Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe 100% Cotton Knit, Small, Yellow

Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe 100% Cotton Knit, Small, Yellow

The SwaddleMe provides the simplest way to swaddle with soft fabric wings that hug your baby close. A leg pouch pops down for quick diaper changes while leaving baby comfortably swaddled. As baby grows, wings adjust for a customized fit for your baby. Swaddling soothes infants by recreating the comforting snugness of the womb and new research shows that swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting better sleep when babies are on their backs. Pediatricians recommend swaddling to soothe and comfort newborns, helping them sleep better and also to help reduce colic. A percentage of each SwaddleMe sold is donated to First Candle / SIDS Alliance to help babies survive and thrive.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft fabric wings hug your baby close and stay securely in place with self-fasteners so baby stays comfortably swaddled all night long
  • As baby grows, wings adjust for a perfect, customized fit for your baby
  • Easy diaper change, the leg pouch pops down for easy diaper checks with no need to unwrap baby’s arms
  • On the go use, the harness access slit allows the SwaddleMe to be used in car seats and strollers
  • Birth to 3 months, fits 7 to 14 pounds

Verified reviews


Don’t bother…

We got this as a gift and have used it 0 times. It’s expensive and poorly designed. A large receiving blanket works well and is cheaper, easier to fold, and nicer looking.

Myrna Tower City, PA

Great Wrap!

My Daughters love to wiggle and squirm and can get out of anything I wrap them in! This wrap seems to do the trick! Yes, they do get out of it sometimes but it is the best thing that I have found to swaddle them with!!

Dawn Mondamin, IA

stays put, easy to use

So much better than trying to figure out how to swaddle with a blanket. Stays put and keeps them warm and snug.

Danielle Hampden, ME

What a great idea!

What a great idea! High quality, we have washed these and they held up well.We bought 5 of these, what a time saver! We tried to use the traditional blanket wrapping, but that didn’t stay put.Absolutely love this product. We have given this product to many of my girlfriends for baby shower, along with a bottle of Vitaville Argan oil for the expecting mom.

Rae Anthon, IA


“~*no need for learning how to swaddle. goes great with pampers swaddlers. get the swaddle collection!*~

Dixie Muscotah, KS