match my dark colored banister, but that was easy. Installation was very quick and easy, I did it all by myself…no husband. But I am the handy woman of the house anyways. I believe that I did purchase shorter screws. I read a few reviews saying the screws that come with this kit were too long and will still drill into the banister, so I did not chance it. It has been hanging for a year now and it is just as sturdy/strong as the day I have hung it up. No issues whatsoever!

Chrystal Brookside, AL

Excellemnt gate adapter so far

This was EXACTLY what we needed to make our baby gate fit snug with the banister. So happy we purchased. Well worth the money and easy to install.

Tammy Port Townsend, WA

Answer to gate problems

This kit was the answer to our gate problems. The banister wood was too hard & kept breaking screws in half so after the 1st rather creative solution to installing the gate broke, I found this and ordered. I installed it in about 30 minutes (including the time to uninstall the old pieces). It’s a pretty simple install but you do need drill, 5/32 drill bit & a PH2 bit & a level. It looks a bit clunky but it is definitely secure.

Blanca De Queen, AR

It really is a great product, but the instructions suck

It really does what is advertised. It allows you to install a child safety gate (purchase separately) on your staircase without having to drill in to the banister! I really didn’t want to do that and permanently damage our banister, something that’s not easy to repair or replace.The instructions are terrible though and must attest to the probable fact that it’s made in a foreign country. But after some research and thinking, we were able to figure it out. As a product, it gets a 5 star rating. The only reason it’s getting 4 starts from me is because the instructions for installation needs to be re-written.

Deidra Basile, LA

Great product!

This is awesome for gate use on your stairway. It was honestly easy as cake to install. There is no screwing into your railing so no damage is done. The only thing I would say is that the anchor kit that they provide is garbage. I ended up having to go get stronger ones because they screws just pulled out of the wall with the anchor. I bought some metal ones that expand as your screw in the screw and no it holds like it’s in a stud. If you are getting the gate for your stairs this is a must have if you don’t want to damage the railing. It even works on round banisters such as mine with the extra part that comes with it for that. Buy it, you will be happy.

Tonya Wolfeboro Falls, NH

Used it with Summer bronze gate

We used this with our new Summer walk through gate in bronze, not across the stairs, but from the stair to the other side of the hallway. We were able to use this on the newel post without drilling any holes, and we were also able to use it with the pressure mount cups with no holes drilled into the plastic. It’s great!

Melanie Keensburg, IL

Horrible instructions

I’m sure this will work great when it’s up, but trying to install it has been such an ordeal, and it all could have prevented with some well-written instructions and diagrams. They don’t even have an instruction video on their website.

Erica Falmouth, ME

Great for Installing a gate on a Spindle staircase.

I used the Stairway Gate Installation kit with theMunchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate, Whiteat the base of the staircase to my second floor.The Installation kit installed easily with a screw driver. The instructions couldn’t be more straight forward.Once attached to the staircase spindle, the installation kit was secure and rock solid. I have added a photo of my installation.I would recommend this product.

Marlene West Point, VA


Does the job. Helped us get gates mounted at the top and bottom of the stairs so now everything is secure.

Latoya Croydon, PA

This works well for banisters

We had the gate from a friend who no longer needed it, but could not install at the top of our stairs. This kit worked perfectly to allow us to put the gate up. It is easy to install, and would work with any number of gates – there is a strong verticle strip of wood which the gate fastens to, avoiding the need to drill into the banister.

Rosario Urbana, MO

Works great

We needed a way to attach our gate at the top of our stairs without damaging our large end post baluster. It works great and feels very secure. We will appreciate it also when it’s time to take down the gate because we will not have to fill and paint screw holes in the baluster.

Taylor Caledonia, OH

Good Gate once you get it installed

I bought this stair gate after returning the Regalo stair gate. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could. The only reason it’s not perfect is because it does take about 30 minutes to install. Once it’s in, it is perfect. It seems you can use any gate and you don’t need to drill into your wall or stair rails. You do need to drill but not into your home. I would definetly recommend this over the regalo stair gate. Works perfect for us.

Opal Ridgeway, NC

Did not work for us

I understand the concept and think it is great to be able to install a gate without drilling into the banisters. As other reviewers say, you can probably get all the parts at a home improvement store for a fraction of the price but I have neither the time nor the inclination.It was not so easy to install but we got there. Unfortunately it definitely did not work for our pressure gate (although it says it does). The (4 and 1.5 yr old) boys busted right through it. With pressure gates you have to allow for some movement of the pressure points and these bars are too narrow. I should have expected this outcome since we had the gates in our old place and they worked fine but they shifted a bit. I was just hopeful.To use with pressure gates I give it 0 stars, but probably would be ok for gates that are drilled into it.

