Kidkusion 15″ X 11″ Gummi Mat, Blue

Kidkusion 15″ X 11″ Gummi Mat, Blue

Babies have a hard time grasping to pick up first foods, only to see the food slide off of the table or tray and on to the floor. Our new Gummi Mat provides a non slip mat with a “knobby” texture on one side to allow baby to more easily grasp and pick up first foods. This one of a kind mat reverses to a no slip placemat for the more experienced toddler. Four fun colors to chose from. Roll the Gummi Mat up and put it in your purse or diaper bag for trips to the mall. Dishwasher safe / top rack.

Main features

  • Compatible Peg Perego infant car seats: Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30
  • Easily installed or removed
  • For use with single BOB strollers featuring accessory adapter

Verified reviews



We own two of these. They are great. Durable. Easy to wipe and continue to last. We have used them for over two years now with no signs of wear.

Diane Moose Lake, MN

Skid-proof, but not throw-proof.

I bought 2 of these Kidkusion mats (1 here on Amazon): One to put on our dining table for use with a booster-style chair, and the other to put in the tray of my then-7 month-old daughter’s Fisher-Price space-saver high chair. (Since Fisher-Price repeatedly refuses to state whether its high-chair trays are BPA-free and thus safe for babies). These mats initially worked very well, when we were just introducing our baby girl to solid foods and self-feeding. I preferred using the mats with the smooth side down, which was tacky enough to stick to our wood table or high chair tray without slipping; and the nubby side would help my daughter to get a grip on her food. Plus, these mats are made of non-toxic TPR, which is BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free, so I felt much better about my little-one eating food off them than off of my wood table (which I’m pretty sure is finished with NON-baby-safe varnish) and the mystery plastic of her high chair. (NOTE: If you have a high chair that has 1 or 2 cup holders, like the Fisher-Price brand, these mats will not fit around them, so you’ll have to cut the mats to fit around the cup-holders. But this doesn’t affect how well they work).But alas, my satisfaction with these mats was not to last. As soon as my baby girl’s manual dexterity developed and she perfected her pincer-grip, she quickly figured out how to pick this mat up at the edges, peel/pull it off, and throw it — and all of the food & utensils on it — on to the floor. In fact, it became a very fun game for her! (Not so fun for Mom & Dad). It’s such a shame because this item is, in all other respects, a good one. It’s just that it REALLY could have benefited from a couple of suction cups to make it more difficult for curious toddlers to pull off.Grade: B-

Sofia Bath, PA

Not as thick as I’d imagined

Mat is slip-proof as long as your toddler doesn’t just pick it up and throw it. I thought it would be a little heavier/thicker material, but it seems to do its job. Would love a mat like this with suction cups that would stick to wood, but that doesn’t seem possible, so this will do.

Luisa Reeseville, WI

Okay but not great.

I think its expensive for what it is and the bumpy side doesn’t work too well for keeping the food from sliding around when little fingers try to grasp it.

Donna Stonefort, IL

Stains but worth it

The silicone material has absorbed various food colors – mostly stuff like spaghetti sauce and will not come out no matter how much I wash it. BUT, we have a round dining table so we needed this. Easy to wash and totally worth it if you don’t mind the stains.

Juana Fairfield, OH

Seems ok but child picks it up

I got this mat with hopes that it would help my daughter pick up pieces of food. All it has done is given her a toy to play with at meal time. She pickes it up and waves it around and eventually throws it on the floor. Needless to say this creates a mess if there is food already on it. Oh well…

Libby Beulah, MI

awesome little mat

We bought this to go on our table as a kind of tray for our little guy. The high chair we have pulls up to the table without a tray and this has worked perfect for us as a tray substitute

Alicia Buckingham, IL