Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe 100% Cotton Knit, Small, Sage

Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe 100% Cotton Knit, Small, Sage

Pediatricians recommend swaddling to comfort and soothe newborns, but loose blankets are difficult to keep snug. SwaddleMe wings have Velcro tabs, to wrap up your newborn and stay comfortably in place. As baby grows, wings readjust for a perfect fit. SwaddleMe wings are easily opened to prevent overheating, and the leg pouch can be popped down for a quick diaper checking or changing. SwaddleMe can also be used in the car seat, simply insert car seat harnesses through the access slits!

Main features

  • Soft fabric wings hug your baby close and stay securely in place with self-fasteners so baby stays comfortably swaddled all night long.
  • As baby grows, wings adjust for a perfect, customized fit for your baby.
  • Easy diaper changes! The leg pouch pops down for easy diaper checks with no need to unwrap baby’s arms.
  • SwaddleMe on the go! The harness access slit allows the SwaddleMe to be used in car seats and strollers.
  • Birth to 3 months, fits 7 to 14 pounds

Verified reviews


Great Product

Was very useful the first 3 months of age after that she broke free wothout any trouble.

Madge Erhard, MN

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

What will they think of next? I absolutely love this product. The lightweight, soft, 100% cotton material is a great alternative to the heavier fleece for the warmer months. The neutral green color is wonderful for both boys and girls. It is easy to use and baby stays snuggly wrapped much better than the traditional recieving blanket. Mom and Dad can rest assured that your precious little one will feel safe and secure in the “swaddle me”.

Maricela Branchville, NJ

Swaddling simplified

This wrap really does make it easier to swaddle your baby – moreover, it makes it harder for the swaddling to come undone, saving you time and effort. At such a reasonable price, it’s worth getting two so you’ll always have a clean one on hand. One thing to note about size: We have both a fleece wrap and a cotton wrap. Even though they’re both the same size, the fleece wrap is a bit smaller than the cotton wrap, especially in terms of the “wings.” We use the fleece wrap at the very end of the velcro tabs on my daughter now (she weighs 11 pounds), while with the cotton wrap there is still plenty of room for when she gets bigger. Lengthwise, though, they’re about the same, and at 22 1/2 inches, she can now kick her legs out of the wraps if she really tries.

Randi The Sea Ranch, CA

Never Worked

My daughter is a strong little girl and though she needed to be swaddled in order to actually sleep…she fought it most of the time. I bought this item in hopes that it would be comfortable for her and easy to use. Needless to say she unswaddled herself easily and could not sleep as a result. Admittedly not all children make valiant attempts at getting out of their blankets, however my little girl was pretty intent. I never could use this item and had to revert to using larger blankets until she no longer needed to be swaddled.

Inez Belchertown, MA

Save your money

I expected great things from this blanket since Baby Bargains raved about it. Save your money and buy an Amazing Miracle Blanket instead. The velcro is annoying, and my daughter could wiggle out of this way too easily. She never got out of the Amazing Miracle Blanket, even at 6 months (I swaddled her when we were traveling and she had a hard time sleeping). Skip the swaddleme and get an Amazing Miracle Blanket. I swear I don’t work for them–it’s just that the blanket design is amazing and miraculous!

Caroline Finley, TN

Beware of size!

I purchased the “small” (7-14 lb.) size for my 10 lb. baby and it was far too small. The fabric was nice, color a bit garish, but we really didn’t get to experience this product because it wasn’t large enough for our baby.We have used the Halo swaddle sacks, and we like them. Moreover, they’re truer to the stated size.Halo:Halo Innovations Newborn 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle, Sage Pin Dot

Nadine Gregory, AR

Love this velcro swaddle

It always seemed that no matter how many times we swaddled our son, we could never get it tight enough. This solves that problem. Our little boy was nice and snug in this and slept like a log once we wrapped him up. The material did make me worry a little bit about whether the baby would overheat, but he never did. This is a great product.

