Kidco Y Spindle

Kidco Y Spindle

Many homes have staircases that are not bordered by a wall. In this situation the Y Spindle aids installation of the pressure mounted gates to these types of staircases. The Y Spindle wraps around the baluster to provide a secure installation. On the Gateway (Model G11), use Y Spindles only on the hinge side of the gate. No more than 2 per gate can be used. On the Center Gateway (Models G15 and G35), the Y Spindle can be used on either side of the gate. However, they must be used on the same side. No more than 2 per gate can be used. NOTE: For installation of a pressure-mounted gate on a staircase with balusters on both sides, you will need to use a K10 Installation Kit. Can be used with Kidco Pressure mount gate models G11, G15, G16 and G35. FOR ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER PLEASE CONTACT KIDCO AT 1-800-553-5529

Main features

  • No Drilling
  • Easy Attachment

Verified reviews


Work great!

These work great with some Summer Infant gates (edited to add “some” after Scott’s comment below). The only thing I would say is that there are 2 in a package, which I didn’t think was clear from the description (I know it says 2 pack, but I was a little thrown off by another review). You can only use a maximum of 2 per side. We have a rail on one side and a wall on the other, and the gate is taller than our rail, so we only ended up using one at the bottom on one side, and a zip tie at the top. The other side wedged up against the wall just fine.

Nikki Deering, MO

Not sure why they suggest this as an add-on with non-KidCo gates

I guess I should have read the fine print, however, when listed as a suggested add-on with another brand gate, I went ahead and purchased. Definitely only purchase if you’re buying a KidCo gate!Now I have to either return the gate for a KidCo gate or return the spindles and come up with another solution – not very convenient for a mom with a mobile 10 month old!

Saundra Waynetown, IN


I’m sure the product would work great if you have a KidCo gate. Unfortunately, when I purchased this, it did not state anywhere on the listing that it was for use with KidCo gates only. It did not work with my Regalo gate, and I had to send it back. Hopefully they will change the item description to state that this product only works with KidCo gates. We ended up using heavy-duty zip ties to attach the gate to the spindle. (Our gate is at the BOTTOM of our stairs.)

Sandy San Elizario, TX

For KidCo specific product only

I bought this then realized that it’s for kidco pressure mounted gate only. So we had to buy more….The online description doesn’t say so or maybe hidden somewhere??

Bertha Trona, CA

Does what it is intended to do

We used two of these products for a pressure-mounted gate at the bottom of our stairs. Used the ends that came with the gate on the wall side and used two of these spindles on the bannister side. Our bannister is metal and about 1 inch in diameter. The spindles didn’t quite fit around it, but it fit well enough that the bannister is safely wedged in and isn’t moving. A good fairly inexpensive solution.

Bessie Osage, OK

Works with Munchkin gate too

We needed to install a gate at bottom of stairs with spindles that where square and round…and it worked! It’s really resting mostly on the square part of the spindle.The Y brackets attached without a problem. It puts just enough pressure to keep the gate in place without hopefully causing any permanent damage to the antique spindles.We are using the spindles with the Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate, Model 31041.

Lois Mcfaddin, TX

Can’t believe I didn’t know about this thing

I just happened upon this listing one day, I don’t even know how. It has truly changed my life, simply because it’s so convenient and USEFUL. Before, we had the flat thingy pressed against our round newel post. I would knock it off every time I bumped into it or hit it in any horizontal way, for the last YEAR. It wasn’t a huge deal until I noticed that the paint on the wall on the other side was starting to chip from the pressure. Just about that time, I found this thingy. Yep. TOTALLY changed things. The Y shape is rather large, so it not only fits on a thin post like in the picture. Our post is about 3" diameter and I know the Y would fit over a larger post as well. Probably up to about 4"?

Aimee Rodeo, NM

Worked great for my metal banister

I have one of those pain in the butt stairs with a metal banister on one side that makes attaching a child gate very difficult. I bought these spindles with the kidco gate and they worked great for securing the gate at the bottom of the stairs. One caveat I would add is that I would not trust this at the top of my stairs, if that was the case I would have attached a board and secured the pressure cups.

Marilyn Starke, FL

Great handy little extension

The only thing that would make a safety gate ‘stay’ on our banisters, which have narrow wooden spindles. It is made as an extension to a tension gate though, so be warned, if your toddler is particularly rambunctious they can pull it down – so I would suggest not to use this at the top of the stairs; though it is each to their own…. Also make sure you buy two – one for the top and one for the bottom – buy four if you want to extend on both sides.

Jewel Latham, MO

Great and easy

Didnt know how we were going to gate off our stairs but this worked perfectly. Bought the gate, an extension and two of these to attach to the railing side of our stairs and had it installed in minutes. Must buy two! One spindle per pack.

Victoria Kansas City, KS

Works Perfect as Shown

We use this with the KidCo G15 White Center Gateway with Walk Through Pressure Gate for the bottom of our steps. Our staircase looks just like the one they have advertised in the picture and it works perfectly for us. I was so happy to have found these two products!I would have given it 1 more star if it was not quite so expensive but highly reccomended to anyone in a similar situation.

