Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer

Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer

Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer (Blue/Green) – Toddler Potty Training Seat- Kiddyloo toilet seat reducers are the sturdiest potty seats on the market. They are great for learning to copy mom and dad. Legs are adjustable and the seat fits on all standard sized toilets. Helps ease the transition to toilets.

Main features

  • Solution for toilet training
  • Enveloping shape
  • Soft surface for comfy contact with skin
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Non-slip step with 2 settings

Verified reviews


Helps young toilet trainers be more independent

This is a good toilet seat reducer for younger toilet training children (18mos-2yrs). My 2yr old is able to get on and off the toilet by herself with this one. With the separate stool and potty seat, she is too short standing on the stool to just sit on the toilet seat. Thus she has to climb up risking falling in the toilet, esp as the seat comes off. This has prevented her from getting on the toilet herself and as she is getting into the “I do myself” stage, she does not like this. However, we have new toilets with the elongated seat and my husband did have to modify it slightly to fit. There are plastic pieces in the front to hold it in place and our toilets narrow in the front so the plastic pieces were too wide. They are thin plastic and he just cut them down to fit. It does move around some but as it is one piece, this does not seem to be a problem for my daughter. The opening is not that big so I think if your child is training at 3-4 you would be better off to just get a separate step stool and toilet seat reducer.

Pat Newmarket, NH

Opening to small

My son is 18 months and 30lbs and the opening is way to small for him. His pee hits the splash guard and shoots up because he doesn’t fit! He gets a kick climbing up to it but I have to adjust him to point down every time. Looking into getting something that’s bigger for my big boy.

Rosie Lancaster, MA

It’s great!

This is great! My 2-year-old feels secure and comfortable on it. It’s easy to initially assemble and it’s quick and easy to stick on the toilet seat. My son is a bigger boy – 36" and 32 lbs. – and he fits on this just fine. The splash guard works, as long as we help him sit back just a little to keep his ‘you know’ tucked inside the bowl. Hehe The only reason I knocked off 1 star is because my son has trouble seating himself and I think it’s due to the design… he holds on to the handles and then steps up, but then he gets stuck and has nothing to hold on to and not enough step room to turn himself around… so then my husband or I have to kinda lift him and turn him. Not a big deal, but takes away a bit of the independence. Hoping he can manage better as he gets older.

Ophelia Ord, NE

This is AWESOME.

Hands down this is the best potty training tool we’ve bought. I’ve gone through two kiddy toilets and two cushioned seats for the adult toilets and they all were awful compared to this.I would have saved so much money if I had just bought this thing in the first place. My daughter is three years old and climbs up on this like it’s nothing. I was afraid she’d have a hard time climbing up on the step and turning around to sit down, but she doesn’t.It works on our elongated toilet seat as well as the traditional round toilet seat. It’s easy to put together and only takes a few minutes. Super easy to take off the toilet so an adult can use it and also super easy to put back on.The only problem I’ve had with it is that the adjustable legs at the bottom won’t stay tightened and at the right length. In reality it’s not a huge problem because the only thing that happens is the ladder gets closer to the toilet. She can still climb up with ease.I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

Alissa Leonville, LA

Not so sturdy

I do not actually hate this item, but my child does and hasn’t once used it despite being quick to potty train. It doesn’t feel sturdy in our particular toilet ring (it pops fully into the potty only once my child has sat on the seat), and though that is not the fault of the maker, it’s been a total no-go for us. A stepstool and toilet seat reducer have solved our problems!

Lashonda Macedon, NY

Child’s potty chair

It’s probably not fair to review this product yet, since my grandchild isn’t potty trained yet and has no interest in trying out this potty chair. That being said, the chair is fine if a bit unsteady on the regular toilet. It’s light weight which means it moves easily on the seat of the toilet. The only way it “attaches” to the toilet is with a piece of plastic that fits under the toilet seat. It would be easy to pull off the toilet. With weight on the steps/seat, the potty becomes more stable. The feet of the ladder don’t sit firmly on the floor until there is weight on the ladder. Overall, I think this is going to work for us. It’s for occasional use when our granddaughter is at our house. She’ll probably always be accompanied. As far as removing the potty for adult, it’s very simple. The chair folds easily. It can sit beside the toilet, or in our case, we just pop it over into the bathtub! I gave it three stars, because I’m not sure how steady it’s going to be until weight is on it. If that isn’t an issue, I think it will be great. I like the sides on the potty chair. I’m thinking it will help the child feel more secure while sitting on it. And the ladder – again as long as it remains steady – will be better than a separate step stool that could move and scoot out from underneath the child – or the child’s feet not reach the stool when they sit on the potty.

Evelyn Mount Carmel, TN

so happy to no longer clean out the baby potty! wish i got this first

i really love this product! our daughter learned to use the potty on her baby bjorn (which is a great product for learning purposes) but she quickly wanted to ‘help’ by trying to pour the contents into our big potty and flush herself. i found my daughter had spilled urine many times and i was beyond tired of wiping poohs out of the baby bjorn toilet (sorry if tmi!). this product really encourages independence (and is much more sanitary)–my daughter and i both appreciate that.

Elda Culver, OR


We’ve gone through three, yes three, other potty adapters before this one. We started with a potty chair first and the little pee guard was so tall and scratchy that my son actually scraped himself a few times trying to get on the seat. So, of course, he refused to use the chair. The next one we got, the pee guard was too small and the mess was awful. This was our "last ditch effort" to find a decent potty chair, and it was the perfect answer! Our son is now 2 1/2 years old, and he’ll actually put the potty chair on the toilet himself, take off his own pants and underwear and get up and use it himself. It really takes the pressure off to help him get ready to go before he has an accident because it allows him to be independent, not to mention that the pee guard is awesome. LOVE it!!

