Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Organic 100% Cotton Knit, Large, Natural

Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Organic 100% Cotton Knit, Large, Natural

Wrap your baby in the comfort of the Summer Infant SwaddleMe, the original infant wrap. Swaddling soothes newborns by recreating the familiar, comforting snugness of the womb and helps prevent baby from startling awake so babies, and parents, sleep more soundly. SwaddleMe wings are adjustable for jus the right fit on baby and keep even wiggly babies swaddled tight. Every baby needs to sleep safe and sound! It’s a SwaddleMe World!

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made with soft 100% OCIA certified organic cotton knit with no bleach, dyes or chemicals
  • Organic cotton is as gentle to your newborn’s skin as it is to the environment
  • Reduces symptoms of colic by recreating the familiar, soothing snugness of the womb
  • Reduces the incidence of the startle reflex, allowing babies to sleep for longer periods of time
  • Fits infants between 15 to 22 pounds

Verified reviews


Baby hated it.

I bought a bunch of these just before the baby was born. As I was getting ready to be discharged from the hospital after giving birth, the pediatrician told us to only swaddle the baby for two weeks. When we got home, my baby let us know that she didn’t like being swaddled by squirming her way out of it and making noises that she was unhappy in it. So we never used these after the day we left the hospital.If you buy these… only buy one or two. Just in case your baby hates swaddling plus the useful life of this product is short.An alternate product to this one is the Halo SleepSack. I wish I would have bought these instead of the SwaddleMe blanket (straight jacket). The SleepSack has a much better design and the useful life is longer. My baby stays warm but not overly so. It is well designed.

Rosella Maplewood, WI

NOT Kiddopotamus brand, false advertising

I already have a Kiddopotamus brand swaddler and love it and need a 2nd one for daycare. When the swaddler arrived I realized it was NOT the same brand but instead is SwaddleMe brand. Liars.

Trisha Chazy, NY

Great item with room for improvement.

Great item with room for improvement. I bought one of these in the newborn size, and i immediately got addicted. Even hubby learned fast how to use it!!! (see happiest baby on the block…swaddle, swaddle, swaddle….and it works!!!) However, since the newborn phase, my LO learned how to "break free" at least her little arms in the middle of the night. Ergo, she hits herself in her dreams when she falls back asleep then wakes up crying….so goodbye uninterrupted sleep for mommy as well.The neck area has only a couple of small darts to follow the contour of the shoulder, which are inadequate, unless I made the wrapping so tight that it leaves a mark on her side, she can break free. I think i will saw the shoulder together a bit more (sort of like on a t-shirt neck) so hopefully that will stop her "Houdini moves". Otherwise great product, not to mention organic and reasonably priced!!!

Sondra Beaverdale, PA

Small Infants Can Easily Escape!

This worked fine when our babe was a brand, brand new baby. Now he is 6 weeks old and 10 pounds and we are having trouble. It’s like the fabric has stretched out, or something…he can get his hands out down between the two pieces of fabric. He is also starting to break out (and he is no Hulk). We have a fleece one that still works great. Bummed out this isn’t working either as the fabric is a lovely quality and light weight like I wanted. I guess we’ll stick with the fleece.

Cindy Hazleton, PA

VERY large

Couldn’t use it for my baby, by the time she reached this size she outgrew the need for swaddlers. Wish I had gotten in a smaller size.

Margret Odell, TX

organic cotton swaddle me

Love the Swaddle Me products! These organic cotton swaddle me’s are silky soft and the velcro really sticks well! Highly recommend this product!

Ericka Fort Shafter, HI

Great for bigger babies!

I do love this and was SOOO thankful it came in a bigger size! LOVE IT! Also love the organic fabric

Sharron Walker Springs, AL


My son and daughter in law love this swaddler….Would recommend it to other new or older parents it really calms the child

Milagros Gasconade, MO

Miracle!! and well priced

My baby is 14 pounds (7 weeks) and this fits great with room to grow. It isn’t too hot when it’s over a onsie. He falls asleep instantly and cant wriggle out in the night. He usually only sleeps 1-2 hours between feeds. Since this, he has been going 3.5 hours. I am SO happy! The price is great too. I would have paid much more!Once of my best purchases to date!

Cathleen Mars Hill, NC

Works well

So we tried to swaddle our kid like they teach in the hospital, but he was too smart and could get out after a few weeks. This product is great because you velcro him in and it covers his feet too. It helps them settle down. Our kid can get his hands out after 3 months to suck his thumb, but thats ok, it still works to keep his body and feet warm instead of a blanket.

Maggie Church Road, VA

Good but pretty big…and now baby’s outgrowing swaddling

It’s exactly what we needed – a bigger swaddle that’s thin for the summer months. Unfortunately, just as we started using it our daughter started rolling over in her sleep so we can no longer use it. So in reality, a large swaddle just isn’t practical. At least not for our family. 🙂

Elvira Mount Jackson, VA


I am buying things now for my grandchildren, so now as I have aged it seems that I raised my 3 sons in a totally different era. Nevertheless, I now have a new grandson living right here in our hometown that I am able to be with on a regular basis rather than flying endless hours on an airplane to see the other 4. So, I made up my mind to go with the flow! I first heard about swaddling when my son’s second child needed swaddling. We were visiting, and when the baby woke up, they brought him out in this tight-fitting outfit that looked like a Tootsie Roll with a head on top! I had to have it all explained to me, and now I get it. I wanted to have one at my home where I take care of my newest grandbaby all the time. I couldn’t find the kind my son had. It was a lot more substantial than the one I bought. But, it did help me accomplish doing a good swaddle, and my grandson slept well. There were really no shortcomings to it. I used it and still have it. But, if I were to swaddle daily like couples these days do, I don’t think this one would last very long. It is made of material that seems to me a little scanty for the purpose it is used for. To think that you have to get a baby into a swaddler with both arms and legs fastened tightly within and keep a moving baby in it for the duration of his sleep time would in the long run require something more substantial. On the other hand, you could probably buy new ones of this variety more often and come out even with a more expensive item. I’m learning!

