KidGear The Teethifier II

KidGear The Teethifier II

The Teethifier, the advanced back teeth teether, is specially engineered to comfortably reach rear molars and gently massage sore gums. Unlike current toy shaped teethers, The Teethifier’s familiar pacifier appearance allows infants to instantly recognize it as an oral device and not a hand held toy. These advantages make The Teethifier the premiere teether on the market today.

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I am afraid to let the baby chew on this as it is made of FDA approved Santoprene.Well that’s great and all but didn’t the FDA approve baby formula and other such items that were found to contain melamine?! And I searched for santoprene and it’s apparently made by ExxonMobil Chemical co.!! So I am going to guess that it has petroleum products in it. I am not going to let my baby chew on this since I am not too sure the FDA isn’t “in bed” with Exxon. It is the perfect size and shape too! If only they would have a non-toxic (no BPA, pthalates etc) version of this same design!

Augusta Union City, TN

Already opened package!

I bought this teether for my infant. The package was opened and taped shut. I did not feel safe giving it to the baby as I don’t know if it was used. I am extremely upset and had to throw the teether out because it wasn’t worth shipping back cost wise. Beware before you purchase this!

Johanna Hunt, NY

Teethifier vs. Zoli stick gum massager for first molars

I purchased the Teethifier along with the Zoli stick gum massagers for my 15 month old, who is cutting his first set of molars. He never used a pacifier, so I wasn’t sure how this would work for us. Honestly, he doesn’t use either of the back-teeth teethers much, but before bed he’ll chew on the Teethifier while we read books, and I leave it with him in his crib. Sometimes I find him chewing on it in the morning. It does make him drool a ton. He has not used the Zoli stick teethers more than a handful of times, and most of the time he turns it around and chews on the non-rubbery end. All in all, if your little one’s molars seem to be bothersome, I would recommend the Teethifier.

Rosemary Homer, IN

baby does not like it

Our 10 month does not like it at all. She prefers Razbaby RaZberry Teether(from 3 mo till now it’s her fav.)Maybe later she will use this weird teether. I like the description of the product and unusual shape that’s why I give it 2 stars. Btw I bought it for $15 on amazon.

Marjorie Clear Spring, MD

My Favorite of Three

I tried 3 products like this for our 2 yr old who seems to be trying to get his 2yr molars in: Gum Massager by MAMGum Massager Brush, Zo-li Gummy SticksZo-li Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massagers& this one. After a couple months, this one beat out the other two as they essentially became choking hazards (see my other reviews). It is made of one piece of more durable rubber that my son hasn’t managed to chew a hole into, it has a guard against overinsertion, it is easy to clean compared to the other two, & it reaches both molar areas at one time. We put teething gel on it before nap & bed time & he seems to be soothed by that, rather than having to always give Tylenol or Advil when we think he might be in pain. This is a very good product that I would highly recommend. The only problem is that they don’t sell them in pairs so if we temporarily lose one we’d have a back up. I guess after trying out the others we will buy a couple more for back-ups.

Monique Chouteau, OK

Odd design choice

This wasn’t an effective product for either of our sons (one who doesn’t like pacifiers and one who would have one in his mouth always, if allowed to). My wife and I also found the shape of the Teethifier to vaguely resemble… well… I’ll just say it… testicles.I feel bad now, but it’s true. To make up for it, I’ll add the one thing that I find missing from most negative reviews: a recommendation. The one teether that our youngest son DOES use is the widely availableThe First Years Massaging Action Teether.

Elinor West New York, NJ

Didn’t work

My 18mo son has his molars cutting through. Top ones hadn’t bothered him, but the bottom ones are horrible! Thought this would help since he chews on all his toys trying to get them to the back of his mouth for the teeth to be soothed. However, he wouldn’t even hold onto this at all. Tried putting it in his mouth and having him chew on it and having him hold it to put in his mouth. Tried a few times and he just doesn’t want it. Decided to get him the Chewy tubes and hopefully they will work better.

Lilia Coyville, KS

My baby love this!

This unique shape allows my son to reach his molars with it, He is 7 months and constantly sticking his hand back there, With this he has no trouble.

Valarie Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Works great for back teeth!

Our little man has some MAJOR teeth (as in, 16, and he isn’t one yet! yes. really.) and this was one of a million teethers we tried. As advertised, it really helps get those back teeth that normal teethers don’t get to. He seemed to really like it! I suggest strapping it to something though because it is easy to lose, just like every binky.Recommended!

Aurora Pillager, MN

Best teether I’ve found so far!

My baby know what to do with this teat her right away. It was a natural progression to his use of a pacifier, which he liked to bite. The bistable shape is longer which allows for draper reach to his molar area. I am not afraid he swallow it as the ring is bigger then the base. Good design, color and quality!