Jocelyn Warwick, MD

Great for Swaddling

This is the only way to swaddle our baby that she can’t wiggle out of. She sleeps much better when she is swaddled (she doesn’t startle herself). We loved this so much we had to buy 2 more so now we have 3 to rotate through the laundry.

Luann Mc Intosh, SD

too big even though said it should fit

This was too big for my small baby even though it said it would fit. Great idea and was easy to use. My daughter kept getting out of it. Be cautious with small babies, but I’m sure is great with babies that are a little bigger where the velcro can be more secure.

Ashlee Jonesville, SC

Great for my daughter

When my daughter was a newborn these were great. She slept better and longer. As she started to grow out of it, I would use it as a sleep sack so that her arms were exposed. I used it for 3-4 months.

Jillian Frazeysburg, OH

2 week old loves it. worth the $10

swaddles my daughter who is only 2 weeks old and not even 7lbs great. shes always very content while in it. i just took it out of the package, washed it, then tried it on her without having to look at directions, so its simple to use. no complaints here. definately worth the 10 bucks.

Myrtle Lansdale, PA

Good swaddle blanket for a newborn

My son was colicky and swaddling really helped. This blanket worked well for him in the first month or so of his life, but then he got stronger and started breaking free of it. We moved up to the miracle blanket which is alot more secure with no velcro.

Kimberly Elkwood, VA


Great product for parents and children. Calms the parents and the child. Would recdommend it for others. I LOve it

Kathleen Middletown, OH


I wish I would have gotten more of these over the other kinds that are available. It is hard for babies to wiggle out of these and you can change their diaper while their arms are still snug. I never used the carseat option, but it is nice that you can have your baby strapped into a carseat and swaddled. Most of the other swaddle blankets are not nearly as nice as this one.

Beulah Milam, TX

baby shower gift

i got this for a co-worker who was having a baby boy – she used it a lot for swaddling his first few months and really liked it. After he out grew it she used it as a regular blanket, and still really liked it.

Alma Amite, LA

Other products are better

If this is the only swaddle blanket you have ever used i can see saying its tje greatest thing ever, however its not my first one. This product is much more difficult to put on and certainly not as diaper changing friendly as they make it sound. You have to undo the inside velcro then attempt to put it back again after. Also, my very sneaky 7 week old easily wiggles his arms free so that his hands are poking out the top then wakes up. My kids are very long and they, at 7 weeks and only about 8.5 lbs, are already almost too tall for this product.The reason I bought these was because the halo fleece sleepers got too warm with wood heat but I must say even too warm the halo sleepers are a million times better! I got size small which my boys are swimming in amnd I can still wrap them more tightly and change them easier.These are definately not my favorite by far, I think I swaddle with a blanket better.

Mariana Harts, WV

Miracle blanket!

We love this blanket so much, we’ve given it a name! My baby only stayed swaddled until she was about 2 weeks, then could wiggle out of even the tightest wrap and cried almost all night. Then of course would sleep all day… then would be wide awake at night again! It was frustrating! When she was about 6 weeks, I remembered that I had bought this Kiddopotamus blanket (it was just sitting in the closet) and thought I’d try swaddling again. That night, she slept 9 hours straight! Every night since, she sleeps at least 7 hours, and some days as much as 10! Unlike other swaddle blankets I have, this blanket is soft and stretchy so she can move a little if she is uncomfortable (but arms stay in there) and you can open the bottom easily for diaper changes or when the temp is warmer. We think it’s a lifesaver for those who like to sleep at night. I think it has magic powers. 😉 And, it’s cheap!

Rhonda Wildie, KY

Good, but I’ve had better!

We bought this swaddler, along with the miracle blanket. Even though the miracle blanket is more expensive, we believe it works better and we will be able to use it longer. The Swaddle me cotton swaddler is very small and it does stretch, but our baby will outgrow it quickly. It also is hard to get the swaddle just right, because if you make it super tight, it seems too tight, but otherwise the baby’s hands come out of it easily.