Gabriela Barnes, KS

Perfect for most banisters

Banister saver. As a real estate agent I know the importance of keeping your home pristine. This is great b/c the gate is still secure and safe but saves you from ruining your banister. unfortunately if you have a wide banister it may not work.

Shannon Volga, IA


I bought these for the top of our stairs; we needed 2 since we have banisters on both sides of our stairs. I thought that the kits were easy enough to install. You need to play around with the positioning a little to ensure that your gate hardware is secured into the correct places. However, overall, I thought that it was easy to work with. I give them 4 stars because I think that they are a bit pricey; it would be great if you could purchase them in a set of two.They were the only thing that I could find to work to save my banisters from drilling and holes and they worked perfectly for that purpose – so maybe they are a bargain:-)

Terry Rio Linda, CA

Installation wasn’t as easy as we thought

We purchased this installation kit to install the Kidco top of stairs safety gate on the second floor of our home. We didn’t want to use a pressure mounted gate because there is a piece of metal that sits at the bottom opening of those gates that could be a trip hazard.We wanted to install a secure gate without drilling holes into our stair post. Once installed, the gate seems to be very secure, but it was not easy to install. The problem is that the wooden slates and hard plastic pieces do not have predrilled holes. The box says no drilling, but they are only talking about drilling holes into your staircase post. The wood slates that are included in the kit are extremely hard to drill through. We had to take a trip the the local hardware store to buy a new 5/32 drill bit to get through the wood. It took well over an hour to install the kit. The company can improve this product by pre-drilling the holes.

Miranda Coffey, MO

Very good product

I was hesitant to buy this product b/c it is definitely too pricey. One can definitely make your own by getting the wood pieces at Home Depot. But I’m not very handy. I spent the money and got 2 of these to attach a gate at the top of the stairs. At the end of the day, what I cared was to baby proof the stairway. It’s good quality and was easy to fix. I’m glad I didn’t have to drill directly on the railing/banister.

Nora Council Grove, KS

Does the advertised job.

Okay, it may not have the most self explanatory easy to follow directions however, it does the job you need – it protects your wood banister from being drilled into by providing a suitable and safe alternative for you to post your safety gate. AND it’s not hideous – the kit blends well with our banister/stairs. You could even stain the unfinished wood piece that comes with it if you want. Anyway, so glad I purchased it.

Sabrina Riverdale, MD

No need to spend the $$

I purchased the gate installation kit to help attach a gate to our rod-iron banister. Because the banister is straight up and down without any ornate details (just white iron that goes right into the floor), we decided it would be a lot cheaper to get 2 pieces of wood (1”x1.5”x3′) and zip tie them to the iron banister and then screw the gate into the wood from there.For someone who has a fancy, curly banister that is not straight up and down, this kit would probably be helpful. However – zip ties look about as lovely as the large plastic pieces that come with this kit, so for our straight up and down iron, the $10 at the hardware store was better than the $65 the kit cost.

Candy Pepeekeo, HI

Good, for what it is

This product first of all requires drilling even though the box says no drilling. That only applies to the install of the brackets onto your banister posts. You have to drill and screw in the wood board that comes with it to the brackets. This is where your gate mounts to the small narrow wood board, that is screwed to the backets mounted on your banister post.This does one side only which is what I expected and all I needed as the other side is a wall. It works I needed this because I purchased a gate for a stair post application but it wasn’t self closing. So after an accident we decided at self closing gate would have to be installed. They don’t seem to make these for stairs with banister posts on one side. So here comes the need for this kit.The kit installation is easy as long as you have a drill and a 5/32 drill bit you will have no problems. The drilling is simple and easy just line it up to your brackets applied to your post drill through and use probivided screws to secure it. Then mount your gate. You could more then likely assemble something similar (not a nice looking) from pieces of hardware from Lowes or Home Depot. However this is much quicker and has a attachment for mounting on the round section of your post.I installed it in about 25 mins, drilling took maybe 3mins. Then installed the gate, haven’t had any issues yet. All though I do notice the wood board starting to bow a little since the gate mount doesn’t line up exactly with the post bracket location in my application.

Stefanie Lobeco, SC

love it!

this is perfect for the top of our steps. we wanted a gate that was secured to the wall, not just pressure mounted. this has been awesome and we saved our banister from screw holes! great product

Joni Star, TX