Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Microfleece, Small, Blue

Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Microfleece, Small, Blue

The Swaddle Me Infant Wrap is a cozy microfleece wearable blanket that eliminates the hazards of loose bedding, while keeping your baby warm all night. In addition, it has been found that infants sleep better and longer when swaddled, or wrapped securely. The Swaddle Me Infant Wrap is easy to slip on and wrap around a sleeping or wide-awake baby. The bottom pouch pops down for easy diaper changes while your baby’s arms are still wrapped, and the back has slits for car seat/swing harnesses so that a harness can be attached securely. In size small (7-14 lbs) Features: Cozy polyester microfleece Recommended by the First Candle/SIDS Alliance Roomy sack can’t be kicked off but allows movement Soft fabric wings wrap your baby’s arms and stay securely in place with hook-and-loop closures Detailed with two little adorable bear cubs on closure panels Leg pouch pops down for easy diaper changing Back slits allow car seat or swing harness through Swaddling instructions included Machine washable a

Main features

  • Soft fabric wings hug your baby close and stay securely in place with self-fasteners so baby stays comfortably swaddled all night long
  • As baby grows, wings adjust for a perfect, customized fit for your baby
  • Easy diaper changes! The leg pouch pops down for easy diaper checks with no need to unwrap baby’s arms
  • SwaddleMe on the go! The harness access slit allows the SwaddleMe to be used in car seats and strollers
  • Birth to 3 months

Verified reviews


Nice blanket, but…

When preparing to have our first child I bought one of each kind of swaddle, not knowing what we would like the best. We’ve also tried the standard ‘receiving’ blanket and some nice stretchy ones. This one we liked the least. My baby wiggles a lot when settling for sleep and every time she moved she would hear the velcro coming apart a little and it would bother her. She had a very hard time falling asleep in it. The Miracle blanket works best for her because it does a better job at keeping her arms down than others and doesn’t have noisy velcro on it. I’ve also tried the sleep sacks. As she’s getting more and more arm control I’m finding that she is slowly liking the “Halo Sleep Sack” better, but at night she still needs her arms confined. I also like the sleep sack idea because it is only one layer of blanket (where this SwaddleMe is two in the front when closed. The other thing I didn’t like about the SwaddleMe or the Miracle Blanket is that with my baby’s wiggling she invariably ends up with a gap between the feet sack and the top part and since we tend to use t-shirts rather than onsies her belly gets exposed and cold. So, I wouldn’t recommend this for an active, noise sensitive baby.

Sue Pembroke, VA

Waste of Money

This was one baby gift I wish we would’ve returned before using – a recieving blanket works much better. I recommend waiting to see if your little one wiggles out of the blanket and needs this before buying.

Bertie Ledger, MT

Nice, but not necessary

This, and products like it, are nice, but simply not necessary. All you need is the right blanket and a lesson from your nurses at the hospital. In my opinion, if you register for this item and get it, great, but if you don’t, don’t fret!

Meredith Rhoadesville, VA

Good Idea, but…

My baby will NOT stay wrapped up in this! Even when she was just a few days old, she was strong enough to wiggle out. And while velcro seems like a good idea, once she gets it loose, it could scratch her.The Magic Blanket is a much better product, and I can even do a better job swaddling traditionally, with a large, lightweight blanket.

Vera Rush, KY

Velcro doesn’t work, legs too loose

I bought this thinking that it was the answer to my swaddling prayers. When I brought my 8 pound newborn home, I wrapped her in it right away. She wanted her hands out, which was no big deal. But then I noticed that she kept waking up because there is too much leg room and she was kicking herself awake. There is no way to wrap the legs tighter. I decided to swaddle her the old fashion way in a flannel blanket then wrap her with this on cold nights. The second night I used this blanket, the velcro stopped sticking. What a waste of money.

Carissa New Paris, OH

Did not work for us!

When we heard about this blanket, we were very excited. Our daughter loves to be swaddled, when we get it right – however, the blankets that we have (even the ones that the hospital used to swaddle her) were not very helpful for easy swaddling. And she works herself loose because she’s getting stronger every day.We hoped a blanket cut for swaddling with the velcro would be the solution…However, two problems:1. It doesn’t fit properly and she works herself loose despite the velcro – the velcro contact patches are very small – there should be a broader strip of velcro to attach to so it is more adjustable. Our daughter is small, and it is just too big on her. She swims in it. We hope it will work better when she gets bigger.2. Fleece – decent winter solution, but terrible in the summer. And terrible if you keep your house over 60 degrees. If only it came in a lighter material (we haven’t found it).Oh well… it definitely seems to work for some, so don’t use our review as your only basis.THAT BEING SAID, HOWEVER, we found two other options:1) When our kids were very young (-> 1 month) we used a large waffle weave blanket from Target (~$5) and it worked wonderfully… we can wrap it tight, and she does work herself loose after about 3 hours, but it is better than any of the previous solutions.2) the Amazing Miracle Blanket (another swaddling blanket), was our by far favorite swaddling blanketOne other note about swaddling – whenever she has been properly swaddled (usually by an expert) she loves it… We initially told some folks who have a lot of experience with children that she liked to have her arms loose. the response we got is that most babies behave that way, and it really is the small minority of babies that don’t really like swaddling. Now that we know how to do it properly, we would agree.

