Kidkusion Gummi Crib Rail

Kidkusion Gummi Crib Rail

Kidkusion Gummi Crib Rail is the unique, chewy texture made for teething. 50″ long, one piece design now fits all cribs like fat rails, skinny rails, round rails, square rails. Trim to fit as needed. It can even be applied to headboards and footboards.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in US
  • Easy to install crib rail cover has a unique, chewy texture that is perfect for teething babies while protecting their gum’s
  • The non-toxic, non-vinyl rail cover contains no phthalates and keeps baby’s mouth off of the actual rail
  • One-piece cover measures 50″ long, installs with self-adhesive strips and stays securely in place
  • Use it on fat rails, skinny rails, round rails, square rails, even apply it to headboards and footboards
  • Cover can be trimmed to fit as needed. Includes one crib rail cover

Verified reviews


Might as well glue a foam pool noodle to the crib rail

You might as well glue a foam pool noodle to the crib rail, becuase this thing doesn’t stick. Seeing that others have had problems with these not sticking, I figured that they couldn’t be manufactured that poorly and that others were maybe not cleaning the rail well enough before applying. I was wrong. These don’t stick without the help of your adhesive of choice.

Terrie Zenda, KS

saved the crib

My teething son was chewing on his crib rail, and would come away with little flecks of paint all around his mouth, which can’t have been healthy. Now he still chews, but no harm done, to him or to the crib (convertible to a toddler and twin bed that my son will use for a long time.)It was annoying to have to clean the rail with alcohol before sticking the gummy cover to the crib, but overall, it took just a few minutes to install, and the toddler hasn’t pulled it off, even though he probably could if he really wanted to. I bought two packs, but only used one, since he only chewed on the front rail. I’ve decided to keep the second roll. If we have a second child, I’ll put this on the crib BEFORE baby starts teething.

Kay Climax, MN

Came off within 24 hours

Don’t waste your money on this product. I bought the tie on cloth cover for the front rail of the crib, and decided to try to save some money on a cover for the side rails. It didn’t even stay on for a day. Money down the drain, since I now have to replace it with a cloth cover.

Edith Argyle, GA

don’t bother!

We bought this several times at a baby store and had to toss them all out. It didn’t stick and would pop up in spots after a while, even though we followed the directions each time…

Brandy Bentonville, IN


Yes i read the directions. Yes i followed them. And No this didnt work. It came off the first time my 9 month old (at the time) took his first nap. Pulled it right off. My son is no Hercules. Wish it would have worked. Great concept.

Tabatha Springfield, LA

Peels off

Peeled right off even though we followed the instructions to the letter. Disappointed but at least it didn’t damage the crib coming off.

Mabel Pittsville, VA

So far so good

I purchased this to use on the short sides of my son’s DaVinci Emily crib. There’s a fabric teething cover on the long side of the crib. I followed the directions exactly and the cover has held really well for the last 5 months. The edges are curling up a tiny bit, but overall this product has worked really well and my 13 month old son hasn’t ever tried to peel it up to play with it. The long piece in the package fit perfectly on the short sides when cut in half.

Lupe El Granada, CA

Keeps our little beaver from eating his crib

It does the job. We’ve had this installed on our son’s crib for over a month now and it has stopped him from chewing on the crib rails. It’s still stuck on nicely and doesn’t show any signs of peeling.Some other reviews mentioned that this product peeled the finish off their cribs when removed. I will report back if/when we take it off to see if we have a similar experience.

Pamela Webster, ND

Would be great if it STICKS.

Since my little guy is now standing and constantly chewing on his crib rail,this seemed like agreat product and I actually had people recommend it. When it came in, I followed ALL the instructions to the T. I let it sit for the recommended time before leaving my son in his crib because I knew he’d go straight for it. Well, before the I had even put him in the crib, the gummi was popping up in places. I used heat to try to get it to stick (as suggested). My son wasn’tin his crib for 5 minutes and the thing popped up, enticing him to pull it up even more. When I checked on him he had the “sticky” part in his mouth. It’s been a few days and no matter what it will not stick like it’ssupposed to ,despite following ALL instructions. Very disappointed and complete waste of money. It really would be a great product if it stuck!

