Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe 100% Cotton Knit, Large, Blue

Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe 100% Cotton Knit, Large, Blue

The SwaddleMe provides the simplest way to swaddle with soft fabric wings that hug your baby close. A leg pouch pops down for quick diaper changes while leaving baby comfortably swaddled. As baby grows, wings adjust for a customized fit. Swaddling soothes infants by recreating the comforting snugness of the womb and new research shows that swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting better sleep when babies are on their backs. Pediatricians recommend swaddling to soothe and comfort newborns, helping them sleep better and also to help reduce colic. A percentage of each SwaddleMe sold is donated to First Candle / SIDS Alliance to help babies survive and thrive. Size large designed for babies 14 to 20 lbs or 26 to 31 inches. Also available in size for 6 to 18 lbs or 19 to 26 inches.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft fabric wings hug your baby close and stay securely in place with self-fasteners so baby stays comfortably swaddled all night long.
  • As baby grows, wings adjust for a perfect, customized fit for your baby.
  • Easy diaper changes! The leg pouch pops down for easy diaper checks with no need to unwrap baby’s arms.
  • SwaddleMe on the go! The harness access slit allows the SwaddleMe to be used in car seats and strollers.
  • Birth to 3 months, fits 15 to 22 pounds

Verified reviews


Great swaddle for small babies but NOT a size large

This swaddle is wonderful– when you purchase it in a size small/medium. However, after ordering the size large after my baby grew I received this swaddle in what was marked as size large. It is definitely not a large. The “large” is actually identical in size to the small/medium. I eventually spoke with the manufacturer about this and I was told that they are having production problems and currently are unable to produce a true size large of this swaddle. So don’t order the size “large”. This swaddle is wonderful though for a smaller baby (less than 15 pounds)

Miriam Fairfield, VT

Totally in love

This keeps the baby snuggled up and helps them sleep during the night. Most new parents don’t sleep much but with this we were able to get our son to sleep for 6 hours early on. As he got older, he did learn how to shift his arms around to get out. Baby Houdini!

Bettie Fombell, PA

Ok, but there are better swaddlers

I have used the small and large size of these swaddlers and wouldn’t waste my money again. I have to wrap my son so tight for these to work, that I won’t be using them anymore. Too many nights he wakes because his hands escape. It’s not worth the disrupted sleep. I liked that these were more affordable than the other “miracle” brand, but ended up wasting more money because these didn’t work for me. Other swaddling blankets, such as the “miracle” blanket do not solely rely on wrapping tight, but also have other tucking aspects that make it effective. If you have a Houdini baby, don’t waste your money.

Lorene Corn, OK

Makes 2 month old baby sleep 8 hours!!

I think my title explains this product perfectly. My 2 month old has slept 8 hours during the night for the past 3 nights and he’s been consistently at 6-7 hours before that. I had a size smaller first and then upgraded to the larger size. He easily sleeps in it in his crib with no issues. Occasionally, he’ll pop an arm out, but it’s usually b/c I didn’t secure the flaps tight enough. GREAT!!!

Elaine Custer City, OK

Five Stars

My little one loved to be swaddled. When he stopped fitting in the smaller one, this one worked!

Latonya Glen Wild, NY


I bought a ton of these at first, only to find that by month two, my son would be able to kick the bottom 1/2 off and then wiggle his way so his arms would basically push the top (velcroed) flaps so they’d wring around his neck. For fear of him choking himself in the middle of the night, I avoid these now. We’ve tried them all – these, the miracle blanket (works well, but it’s complicated to put on), and now we are exclusively using woombies. The woombies are great because there is no velcro to scratch him, he can’t get out, and it’s super easy to pop him in it.

Carrie De Land, IL


We had a "colicky" baby, that the doctor’s thought was acid reflux but I knew better and after 2 months figured of constant screams of pain, figured out it was a dariy protein intolerance. Anyhow, swaddling was a lifesaver, but not totally on its own. We did the "happiest baby on the block" with the 5 S’s, swaddle, side, shush, shake/sway, and suck – the combo was the only thing that soothed our baby and at first we only had swaddle blankets and trying to swaddle our first newborn while screaming and crying and fighting us, two exausted parents with headaches, this made it SO simple and convenient. I ended up with 5 of them since we used them so much – our son spent a lot of time swaddled his first few months of life, and actually until he "told/showed" us he was ready to not be swaddled which was arounf 5 – 5.5 months.

Angel Garrison, UT

So easy!

This is so easy to use! Keeps my baby nice and snug all night. Soft material. A must get if you are swaddling your baby.

Cornelia La Mesa, CA

Great for nightime sleep

I alternated between this and muslin cloth for swaddling – While this is nice and cosy, there were times when I wanted my son to be more free than what this permits and hence I alternated between this (at night time for long sleep) and swaddling via muslin cloth (during daytime). This definitely helped my son go to sleep immediately.

Flora Ridgefield, NJ

Nice Idea But…

I bought several of these because they’re inexpensive and a pretty good idea. The reason I only give 3 stars is because the small is too small for my son, and the large is too big. Additionally, the velcro, while an interesting idea, does wake him up, sometimes undoing the work I did to get him sleepy and relaxed. It’s not a bad product, but you should look into the miracle blanket and the swaddling blanket by Swaddling Designs. They are pricier but worth it.

Alexis Naruna, VA