Kiddopotamus Cushystraps Super Soft Strap Covers, Pink Bunnies

Kiddopotamus Cushystraps Super Soft Strap Covers, Pink Bunnies

Summer Infant CushyStraps – Pink The CushyStraps are soft, plush fabric, cushioned padded shoulder straps with cute animal faces. The unique design goes over your child’s shoulder to keep little heads from slumping and to help protect from strap irritation. Cushy straps attach easily with self-fasteners. Features: -Cushioned strap covers provide extra padding on shoulders -Attaches easily to straps with fasteners -Plush velboa fabric with three friendly animal designs: fawn teddy bear, pink bunny and blue kitty -Unique design goes over child’s shoulder to keep little heads from slumping -Fits car seats, strollers and joggers Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 5 x 1.9 inches Product Weight: 4 ounces

Main features

  • Protect child from stroller or car seat strap irritation
  • Fits all strollers, joggers and car seats
  • Made of soft, plush fabric
  • CushyStraps attach easily with self-fasteners
  • Color: PINK

Verified reviews


Surprised, but my daughter likes it!

I bought these strap covers:1. because my daughter’s neck was being rubbed raw by the straps of her Snugride, and2. because I could get them in PINK and she would no longer be confused for a boy all the time!This product solved both problems. When I took them out of the packaging and realized how BIG they were I was pretty concerned that my daughter would be uncomfortable even though they are really soft. Luckily, she adapted easily to them and I think she even likes having them there because she can kind of chew on it and they also hold her head up like a travel pillow when she falls asleep in her carseat.

Lavonne Luke, MD

So soft!

I got these to try and improve my baby’s car seat experience, they’re soft but bulky for an infant.

Anna Germantown, WI

Very good for neck support!

My little girl loves these!

Ofelia Pomeroy, PA

like a neck pillow but more comfortable.

Bought these for our long car ride as well, since the belt covers that came with the seat weren’t that comfy looking and her neck kept tilting over. These are nice, soft and keeps her head up a bit more. Fits snugly under her chin and looks cute. I looked at the neck pillows but i thought it would push her head too far forward. She likes them so it’s all good.

Francisca Ochlocknee, GA

great covers

Great product, works great. Now when my daughter falls asleep in her car seat she has somewhere to rest her head and the straps aren’t digging into her neck. At first she was distracted by the bunnies and would try to eat them, so I turned them upside down so the bunnies are at her shoulders instead of her chest.

Shawna Berkshire, NY

Very cute and effective

Our baby boy looks ridiculously cute with these pink baby bunnies. Too much blue is getting old so we spiced it up with some metrosexual pink. Everyone comments how lovely it looks on him. They definitely keep the car seat straps from grinding on him and they provide a nice little neck support. Easy to install, wash, and reattach. Very good price for something we’ll use for along time with the car seat.

Constance Morrow, LA

very cushy

They are cute of course, but I wanted them to be thick so when she falls asleep its pillow like, and that’s whats happening now after getting these. very happy with them.

Tasha Desmet, ID

They’re super cute

I think I got these through amazon, so they were cheaper. Kind of bulky for a smaller baby (mines 2 months 2 weeks). I’m sure they’ll fit better when she’s older, but I don’t recommend them for younger infants.Very cute, and very well made. Soft fabric, and does support their sleeping heads.

Louella White Mills, KY

Great Strap Covers!

These are excellent for little kids. Seat belts can be irritating no matter what your age and car seat straps are just as bad. Not only are these bunny strap covers cute but they’re also soft and comfortable. It gives a little support around children’s neck/shoulder area as well which can make napping in the car a bit comfier.

Jeannine Ashburn, VA

Very soft

I think these are great, but I have since learned it’s not appropriate to use items like this in the car seat. They seemed to do the job, but I ended up removing them after learning more about car seat safety. Any products that didn’t come with the car seat itself shouldn’t be in the seat.

Debora Ripley, OH

Didn’t help much

With my newborn, the bunnies were too long to fit on the car seat straps. I eventually put it on her stroller straps and there they just slid up and down, or twisted around…I don’t think they really helped with the straps being more comfortable. Cute, but that’s it.

Norma Big Bend, WI


So happy with this. Keeps horrible seat straps away from neck and adds a lot of extra padding. The Velcro straps on back make it easy to remove.

Vickie Natural Dam, AR

Very cute straps!

These are very cute strap covers, but a little big! I didn’t attach them to my son’s carseat until closer to three months. They are very soft and my son loves to suck on them in the car. A great distraction for car rides!

Mitzi Sinks Grove, WV

Love these so much I purchased a second pair!

Easy to attach, SUPER CUTE, machine washable… I used these for my first and second daughters and no signs of wear and I wash them at least every other week!! I purchased another pair for my stroller also to use with the Snuzzler (Summer Infant Snuzzler, Velboa Pink)!

Natalie Huron, OH

Soft bunnies

My baby loves this, it holds her head with a very soft plush bunny. Colors hve not faded away and the cleaning is easy

Millicent Holland, MO

Extremely puffy but great for 3+month babies/Toddlers.

Very large bunnies, not good for newborns. As my Daughter gets older they will fit well in her carseat, for now i added it to my toddlers seat instead. They are just extremely puffy and overtook half of my newborns head.

Georgina Veneta, OR

Nice for the curly girly.

These work well and my baby girl likes them. I like them because the straps no longer mark her neck and she is more comfortable.

Lucia Gates Mills, OH

okey no wonder

they dont fit that well, most of the time I need to pull them up to have them were they are supposed to be.

Elma Michigan City, IN

Makes straps comfy

These help a lot to keep the car seat straps from digging into my baby’s neck. They’ve very soft and wash up nicely. They were a bit big for us to use at first but as she grows they’ve fit better and don’t swallow her whole. They also work nicely to keep her head up while sleeping in her carseat.

Jolene Lawler, IA

Brilliant! Love Love Love! Cheap solution!

What a great bargain and SUPER cute! Easy to put on, super soft, and they help keep my 8 1/2 week old’s head from flopping forward when we take off from a green light. So glad I got them. Great baby shower gift or stocking stuffer around the holidays for new mom! My LO looks sooo cozy with them on!

Myrtle Iola, WI

SO cute and what a great idea!!

This is another idea that was long overdue!! My granddaughter would hold onto these while she was in her seat. If she fell asleep, these would keep her head from falling to one side. Wish these were around when my kids were little. You do need these. A couple different ones would not hurt so if they get dirty, you can clean them.

Lorena Vandiver, AL

Great buy

Not much to say about these other than they’re cute, soft, effective, and easy to clean. Well worth the money.

Thelma Hooppole, IL

It actually works!

So simple and nicely priced at $5.99 and it has prevented my daughter’s head from drooping forward while she sleeps in her Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Onyx car seat!I was skeptical how something so simple can work, but it does! And the nice thing is when she’s awake she can still maneuver her head to look out the windows. But if she gets tired, she just lies back and lets the Cushystraps due its wonders!

Isabelle New Enterprise, PA


Love this! Had a set for my 1st child and bought a 2nd set for my baby. I love that the bunny face holds the babies head in place. We used this as soon as she was born without the need to buy an infant neck support.

Charlotte Cardwell, MT