Thelma Eastern, KY

A must-have

Our little one slept through the night at seven weeks thanks to the SwaddleMe. We can change her diaper without unwrapping her arms, helping her stay relaxed and sleepy in the evenings. The SwaddleMe wraps also wash very well.

Noemi Boring, MD


I bought this, I received another type of swaddling blanket and my baby HATED this. She didnt cry more, she screamed more when I tried to swaddle. The velcro was not strong and the way it contoured to my babys body was not smoothing to my daughter.. SO buy 1, receive 1 and if your baby likes it… maybe it will work but it was to no AVAIL for me…

Amalia Sawyerville, AL

Good concept, imperfect execution

The SwaddleMe wrap is a really smart concept, almost a touch of genius, unfortunately the wrap itself is not well made and feels very cheap. (BTW, the fleece is for cold days and get the cotton knit for warm days, otherwise you baby’s gonna overheat.) I guess to sell it for $9.99, they have to cut corners, and where they cut would have mattered a lot: fabric quality and durability, ease of use, longevity of the velcro tabs. After a couple wash cycles the thing feels even flimsier. I really applaud the design but abhor the actual implementation. I’d gladly pay $20 for one if they made the quality much better.

Ophelia Frederick, IL

Thought it would be great but it didn’t swaddle him tight

Maybe our baby was too small but it didn’t seem like I was able to get this product tight enough on our newborn. The Carter’s waffle blankets worked better for us and are a better value because they can be used for other purposes as well. After reading all the positive reviews I’m going to try this again so may update my review again now that he’s bigger.

Millie Greenhurst, NY

Easy to use and super soft!

Before our son was born, we actually practiced with the blankets to swaddle, but when the baby came home from the hospital and we tried to do that with the standard blanket, it was impossible! Also, once the baby moved its arm or leg, the whole blanket fell apart. Thanks God to this swaddle blanket with the Velcro closure, it holds the baby together! 🙂 Since I love it so much, I’ve given this to many of my girlfriends for baby showers, along with a bottle of Vitaville Premium Argan Oil. That one is awesome too as she can use it on her stretch marks, use it as a luxurious body oil or as a smoothing hair treatment. I find it very nice to give the baby a gift but also for the woman a bit pampering is particularly great during this time!

Aisha Sarita, TX

Not worth it!

I don’t think every newborn likes to be swaddled. My newborn did not like being swaddle, he liked his hands to be free. I received this as a shower gift and tried using it the first few days when he came home, but he really didn’t like feeling constrained. I really would not register for this product again. Most newborn outgrow swaddling that in my opinion it is not worth buying this product in the long run.

Luann Madison, GA

Child outgrows it quickly because of poor design!

I received two of these as a gift. As a first time parent, I thought they looked great for “swaddling for dummies”! We used one for about two weeks only to discover that our baby (who only weighed 7lb 8oz at birth) was too large for it! The velcro attaches acress of the chest/arm area even though there is tons of space for growth at the feet. In order to get it to close, we had to scoot her down and then fold over the extra fabric at the neck. It kept flipping up and covering her face while she slept. So, we switched to using the sleep sack we received instead and it worked MUCH better. Don’t waste your money; just swaddle the old fashioned way w/ receiving blankets.

Katheryn Sharon Grove, KY

Swaddling is the best but this blanket is not

I am a professional nanny of about 10 years and I have come to view swaddling as one of the best baby care tricks you can ever use. I have NEVER dealt with a baby that did not sleep better when swaddled. There have been many babies who strongly fought the swaddling process if they were not used to it but after a few times it worked like a charm to keep them alseep. I have cared for dozens of babies including several sets of twins and triplets and truly, I could not have survived if I could not swaddle. Many parents told me that their baby did not like to be swaddled because they would always get out of the blanket within a few minutes. I always tell them that just because the baby gets out does not mean that they dont like it. You just have to find the right products to help keep the baby wrapped up tight. I have found that the Swaddle me does not do the job very well for most babies, but the Miracle Blanket really does! I love the miracle blanket, I have only found one baby who could get himself out of it and he usually only removed one arm so it did not wake him up. It is pricey but very very worth it! The Miracle Blanket will change the way your baby sleeps for the better so it is worth the money. The Swaddle me just cant get the job done, or at least not as well so I never recommend it to any parent.

