Kiddopotamus Deluxe PiddlePad, 2 Pack

Kiddopotamus Deluxe PiddlePad, 2 Pack

The Kiddopotamus Deluxe Piddle Pad offers super soft and absorbent protection that makes every car seat accident-proof. The safe, contoured design fits easily in car seats and strollers without reducing harness safety. The unique bucket shape and non-slip backing of the Deluxe Piddle Pad help to contain diaper blowouts and potty training accidents. This waterproof seat liner prevents leaks and protects seats, so that both baby and parents can stay happy.

Main features

  • Deluxe Waterproof Seat Liner
  • Contains Messy Diaper Blowouts and Potty Training Accidents
  • Waterproof, Machine Washable Liner Prevents Messy, Stained Seats and Makes Cleanup Easy
  • Safe, Contoured Design Fits Easily In Car Seats and Strollers without Reducing Harness Safety
  • Holds More Than 1 Cup of Fluid

Verified reviews


I am not impressed

We’re potty training our lil one and shes doing great but our rather long commute can proove to be too much for her 2 year old bladder. So after my 500th time removing, taking apart, washing, reassembling, and reinstalling my carseat….I searched for an alternative. I found these. If she "tinkles" a small amount and catches herself this is fine…BUT if this is a full on "pee" you can forget it – it goes right thru….Very frustrating

Ruthie Saronville, NE

really work

These work great at keeping the car seat dry when you just can’t stop during the early potty training phase. The only problem is they work a little too well and you might see a rash developing on the back of the child’s legs if you don’t change it soon enough.

Megan Whitesburg, TN

perfect for piddles and puddles

had bought these single already gave review on those, liked them so much that i decided to get two more. so when one is being washed and drying i have an extra to put in the carseat right away. they work great for long trips and short trips. i like them because they catch everything, from sand to food to water to pee to toys and whatever else a kid "loses" in their seat! its quite nice to have so don’t have to be taking the carseat out of the car and undoing the lining to wash it. just put this in, pull it out, wash, dry, put back in. no buckling and unbuckling and fiddling with all the hooks and snaps that are used to keep the carseat lining on the carseat. totally worth the dollars!

Jerri Islip Terrace, NY

Great for small accidents

I’ve been using this in my Britax infant seat for my 3 month old, and it’s come in handy for a couple small leaks. Luckily no major ones have occurred yet, but so far I am very happy I had this in place because I’ve heard it’s a pain to take off the cover.

Eunice Smithwick, SD

Easy and a must have for potty training times

When we started to potty train the transition to driving somewhere without a diaper was a scary one for me. My daughter will usually start peeing and then will realize it and stop, and that worked great for that. Never had a full pee in it, also the only time the car seat got a little wet, was then the pad was in teh seat a bit sideways and leaked around the back.These pads really help when accidents happen and it’s nice to have two, so you can wash one and use another one. Now we are pretty much done with potty training, but I still keep one in the car seat, just in case. P.S. I recommend to add a plastic sheet covered by a towel UNDER your car seat, cause when it leaked – it went though the belt whole down onto the seat. I ended up having the car detailed inside ( there were several other food/mil spills, so it needed it anyway).

Edith Bosque, NM


Don’t waste your money

Mariana Troy, OH

Not perfect, but better than nothing

I have twin three-year old boys who just finished potty training. I purchased these right as we began taking them out in public in underwear.The pads are a soft, comfortable material. They have a convenient opening for the car seat buckle, and other openings for the straps. The color hides any accidents, though no one other than us parents ever looks at the car seats anyway.For small urine accidents, these pads seem to work well. However, our son peed a lot in his sleep on a car trip. The pad caught some of the liquid, but enough saturated through that we had to wash the car seat cover.Also, I find these pads annoying during the daily in-and-out of taking their older sister to school. The pads shift a little when the boys climb into their seats, and then they’re off-center. I have to check that they’re centered enough to catch accidents.Overall, the piddle pads work well for general purposes. However, I will be quite relieved when we can quit using them for good.

Deana Braidwood, IL

Piddle Pad

These pads help, but not as much as the description claims. In my 20 month old’s car seat, it bunches up and doesn’t cover the whole seat. Inevitably, when she fall asleep, her cup spills on the part that is not covered. Also, crumbs can get through the hole where the car seat snaps between the baby’s legs. Better than not using one, but I guess my expectations were too high.

Kaitlyn Little Compton, RI

Looks good

I ordered theses for both of our Britax car sears. The pads fit well and look like quality. My daughter hasn’t had an accident yet so I can’t speak to that but they look quality and I feel good about the purchase.

Mia Fence Lake, NM

Too hot for summer use

I was excited to find these, because cleaning the car seat cover is a pain! It fits in the car seat very well. The fleecy side is very soft, but the waterproof plastic layer holds a lot of heat and makes my daughter sweaty in hot weather.

Nina Matoaka, WV

Great way to catch leaky messes

We are potty training and the PiddlePad has been great for protecting our car seat. If my son has a bad enough accident, the pad contains the mess and is very easy to throw in the washer. Highly recommend!

Antonia Hazelton, WV


Purchase these for in my granddaughter’s carseat in mom’s car. She tends to have diaper "blow outs" that involve washing the carseat cover. Hopefully these will help with that. So far, no blow outs at all since buying them so they haven’t been washed but look like they will hold up well. Fingers crossed.

Marisa Mars Hill, NC

Great Idea!

Great Idea! These are better then some others because of the fact that they have a hole were the center buckle had to go threw that helps keep the pad from coming out when you get your kid out of the seat! I lost one of the other pads like this because it just sat in the seat but had nothing to keep it from coming out. Its also easy to clean just throw it in the wash and hang it up to dry!

Felecia Brighton, MA

Kiddopotamus Deluxe PiddlePad

Potty training is stressful enough so I took a chance and got these for the twins. They do not even notice it is in the seat, and it does catch the mess and prevents me from stripping and cleaning car seat covers. I machine wash it and air dry it with no problems. The buckle hole is large enough to easily install it and does help to keep it in the seat – you will need to adjust the back part before putting your kids in, that isn’t a big deal to me. It fits nice, and I would recommend it…worth the price to save on clean up and time.

Amber Lamesa, TX