Jennie Broadway, VA

Tinkling in the toilet = music to my ears.

Our daughter’s first potty seat failed (the Fisher-price potty seat) because it looked too much like a toy. She didn’t see why we wanted her to pee on one of her toys (which makes perfect sense if you think about it). So we let several months pass by with her coloring the potty seat and using the “toy” potty for her dolls or an extra seat in the bathroom etc. We finally decided to get a reducer seat. I read the reviews and went with Kiddyloo. We have a new construction home with a two year-old, chair-height elongated toilet. I was worried the Kiddyloo might not fit but it fits beautifully. I can’t imagine it not fitting a toilet of any size. My daughter is 32 months old. As I worked on assembling the seat I explained to my daughter in labored detail the game-show like prizes and glorification that would reign down on her when she finally used the potty. Right away she wanted to try it out (I think the ladder was the initial draw). She climbed up on it herself (which took some acrobatics but she did it). I knew right away this would be different from the Fisher-Price seat. She wavered a few times sayings he couldn’t do it but I encouraged her to wait for a few minutes and assured her she could do it. After only a couple minutes she got a big smile on her face and I heard the sound of pee trickling into the toilet. VICTORY! I freaked out like I had just won the Powerball lottery and rattled off a list of rewards and celebratory measures we’d take in response to this major milestone. Right away we called everybody to spread the good news. Daddy brought home a balloon for her after work and did the happy dance as well. I’m happy to report that she has used the potty five times since we assembled it yesterday. She’s not “potty trained” yet but we’re well on our way. I’m thrilled with this seat so far. My only wish is that they had padded the seat. Our daughter complains that it hurts sometimes if she’s been on it too long. This could be a good thing though because it could reduce dallying and encourage her to just do her business and get off. Or, it could be a problem if she thinks the potty hurts. Time will tell. Overall we’re thrilled so far and will probably get a second one for the second floor of our home.

Erica Sauk Rapids, MN

Awesome seat reducer!

I’m a childcare provider, watching 4 2 year olds daily…so, of course, I’m going through a lot of potty training recently. I bought the seat reducer, as opposed to a potty chair for 2 reason: 1)I thought it was more hygienic since I would have several kids using it, plus, it’s a lot faster to clean! & 2)Thought it would be best for the child to learn on a big potty…this fits my toilet seat just fine. I suppose maybe if you had the really elongated seats it may not fit (not sure), but I think most homes have the regular shorter ones & so it worked great for us. You can adjust the height of the overall seat as well as the height of the step. The kiddos like it & I can fold it up & put it aside at night when they’re all gone so that’s definitely a big plus that it’s so easy.

Jaime Hesperia, MI

Does not work!

Unfortunately this toilet seat is not comfortable or stable!does not work in any toilet seat, round or oblong shape.Made out of cheap plastic, would return it, but I missed the date for that.A total waste of money!

Suzanne Fort Wayne, IN

Happy buyer

Great buy! Before buying this, my 2 and a half year old boy wouldn’t want to even sit on the toilet or potty chair for a second. This reducer made it new and interesting, allowing him to crawl up and down by himself. We’ve been using it for a month or so, and if we forget to set it up for him, he will unfold it and put it on the toilet himself and crawl on up, which is WONDERFUL for potty training to make him feel like a big boy!But DO listen to the reviews that warn you about scratching the paint off your toilet seat if you don’t lift the lid before setting up… I chose not to listen because our toilet seat is elongated and wasn’t giving a real snug fit with the toilet seat up, so I attempted to use it on top of the seat for a more secure fit… needless to say, the reviewers weren’t lying! And when this training business is all over and done with, we will be buying a new toilet seat because ours too is now chipped! But it is a small price to pay for the benefits of this neat little toilet seat reducer! Also, I found that if you turn the unit clockwise by just a couple inches, this helped to get a more secure fit for our toilet shape,and my son was still able to use it just fine. I would recommend to other buyers in the potty training process!

Traci Lewisburg, WV


Very easy to put together, my 2 yr old grandson helped by holding the big plastic screws. He loved the color and was very interested in what I was assembling. When I put it on the toilet he smiled and wanted to use it immediately! And he did! I do think the opening is a little small, he seems to fit in there kind of snugly. But he doesn’t see anything wrong and likes that he can climb up himself like a big boy and climb down. The splash guard does its job well. I may just buy another one for the other bathroom.

Leonor Smithland, KY

toilet seat

Purchased this for my granddaughter who is a tall toddler (3 ft) with cerebral palsy. This sat firmly on top of the existing toilet seat and is built sturdily. The seat encompasses them somewhat, and with the additional armrests and footrests offers stability and makes them feel like they are securely seated. In fact, my granddaughter’s chosen position on the potty is cross legged lol!Kiddyloo Toilet Seat Reducer

Leann Lewisberry, PA

Good for the right toliet

This works great for the bathroom off my toddler’s room since it’s a lower toliet seat. It is not so great for our master or half bath since those toilet seats are a little higher. That being said, my 2.5 year old is able to just go in the bathroom and climb up and use the potty in her room, so that’s a win to me!

Elena Gould, OK

Potty Independence!!

This is the most ridiculous looking "potty chair" but it is all about making potty training fun and kid friendly. The first few times I supervised my LO up and down the step but after a few times he was a pro. No supervision necessary. I love it and more importantly my 2 year old loves it. Great product!

Alana Brunsville, IA

Thermobaby Kiddyloo

The Thermobaby Kiddyloo is excellent. My daughter loves it. It is very easy to move off the toilet. I would definitely recommend this product.

Alice Washington, VA