Cassie Duke Center, PA

the BEST swaddle blanket- buy this you will love it!

This is my go to swaddle blanket! Compared to the other brands this has much bigger Velcro tabs that allows you to adjust it to get the perfect fit for your baby. This product is durable, and holds up after tons of use and many washes!I got my swaddle blanket as a gift for my son who was born 6 years ago! He loved it, used it all the time- so I saved it once he outgrew it. Now 6 yrs later, we use it for our daughter! You would never know its 6 years old, still looks and holds up like new!We started using this the first night we brought our little girl home, she is now a month old and still loves it.She was born in October- We have the microfleece and it isn’t too hot- doesn’t made her sweat.

Bonita Saint Pauls, NC

Great for getting baby’s to sleep!!!

I wish I had found this sooner. I did not get it until my son was almost 2 months old. After I read The Happy Baby By Harvey Karp (GREAT BOOK!!!), I ordered this. It helped keep my son swaddled and I did not have to worry about loose blankets. With my next child, I will definitely have these for when we come home from the hospital

Earnestine Ihlen, MN

Love it!

After trying multiple times to copy the amazing nurses at the hospital, I gave up on my swaddling attempts. My boy just squirmed until he freed a hand and then ruined all my attempts at a burrito wrap! My step mother gave us one of these and I love it! It’s soft, easy and quick to use, and our son doesn’t squirm out of it. He sleeps better…meaning we ALL sleep better! I’ll be buying more!

Tamra Mesa, WA

Love it!

We just had a new baby boy and I feel like a new mother! My older son is now 14 years old and boy have baby products changed since then! I seriously considered comments and reviews when deciding which items I wanted, which I could live without, and what was an absolute must have. So I hope you find my review just as helpful when deciding on your purchase. I love this swaddler! During a recent shopping trip my husband found it and thought it would be a good idea. I like to let him pick something out occasionally so I tossed it in the basket. I really didn’t think we’d use it much. Boy, was I wrong! We use it every night. What I like most about it is the adjustable sides. You can make it as tight as you want and the velcrow keeps it in place. Which keeps me from worrying about the blanket moving up and covering the babys face or mouth. This is definitely one of our favorite purchases!

Katy South Windham, ME

Absolutely a must

Let’s face it, you have a newborn and tons of dresses, etc. Do you really need them? Don’t think so, as mostly it’s a wrap you will be having, etc. Now, the problem with wraps is that invariably the legs “shoot” out, sooner or later, the blankets get tangled and there’s a pronounced risk of SIDS due to suffocation. On these aspects, this product is a life-saver. The velcro tags get attached wonderfully and tucks the legs in too. The baby also loves it as there’s no creases, etc. which is pitching him/her somewhere. A HIGHLY recommended product.There are 2 sizes – big and small. They do have a difference. I think the small suffices till 3 or 4 months. The big’s not required much since by that time you’ll need to figure out if your baby likes/dislikes such wraps, or prefers clothes, etc. etc. Don’t try to use the big on a newborn though. It’s too big and the newborn will effectively “swim” inside!! Finally, the velcro tabs won’t fit and thus you’ll have troble attaching them.

Constance Farnham, VA

A MUST have!

This item is awesome. My baby would not sleep for more than 2 hours in a stretch, but the first night I used this, he slept for 4 hours straight. No matter how well I swaddled him with receiving blankets, he would wiggle his way out. There’s no way of getting out of this one. My son outgrew his small once, so I’ve ordered a larger one. The only thing is, the small one I Had was in fleece, and my baby is a warm baby so he would get hot. So in the warmer months, I had to dress him in only a diaper shirt to prevent him from sweating. I ordered the larger one in the cotton version.

Nelly East Canaan, CT

Great product: for first 2 months only!

I loved having this easy-swaddleme wrap! It was so much easier than getting a blanket and swaddling where it might come apart. The velcro worked really well as it gave “room to grow.” Swaddling our daughter only lasted for about a month or two, she just totally outgrew this. It was great while it lasted and it’s a fantastic shower gift!

Millie Battle Ground, WA

After 2 kids: my ideal gift for others expecting

I love this product. Struggled with swaddling using blankets despite the nurses’ best efforts to teach me. First son tended to punch through the blanket, ruining my swaddle attempts. Converted to this product when he was about 8 weeks old and fell in love with it. Just had baby number two and this time I brought the swaddler to the hospital: so much easier! This is now part of our standard gift pack for baby showers for friends. Indispensable!I’d also like to recommend the Snuza Halo SIDS monitor: something we’ve used for both babies and so important for safety and peace of mind, check it out.

