Kidco Universal Outlet Covers in White – TWELVE

Kidco Universal Outlet Covers in White – TWELVE

This bundle comes with (2) Outlet Plugs for temporary situations or travel. Works on both Standard and Decora style outlets. Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed. Prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet. This listing is for a total of TWELVE Outlet Covers.

Main features

  • Works on both Standard and Decora style outlets
  • Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed
  • Prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet
  • This listing is for (12) individual covers total.
  • Bundle includes (2) Outlet Plugs for temporary situations or travel!

Verified reviews


I love these. Easy to install and they work

I have now ‘baby-proofed’ all the outlets in my house and have begun working on my brother’s house and my mother’s house. Baby can’t get to outlets even when left unguarded. They snap back into place when you pull a plug, but make sure they do, pone of mine stuck once. I highly recommend these.

Maxine Colonial Heights, VA

These don’t work on my outlets

I am sure there was some way of knowing this beforehand, but these covers don’t work on my outlets. I have a track home built in 2006 and have standard outlets I guess. I unscrewed my covers and screwed these ones on. Unfortunately, there is a gap between the wall and the cover. It does not sit flush against the wall. That seems more unsafe to me, actually. I felt like my baby could twist these covers as they did not have a secure mounting. I did like that there is no plastic plug to remove and put somewhere close by yet out of reach but these don’t work for me. Also, the color of these covers is different than my standard ones. These are more of a gray white. I would have dealt with the minor color difference had they fit securely but I can’t use them. Unfortunately, I ordered a 12 pack. 🙁 Not worth returning but not worth using.

Darla Faber, VA

Work Well

We changed all the covers in the house. They can be a little loose on the wall. To improve it, I screwed the under plugs in a little more. This product then sits a little better. Could stand to have a little less movement still. Maybe they could sell foam that sits under it. We are please with it otherwise.

Raquel Tichnor, AR

Practical, attractive, safe

We installed these as baby-safe plugs. They turn out to be more attractive than the original plug covers, and are really practical as you just slide to the side to insert a plug. One might question whether they are as a safe, since a child might accidentally slide something into the plug as well. It seems unlikely to me, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Holly Harrisonburg, VA

Order extra – you will want them!

I changed out my outlet covers in the room the baby mostly stays in but after seeing them in place i am going to change out all of my covers…they cover up my painting mishaps and make to outlets look new again! Good for looks and function!Also they threw in a free gift…Thanks again!

Francisca Phoenix, MD

Cheap! Pay the extra money and get the mommy’s helper brand!

I thought I could save a few dollars with this pack and the fact that it was universal (for deco and standard outlets) was a bonus but at the end of the day, the cheap plastic beat out the pros. When screwing it into the outlet, I kid you not, the plastic started to warp. Yeah, you would think it was a matter of not screwing it in as tightly, but I felt it was necessary in order to get the cover flush on the wall. Other than that, the universal feature was nice but not nice enough for me to keep it. These were promptly returned.

Jacqueline Cadet, MO

Great safety product

Love these over plug covers or the inserts that you put into the plugs. They Are easy to install and I love that if a child pulls a cord out of the plug, the opening closes. One down side, they are slightly smaller than standard covers, so this means they may not hide some of the defects that standard covers do (paint or drywall issues). I have these on every plug in my house.

Francine Upton, WY

It works but…

This works as indicated, but the white color is more of a grayish white and not a white, white as indicated in the photo.

Ester Irwinville, GA

Old outlets – issues

The baby proof full outlet covers with slide mechanism are a life saver for us! Our one year olds favorite activity was ripping out the individual plug guards. Getting these helped, but our house has some really old, non modern shaped outlets, and we’ve had some issues. A few had gaps between the wall and cover where baby could get fingers into and break the whole cover off. And a few of the screws provided were way to small to compensate with the bulkiness of older outlets, causing them to be to short to reach the screw entrance in the wall. Other than that the sliding mechanism works wonderfully. It’s not to hard to plug things in.

Pam Laura, OH

This is my favorite baby product

These are super easy to install. Super easy to use. Super safe. I love them! No more broken fingernails, and no more complicated 2 handed entry.

Lilian Jenkins, KY

Terrific safety product

We have used these outlet covers in two homes and love them! Terrific safety product for children. We used this through the crawling, walking, and toddler stage.

