Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat, Yellow

Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat, Yellow

The award-winning TinyDiner Portable Placemat provides a clean, safe eating surface that goes anywhere. Portable placemat with built-in scoop to catch the mess. Provides safe, clean eating surface. Suction cups keep the Tiny Diner in place. Durable 100% waterproof material; phthalate compliant, lead compliant, BPA free, latex free, PVC free. Easily rolls up for on-the-go.

Main features

  • Portable placemat with built in scoop to catch the mess
  • Provides safe, clean eating surface
  • Suction cups keep the Tiny Diner in place
  • Durable 100% waterproof material; phthalate compliant, lead compliant, BPA free, latex free, pvc free
  • Easily rolls up for on-the-go

Verified reviews


Great Product At Home and On the Go

The Tiny Diner portable placemat is a rubber mat that includes a crumb/spill tray to bridge the gap between the table and your little one. It secures to the table with suction cups that work with many surfaces.The mat is made of a high-quality material that should stand up to lots of use for years to come. It cleans up easily either in the sink at home (I also called the manufacturer and found out that it’s dishwasher-safe in the top rack) or else with wipes on the go. It will protect your table at home from knicks and scratches from banging utensils and dropped cups. It minimizes the mess all around with a lip on its border that trips minor spills and a deep tray that hangs over the edge of the table, protecting your baby’s lap. This last feature is a must-have during the independent phase of learning how to use forks and spoons.Away from home, it’s a great way to let your child eat according to his or her home routine. It also protects him or her from germs on the table. The only drawback is in the transportation. The mat is a little like a roadmap – you’ll never get it folded back as nicely as when it first arrived. As a result, it can take up a lot of space in a small daytime/afternoon diaper bag.Judging from other reviews, it seems that this is yet another in the long list of love-it-or-hate-it items that are subject to your child’s tastes. Based on our experience, the Tiny Diner is certainly worth a try for its low price – if you can get your toddler used to using it, it will become invaluable.PROS
• Traps all sort of crumbs and spills, including a tray between table and baby
• Protects your table from bumps and scratches
• Durable – I can’t imagine it wearing out
• Easy to clean and maintainCONS
• Doesn’t fold up very well

Kimberlee Laughlin A F B, TX

not what I expected

I was given this as a gift and I was very excited to use it out and about. But when we were out in the restaurant they did not stick and my daughter could easily pull it off. Plus when we were all done, I had to try to clean it off as best I could, then put it in my diaper bag-yuck!I much prefer the plastic disposable tablemats that stick on the table.

Cecilia Tula, MS

Don’t waste your money!

We tried this placemat along with the disposable ones and neither worked for us. This one was just too bulky to carry in her bag…it never folded back up to the size it was in the box. We also had trouble getting it to stick to tables. The least little bit of moisture or texture and it wouldn’t work. On the rare occasions that we could get it to work then we had to deal with cleaning it. Wipes didn’t work and napkins were even worse. Most times my husband or I had to head off to the restroom to try to get it clean enough to take home. It honestly was more trouble than it was worth. We finally just opted for cleaning wipes in her bag…we clean the heck out of her area of the table and then just let her have at it. When she’s done we clean up her mess.I understand the theory behind this product but it needs works before it’s a real benefit and must have item.

Cherie Hunt, TX

Great product

I think this thing is great! Suction cups stick to the table – keeps things relatively close in and the tray catches a lot which our 14 month old actually will sometimes scoop up and finish off. Cleans pretty easily but does have a bit of stain from spaghetti sauce but what in our house doesn’t have some kind of stain on it with a toddler?!?!

Ilene New Baltimore, PA

Won’t stay suctioned

This thing would not stay suctioned to the table. Period. Took it back the very same day.

Sonia London, KY

An amazing product!

