KidCo Swivel Cabinet & Drawer Lock 4ea

KidCo Swivel Cabinet & Drawer Lock 4ea

Use on cabinets and drawers.  Can be disengaged using unique swivel feature. Contains: 4 catches, 4 mounting plates, 4 hooks and 16 wood screws. G.S.C. Certification.  Global Safety Cooperation (GSC) certified products have been tested for simplicity, reliability, installation and ease of use. Warranty If not completely satisfied with this product, return it with proof of purchase and we will replace it free of charge.  For more information about products or warranty please visit Model S333 Made in Holland

Main features

  • Damage free installation
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for safety and durability
  • The item is one pack of 4 locks

Verified reviews


quality lock

These locks were easy to install and appear to be well made. I like the flexibility to rotate the head to the direction that would work best. I didn’t strip any screws in the process and didn’t need to re-drill any holes. It is exactly what I needed to keep my kitchen locked down.

Malinda Ralston, IA

This drawer lock works well

They work well and so far we have no issues with it. My daughter tries to pry the cabinet doors open and so far, it held out well.

Ginger Bel Alton, MD


Installed easily (my husband said). Working beautifully so far and my toddler hasn’t figured them out yet. He likes the sawing sound they make, so he tries feverishly to open the cabinets, but he hasn’t broken in yet.

Leanna Hanlontown, IA

Not a fan of these for drawers.

Not that good for drawers. First of all you have to mount this to the frame of the cabinet and there is not that much space between the back of the drawer and the frame. To drill the holes and screw this in you should have an angle drill. I don’t so I took the drawer out, drilled my pilot holes on an angle since that is the only way I could with a standard drill, and then mounted the stopper with a screw driver. Then I couldn’t get my drawer back in due to the space issue I was talking about. So then I removed the stopper and put my drawer back in. Then I had to use the stubby little screw driver to mount the stopper and barely got it in.The drawer will still pull out a couple inches and my twins have already trapped their fingers in there.The best locks out there are the safety first magnetic but they won’t work on normal skinny drawers. I used one on a big deep drawer and it is really nice. Doesn’t open without the magnetic key.For cabinets, these KidCo locks will again still open a couple inches and that is enough for you toddler to reach in and grab a something in my opinion, or just trap their fingers. Not a fan.

Isabel Lawndale, CA

good enough

Seem to be doing the job well but they are quite hard to open for adults too. Decided only to use them on cabinets I rarely access.

Marcella Leakesville, MS

Works well to keep my little one out – hardware is cheap

Works well to keep my little one out of drawers and cabinets now that they are installed.Cons — screws are cheap and strip out easily while trying to install. They should include extras as we ran short on screws during installation due to stripping out a few of the threads.- they do not swivel to the off position without unscrewing partially. I assumed they could just be turned to the side when you don’t want the cabinet to lock. Since the screws are cheap, you don’t want to have to unscrew to swivel as that will further strip out the screw.

Audrey Castella, CA

Does the job!

The product came very quickly with this vendor. The actual product does the job well. They were easy for my husband to install and my toddler is no longer interested in the cabinets! The quality I can see will hold up for awhile.

Alexis Hudson, FL

Screws broke off in cabinet

After reading other reviews, I decided to go ahead and purchase these locks for our kitchen drawers that my 20-month old is now able to open. I intended to tell my husband not to use the provided screws, but by the time we got around to installing the locks, I forgot. Two screws broke off in the solid oak cabinet frame as he was installing it, and they cannot be removed (by any method that I know of). He shifted the lock over (off-center now) and used wood screws that we had on hand to finish the quick installation.I think the lock works great for our purpose and am happy that the product exists. I’d recommend it, but don’t risk using the provided screws (they would probably be fine if your cabinets are not solid wood, but I wouldn’t take the chance). I can’t imagine why the company hasn’t fixed this easily resolvable problem yet.

Julianne Cisco, GA

better than i expected

i went ahead and bough two extra boxes after the first. these really wow’ed me. they have stoof up against my husky 16 month old. they fit virtually anywhere. just wish they came with some extra screws since they easily get lost when you are trying to screw others in

Mattie Port Henry, NY

Work fine but time consuming

They do the job better than other brands I’ve tried but they are time consuming to install. I purchased more of them as I have not found a better alternative and they do seem to hold up well.

Lena Scranton, ND

Easy to install, but didn’t last long

3 of the 4 have broken simply by closing the cupboard drawers. Easy to install, but not very durable. They did the job as expected while they worked.

Antoinette Gumberry, NC