Kiddopotamus Rayshade UV Protective Stroller Shade for Single Strollers & Joggers, Black

Kiddopotamus Rayshade UV Protective Stroller Shade for Single Strollers & Joggers, Black

The RayShade UV Protective Stroller Cover provides important protection from the suns harmful rays. The tightly woven fabric is also water resistant for rain protection. The RayShade extends the stroller canopy from head to toe as needed by the sun’s angle. Hidden pocket holds bottles and sippy cups upright while larger pocket hold tissues, cell phones and notions. The RayShade attaches quickly and easily to any canopied stroller and adjusts and stays in place with hook and loop straps. It quickly folds into its own pocket for storage.

Main features

  • Water repellent
  • Made of soft, tightly-woven polyester and spandex fabric
  • Allows you to make adjustments forward or backward
  • Straps attach to any sides and handles of strollers

Verified reviews


unfortunately a necessity…

I had to “fix” my stroller, the instep suburban swivel… with some WD40 for the wheel, Then I cut a hole in the top so I could have a viewer, then I added a snuggli so it’d be more padded, then I added a tether, then I added reflective tape. Then of course, I had to add this sunshade. It’s cumbersome and I wish it would collapse somehow into the visor. I haven’t even used it yet, figuring with winter coming the sun won’t burn my baby and vitamin E is good for her. 🙂 But I’m sure, come summer time this will be a MUST HAVE in the car and on a jog.. I’m just dreading the wind.

Benita Ashton, NE

very useful

I like this shade, especially since my lightweight stoller has a joke of a shade.I only gave a 4 star because there were really no instructions. You have to play with it to figure out how & where to connect the straps. But once on it usually stays in place.I also like to pockets on the side, convient for holding bottles, keys & small toys.

Pearl Snydertown, PA

I love this!

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I live in Hawaii and love to take my son outdoors, but the shades on my strollers were just inadequate! I recently purchased a jogging stroller (InStep, which I also love) and have a Combi Travel System. Both have a very small shade, especially the combi. This attachment is great! It is very easy to attach to your stroller and works fantastic. You can leave it on and just fold back your stroller’s shade as normal. Its adjustable, to give just an extra couple inches or more than a foot of shade. I highly recommend it.

Sheryl Pottsville, PA

Great extension for any Stroller!!

I recently bought a jogger and like the majority the shades on them they aren’t sufficient for shading your little ones eyes. Someone in the review for that stroller had bought this too and was pleased. This was so simple to put on, can pull it down even further when heading directly into the sun and has pocket storage on both sides of shade wich was a bonus. A very inexpensive way to extend your stroller/joggers shade and the uvb blockage is even better. Love it!

Marisol Reno, PA

Bought 2 for my Chicco trevi twin

I bought 2 of these for my twin side by side stroller and it works like a charm. The canopies on the Trevi Twin are basically useless, and this helped so much with my infant and toddler at the beach. I was able to get 1 shade to cover both seats, but I wanted a little more protection and bought a second.It was a little tricky to get these to attach. There are no directions, you just have to play around with your stroller and stretch it out to get a nice good fit that will work.It is flimsy, but works oh so well. It was very windy at the beach, adn the canopies did blow up, but barely. Even when it did blow up it still kept my 2 month old completely shaded. I put a receiving blanket to the top to add some weight and the blow up issue was resolved. I was also able to fold up my side by side stroller with BOTH rayshades attached, with absolutely no problem and no bending of the shade.If you are concerned about looks, it does make the stroller look goofy, but knowing that my kids are protected from the suns rays…it was well worth the stares!! Definetly would buy again.

Jan Edenton, NC

Does the job.

There isn’t much selection when it comes to choosing an extended shade for your stroller.This shade is made of what I would describe as women’s swimsuit material. There is the potential for it to be too flimsy in the wind as other comments have noted, but so far I have not been in that situation. The velcro tends to snag the shade material, damaging it.Easy to put on and off, although you can’t fold your stroller with it on. Can somewhat be extended to varying degrees but not as nicely as the photo shows.Overall, does the job. Nothing fancy.

Yolanda Cherokee, TX

This is a must have!

If you’re reading reviews on this product then stop and place the order. You will not regreat it. This is perfect. I haven’t met a Kiddopotamus product that I don’t like. Your babies skin will thank you for this product. It fits perfect on the Chicco travel stroller and stays on when you fold the stroller up. A MUST HAVE in my book!

Nellie Butte Falls, OR

couldn’t live without it!

I love this stroller sun shade! We live on a tropical island that gets loads of sun and the Kiddopatamus sun shade is perfect for keeping my little man out of the sun. I have read some reviews where people complain about the sun shade not fairing well in the wind but I have not had that problem. My only gripe is that the sun shade is only 100% effective when the sun is pretty much directly overhead. If the sun is at an angle my son does end up getting some sun but it’s still less than if we did not have the sun shade. When I’m walking in the morning or in the evening when the sun is at an angle I simply pull the sun shade down and readjust it – the velcro straps are pretty long so you can make it fit no matter how you have to tweek it. Overall a super product that I would recommend anyone purchase! Well worth the money!

Trisha Sanderson, FL