Noemi Robertsdale, AL

Great concept, toddler didn’t care for it

We looked all over for a teether for my toddler when she was getting her first two molars. She was never a pacifier user, so I wasn’t sold on a pacifier-like teether BUT she had (for the first time) been chewing on her fingers so much I thought she would be interested in something to sooth her gums.Right out of the box, I figured she’d at least be interested in this new ‘toy’ but no. She looked at it, tried to play with it for a bit. I showed her what it was for so she finally put it in her mouth, grimaced and threw it on the floor. I don’t blame her, it smelled awful. I’ve tried at least a handful of times to get her to use it, but she has definitely rejected it. waste of $$ for us, she wouldn’t chew on anything but her fingers.

Stacey Vincent, KY


DD was literally in a constant state of teething from 2 -24 months. As soon as one tooth would erupt through her swollen gums, the poor thing would have a new red spot on her teeth were another tooth was getting ready to come out. From 7-18 months, it was horrible, because that’s when she started working on her molars. They took forever and were super painful for her. A lot of the back tooth teethers we tried were junk. They’d fall apart or gag her, or she just didn’t like the texture. We spent a ton of money on teethers. Even our friends and family who felt sorry for us were buying them for us left and right.I finally found the Teethifier and it was the answer. This, and the Comotomo one that looks like an Octopus. If I’d only had the Teethifier and the Comotomo one, I could have saved over $100 in teethers that didn’t work. Seriously.Now I tell anyone who will listen, especially my pregnant friends. Don’t buy any teethers until after you’ve tried the Teethifier and the Comotomo teether. I buy these for every baby shower I go to.

Lois Hornsby, TN


My 11 month nephew like this well enough. It is not his favorite but when he does chew on it, he is able to get it to his gums toward the back of his mouth.

Tonya Mound Valley, KS

It’s OK

My baby didn’t care for this teether. I read all the product details and reviews and was really excited for him to use it. I got it for him when he was around 9 months old; unfortunately after 3 months he still tosses it aside. He’s also in the 90th percentile for his height & weight (so he is bigger than most babies his age) and the “V” shaped gum massager still seems too big to fit completely in his mouth.

Lindsay Dufur, OR

Great teether

Great teether for my daughter. She loves gnawing on it and I can give it to her in the car.

Angelica Crocheron, MD


My baby loved teething on this. He was able to comfort both sides of his mouth at the same time.

Kitty Amity, AR

Great Teether!

This is a fantastic teether. Reaches back teeth well to give baby more comfort. The teether part is great for gently massaging sore gums. The design of it helps little ones to recognize that this is something to chew on.

Lina Coleraine, MN

Perfect Teether!

I bought this initially for my 2 year old. He was constantly curious about his baby sister’s pacifiers (and they constantly went in his mouth, even though he never used a pacifier as a baby). I thought having this might keep him away from his sister’s. Plus, his next set of molars are due to come in so I thought he could use it.He did like it, but it got tossed aside within a couple weeks. Fast forward until my daughter turns about 4 months….I was having the hardest time finding a teether for her. All the teethers on the market seem to be so big. Her mouth was still so little and she either couldn’t get them in her mouth, or, if she could, they were so big she couldn’t bite down on them. I felt like I would never find one that worked.Then, the teethifier turned up again. She absolutely loves it. She stopped taking a pacifier around 2 months, but will chew on this for quite a while at a time. We attach it to a pacifier strap and keep it in her carseat. She chews on all three portions of the teethifier. It is designed in such a way that she cannot choke on it (unlike some teethers that have long parts or long pieces of fabric), and there are small enough portions of it that she can get it in her mouth and even past her front teeth which is impossible with most teethers.It was definitely money well spent!

Suzette Cheney, KS

Strange but works

This strange looking "pacifier" (not a pacifier at all) seems to feel good on my toddler granddaughter’s gums when she is cutting molars. It has a nice, soft, nubby texture.

Therese Camano Island, WA

Just OK for 2 year molars

My 22 month old son is cutting his 2 year molars and his fingers are raw from gnawing on them. I wasn’t sure which molar teether would work best for him so I ordered 3 of the top rated teethers and here are my results after 2 months;KidGear The TeethifierMy son never took a pacifier as an infant so I wasn’t sure this pacifier shaped teether would click with him. This is the softest teether in the bunch and has the rubbery consistency of a pacifier. The knobs are also the shortest of the bunch so he can’t get both sides at the same time and he has to shove it in his mouth a little father to get the desired effect. He will take this from time to time but it has not been his favorite.Zoli Baby Bunny Teether – orangeThe white part of the teether is made from hard plastic and the orange textured knobs are soft covers over the hard plastic. I was concerned that the soft covers would pull off somehow but they are very secure and are not removable from my experience. My son can reach both sides of his mouth at the same time with very little effort. He seems to prefer the harder texture of this one to the soft Teethifier.CHEWY TUBES SUPER CHEW KNOBBYThis teether is a good mix of the Teethifier and the Zoli Bunny. It is made from a soft material but it is not as soft as the teethifier. The nubs are also more pronounced which I think my toddler appreciates for those stubborn molars. This is the only teether out of the 3 that doesn’t allow him to hit both sides of his mouth at once, but that doesn’t seem to bother him. He prefers this one the most before bed.Overall his favorite seems to switch between the Zoli and the Chew Knobby. He will take the Teethifier as a last resort if the other two are lost under the couch.

