KidCO Universal Outlet Cover

KidCO Universal Outlet Cover

Our customers say these are the BEST outlet covers! Less hassle than plug-in caps (no broken fingernails) and better looking, too. Pull out a plug, and the safety plate slides automatically in place, covering the socket. New universal design fits both standard (one screw) and Decora (two screw) outlets. Installs in 1 minute with a screwdriver. Safety plates are spring-loaded, so they automatically close off any outlet that’s not in use. To access an outlet, simply slide the plate over with your finger and insert plug. Universal cover features three holes, to accommodate both standard outlets (those with one centered screw) and Decora outlets (those with top and bottom screws). Includes snap-in-place plugs to cover the unused hole(s), for a smooth, unbroken look.

Main features

  • Works on both Standard and Decora style outlets
  • Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed
  • Prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet

Verified reviews


Works if you never want to use the outlet again

Thankfully my husband suggested we test this out on the 1st outlet I installed it on before I put these covers on more of them. I couldn’t get anything to stay in the plug once plugged in. Phone and computer chargers (both mac products) just fell right out. Even if I held them in, they were not in deep enough to produce a charge. Our vacuum plug did go in deep enough to get power, but would not stay in the outlet without one of us holding it in place. To bad I bought enough of these to replace all of the outlet covers in our house.

Tracie Niwot, CO

Bad fit

I bought these because my son can pull out the plug kind. Sadly, while installing these, they either don’t or just barely cover the cut out holes where the outlets are placed. They also only screw into the middle switch plate hole so he tries to pry them off the wall that way.

Janine Dillon, SC

Works as expected

Very easy to install. Turn off power at the breaker, remove old outlet cover screws, pop out 1 or 2 holes depending on outlet type, fit using new screws. Took me at *most* 3 minutes for the first one, but only a minute for the last one.I’m not a big fan of outlets which only have the single screw because – as naturally happens – it makes any outlet cover more likely to move. But that’s not a fault of the product. The only flaw with the product happens when you are required to have a single-screw outlet cover and only a 2-prong plug: the sliding part may dislodge the plug. I ended up moving the fan to an outlet behind some furniture which would wedge it in and prevent this happening. But this is just as much the fault of whoever designed outlets like this and the apparent American default of non-grounded items which leave insecure plugs easy for anyone to knock out. (The cats regularly unplug the stereo by walking past it.)I would definitely buy these again, and wish I’d bought them sooner. They’re easier to use than the multiple plastic outlet plugs I was using before.

Dianne Southern Md Facility, MD

Home Safety Universal Outlet Cover in White (Set of 3)

the screws weren’t quit long enough so i had to get different ones but other then that they are great. Those other outlet covers hurt my finger trying to get them off so when i found these i was excited to try them out. I have 2 boys a two year old and 8 month old. The 2 year old isn’t able to open them atleast not yet 🙂

Mara Turkey, NC

Great outlet cover

I love these outlet covers compared to the little plastic ones that you can plug into an outlet. Kids have no issues prying those out while it’s a pain for adults unless you have long fingernails. These covers slide easily when you need to plug something in and slide back to protect children. Highly recommend.

Elda Lodi, NJ

crap…short and sweet

very flimsy, easily ripped off the wall.Bulky and doesn’t but up to the wall so there is a gap that little ones can very easily get their fingers under to pull on it.We had 1 on the wall for about 10 minutes before our kids investigated this new thing and ripped it off the wall.They are 1 and 3.Waste of money.None are installed at our house. They are not safe.

Virginia Salem, AR

Perfect! These should be installed in every house that’s built.

These are great! I don’t know why all outlets aren’t automatically installed with these. They’re incredibly easy to use and protect little fingers (and things those little fingers find to hold!) from getting where they shouldn’t. For those who care, they’re incredibly unobtrusive as well. In fact, after we had installed them, my inlaws were concerned that we didn’t have any plugs in our outlets until we showed them how they worked!

Bobby Sunset Beach, CA

Not universal! Check your outlet design carefully before you buy.

Not universal! This does not work on any of the outlets in my home. The name is very misleading. I am sure this would be nice if I could actually use it.

Monique Dale, SC


Easy to install, easy to use. Does what was promised. Would buy again.

Angela Sizerock, KY

Does the job!

Perfect for high traffic "baby area" when you still want easy access to your plug. Easy install and looks great.

Kathleen Radiant, VA

They work…

I had another brand (though I can’t recall which) of a similar design that I was hoping these would match. These are ok, they do stick out from the wall quite a bit, but they do a good job of covering the outlet. The mechanism doesn’t work as easily as some I’ve seen. When the plug is removed the covers snap back into place to block the exposed outlet. These cover your existing outlet.

Tammy Flaxville, MT

Cheaply made

These were rather cheaply made and I wouldn’t recommend. They don’t fit flush against our wall which makes it unsafe in my mind.

Nita Tierra Amarilla, NM

very nifty!

This item arrived on time, does what it says it does and looks nice as well. They are perfect for any nursery or kids room.

Minnie Baltic, CT

Good cover

I purchased these for our house. our home was built in 2009 and I’ve had no issues with the outlet covers. Easy to install. I have a 16 month old baby and have had these installed since we as a year old and they have held up just fine.

Kirsten Moose Pass, AK

Kinda cheap looking

Not exactly the guest quality plastic, and there are extra holes stamped on them for various styles of outlets, so they aren’t a smooth overall finish. Also, these pop out away from outlets more than traditional covers which means that appliances, etc can lose power connection easily.

Nanette Lecompton, KS

Love these! Way better than plastic plugs.

I’ve always hated those plastic plugs people put in their outlets. I don’t know about your kids, but mine try to mess with everything, and I’d be afraid they’d pull those out. Not to mention that they’re ugly. With these you can’t even tell they’re childproof unless you look right at them. They don’t make our house look "kid-proofed". Easy to install, just 2 screws. Recommend!

Kaye Laton, CA

These are great. Visitors will sometimes plug something in and forget …

These are great. Visitors will sometimes plug something in and forget to put the plug cover back in after they are done/leave, making it dangerous for our kids. This is nice because its reasonably foolproof for adults and kids.

Faye Gilroy, CA

excellent product

This product is awesome, yes it takes a little time, one time to remove the old outlet covers and replace with this new one, I would say it took my husband about 2 hours to replace about 36 outlet covers in the house. I like this child safety cover for ever reasons, one is the outlets look like outlets no one would know unless they really looked, second the old plastic child push in 100 to a box child safety plug ins a child can choke on, and it a royal pain when you need to use the outlet. With this outlet cover it just slides to the side when you want to plug something in, and then when you take the item out the protective cover goes back into place. This is a great item for child proofing your house without feeling like the adults want to pull their hair out.

Angela Fillmore, IN

looks nice, works great

I knew we were going to have to put these up for safety and they work very well, but I was not expecting that they would actually look nice too (at least at a distance).

Lorrie Alhambra, CA