I have two of these placemats. One for the diaper bag and one used as a backup while the other is being washed. I have bought this for numerous friends and everyone LOVES it. The one drawback for one of my friends is – their daughter learned right away to pull it off the table and refuses to use it. Eveyone else I know has had no problems with it. It catches food in it’s little pocket, keeps the table clean and is easy to rollup and store away. I can’t say enough about this product. My husband, daughter and I eat out 1-2 times a week (she is 230 mths old and we’ve dines out since she was born) and we use it everytime there’s a table it will stick to (which is everything but tablecloth). We’ve used it sine my daughter was old enough for the high chair.

Martha Riverdale, IL

Works well even at home

I have not used this product much in restaurants because my little one (almost 8 months) isn’t eating much in the way of solids and her grandparents always want to hold her so she is hardly in a high chair when we eat out. :o) I have used it with my high chair pulled up to the dining table and it is great at catching cheerios that she moves around the mat. It also catches spills so I don’t have to clean the table all the time. I know it will be of more use in the next few months though.

Nikki West Stockbridge, MA

Great, but not for us

My son would just pull these off the table. I did better with the plastic ones that stick.

Amanda Mills, WY

It’s not Kiddopotamus, but Summer Infant…

Not sure why they’re still selling this as Kiddopotamus when the products are all branded Summer Infant now – and have been since 2008 according to their not-so-friendly Customer Service when I emailed them to inquire. Like another reviewer pointed out, this color is a much much brighter green than the soothing sage pictured here. And it really is impossible to make the fold lines go away so it’s hard to lay flat. Suction is so-so – my 6 month old is able to flip it over easily, and off goes his food… Am giving this 3 stars cos it’s waterproof and reusable, and the "drain" portion at the bottom does a decent job of catching stray food bits – when the mat is staying in its place, that is.

Angelina Mitchellville, IA

Won’t stay unrolled

I like the idea of this but it doens’t stay unrolled and my daughter still can move it around on the table.

Francisca Farnham, VA

floor has less mess

I hate when i forget this because then I have a ton more food to collect off the floorgreat home and out

Alice Partridge, KS

poor quality

Red sauce, beets, raspberries, etc stain the rubbery plastic. I’ve tried putting it in the dishwasher whatever doesn’t come out. The mat also ripped because my 1 year old was annoyed that it was there.

Odessa California, MD

a MUST-have when dining out~

Since my son started sitting in high chairs at restaurants, I’ve always worried about him eating off the dirty tables (or licking them). So when I found this rubber placemat, I thought it was perfect for eating out. It takes up very little space in the diaper bag since it rolls up into its “catch tray”, it’s super easy to wipe clean, and it doubles as a “protective guard” so my baby doesn’t hit his face against the edge of tables. The suction is pretty decent, it sticks on most surfaces. All in all, for how inexpensive it is, it is a great product!!

Marva Ionia, MO

Catches most food fallout

This placemat works very well; it catches most of the food that doesn’t quite make it into our one-year-old little guy’s mouth. Cleaning the floor isn’t such a chore now. The suction cups work… we have a farmhouse-style tile-top kitchen table…just don’t put the suction cups on the grout lines. No bad plastic smell. It rolls up easily and neatly for travel. Washes fine in the soapy sink with all of his other stuff… one particularly messy incident with pasta and marinara sauce did stain it a bit, but this has faded now over several uses and washes. Highly recommended. Caveat: wait until your ready to serve to put it on the table… if your little one is like ours, he/she will find it extremely amusing to pull up and roll the mat.

Sherri Pollock, LA

Finally a Solution!

I love this product! It works wonders. I made sure I tested it at 5 different restaurants before I posted this. It worked very well and does it’s job to a T! Lets be honest, we all have messy kids, so the chances that they’re not going to get one item on the floor is impossible. This product definitely minimizes the issue by 90%. I’m one of those moms who said that I’m not going to let my child make a horrible mess on the floor if we went out for dinner. Well, that’s impossible too. I literally picked up 2 to 3 pieces of food off the floor versus 40 pieces of food from before. I’m very pleased with this product and when you’re finished with it, you can just roll it up and take it home for cleaning. Will recommend this to others.

