KidKusion 4 pack off white Toddler Corner Cushions, Off White

KidKusion 4 pack off white Toddler Corner Cushions, Off White

MADE IN THE USA Corner Cushions 4 pack contain NO added flame retardant chemicals. Made from all naturally flame resistant materials. Proudly produced in North Carolina. Use our dense, yet soft Corner Cushions to cover sharp corners of furniture, shelving, counter tops and cabinets in your home. Protect children and older adults from injury. Foam is non toxic, flame resistant, BPA free, phthalate free, and latex free. Our premium foam products can be used in home, daycares, hospitals, senior living facilities, work areas, offices, museums and restaurants. Adheres securely with 3M double sided tape, included. Remember to clean all mounting surface areas with rubbing alcohol before using any adhesive product. This will ensure a secure bond.

Main features

  • Protect children and older adults from injury. Soft, yet dense foam Corner Cushions attach securely to sharp corners with 3M double sided tape.
  • Made in the USA!
  • NO added flame retardant chemicals. Made from naturally flame resistant materials.
  • Dense, yet soft, premium impact absorbing Corner Cushions.
  • Adheres securely with 3M double sided tape.

Verified reviews


Pricey but good

Even though they’re expensive I got these because I wanted black corner cushions. They were easy to apply and so far have stood up to my son chewing on them with no issues.

Dorthy Gary, TX

Protects corners but has a low adhesion limit

If your toddler wants to rip them off he/she will. Unless you want to use tape that may cause harm to your furniture. It protects well enough, but be prepared to use more tape if your little one likes ripping them off.

Araceli Emerson, NE

Fall off easily

The adhesive isn’t the best on this product, but it’s easy enough to replace the adhesive strips with some other product like command strips.

Cora Louise, TX

Work well, stick well, why all the complaints?

Update: 2/13/13These corners were nice when my son was young and just learning to walk. We followed the directions, including cleaning the area and letting it dry prior to application. I applied 3 pieces of tape (included) to each corner. They stayed on for quite a while and provided peace of mind whenever he approached our desk or entertainment center.Fast forward to him walking (~1 yr old) and these became toys to him. After pulling them off the first time, the tape is no longer sticky. You can put them back on but they offer no resistance whatsoever. Right now, all 4 that we have are sitting on my desk as it is pointless to reapply them. My son just prefers to chew on them at this point. I would advise that you purchase stronger double-sided tape as recommended in other reviews.

Jade Worland, WY

Not 5 star worthy, but does the job

I used these for my kitchen counter and it has saved my 2 1/2 year old from injury as she is counter height. The issue though, is that they come with tiny adhesive strips (like the ones that come with press on finger nails).

Cleo Oyens, IA

Effective and easy to install

These are easy to install and seem to be sturdy and functional. They stick right onto surfaces and stay stuck. Nice amount of cushion to protect wobbly baby from sharp corners.

Angela San Felipe, TX

will buy again.

great product at great price. works well on dressers and tables and aren’t so apparent as other expensive brands. will buy more soon

Daisy Joy, IL

Use your own tape if you buy this.

Tape wasn’t very sticky and these didn’t last for long. The foam is fine, if they improved the tape it would be worth it. Or use your own double-sided tape!

Roxanne Coalinga, CA

Works great

I have a metal coffee table with sharp edges and these work well to protect my little one’s head. These corners, along with the same brand and color of edge guards, have formed a complete barrier to keep my baby safe, and it looks decent too because it matches well. Despite the destructive tendencies of my baby, not one piece has come loose, unlike other brands I have tried.

Bessie Camden, TN

Poor adhesive

The double sided tape was not strong enough to keep my daughter from tearing these off to chew on them. the tape also pulled up some of the wood finish on my table.

