Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support, Ivory Fleece & Navy Trim

Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support, Ivory Fleece & Navy Trim

The Snuzzler by Baby Jogger is a cozy reversible insert from Kiddopotamus that softly cradles your baby’s head, providing neck and back support. This product can only be shipped via UPS Ground, UPS Economy and US Mail. In other words, you can’t ship it 3-Day, 2-Day or Next-Day Air because it’s too big. Please don’t hate us.

Main features

  • Gives baby the right head and neck support during car rides with this comfy padding
  • Features an adjustable, detachable head support that adds luxurious comfort to any infant seat
  • Body supports Baby’s back for proper posture
  • Made of polyester
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


I want to love this!

This was on my “must have” list. The plan…to use it in my Perego P3 to snuggle my little peanut and protect his head from the detachable back strap. I bought the snuzzler with every intention to use it, but I haven’t. I haven’t used it in his P3 because I ended up buying the Kolcraft Universal Car Seat Carrier. I’m not using it in his infant car seat because I’m already using a JJ Cole Bundle Me. It would be too bulky. I tried it in his swing, but it creates to tight of a fit. I tried it in his bouncer…can’t snap him in…too bulky. So why would I rate if I haven’t even used it? That’s basically it. Is it worth buying something you may not even use. My advice would be to be sure you are going to use it before making the purchase.

Madge Matawan, NJ

Doesnt fit in graco car seat

the head support doesnt fit to my car seat. my baby head is squeeze and i guess it only fit in the stroller. i like the touch of it but i have to return it .

Cherry Lipan, TX

Works Well For My Preemie

The Snuzzler is the perfect accessory for an infant car seat, especially for newborns and preemies. The Snuzzler is reversable for summer or winter and is adjustable as the baby grows. Whenever the baby outgrows it, the baby is probably ready to sit in the infant seat without extra support. This has worked so much better than rolled up towels which are constantly moving. It is also important to note that the Snuzzler meets all official flammability requirements. Towels do not and are usually cotton which is extremely flamible.- It is now 8 months later. We stopped needing the snuzzler in her infant seat at about 4 months old. We had it stored for awhile and then brought it out again to use in her high chair.

Leanne Morrilton, AR

Comfy & Cozy for newborns!

I just LOVE this Snuzzler. Keeps your newborn warm and cozy – not to mention a better fit in their carseats. My daughter who’s only 2 weeks old, looks very comfortable in her car seat. Without it, she was hunched over – her neck wobbling around. I didn’t feel she was safely in her carseat. She only weighed 6 pounds so the carseat was too big for her. I do recommend this product to new parents. You won’t regret it! Plus you can also use this in your stroller and/or bouncers!

Claire Jacksonville Beach, FL


My son was a big baby, checking in at over 9 pounds and 22 inches, but the headrests that came with the carseat still didn’t offer enough support. We were fortunate to have received this product at our baby shower. He looked so cozy with the fleece side cuddling him and he was very well supported. Now that it’s over 80 degrees, we’ve flipped it over to use the cooler fabric and he still loves it. My son is almost 8 weeks old, so we tried taking it out of our carseat and just using the headrest that came with the carseat. But, it still doesn’t offer enough support. Once he falls asleep, his little head just hung over the side, so we put the snuzzler back in and he’s much happier.It is a bit trickier to get the car seat straps safely adjusted around the support, but after a few days we had the hang of it.

Gabriela Scranton, SC

A must have

I have told every new mom I know this is a must have. This works so much better than the little head supports that come with the car seats and stroller. Our son was able to be all snuggled in and his head wouldnt flop around. He is still using this at 4mnths old. We tried taking it out for the summer but he just didnt seem as happy and comfy in his carseat.

Bertha Phillips, NE

Couldn’t do without this!

We are very satisfied with the Snuzzler product. Our son is 5 days old and we have used the Snuzzler in his carseat and his bouncer. It supports his head beautifully. The fleece side helps keep him warm. We would not know what to do without it. ***Update- A big plus> I have washed it several times in the washing machine then let it hang dry and it still looks great. I am looking forward to using for our next child!

Irma Mountain City, GA

THIS IS A MUST!!!!!!!!!

I love this thing!!!! My baby looks soooo comfy when she is in her carseat!!! We stayed over my brother-in-laws house one night and had Lilly sleep in the carseat, and it was one of her best nights of sleep in her first month. She was starting to outgrow it, but i still was using it, until the other day, I saw Lilly’s new cousin Sarah slumped over in her carseat. She looked so uncomfortable, that I’m letting her use the snuzzler now. I think I might buy this for everyone when i go to baby showers now!!!!!!

Ida Zwolle, LA

Another A+++product from Kiddopotamus

We love Kiddopotamus products and this one is no exception. We don’t use this anymore because my daughter is a toddler but we used it since the day my daughter was born and we brought her home from the hospital. No slouching, very comfy and cozy – a definite must buy for any baby shower. (In fact I’ve bought quite a few for friends having babies.) AWESOME. Yeah Kiddopotamus!!

