Kiddopotamus Quickchange Portable Changing Pad

Kiddopotamus Quickchange Portable Changing Pad

The Kiddopotamus Portable Changing Pad – Quickchange is a fully padded changing pad for baby’s comfort and to protect baby from dirty surfaces. It secures closed with Velcro tabs to tuck neatly away. Transforms any bag into a diaper bag!

Main features

  • Fully padded for baby’s comfort
  • Protects baby from Dirty surfaces
  • Generous Size – unfolds to 23.5″ x 12.5″
  • Secures closed with Velcro tabs. Waterproof
  • Compact enough for diaper bags and purses

Verified reviews


It’s Not Awful, It’s Not Great…It’s Okay

Just as everyone has said, it is entirely too narrow for a baby but to me, it seems to be made of good quality material. The photo description really is misleading because I cannot imagine that any baby of that size possibly having that much room on it, and if you have a little wiggler or busy-baby, forget about it, they’ll never stay on this narrow pad. However, it is convenient for travel and seems to be durable enough to last a long time.

Lori Stanley, ID

thick, very washable, and cheap. PERFECT!

This is a GREAT pad. Sure, it’s a little small lengthwise once your baby gets bigger than like 6 months. But usually, all I need is enough room for her head down to her bum, and then her legs go in the air anyway as I change her. It folds up small and closes easy with velcro. Easy to use with one hand. There is no reason to buy the more expensive ones with this out there!

Virgie Woodlake, CA

soft and waterproof

this is perfect size. not to big but makes traveling much easier. also the fact its waterproof simply rinse off and its clean until you can really wash it. the velcro strap also keeps it folded up so it only opens when you want it to.

Esmeralda Gary, WV

I recommend if you are looking for something with good quality.

Yes, i know the pad is smaller but it i don’t regret for buying it. Quality is really good and you can carry it on all most of bags. It does not occupy much space.

Melinda Perryville, KY

Decent changing pad

I was on the look out for a changing pad to have around the house. I don’t always want to go upstairs to the changing station. This is a decent sized changing pad. Nothing exciting, but it does the job and has velcro on it to help it close up after.

Willie Allegany, OR

Good to put on top of changing pad

I use this on top of my regular changing pad and it works great – just spray it down whenever it gets dirty and I don’t have to wash the fabric changing pad cover so often. It would be a bit small to take for changing a baby on the go, though. Mabye put a burp cloth under his head and use this under the diaper.

Rowena East Parsonfield, ME

Great for travel!

This portable changing pad is great for travel and for outings around town when you need a clean, waterproof space to change baby. Great feature that it folds in half and then thirds, making it very compact. Wish it was just a little longer and wider but overall a great product.

Bettye Channing, MI

Great protection from public changing stations

Pros:- pad is made of rubbery material on one side and nylon on the other offering great protection from changing surface- pad is slightly padded which is great improvement over flat hard plastic changing stationsCons:- thick padding (about 1/4 inch) makes it a little bulky in the diaper bag- rubbery material might feel cold or uncomfortable to baby’s skin, although it’s smoothA little more: I don’t undress the baby completely when I use this pad bare in public changing stations. At home I put a burp cloth over the pad if the baby is undressed. A standard pillowcase over the pad also works great (just needs to be narrowed a little).

Faye Nokomis, FL

Just what I was looking for.

I was looking for something small to tuck into a diaper bag. This one looks like it will work perfectly, and the material is easy to wipe clean.

Matilda Pinon, AZ