Allene Cochiti Lake, NM

Great chew toy

My daughter loves these things! If this was a toy I would give it 5 stars. But as a safety device, which I am generally against anyway, this one kinda sucks. They don’t stay on the corners at all and stick out like sore corner protectors. So much so that the first thing my daughter does when she enters the room is knock hem off and play with them. Then she ends up hitting her head and it is another trip to the emergency room and reconstructive surgery. Basically, they are unnecessary and useless. I even tried double sided tape, but the challenge was overcome by my daughter.

Lynne Darlington, IN

Non-3M Tape Doesn’t Hold

These corner cushions are just fine, it’s the non-3M tape that is terrible. First, KidKusion only gives you 3 pieces of tape per cushion. Assuming that each should have 4 pieces of tape (who needs to read directions for something so simple), I applied tape to three of the cushions as I stuck them to the corners of our Ikea Expedit toy storage bench. When I got to the last one I discovered I was out of tape. I found some 3M tape left over from a different corner cushion manufacturer and used that on cushion #4. My 1.5 year old discovered a fun new game of pulling off the corner cushions. Much to his dismay he couldn’t budge #4. Needless to say I had to scrape off the useless tape that came with this package and replace it with the 3M tape. My little buddy can no longer get these cushions off the corners. Bottom line, the corners are just fine but the tape is horrible. KidKusion could up the customer satisfaction factor by partnering with a more reputable tape manufacturer.

Rita Somis, CA


I chose these for the black color. I wanted them to blend in with my dark wood furniture while still providing protection for my active twins. They are great! I have had several people mention that they thought they were just part of the furniture until closer examination. I do think they are a bit pricey. But, I was willing to pay it to have the protection for my kids look nice. The twins tried a few times to pull at them. They have stayed put for over a month. I just hope they don’t damage the furniture when its time to take them off.

Rachael Lisbon, NH

Works well to protect but easy for LO to pull off

Works well to protect but easy for LO to pull off because the double sided tape is not strong enough – I have to keep re-attaching!

Rene Saint John, KS

Good product, but tape needs improvement

I have only had these on my furniture for a couple of days now, so it’s hard to tell how durable these kushions are going to be (especially since my 14 month old is already beginning to tug on them).Pros:1. Unlike some other reviewers, I didn’t find the size to be too small.2. Being black in color, they blend well into my dark furniture.3. The padding seems adequate for protecting against any injury due to bumpsCons:Tape, tape and tape1. As most reviewers have pointed out, why not just provide 16 pieces instead of 12?! It’s absurd! I used the 3M double-sided tape to make up for the missing strips2. Once I stuck the tape onto the foam, I found it incredibly hard to peel off the paper to expose the other sticky side. There were quite a few strips where the entire paper wouldn’t peel off, but would leave a thin layer of paper on top of the tape, rendering the strip useless.The kushions seem to be staying put so far. Despite the tape issues, I’m pretty happy with the purchase.

Marcia Reading, MI

Wish they had more stick to them

They are ok but my son is 1 and he was able to take all of them off. The sticky tape is not durable at all. I wished they had something with more stick to them because I really liked the product over all.

Lauri Mifflin, PA

Good Product Idea, but some practical issues.

I wanted to love this product since it was easy to install and did not radically change the look of our coffee table. (Dark wood, dark foam corners)Unfortunately, my 1 year old daughter is curious and she notices EVERYTHING. Needless to say she noticed the new foam corners in her toddling travels and made a B-line for them. Between trying to eat them and pick them off of each corner, they lasted about a week before the adhesive became weak from repeated removal. It had become a game for my daughter to make a grab at them any time she was near the coffee table.I spent more time trying to stop her from removing the Toddler Korner Kushions than enjoying the piece of mind that she wouldn’t crack her head open falling into the corner of our coffee table.In the end we replaced the Korner Kushions with one of those padded elastic covers that wraps around the whole table. Ugly, but more effective the the Toddler Korner Kushions.