Joann Lopez, PA

Sturdy, compact and easy to use

We just used the Tiny Diner placemat for the first time last night. It worked great. It gave me a place to put down my 10 month old son’s food since he doesn’t use plates or bowls. Despite his best efforts, he could not pull it off of the restaurant table once I had attached it with the suction cups. When fully rolled out, this gave us plenty of room — even with his typical goofing off, all of his food remained within the confines of the mat. Yet when rolled up, it’s only about the size of a paper towel tube, so it fit easily into the diaper bag. I felt a little frivolous about this purchase when I picked it up sort of on a whim, but I am so glad I did! We will not dine out without it!

Wilda Avenal, CA

Worth the money

They may be a bit expensive but we love these for our one year old son. The pocket in the front catches a lot of food and the suction cups work well on our table. When he really tugs, it will move but you can’t expect a miracle. It definitely makes the after-meal clean up a lot easier.Update: Three years later we are using the same mat for our daughter and it’s identical to the day we boguht it. We take it with us to restaurants. It rolls up so easily that you can put it right into the diaper bag without cleaning it too much and it contains the mess until you get home. Love it!

Marquita Hartline, WA

A Handy Accessory.

We like to take our baby boy (13 months) dining with us and sit him in a high chair at the edge of our table. My wife got a cover for restaurant high chairs, which can be amazingly sticky, and she brings along Clorox disinfecting wipes for other things within easy reach. This is the flu season, after all, and this year it’s the swine flu we’re talking about. Well, we try to protect the little guy, but his hands just get all over the table and everything else within reach, and then head straight for his mouth, of course. This past week my wife added a Kiddopotamus Tiny Diner Place Mat to our protective devices. It fits on any strange tables we encounter and it works very well.It works well on the home table as well, but here the emphasis is different. At home it’s protection for the table, rather than for the kid. In either case, it fastens down with small suction cups. The little boy can smear stuff all over it and we can easily peel the mat off and give it a washing. Real Handy. It even has a little trough on the table-edge side to catch inevitable spillage in that direction. We chose the blue, but the green would have been just as good. We’re going to get a lot of use out of this nifty little accessory.Gary Peterson

Vonda Purdin, MO

Not impressed

Seems to be good quality, but wouldn’t stick to our wood dining table – I tried wetting the suction and still no luck. It’s been sitting in a drawer since we got it.

Tammie Fairview Heights, IL

easy clean up

I bought this w/ the hippo travel high chair. It worked great and kept things cleaner. Unfortunately it was in the case w/ the chair when it was stolen out of our truck.

Geneva Elkfork, KY

Cool idea, but it doesn’t work.

I wanted to love this mat as an alternative to disposable mats in restaurants. It’s so cool how it rolls up and stores in a small space.However when unrolled, it wants to curl right back up. Because it’s fairly impossible to get the mat to lie flat, the suction cups won’t actually stick to anything. Please note: I have pretty low expectations with suction cups in general. I don’t expect magic and know I’ll have to re-stick them throughout use. But this mat just doesn’t stick to anything in the first place.

Mercedes Ridgeway, NC

Horrible placemat!

Ugh, where do I start? The thing is complete crap. The suction cups stick for about 5 seconds, and since it’s designed in “flaps” to fold up, not only does it unstick, the different sections actually flip straight up onto the plate. The pocket doesn’t catch much food because it is angled *towards the table* instead of towards the kid. The texture is hard to clean, it’s also bulky. I couldn’t imagine toting this around to restaurants, those sticky plastic ones with the graphics are cheaper, disposable, and honestly much more convenient. I’m now still in search of a GOOD toddler placemat!

