Kiddopotamus CozyUp Carrier Cover, Navy & Ivory

Kiddopotamus CozyUp Carrier Cover, Navy & Ivory

Warmth and Protection for infants birth to 22 pounds Wind and Water Resistant: the outer shell is completely lined with soft fleece so baby stays cozy and dry in any condition.Fleece-Lined Collar: pops up to protect baby’s face from cold and wind.Zips Open Completely: for quick and easy access to baby and for easy coolingElasticized Edging: easily snugs around carrier to slip on and off in a snap!Reversible: the CozyUp keeps baby cozy in standard-size strollers and in infant car seats. It reverses from nylon to fleece for two distinct looks.

Main features

  • Makes it both simple and safe to keep baby warm when out and about in car seats and strollers. Elasticized edge secures easily and safely around carriers to keep baby cozy on any outing.
  • Fits easily around infant size car seats and standard size strollers.
  • Water and wind resistant nylon outer shell protects baby from the elements. Completely lined in soft fleece to insulate baby from the cold.
  • Zips open completely for easy access to baby and for easy cooling.
  • Birth to 22 pounds

Verified reviews


Great for Chicago’s bad weather!

This fits perfectly over my Keyfit 30 seat. I love it! It solves the problem of dressing my son for the weather. I don’t want him to be too hot in many layers of clothes, but he needs to be protected from the cold! I can snap this right over his car seat while he’s wearing normal clothes and be ok. In colder weather, I put a blanket on him underneath it. It is great wind protection!

Harriett Carleton, NE

Baby loves it for reasons other than warmth. He feels safe, secure.

I bought this for our then 4 mos grandson for Xmas. This instantly transformed his attitude toward travel.He now has a smaller view of the world from his personal warm little cave whether in public, in a home, store, etc., or when his car seat is on a shopping cart.He just seems to feel safer and is no longer fussy without reason in the car, day or night. I think the openness was just too much stimulation. A blanket tucked around him was not enough, and over him was too much. Now he’s usually just right toasty and very content.I prefer the collar design compared to total face coverage with zippers or Velcro flaps, or open-face designs, as it can be folded over as draft prevention when outside, and also as a ‘door’ that he prefers closed when he wants to sleep, but it’s never totally blocking air flow.I have read and viewed other covers, but this one is just right, including fleece weight and construction is quality. I got this at Wal-mart . com with free site to store delivery. Check the price.I anticipate as he grows out of his infant car seat, that he will be able to push the cover off with his feet/shoes. By then it will be warmer weather. But if the weather is still cold, I’ll make a new cover for his larger car seat…unless I end up buying one made for toddler/preschool car seats.See in sizes infant to adult for just one example…very reasonably priced for double fleece construction. You can find other styles for older infants to preschoolers.

Elda Chambersville, PA

Great product for your baby

I live in Massachusetts and wanted to make sure I could keep my baby warm when we went out. I looked at the BundleMe, but then read that it’s not recommended by car safety experts because it sits between baby and the car seat bottom, somehow compromising the seat’s performance in a crash. So I went with the CozyUp instead, and am very happy with it so far. It goes on very easily. I thought the head opening might bother my baby, having the fabric so close to her face, but it doesn’t seem to. Getting her in and out of the carseat isn’t any harder, and I feel confident going out that she is warm. I recommend this to other mothers.

Deirdre Croydon, PA

A bit snug for our Maxi Cosi Mico

We have a Maxi Cosi Mico purchased in 2011. The cover fits but is so taut that at the point where the seat bends (right at the handle pivot points), the cover doesn’t completely lay flat or around the ends so it’s not airtight. I think if we were to stay outside in the cold for more than just transfer between the car and buildings she could get really cold from air sneaking in through those gaps. I also think the material is a bit thin…could stand for it to be a bit thicker and then hopefully warmer.I think it’s important to note my car seat make/model so that you all can make an accurate assessment. We also washed it in hot water before using it so it may have shrunk a bit. I’m going to use a blanket underneath the cover on colder days just to combat the air-gap and b/c the cover doesn’t seem SOOO thick. 🙂

Robyn Stockholm, SD

~*~*~*~Fit our Graco Snugrides just fine, kept babies warm & feeling safe~*~*~

After searching and searching for something other than a blanket to keep my girls warm I decided on this and am so Happy I did.These go on the seats easily and fit just fine, we had no problems with them ‘falling in’. There was a small gap near where the sides of the seat are but it was a snug enough fit.We always kept these on the seats and when they are unzipped we could quickly and easily get the girls in and out of the seat. Once we got these into our vehicles we would unzip them part way. Going into the store, depending on how cold, windy, rainy or snowy we would have these zipped all the way up and let the face part stay open or we’d pull the face part closed…if it was exceptionally cold, windy or raining we would throw a blanket over to keep their faces covered. Then once in the store we’d unzip them. Our girls NEVER had any problems with these on and I think they liked the secure feeling it gave them.These kept the rain, snow, wind & cold off my babies. They don’t make baby too hot either. I think the ones that go under & over baby in the car seat are not as safe, plus I think babies would get too hot in those. If it is winter you are going to have the heat on in your vehicle and it seems your baby would get hot & sweaty, then you’ll be bringing them into the cold air.These also wash easily & seem well made so I think they’ll last a long time. We were VERY Happy with these.

Josie Strasburg, OH

Wonderful for winter

This is a fabulous product! You can dress your child in LIGHT LAYERS, especially good while riding in the car. Simply zip-it up to keep child nice and cozy from the wind and cold. It traps child’s heat remarkably well, so again don’t overdress your baby when using this product. It works like a sleeping bag. And I love that it doesn’t cover my daughter’s head!!The other products on the market look like they could be a suffocation hazard! REALLY, I saw a mom at the store with the ‘other brand’ and when she pulled back the cover to reveal her little bundle I was shocked and mortified someone would actually close their newborn up in it.So, needless to say I think this is not only a wonderfully designed and functionally sound product, but it is fool-proof for some parents.The only downfall I have is I can’t fold the top neck away from my child when not using it in the car. To me it kind of gets in the way. However, it has been a true life saver this winter and I’m very thankful to have received it for a baby shower gift. (Go Grandpa!)

Sasha Canyon Country, CA

Superb product!

This item is awesome! It opens easily with the zipper and will fit most carriers. We used it all last year with a graco snug ride. We live in Iowa, so we had to use a blanket over the opening when it got really cold. It was awesome for taking her in and out of the car. If you use the fleece part as the inside, the outer part is super easy to clean… our daughter spit up a LOT, and it just wiped right off. It is not super thick, I would say it is good as the only thing down to about 40 degrees or so. It stood up really well. I just gave another one as a baby gift!

Rosalia Clark, SD