Lina Crofton, KY

Didin’t work for MY crib but might for other designs

I bought these with high hopes. My husband is an engineer so details and directions are his thing. Unfortunately, one of my 8 month old twin got his rail covers off in just 1 nap. I am not going to blame the crib rail covers completely. I have 2 Cache Oxford Lifetime Cribs which have some intricate details. The rails stayed attached to the flat areas of the rails but came off anything curved or beveled. I think these would work great if properly installed on a crib a bit less “busy.” For the price, they are an excellent product, just not for the specific furniture I own.

Briana Westboro, MO

Daughter loves her teether rails

We put this on our daughter’s crib when she was 9 months old; she is now 12 months and we have not had any problems. She LOVES chewing on these rails. The reviews show a lot of problems with the gummi rails peeling, which has not happened on her crib. I think the following factors are why it has been a successful installation for us:1. The crib is not painted; it’s natural wood with a semi-gloss clear finish.2. There were a few little teeth marks in the crib rail when we applied the gummi rail, but nothing very deep. We used the teeth marks as a guide, positioning the gummi rail well below the marks so our baby can’t get her bottom teeth under the bottom edge of the gummi rail.3. We cleaned the crib rails really well using a microfiber towel saturated with 99% isopropyl alcohol, and let them completely dry before adhering the gummi rails.4. We cleaned the gummi rails with the alcohol before removing the paper covering the adhesive.5. Once the crib & gummi rails were clean we took care not to touch the surfaces that would be adhering to each other. This prevented oils on our skin from interfering with the adhesive bond.6. We were very careful to not stretch or put any tension on the rails when we adhered them.7. We let them set for at least 8 hours before touching them.It sounds like a lot of steps, but it actually only took about 20 minutes to do- about 10 minutes per rail. They really have held up well- she chews and slobbers on them like a golden retriever and they are still stuck fast.

Marguerite Watkinsville, GA

So relieved!!

Ok, let me start off by saying I almost did not order at all after reading some of the reviews on this product. Let me just say how pleasantly surprised I was when I tried it out on the crib. It was fast, easy & NO it did not start to come off. When you follow the simple directions, like cleaning first with a little alcohol & making sure it dries down before you start adhering. Just pre cut if you need to, and do small sections at a time & your good to go!! So glad I tried it out for myself!!!

Ronda Pulaski, VA


Used this on our crib; lasted MAYBE 2 months. It yellowed, pulled off, and stripped the paint off the crib too. DO NOT waste your time or money with this product.

Vanessa Akron, OH

Not Effective

My son ripped this off within 5 minutes. It’s interesting because obviously the adhesive is not great but at the same time some of the finish on our crib came off with it! Pretty disappointed.

Shana Manor, TX

Terrible product

This is a terrible product. It does not stick- it failed within 24 hours! I had hoped we wouldn’t have some of the problems with sticking that others commented on, but we did. Do. Not. Buy.

Cecile Saxon, WV


So far it hasn’t peeled off. I’m waiting for it to, but after a month, no sign of it. It looks cheap, but I’d rather have this over the hard plastic.

Mariana Eleva, WI


you can cut & customize the size you need. my son likes to chew on this, but it is ok. much better than him chewing on the wood. a really great product.

Annette Doddsville, MS

works well

This certainly serves its purpose. I like clean design and this blends in to the crib. It does a great job of protecting the rail. The application was easy. It has stayed in place for over a month (with one exception). My daughter actually uses it as a teether, so it has seen a lot of abuse and is keeping its shape and still protecting the rail.There are a few downsides:–My daughter loves to chew on it! This has required a few applications of double-stick tape to reattach the guard in key places.–I wish it were a bit wider on one side–this would allow us to better protect the rail on the inside with detracting from the look of the bed on the outside.

