Kiddopotamus Cushystraps Super Soft Strap Covers, Fawn Teddie Bears

Kiddopotamus Cushystraps Super Soft Strap Covers, Fawn Teddie Bears

From the Manufacturer The CushyStraps by Kiddopotamus are soft plush fabric, cushiony padded shoulder straps with cute animal faces. The soft padding is on top with no strap interference with the harness system. Helps protect from strap irritation. CushyStraps attach easily with self-fasteners. Available in three colors: Blue Cat, Tan Bear and Pink Bunny. Product Description Fits car seats, joggers and strollers. Attaches easily to strap with self fasteners. Soft, plush fabric protects strap from irritation. Extra padding on top of shoulders for support and comfort.

Main features

  • Fits harness straps of car seats, strollers and joggers
  • Soft, plush fabric protects from strap irritation
  • Attaches easily to straps with self-fasteners
  • Extra padding on top of shoulders for support and comfort
  • 2pcs – Tan Bear

Verified reviews


so cute!

I bought these for my 6month old son who when falls asleep in the car, slumps his head down to his chest. Especially now that’s he’s upgraded to the big boy seat and it doesn’t recline as much. He always looked uncomfortable so I got these. Now when he falls asleep the teddies catch his head and I feel like his neck is supported more for when we make sharp turns or quick stops. I saw similar ones at Wal-Mart but these are more cushiony

Beryl Weedsport, NY

A bit bulky…

Got these for the straps on my baby’s swing because they were just bare belting and rubbing her neck. These turned out to be more bulky than I anticipated and didn’t really solve the problem. I’m sure they work for some but my baby has some cheeks on her and these just made her face look squished. Sadly, they didn’t work out for us. I found something else at a baby store that worked better.

Gladys Yuma, CO

Worked for our toddler who needed something to help with falling asleep in the carseat

I needed something easy enough for my toddler who was bopping his head in the carseat. These are soft, comfortable (over the carseat pads) making it extra thicker that help stabilize his head just enough for those short catnaps in the car. They will probably work great alone too for just comfort from the straps to the neck. Easy to put on and take off. Recommend!

Kara Shongaloo, LA

Perfect for my carrier, well loved by my son

This are soft and full and help support my son’s head. They also are big enough to help hold his WannuNub Monkey passifier. We ended up buying two pair.

Kristine Hartford, AL

Cute, but wider than needed

These are cute, and seem comfortable. They are a bit wider than I think they need to be though…so it doesn’t leave a lot of room for our son to move his head…but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Kara Woodman, WI

Second time ordering.. love it

I love this because they have enough padding to protect and almost make a pillow. the little teddy bear heads are so padded that it keeps my 2 year olds head up when he falls asleep. I have used this since he was born so over two years. I just throw them in the wash every few months or when something spills on them. They still work great. I ordered two more.. one for my older son (3 years old) whose head always flops down and for our new baby coming in two months. Love this product.

Amber Mastic Beach, NY


Super soft, fits great. Matches car seat perfect. Good little things so my baby girls neck isn’t scratched! Quality bad cute.

Naomi Mascot, TN

So Cheap and Must Have NB-1 Yr

I didn’t know these existed until I saw a friend’s picture of her baby with it. So I got it because it’s so cheap and cute. It’s so useful too! When I tighten the seat belt on my baby’s car seat I’m not worried about the sides of the seat belt rubbing against her delicate skin on her neck and cutting or scraping her. Plus when she falls asleep she has a headrest. I took it off for the summer because it’s hot and she’s older (with better neck control) but when she falls asleep in the car seat her head tilts way too much to the side and seems uncomfortable like she’s going to get a cramp in her neck. So I put it back on and it seems to help her posture when she sleeps. I get so many compliments on it when strolling around with my baby in her car seat so I guess not everyone knows about them. But they’re so cheap and a MUST have for a Newborn to 1 year maybe even longer we’ll see. My baby’s 5 months.

Deanne Ludlow, VT

Cute and soft!!!

These are adorable and soft enough to keep baby comfortable as well as entertained in the car … I bought these in the pink bunny option also!

Mae Dufur, OR

Look brand new 3+ years later.

Owned these over 3 years now and they are still in excellent condition. I used them for my son and I am now using them for my newborn daughter!

Ethel Ranger, GA

Very comfy and acts as a head support in the carseat….

Very comfy and acts as a head support in the carseat as other reviewers mentioned, and super cute. However the one downside is that for a newborn the bear heads are so large that they prevent her from being able to touch her own mouth to comfort herself while she is waking or trying to sleep during a drive. I often feel bad for her that these get in the way of her trying to reach her own mouth. BUT they DO keep her head up and cushion the seat belt straps from rubbing her neck and chest.

Bernadine Penns Park, PA


it’s very cute and useful – from getting the straps into my baby’s chubby neck since he has very sensitive skin! i was worried it would be too hot for him, but it’s not that bad.

Kayla Big Cabin, OK

Can’t wash the car seat straps, but you can wash these!

I like these strap covers because babies spit-up and drool all the time and you can’t wash the car seat straps, but if they spit-up or drool on these it is ok! Just drop them in the wash with all the other dirty baby clothes!

Tracie Arley, AL

These work GREAT

Love these! Thank you….It’s a universal color. Wish I would have bought these for my daughter when she was an infant. They aren’t took bulky, easy to wash (I throw them in a pillow case in the washer) and they’re easy to put on and take off. 🙂

Shauna Harbert, MI