Silvia Jacksonboro, SC


My son has all sorts of teethers: rings, hard, soft, water-filled, rubbery, beaded, cloth, you name it. I must have at least 20 different ones. This one is the best. My son will find it and use it over any others. If he has no pain, he’s not interested, but if he does, this goes right into his mouth. He chomps on it until he gets the right spot, and is so happy afterwards. It has made him stop crying, too. Also, he has always hated pacifiers, but he knows that this is different. It works better than tylenol or ambesol. Just the right density, not too hard (pretty hard though), and definitely not too soft. They can adjust it to get the right spot. Older adults have commented that they wish they had one when their children were babies.Update from when first ordered:I have ordered 4 more for spares and gifts to give to others. This is the best!

Liliana Ravalli, MT

Best teether ever

My kid has never been much of a teether person, but I got this because her molars seemed to be hurting her a lot. I had seen mention of "The Molar Muncher," which is a ridiculous $15. This is much more reasonably priced, holds up well, and my kid loves it! I actually can’t find it right now so I’m going to have to reorder, and I"m getting this same one.

Noreen Panama, IA

Such a weird design…still uncertain

My 11 month old is teething like crazy and starting to get her molars. I got this thinking it might help reach into the back of her mouth. Let me tell you, this thing looks WEIRD. Even my daughter thinks so. She starts to put it in her mouth and then looks at it, rethinks the situation, and sets it down. lol. Right now the raspberry teethers are still a better deal. If she ever changes her mind about this teether, I’ll update my post.

Henrietta Cuba, OH

Great idea

My son does not care much for it but it’s worth a shot and I bet most babies would. So far he just does not like teethers.

Marsha Max Meadows, VA

Ehhh, he could take it or leave it, mostly leave it

When my little guy first started cutting teeth, it seemed that he was just happy to chew on anything. At one point he was grabbing straws and trying to stick them into the back of his mouth to gnaw on. I was looking for something safe for him to get this same kind of effect and thought that I had found it in this product. I received it, washed it, and excitedly presented him with it. He grabbed it and of course stuck it in his mouth, chewed it for about 10 seconds and then dropped it on the floor and started to look for other things to put in his mouth. I tried this product again a few days later and had the same results. Ultimately, I found that wetting one of his baby washcloths and sticking it in the freezer for a little bit seemed to satisfy him much more than this product did.

Katheryn Spooner, WI

She loves it

what a lifesaver! I am so happy with this product I am recommending it to everyone I know who has teething little ones! It works miracles with fussy molar teethers

Hope Jackhorn, KY

Seems like a good idea if the kid will use it.

My 15 month old had all but two of his baby teeth (14 of them) in by the time he turned one! This is NOT what you want to happen. A happy-go-lucky baby turns crazy at 8 months and stays that way for 4 straight months as the teeth pop through one after another 🙁 So all that are left now at 15 months are the 2 year old molars. Intermittenly he shoves his fingers back there, but doesn’t get any relief. This teethifier is a neat idea, but it looks so much like a pacifier, well a double pacifier, haha, that he tried to suck on it, but just thought it was a cruel joke. We’re are in a short reprieve right now but when they start really coming in, I’m hoping he’ll understand more language, and I can put some Orajel on one of the nubs and stick it back there to give him the idea. I’m not giving up on it. And it’s all there is, so it’s worth a try and worth keeping it around in case it helps. ‘Cuz sticking my finger back there has not worked out well for me.

Justina Carlton, TX

Son won’t use it

Maybe it is better for when he is older but so far he’s not been mad keen on it yet

Jacquelyn Dayton, NV

Not impressed

I bought this because I was desperate when my bAby was teething I hope this would solve his discomfort. But it didn’t. And you can only wash it with soap and water I was hoping I could sterilize it like I do with most of his things and I couldn’t. It also said to throw away after a few months. So it’s already in the garbage. Don’t like.

Lula Harlan, IN

It’s okay

I like this design of this and my daughter did use it a few times, but not as much as I thought she would.

Marsha Calumet, IA