Rosalinda Harwood Heights, IL

Didn’t work for us

My son just pulls these off the corner of the table and uses them for teething toys. The foam is starting to shred and just has never worked properly for us. If there was a higher quality of adhesive maybe these would stay on better.

Ladonna New Enterprise, PA

Tiny strips of tape not up to the task

I purchased a package of these from a national baby chain to pad the sharp, bruising corners of our hardwood footboard. It’s not just baby who requires protection from bumps and knocks, it’s Mom and Dad too! After getting my umpteenth jab to the shins when trying to shuffle to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I was done with plum purple bruises. These seemed like just the product to soften a furniture maker’s sadistic angles.The black cushions do not blend the best with our espresso bed, but frankly I’ll take function over colour any day. If gluing pumpkin-shaped marshmallows would spare my legs, they would be festooning the frame immediately. The package of four corners is adequate for the task I had in mind. They are quite tall and fairly spongy, free of any unpleasant odours. The depth barely accommodated the nasty corners that so love taking layers of my skin off, and they left a narrow margin of coverage. I would have preferred more protection.Keeping the foamy corners on was the real problem. The tiny strips of tape accompanying the product were printed all one-sided, therefore completely useless for keeping the tabs stuck to the wood grain. Purchasing double-sided tape separately is practically a necessity. Be prepared to cut down the tape into much narrower strips to fit underneath. Standard width is much too large without squashing it into the corners, and the foam resists a tight seal with the tape.The product is overpriced especially for the totally useless tape that came with it.

Christy Farmington, CT

Ok purchase

The corners are nice and soft and big enough to be good protection. The problems I have are that: 1. the tape that comes with them is hard to work with 2. it leaves a nasty residue that will come off with Goo-Gone. toddler delights in pulling them off.

Maryellen Ninety Six, SC

Great if you have your own 2-sided tape

The tape that comes with this has backing that is IMPOSSIBLE to remove. Fortunately for us we have our own tape.

Cristina Grainfield, KS

The stickers are cheap

The cushion itself is made well but the 3m stickers are cheap. My son rips it right off when he is cruising the coffee table. I would purchase better stickers

Ilene Barbourville, KY

Unsafe for Babies and Toddlers!

Our son quickly started eating them. He he easily bit off two pieces and even swallowed one before we could stop him. Do not buy.

Irene Matagorda, TX

Much smaller than anticipated

My bad, I probably didn’t read the product description closely, but these are teeny tiny. They’re squishy, which is good. I suspect they’re going to take the finish off my furniture based on all the disclaimers in the packaging. Good thing I bought the table at IKEA for about $19.

Rosalinda Durkee, OR

Works as advertised

What you see is what you get, sticky strips hold very well, and they provide three per cushion. No complaints.

Beth Elmore City, OK

Don’t stick

Do not buy these. They come with double sided stickers, to fasten them to the surface. I put them on my coffee table as the corners are at a height my baby could hit the, By the next day he had already pulled 2 off and once they’ve been stuck once, they won’t stick again. Useless!

Merle Lost Nation, IA

With a little help from velcro

The sticky tape they give you is totally useless! So i bought heavy sticky velcro strips and they are still holding onto the corners. Just recently though, our little one ripped one in half! sooo, not sure if its still a good product, hahaha…

Miriam Edgar, NE

Great Product

Sticks very well to clean surface, stays on without a problem, very thick, sturdy, and surprisingly cushy. Very impressed, would definitely purchase again if needed.

Barbara Lusby, MD

Don’t stick

They’re fine. The foam is nice and thick and exactly what I thought it would be, but the sticky stuff doesn’t stick. These fall off all the time. We’re replaced the sticky, but to have to buy something else to make these work is sort of ridiculous.

Felicia Toponas, CO

Not double sided tape????

These cushions come with tape that is not double sided. So on top of buying these protectors that come with useless tape, I have to run out to the store and buy double sided tape. There is no other way to make these things stick. Ridiculous.

Bettie Springdale, MT