Josefa Laverne, OK


My son grew up from size small and I bought this large organic cotton SwaddleMe and like it better than regular one-is more soft and stretchy. SwaddleMe works great for us, he knows it’s a sleep time and falls asleep immediately after feeding in it. Highly recommended.As for sizing my 7 week old son is about 11.5 lb and 22 inches and Large fits great and there is still room for him for upcoming weeks.

Kristy Washington, MS

Great for older/bigger babies

We loved this swaddle blanket. It’s stretchy, larger, and has velcro. We used the small/medium version for months, then switched to this swaddle blanket when our son was four months old. It was great… until he grew out of this one, too!

Ana Ingraham, IL


I swaddled my baby until 5 months and she was about 15lbs…this still fits at 17lbs but we no longer swaddle. I think sometimes they just like to be snuggled nice and firm and this helped a lot. Velcro catches everything in the washing machine though so watch out!

Mayra West Glacier, MT

Nice lightweight fabric, but my baby can wiggle out

My 7 month old daughter still needs swaddling. She just simply cannot sleep without it. (She was born slightly premature.) I bought this because I love how lightweight the fabric is. It’s perfect for summer weather.However, she can EASILY wiggle out of this. Our Halo swaddling blanket works much better, but unfortunately it’s too warm to use during the summer.All in all, I’m glad I bought it. I just wish it was stronger and designed more like the Halo one.

Margie Stephan, SD

My son sleeps with this every night

We realized my infant son was waking himself up with his arms at night and being swaddled snug-as-a-bug made it easier for him to fall asleep and stay asleep which was much needed for Mommy and Daddy too. It’s nice and stretchy and not too hot like some of the fleece swaddlers. The fabric allows room to grow with him beyond the 2-3 months of less forgiving fabrics.

Kelly Bancroft, WI

Saved our sanity! *MUST HAVE* if your baby has colic!

My 3 month old has had colic since the 1st week home. Everyday from 6-10 PM he would cry inconsolably. My husband and I tried EVERYTHING; car rides, running the shower, walking outside, singing, praying, sacrificing virgins to the sleep gods… Nothing worked. Someone recommened that we watch a DVD called Happiest Baby on the Block. In that DVD it talks about how to soothe a baby using the 5 S’s (swaddle, side/stomach, swinging, shushing, sucking) and when we put those techniques to work we found that they helped a little, BUT little one would kick and fight us so much that he would always get his arms out of the swaddle blankets and render the whole endeaver pointless. That’s when I found these Swaddleme blankets and decided to give them a try. OMG They are a lifesaver. The first night he slept 4-6 hours STRAIGHT. He outgrew the small size in a week, as he was already 15 lbs at 10 weeks old. This large size organic one is awesome and I can tell it will last a while. It is so soft and stretchy. I am dreading the day when we must wean him from the Swaddleme, because he sleeps so good in it. I love you Swaddleme.

Roslyn Pukalani, HI

Excellent Design, Super Soft fabric!

Kiddopotamus has made swaddling so easy for new parents! My son can’t sleep without being swaddled and this product has been a life (and sleep) saver. The fabric is so soft, I wish I had sheets made out of it. I would highly recommend this for every new parent! As soon as the size small got too tight (around 3 months) I had to order the large size for 14-22 lbs.

Lucy Sullivan, IN

Best Swaddler Straight Out of the Dryer

I have tried all the swaddlers (Miracle Blanket, Woombie, this one-originally made by Kiddopotamus), and have found this one to be the best for my babies. The only issue with it is that if you use it a few times, the cotton gets stretched out, and at that point it is easy for them to break out of it. Fresh out of the dryer, though, for the first couple of uses, it is great! I have the cotton, fleece, and gingham versions and have used them with 2 babies so far. My kids have managed to wiggle out of the Miracle Blanket (and never seem as comfortable), and the Woombie doesn’t keep their arms down well enough (she brings her hands to her mouth so the blanket is soaked in the morning). This one is much better, but buy a few of them so you can have one fresh clean “shrunken” one every time baby goes to bed. I wrap it very tight, and while it is a tiny bit stretched out when she wakes up, her arms are still inside.

Kathleen Brainard, NE

Baby Sleeps!

Product purchased for my granddaughter. She feels snug and secure. This swaddle allows her to sleep much longer than usual.

Terri Neosho, WI

good lightweight swaddler

Does everything it’s supposed to… Keeps baby snuggled for better sleep (which works!), great light cotton fabric for warmer temps. This size works well for a baby about 15 lbs and 24-25 in long. He still manages to get an arm or two out by morning though, even when velcro is fastened tight.

John South Easton, MA