Elma Melrose Park, IL

Best outlet protection I found, but could use better screws

4+ stars. Excellent safety protection for outlets. These covers work with both single screw and double screw (decora) outlets, which is nice. The cover measures 4 ” x 2 “. The covers slide shut (spring back) when there is no plug in them, keeping baby safe.I decided on this general type of design (in contrast to the plastic plug inserts) because it is:1. Harder for a baby to figure out / have the strength to defeat the safety feature2. Plastic plugs seemed either too easy to pull out (not safe for baby – outlet exposed and plug goes in the baby `s mouth) or too hard (and a pain for adults to use)3. This solution is automatic – if the plug is removed the cover snaps shut. This is contrasted with plastic plugs or the rotate type outlet covers where you have to remember to put the safety feature in/on after you use an outletThe downside of outlet covers are they are more expensive than the plastic plugs and aren’t portable (it’s still worth having the plastic plugs for travelling to relatives, etc.). Also, the do add another layer of plastic (this cover) on top of your outlet, so as some have mentioned heavier items may not hold as well.Installation is fairly easy (3 minutes an outlet). A few installation tips (not that these are hard):1. The covers have three screw holes – they are shipped with plastic plugs which you pop out (top and bottom for 2 hole outlets, middle for one hole) and then insert the screws.2. When you unscrew your current outlet cover (probably a rectangle with a hole in the center), you’ll be left with the center portion of the outlet where your plug goes in. This cover goes over that cover3. The screws supplied with the kit work but strip easily – be careful when screwing in. Others have suggested using the screws from your old outlet, I found my old outlet screws to be a bit short. Minus a star (or half a star if I could) for cheap screws.4. Test the sliding parts to make sure they snap closed – if they don’t, you may need to loosen the installation screws a bit. Also try plugging something in and make sure it goes on – if the cover moves around a bit, tighten the screws a bit more.5. Keep the old outlet covers and throw them all in a sandwich bag for later should you choose to go back to normal covers when baby grows up.A final note – my outlets are the two screw type (top and bottom). Some reviewers of a similar (same product? the three pack?) have mentioned with center screw outlets that the cover “bows out” when the center screw is tightened.

Kitty Thorpe, WV

fantastic option to plug covers

These outlet covers are great! They look so much nicer than the standard outlet covers. They are also much easier to use than those crappy plastic plugs that fit in the outlet holes. My only complaint is that if you screw these in to the wall too tightly, the “doors” aren’t as easy to move and get almost stuck open. That’s probably more due to our warped walls rather than poorly designed outlet covers.

Ella Harris, NY

Convenient and Safe

These are a must buy for households with young children! They are very easy to install and much safe than removable plugs that you forget to but back or kids learn to remove. These outlet covers are a more permanent solution that makes it very easy to continue to use the outlet.

Janie Sorrento, ME

works great, looks nice

This is the same review I wrote for the 3-pack:I knew we were going to have to put these up for safety and they work very well, but I was not expecting that they would actually look nice too (at least at a distance).

Rae Smiths, AL

Safe and stylish

I must admit that I have been dreading the day my little one becomes mobile since my passion for decorating nearly equals my passion for babies and most baby proofing items are not attractive. So when I saw these- I thought it was a win, win situation. When looking at the new outlet cover in place, the eye is fooled into seeing nothing different than usual. At the same time, I found these safer than the standard outlet plugs, which are impossible for me to remove but seem to be no problem for my friends’ babies. Having said that, I probably have over 75 outlets in my house & it is not economical to use these covers on all of them. The 12 and 25 pack on Amazon are far better priced than if bought for nearly $4 a pop in the store. I put these on all the ground level outlets in the baby’s room and in both our living rooms, where she will be spending the most time. Standard outlet plugs for everywhere else.Pros:1. Attractive. Deceives the eye into thinking you haven’t even baby proofed the outlet.2. Safer than standard outlet plugs as you have to slide the cover over to expose the outlet plug.Cons:1. Geniuses who made them made them thinner than standard outlet covers. This worked out ok for us except for one outlet I could not use it on because the outlet cutout was larger than the new plate.2. Over time, some of the heavier plugs seem to come a little loose. We haven’t had the problem of them falling out like some reviewers but I do check them from time to time.3. Expensive. Not economical for use on every outlet in the house unless you have money to burn.

Angelique Hamilton Dome, WY