Estella Silas, AL

Like washing an octopus

This item is great for taking on the go–restaurants, playdates, friend’s houses… I don’t have to worry about plates being thrown on the floor or food getting all over a potentially dirty table. It sticks to almost all of the tables we’ve used it on and is difficult for my 15 month old to pull up–though he can if he really wants to. It’s large enough to cover a nice size area but still rolls up easily and the material is easy to wipe off and take home to be washed. But it is not dishwasher safe and because of the suction cups, it’s like trying to wash an octopus in the kitchen sink. I wish I could throw it in the dishwasher, but I understand that this just won’t work with this great material. Also, don’t cut on it. I made that mistake and easily cut the mat.

Earnestine Seville, FL

Doesn’t stay flat or stick, damages wood tables… do not buy!

As some other reviewers have said, this item does NOT stay flat — it comes folded in the box and the fold lines were very strong and couldn’t be “unfolded” (isn’t this not supposed to happen with silicone? I think this item is a silicone-rubber blend), which made it hard for the suction cups to stick etc etc… between the item not unfolding all the way flat and the unevenness caused by the large suction cups underneath, bottom line is that the mat would not stay flat which made it impossible to put a sippy cup on it without the cup falling over and so on. Ask me how frustrating this was with a baby who likes to flip everything over anyway, to have the items that I expected to stay upright falling over constantly.Also, other reviewers have noted that this item only sticks to glass tabletops, which means that when faced with a tablecloth not only does it not stick but the uncompressed suction cups make a nice uneven rolly playground for all of your baby’s utensils, foods, and liquid to fall over and roll around on, nice and messy! I also want to add that at one restaurant that had fancy wood tables, the suction cups had trouble sticking so my husband placed a drop of water underneath each suction cup like they recommend…. which worked fine, except that the moisture-suction blend left marks on the table! I don’t think it was permanent damage, but you never know with wood and moisture… that’s just one more thing you have to be sorry to the restaurant for :(I bought this one insteadNUK Gerber Graduates 100% Silicone Platemat– it doesn’t have suction cups but it’s PERFECT. It’s true silicone (and not a silicone-rubber blend) which means it retains its flat shape no matter what you do to it. And the silicone-ness does have a “stickiness” to it, just enough to keep the mat from sliding around. The pic description shows it rolled up, but I just fold it into quarters and store it in a quart ziplock baggie in my diaper bag, perfect! It actually ships to you folded anyway. And the edging on it (which the tinydiner mat also does not have) keeps spills from escaping and dropped food from rolling onto an icky restaurant table. Can’t say enough good things about the NUK Gerber silicone mat.

Tami Cedarville, OH

Not for Toddlers

I bought the placemat for travel purposes for my 15 month old who loves to self-feed but will throw plates around if they are in front of him. In theory, this placemat is a great idea but the suctions are not strong enough for a toddler; he had this thing off the table in 15 seconds. Now it is sitting in the closet. I hate wasting money.

Lorna Arecibo, PR

Not that great

This little mat has rubber stoppers on the bottom to hold it down. The only problem is that the little stoppers don’t work.

Isabella Monticello, MN

great product

I would recommend this product . This is a great product. No mess and easy clean up. My son loves it.

Agnes Norris, TN



Cristina Clinton, TN

Love it

My 9mo old loves to suck on the table every time we go out to eat and that’s just gross. So this place mat is perfect. It rolls up easily so it fits easily into the diaper bag. And the suction cups on the bottom keep it firmly in place on the table. The little tray in front catches SOME of the food he drops… Plus, it’s easy to clean. I love it!

Bridget Brownstown, IL

The best!! A true MUST HAVE item.

This is one of the best inventions! Going out to eat, you never know how clean the tables are, and I don’t like the thought of her food sitting on whatever cleaning products were used. It wipes “clean” with a diaper wipe, well, clean enough to roll back up and toss in the diaper bag without getting anything else dirty. We bought a second one so we always have a clean one on hand. I even get compliments from waitstaff for using it. Gives them less to scrape off… ha, ha. Definately worth it.

Bianca Boyden, IA