Sheila Midpines, CA

Best 20 bucks ever spent!

I love the snuzzler. I put it in her car seat due to her little head always drooping to one side. Works great! Did not have any trouble with the straps fitting through it. There is no padding in the back of the snuzzler, just the sides which seems to make her feel secure. I would highly recommend this over any other infant support.

Reba Whitingham, VT

Kind of a waste

My daughter was small, but this really seemed very cumbersome to use. Didn’t really see the need for this-a much better buy that my mother insisted on was the harness pillow for support.

Liza Urbanna, VA

Not Necessary

I bought this because it looked so cuddly and snuggly for my baby and because so many people had reviewed it as being helpful for keeping newborn heads where they should be in the carseat. It is nice and soft and cuddly, and made of much nicer fabric than that ghastly polyester grayco liner, but I did not find it helpful and I did not find that it positioned my baby any better than she was in the carseat on her own.My main concern with this product is not that my baby will fly out of her carseat in a crash as warned by the 1-star reviews, my concern is that this did not prevent her head from flopping FORWARD — infact, it was difficult for me to position the head pillow in a way that didn’t make forward-flopping worse. This chin-to-chest posture can restrict airflow. Newborns can’t necessarily protest or lift their heads to compensate when they’re being deprived of oxygen. I was warned about this at my baby-carrier group (before the sling recall, where some of the babies died for this exact reason) and it was something I worried about when my daughter was young because her head seemed to always fall forward in the carseat, even when it said it was well-positioned.I would not recommend this product to a new parent. It looks really cozy, but it didn’t stop my daughter’s head from flopping in the direction I consider most dangerous, and it really only even fit around her in her carseat for a matter of weeks anyway. I love other products from this company (like the swaddle-me!!!) but the snuzzler is just another piece of baby junk that I could have done without.

Bonnie Melbourne, IA

Love it!

This item was very very handy for my little baby – she was only 6 lbs 14 oz at birth and grew slowly due to a heart condition. I don’t use this item in the car seat for safety reasons but ALWAYS use it in the stroller, bouncer, etc. My daughter LOVES it!

Vilma Tilton, NH

Great for a Jogging Stroller

I have liked this item and have used it in my jogging stroller to give my little one some extra support in the seat. I have a Baby Jogger II and since it can be used until kiddos are 75 lbs she would have rattled around in there at 16 lbs when we first started using it.It’s really soft and it has washed well – although you might want to wash & dry it by itself the first time because it had a lot of fuzzies. It’s nice that you can reverse it to have the soft fuzzy side out when it’s cold and the smooth cotton side out when it’s warm.I have to reemphasize what some of the reviews say – be careful when using anything extra in a car seat. The reason is that, heaven forbid you were in a car crash, any extra padding could compress too much creating too much gap in the straps holding your little one in the seat. I know that this says you can use in in a car seat, just make sure that any padding in a car seat is installed properly. You don’t want to have padding in between the seat back and the baby.

Charity Custar, OH

Great, But not for carseats

I got this Snuzzler for a babyshower gift and was so excited. I soon realized that it was way to big and bulky for our newborns carseat. I took others advice and put it in the stroller, and our swing and it is great! Our little girl was born small, only 6lbs 2oz and it held her perfectly! Over all I am happy with this product!

Jana Whitsett, NC

Not one flop

What a great product and it really works!! It doesn’t take up space behind baby, it just takes up the space between the side of the car seat and the baby. I don’t know the mechanics of it but not once since we put this in the car seat has her head flopped. We took it out to wash it, went out before it dried and it stayed home. As soon as she fell asleep in the car without the Snuzzler- *flop*. Btw it washed beautifully and still looks brand new. The warm fuzzy side seems to keep her very cozy in our cold weather. As far as safety you can tell it doesn’t add any bulk or come between the baby and the straps.I doubted the Snuzzler’s claims, bought it, and LOVE it. If I have more kids I’ll consider it a necessity and if they could talk they’d probably say the same.

Georgina Kief, ND

Not just for tiny babies…

Other reviewers mentioned that this is a must for smaller babies, but our daughter was nine pounds when she was born and she was so snug and comfy in her car seat with the Snuzzler. She is almost 15 pounds now and we are still using it.Snuzzler provides the ultimate support and “hugs” the baby in all the right places, so the little one feels secure and comfortable. We also use one in the stroller – for extra padding. I like that it’s adjustable and will grow with the baby, and the design allows it to be used virtually anywhere – in the car seat, stroller, swing, high chair – you name it! It may even be used as a sleep positioner in the crib to prevent the baby from rolling over.We use our Snuzzler every day and it doesn’t show any wear at all. It washes well (doesn’t shrink, bunch, fade or pill) and may well serve more than one baby.

Adrian North Bay, NY

An absolute must have!

This is a must have for baby during the first 6-8 weeks. It provides much needed support in the car seat, bouncy chair, etc. It prevents them from slumping down and supports their little bodies. This is one of my top-5 items for a new baby.

Nelly Weldon, NC