Casandra East Alton, IL

Works great on banisters

Had a trick staircase that needed a baby gate and this worked great with the Kidco pressure mounted gate to fit the area. It is secure and was easy to install.

Gena Mechanicsville, MD

great product

fits most pressure mount gates. its great for my stairs, i have one big spindle surrounded by smaller ones on one side and these fit around the smaller ones perfectly. sturdy design and great qualitywould definitely buy again

Laverne La Belle, MO

Nice Feature to Have

I did not do much research to see if other brands carry a similar item, but I’m glad I did find this product from Kidco. I purchased the Y spindle because the bottom of our stars have a bannister with spindles on one side and we needed to keep the baby from climbing the stairs. This spindle saved us! It installs easily and keeps the baby gate secure.

Essie Guayama, PR

Doesn’t fit Summer Infant Sure&Secure gate

Thought I would take a chance to see if this would work with our Summer Infant gate, but the thread pattern and diameter of the screw didn’t fit. If it did fit, it would have done what it’s supposed to do. Had to return it.

Angela Woodgate, NY


not the best gate accessory, but it was the only thing that we could find that worked on the small spindles

Delores Lancaster, IL

Solved our problem

This allowed us to install a baby gate at the bottom of our staircase without damaging the round banister. We used it with a Munchkin gate and it works fine.

Tina Saint Bonaventure, NY

Great solution, great product

There’s nothing that haven’t been said about the product that other reviews hadn’t covered.If you need it, get it, it works very well. I’m writing this review, and giving 5 stars to support a great product.

Valeria Greenville, WI

Good solution!

I had purchased a couple of gates from a big box store for my new home, but it did not register with me that I had a spindle on one side of my stairs where I wanted the gate. I did some research into what others did about this and bought this product. My gates are the "Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate", and this works perfectly.

Jenna West Newbury, MA

It works for our Munchkin Easy Close gate

Our stairs have skinny metal 50’s style spindles and these Y clamps work perfectly to secure the gate at the top pf the steps. We have the Ys on the railing side and the pressure mount disks (that come with the gate) on the other – Very solid fit. I like that the thread part of the Ys are extra long because this allowed me to create a slightly wider gap on one side of the gate. We have 2 cats and now they can slip through even when the gate is locked. Wide enough for the cats, too narrow for the kids and still solid and safe. Perfect.

Carlene Nursery, TX


Okay, so I read a ton of reviews, and nothing went into extreme details on how the product worked, so I took my chances. Let me explain my situation, and hopefully it will help you.At the top of my stairs, I have the ability to either attach a gate to spindles on both sides and/or spindles on one side and a banister post on the other. I was hoping to attach a gate utilizing spindles on both sides. Since the Y spindles are sold it pairs of two, I bout two packages. One pair for the top of both sides of the gate and another for the bottom of both sides of the gate. So, attaching the gate using spindles on both sides is physically impossible. The y spindles do not allow you to tighten against the originally house spindle. Unless you want to removes your spindles, and reset, this is not possible. Again, the y spindle does not tighten to add pressure. The y spindle simple screws in on one end and then the consumer uses the flat rubber end screws that come with the gate for the other end; this is where is pressure occurs to tighten the gate.I ended up using spindles on one side and a banister post on the other. When screwing the y spindle, it was tough and hurt my fingers/wrist, but I was able to get it screwed in. I did have to have my husbands help with the initial threading of the screw. It is a tight fit, but worth the try of you attempting. Several reviews said the y spindles didn’t fit and I could see where this assumption would come about, but again, I applied some pressure and was successful. In the end, the y spindles were placed first and held again the spindles. I then screws the rubber end scream, and applied pressure that way, stabilizing the gate.I would totally buy the y spindles again, if needed. I purchased a standard Regalo gate.

Peggy Mattawamkeag, ME


We used these to attach a gate at the bottom of our stairs. We installed this in January (when my son was 7 months old) and nearly 4+ months later the gate is still secure. My son likes to stand and shake the gate too!

Karla Sulphur, LA

perfect solution

Although my spindle didn’t hold up, I was able to use this against my larger bottom pole. I have small white spindles like in the picture and once installed I could tell the spindle was bowed and would slowly give over time. Instead I extended to the central pillar which is very sturdy. I love that I can keep the bottom of my stairs safe for now without having to put holes anywhere.

Marjorie Coram, MT

Thank goodness for the spindle!

We have the oddest shaped stairs and had a hard time finding a way to put up 2 of our gates. Well this spindle was very helpful for the bottom of the staircase. Worth every penny!

Kathryn Hammond, IN

Protect your spindles but please make sure you mount properly.

Meh, does what it’s suppose to. Probably the best option for spindles with it’s protective rubber. No scratches on spindles at all.

Marlene Southbridge, MA