Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer

Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer

Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer (Black/White) – Toddler Potty Training Seat- Kiddyloo toilet seat reducers are the sturdiest potty seats on the market. They are great for learning to copy mom and dad. Legs are adjustable and the seat fits on all standard sized toilets. Helps ease the transition to toilets.

Main features

  • Sturdiest potty trainer on the market
  • Fits all standard toilets
  • Legs are height adjustable- 2 height positions
  • Easy to clean, easy to use, easy to store
  • 18 months +

Verified reviews


Love this seat

I was having a hard time potty training my son – took FOREVER. I purchased this chair after trying a bunch of others. I love it. He was able to get up and down by himself. I agree that the hole is small and my son is a big boy. Potty trained after 3 and it still worked for us. I simply taught him to push his penis down when he went potty – no biggie.Fast forward a year, my now almost 2 year old daughter just potty trained (wow girls are much easier LOL). At appx 23 months she has no problem getting up and down by herself (it’s really sturdy) and loves the potty chair. I tried buying a little chair for her thinking she’d take to it easier but she wouldn’t use it… she loves this one. It’s really comfy for her.I’m tempted to buy another now that they have the cool black/white out. I have the bright blue/green…

Genevieve Ansonia, CT

Seems wobbly at 1st, but works well

this product may appear to be wobbly at first, but with the weight of your toddler’s 1st step it becomes very stable. We have a potty chair also and my child prefers this over the potty chair.

Tabitha Sapphire, NC

Kiddyloo vs 3 in 1 potty trainer

I purchased the kiddyloo after changing toilets – as the kiddyloos are the only ones I could find that would fit comfort height toilets.It was a true upgrade from the 3 in 1 I had before :- not wobbly when my child gets on- handles rest on the toilet and therefore the child can really lean on them without causing the feet to lift off of the floor or the seat to shift- a tongue in the back ensures the seat stays firmly in place- for my petite child, the seat is much more comfortable and securing. She wanted to stay on it tonight, whereas she really did not like to stay on the 3 in 1- folds neatly, easier to storeI can see how the seat could be a bit too snug for chubbier kids or little boys though.

Theresa Westtown, PA

Great for Potty Trainning

I bought this for my daughter. We tried the potty that sits on the floor and she didn’t really like it, so I bought this one to try….it works great! She loves it! She was potty trained before her 2nd birthday!!! 🙂

Karen Meriden, KS

Not for boys

It was very easy to assemble and it was stable. My son was very excited to use it. Unfortunately, when he sat on it, there wasn’t enough room to push his penis down. It was way too small and he’s only 27 months. It should be fine for girls.

Jan Farmingdale, NJ