Kiddopotamus Cradler Adjustable Head Support for Newborns to Toddlers, Ivory Teddy Bears

Kiddopotamus Cradler Adjustable Head Support for Newborns to Toddlers, Ivory Teddy Bears

This soft velour Infant and Toddler Head Cradler in ivory from Kiddopotamus® keeps your child’s head comfortably supported from birth through five years of age. It offers support just where little babies and napping toddlers need it: between the jaw line and shoulder, so heads don’t flop uncomfortably forward or to the side. The machine washable Cradler adjusts in width as your child grows, so it is the only head support you will ever need. It attaches to harness straps with VELCRO® brand closure tabs to keep the cushions in place and has been crash-tested for safety.

Main features

  • Cradles baby’s head and prevents it from slumping down or sideways
  • Made of water-resistant fabric with a scribble pattern
  • Works with carseats, strollers, bike trailers and backpacks
  • Adjusts in width for use from birth upwards
  • Easy to adjust as baby grows Micro-beads provide stability and support Veclro tabs attach to harness straps. Machine washable

Verified reviews



We used to use an Eddie bauer thing that was somewhat bulky and attached to the seat belt straps. My husband hated putting her in the seat with that thing in. Since this new system, it’s not a problem getting her situated. And she fell asleep within minutes of me putting it in. That’s worth the price for one nap!

Beulah Cottage Hills, IL

Works pretty well

I bought this to keep my son’s head from tipping forward while he slept in the car seat. It seemed to make him more comfortable and usually worked well.

Flossie New Russia, NY

Pushed head forward..

This was a waste of money. I got it so that my daughters head would not fall forward while she was sleeping in her car seat but the part that goes behind her head is so bulky that it actually pushes her head forward. It also limits their head movement when they are awake, so I had to take it off anyway. It did not hug her head like it is shown in the picture. I think you would be better off with one of those small boppy like pillows they make for this same purpose and just put it under their chin when they fall asleep.

Britney Woods Cross, UT

Good product

I’ve used this for carseats and stroller both usually when my son’s asleep. Since my son has a big head, I definitely do no use both. I’ll just use one on the side of the head that he leans toward when he sleep on carseat or stroller. Seems to do the trick so he doesn’t strain his neck.

Susana Woodson, AR


These didn’t work well and my little girls head still fell forward. These are hard to put around the head/neck when the child is asleep and when they are awake they don’t want the head support around their head- it was aggravating to her. Maybe this would work better for a smaller infant, but not a child over 6 months in my opinion.

Millicent Greenfield, MO

They will work

But turns out to be too much to our use .. I mean they are too thick to us use ’em in your stroller it will give almost no space for your boy head.

Paula Scio, OR

looks cute.. and useful.. but NOT AT ALL

Don’t buy this product… totally sucks. It doesn’t fit like it shows in the photo. It just doesn’t fit right. I regret buying this.. and hassle to return when it only cost about $10 (with baby.. going to post office and staying in the line.. wasn’t something I was willing to do).

Minerva Burton, WV

Excellent head support for small infants

I used this head cradler for my son from birth until 8 weeks old. It was a wonderful product for the carseat, swing, or any other seat we put him in.However, once he started getting bigger I needed to expand the pads a bit. The two pads are connected by velcro behind the babies head. Unfortunately, the “prickly” side of the velcro faces towards the babies head. Therefore, when it is expanded, some of the prickles are uncovered. My son hated the feel against the back of his head, and we had to discontinue using the product.

Valarie Como, CO

Pushed head forward when sleeping

We bought this product when my 6-month-old son moved up to a convertible car seat from his infant car seat. Because the car seat is more upright, his head was dropping forward when he fell asleep in the car. We installed the product as shown, but the first time he fell asleep, his head was pushed so far forward he snored loudly and then started wheezing. I pulled over, woke him up, and removed the pillows. We threw them away after one use. We got cushioned strap covers intead, and they seem to work better because nothing goes behind his head.

Gwen Greendell, NJ

The ONLY thing that works….

I have two children now, and I wish this item had been available when my older daughter was born. I have tried everything to keep my babies’ heads from slumping over in the car, and nothing worked 100% of the time. This however does. It is one of the best things I have ever purchased for my child and it’s very inexpensive.

Kathi Vossburg, MS

Soft and adjustable

I bought this head support for my 7-mo son for Bob jogging stroller. It fit well with the stroller straps and it is adjustable, so I could set up the width to match his head size. The only note is that though I bought the one with bear, I received the package with Monkey. Customer services let me know that they are not produced with bears anymore. I do not like monkeys, so I settled on a partial refund with the seller, bought supplies, took the needle in my hands and transformed the monkey into a bear myself. The item is very cute and super soft but as it is light in color, I expect it to get dirty at some point. I have used it for less than a week and my son does not eat in this stroller, so I do not know yet how fast this item would get dirty and how it withstands the washing machine.

Betsy De Kalb, MS

Does not fit into a Graco Snugride carseat

It’s too big and doesn’t fit into our Graco infant snugride since the top of the carseat is curved. Could be a good product and will save it for when we transition to the convertible carseat (if we still need it by then).

Amber Salisbury, MD

Great for air travel

I used this in conjunction with the CARES harness for my 3 year old to be able to sleep in comfort on a flight from the US to Asia. It worked wonders; with the head support, he was able to take multiple naps on the 18+ hour journey each way, and my husband and I got some rest. Unlike most head/neck pillows, this one has no bulk behind the neck, so the head isn’t pushed forward in an uncomfortable way. Highly recommended.

Peggy Mesilla, NM

It was ok

I got this because the other head support I had didn’t prevent my son’s head from going straight forward… chin to chest. This said it would cradle his jaw to prevent this… but my son pulls his head out to look at toys in his lap… then falls asleep with his chin to his chest. So it didn’t work the way I wanted it to.

Kathrine Solon, OH

Good Product!

I saw some of the negative reviews about this product and was surprised. This one worked well for our daughter. We mainly used it in a car seat and on swing and it helped keep her head in place!

Gilda Thomson, IL