Brigitte Lawrence, MS

Ever Crib Should Have This

I was so pleased when I received this, as the paint was starting to chip off my babies crib where he was biting it. I checked out a few products and thought this sounded the best and they do not disappoint.Perfect, does exactly what is needed from it. So easy and quick to put on, I bought 3 packs, one either side and cut one apck in half for either end. Easy to cut with scissors and sticks down great, no corners peeling back and thick so no matter how strong your babies bite it, won’t get through. What I love the most if that when you walk in the room, you can’t see this installed on the crib, as it’s clear and blends straight in.Just wish I’d bought them sooner!

Casey Clover, SC

Must Have!

Everyone with a teething baby needs one of these!! Miracle gummi is what I call it! doesn’t move, stays where you put it ….. PERFECT for every crib

Charlene Sour Lake, TX

Won’t buy again.

We very carefully followed all the directions for these after reading all the reviews. They have been on our convertible crib for about 5-6 months now and they are peeling off and really don’t look nice, even where they are not peeling off. Next baby will have something different. I think maybe a cloth option would be better. They DO protect the crib where they are on though.

Alba Catheys Valley, CA


Don’t understand how this could get bad reviews!! I was worried at first that the adhesive wouldn’t be included. I opened it and couldn’t find them ANYWHERE!!! I was devastated because this seemed like the perfect rail protector. After a few minutes of investigating and thinking of a plan B, I noticed the adhesives on it!! The adhesive on it is super invisible as is the sticker that covers it. I was shocked and felt stupid. I followed the directions to a T (using the blower dryer to help the adhesive take to the crib (it’s almost January and the cold temp definitely doesn’t help it stick). Worked like a charm!! I checked the next day (b/c they ask that you give it about 8 hours) and sure enough it was fully stuck to the crib. I plan on using my crib for all future babies (as we are only on our first) and this will do the job in not only providing the crib rail protection but also giving my baby something to teeth on. Just look closer at the product and follow the directions.

Esther Detroit, ME

Nope. Doesn’t work at all…

I bought these rails in spite of the fact that they had bad reviews. Lesson learned. I diligently cleaned the crib rails with rubbing alcohol before I applied the rails. I applied them and let them cure overnight. The next morning, the edges were already peeling up. That afternoon, when I went in to get my little guy out of the crib after his nap, I noticed the edges were now completely detached. This product does not work as advertised and is a total waste of money.

Dawn Roscommon, MI

Great for protecting your crib.

This thing is great! We have a round crib rail, so the normal guard would not have worked. I only wish that we’d found this one earlier…my son had plenty of time to leave a few marks on his expensive crib. We’ve had this on for over a year now, and never had any problems with it. I recommend it!

Beatrice Cadiz, KY

Came off in a week!

The idea of this is really good. It comes in a roll, so you can cut it to whatever size your crib is. I used it on one of the short sides and the front, which is where my baby stared to chew. I used the adhesive like the directions stated, and let it set before I let my baby near it. He used it for about a week before it was off completely. Maybe it’s not typical, but he got his bottom teeth under the gummi rail. So finally I took the rest of it off, and with it came the paint off the crib. Now my crib is missing giant chunks of paint and my baby is still chewing on it.

Savannah Salem, IN

Very easy gummi rail cover

This is a great product! I have a sleigh-style crib so it works great for us. We only had to cover 2 sides of the crib rails and had a little left over. VERY easy to install and doesn’t come off.

Jamie New Boston, MO

Great Gift

I bought these for baby shower gifts the moms were all very happy to recieve them and I’ve heard back that they work really well…

Hazel Hebron, IN

Lasted 1 week before my Infant pulled them off

When I put these on I was actually really impressed with them–they were pretty mesh with the crib sides, and didn’t stick out badly on a quick glance and make the crib look horrible. However, they were on the crib for 1 week before my 9 month old get them off. Problem? The edge of the gummi rail goes down on the inside of the crib rail JUST enough to sit perfectly where bottom teeth land when chewing. He popped them right off then just chewed on the silicone.

Aisha Mobeetie, TX

Gummi Crib Rail

I did not like this crib rail because it did not work for me. I think it might work for other people but my son chewed on it until it was not sticky anymore and could be pulled off.

Ollie Del Valle, TX

came off in a week

It came off the crib within a week, I applied it according to the directions. I wouldn’t purchase this again, However seller was great to deal with!

Iva Sherrodsville, OH