Lena Royalston, MA

Loved when little, too big a gap between s/m and L

My son was 6-13 at birth and the s/m fit him. It was big but it worked. He started to outgrow it at 4 months – he was too long, and he’d start to pull his arms up and through the gaps at the bottom. He’s about average in length but skinny – we moved him up to the L size for length and it’s really big on him. Would work better on a fatter 4 month old. He slept better last night in his new bigger “snuggie” as we call it – we’ve been having some rough nights as he busted out of the small one – or trying to skip the snuggie altogether, no luck there – but he did get all twisted and bunchie inside of the large so I had to unwrap and fix him at one point. I don’t like the hand gaps in this item, but for the most part they aren’t as big an issue as I feared they’d be – the bigger problem is the jump in size. For the price (compared to similar items) I have liked this a lot. This is my 4th kid, we just used flannel blankets on the others – the velcro and stretch makes things so much easier.

Elva Avalon, NJ

Essential newborn lifesaver

This is a fabulous and ingenious product. Let’s face it, even the best burrito-wrappers (swaddlers) out there don’t want to mess with that process at 3 am! And for the majority of us who are less-than-stellar at the technique, this is a 24/7 lifesaver!Key points:–If you have a strong infant like our daughter, she will have the strength bust out of a wrapped-blanket swaddle. The SwaddleMe’s velcro prevents this. Even with the SwaddleMe, our daughter could get her hand up and out of the top, but this didn’t preclude the soothing effect of the swaddle.–This knit fabric version (SwaddleMe also comes in flannel and fleece-y type fabric) is the easiest to use – fabric itself stretches, unlike the flannel, so you can get it really tight.–large “fuzzy-side” velcro patches allow for free-form positioning of the “loop-side” velcro tabs for a perfect, tight fit.–you MUST follow instructions and fasten down the loop-side velcro tabs before laundering. For the one on the bottom in particular, you must stretch the fuzzy tab to completely cover all the loops. THe instructions clearly outline this as a necessity, but I draw attention to the bottom tab in particular – otherwise, you’ll hava lot of pilled and snagged laundry. THis is not a problem, but a detail to which you must dilligently attend.–This, plus a snap-front undershirt and a diaper is all you need to clothe a newborn for at least the first four weeks. Simple and easy “uniform.”–Note: this is a very heavy-weight knit fabric. Perfect for cooler weather (our daughter was born in October), but I think it might be a bit hot in summer. Strange as this may sound, I’d buy the flannel if you have a summer baby, as it is actually lighter weight than the knit.I give it four stars because the lower fuzzy side tab should be more generous in size so that one does not have to be so dilligent as to stretch it to ensure all loops are covered. Otherwise, it is absolute perfection and completely essential! Not to mention half the price of the Halo sleep sacks. In addition, my husband found the fuzzy-side laundering tab used to cover the bottom loops when laundering really annoying, because it always flops down and covers the loops WHENEVER it is realeased (e.g. EVERY diaper change). This did not bother me, but he found it irritating (though far from a deal-breaker – my husband LOVES the SwaddleMe).Another note: the Halo sleep sack with swaddle feature will NOT bind an infant as tightly as the SwaddleMe – it is not a substitute. The knit is much thinner/more flexible, and the resulting wrap is not as tight. The Halo ss w/ swaddle is, however, useful when transitioning an infant out of swaddling (i.e., the SwaddleMe) and into a sleep sack (which the Halo w/ swaddle can become, as the swaddle portion is removable) as it is a softer-feeling, less restrictive swaddle. We used this for about two weeks, when our daughter was done w/ the SwaddleMes, but before she was comfortable in a sleep sack alone.Essential, top-notch baby product. We had four in rotation – two knit and two flannel. The small size is plenty large for the early period in an infant’s life in which swaddling is required. The large size is really enormous, so unless you have an unusually enormous newborn, get the small.

Jesse Kenai, AK