Kellie Otley, IA

Nice in the begining

Good tool to have in your box in thise first few weeks. Before you master swaddling.

Tina Kailua Kona, HI

Does Not Work for Exceptionally Squirmy Baby

If I could use one word to describe my baby in his first 4 months, and even in my last three months of pregnancy, I would say SQUIRMY! If your baby is exceptionally squirmy, he will just simply wiggle his way easily out of it. I would suggest mastering a traditional swaddle with a good-size blanket; small, cutesy ones don’t work that great for swaddling. The concept of SwaddleMe is great, but there are two main things that I found problematic: the flap of the pouch that you put baby’s feet in needs to come up a lot higher than an inch or two above the velcroed arm part, otherwise baby can get his hands out of it easily, and also if the material were a little less stretcy, baby wouldn’t be able to wiggle so much inside the blanket.I’ve found that the main benefit of swaddling is helping calm baby by getting himself under control, with warmth being a secondary perk. I rolled my eyes at my mother when she gave me some old cut-up king size sheets to swaddle my baby in, but they kept him from getting too hot in heavy swaddle layers, and they definitely weren’t stretchy! Thanks mom! If you don’t have any old sheets that you want to cut, fabric is generally low-priced.

Esther Mowrystown, OH

It’s not perfect, but it WORKS!

My older son never liked to be wrapped up, so when my second one came along and wanted to feel smushed all the time, I was clueless on how to keep a swaddle tight and comfortable. I am SO GLAD I stumbled on these! I can wrap my son up with very little trouble and it makes him sleep! The material is soft and washes well, too. It’s not perfect – I do wish the velcro spots were a little bigger – but it does the trick and makes my son very comfortable and happy.

Leah Tie Plant, MS

What a saver!

I absolutely love this product! My daughter is a very restless sleeper (9 weeks old) and tends to smack herself in the face, which of course wakes her up, unless her hands are swaddled down. I’ve tried blankets of all kinds, but she’s always managed to get herself out of them. This product is great in that the microfleece is strong enough to keep her from unswaddling herself, while also being breathable. She sleeps so great in it that ever since I’ve used it (at about 6 weeks of age) she’s slept through the night anywhere from 5 – 7 hours without waking me up for milk. I highly recommend this product!

Selma Mercer Island, WA

fantastic swaddler – makes for a peaceful night’s sleep

We began using the SwaddleMe wrap the day our son came home from the hospital. We have been so thrilled with this product, that we bought the lighter weight cottons ones for the summer and into the fall. Our son has been sleeping soundly through the night (8 hours) since he was 6 weeks old, and I credit that to the tight swaddle this wrap provides. Babies are less likely to wake up if they are snuggly wrapped and can’t “startle” themselves with loose hands and legs. I trust this company so much, that I’ve gone ahead and ordered the Beddie Bye blankets for when he outgrows the SwaddleMe wraps. The wraps wash very well, just one word of caution – before putting the wrap in the washing machine, velcro it closed so that the velcro can’t attach itself to other clothes in the washer or dryer. I forgot one time and managed to damage a knit outfit because the velcro created a bunch of pulls on it.I HIGHLY recommend this product!

Latanya Forest City, NC

GREAT for Short Term

I received this item at my baby shower and used it when my son was born… He was ok with it for the first 4 week but after that he wanted his hands out and then after 4 more weeks he just hated it and would find ways to get out of it… He also outgrew it very quickly. It’s great for a short term sleeper but not for long term.

Margaret Votaw, TX

These are so convenient and so soft.

I used these with my firstborn at the hospital and beyond. They really are one of those things that just make life easier when your tired and have a crying newborn, especially great for first time parents. The material is super super soft. I got this one for my 2nd baby due in December, this will keep her nice and warm and snuggled. I will say I was disappointed with the shipment time with this seller, took 10 days and due to the method there was no tracking info the whole time. Price is good though.

Samantha Deerfield, KS

Babies Love A Straight Jacket!

My 12 week old daughter is all over the place when it’s time to sleep and has been since day 1. For some reason, she loves to be swaddled and we have been swaddling her since she was a week or so old. The Swaddler is great because you don’t have to make a trifold out of a blanket and have them wriggle their way out of it after a few minutes. The velcro stays put and she stays inside tight and neat like a baby burrito and falls RIGHT to sleep in minutes – if she’s really tired, SECONDS! I was unable to use the newborn size Swaddler right away because she was too small. The First Years makes a two pack of swaddling blankets which fit a 7 lb. baby perfectly. Also, make sure you don’t use a fleece Swaddler if it’s too warm – use the cotton one. I’ve read that baby overheating can lead to SIDS. If your baby is active and won’t settle down, SWADDLE HER!! Babies love it!

Socorro Wrigley, KY