Kidkusion Jumbo Edge Kushion, Black

Kidkusion Jumbo Edge Kushion, Black

Kid Kusion Jumbo Edge Kushion These soft foam edge cushions protect your child from falls against hard edges in your home or office. The 6′ long one piece pad can be cut to fit shorter lengths as needed. Product is attached to most surfaces with double sided tape (included). Foam is non toxic and flame retardant.

Main features

  • Polyfoam
  • The 6′ long one piece pad can be cut to fit shorter lengths as needed
  • Double sided tape included
  • Foam is non toxic and flame retardant

Verified reviews


Horrible cushion edge

I would assume that this chushion edge has to come with the same amount of tape as there’s chushion edge in the package, guess what….nope It does not, so you end up with half amount of chusion left and no tape. This is not right, so save your money and buy the Lion Heart one, soooo much better. Besides the kidcushion comes off very easy, my 8 months old baby has take them off almost from everywhere I placed it.

Judi Jacumba, CA

Super thick and does the job

We used this edging for lining our brick fireplace. It has really worked and prevented a lot of nasty falls. My husband used double sided sticky tape to help it stay on, and we haven’t had any problems since we installed it. It’s very reasonably priced and I am happy with how thick it is.

Ebony Kellogg, MN

where is the rest of the tape??

the material is good – however, it comes with only 8 small 2 inches double sided tape pieces which is nothing for a 6-feet long piece – this won’t stay in place! now i have to go get some 3M tape. I also got the safety 1st guard, which does cole with long 3M double sided tape – much better option

Marcella Siloam, NC

Wouldn’t stay

The double-sided tape was not enough to keep it attached to the edges of our raised tile foyer. Abandoned it’s use within 2 weeks.

Casey Okarche, OK

Applied it to a window seat

My toddler as a window seat in my toddlers room & it looks awesome. The wall I applied it to is an eggshell Color & the opposite wall is chocolate so it matches great. Anyhoo, The edge of the seat was really sharp & literally the day after I installed it my toddler ran into his room & smacked his face on it when he tripped. I was sooooo relieved I had installed it, he didn’t even have a mark on him! I had to apply it with foam tape because the tape that came with it was no good.

Christy Port Barre, LA

Great cushion and easy to install

This is a great cushion. We have put it on all of our furniture. It has saved our little one every time.

Elvira Cassville, GA

Requires better adhesive

This does the job well. However, you must purchase stronger double sided tape. I recommend installing it when no little yes are watching.

Melissa Aberdeen, OH

Good product, needs better adhesive

I got this to protect my toddler from the sharp edges of the marble island in our new house. This product does a great job of reducing a potential danger. Instead of sharp marble corners, I now have soft, foam covered corners. It doesn’t eliminate danger, but it does reduce it.That said, the small adhesive squares that come with the product were not sufficient to get it to stick in my house. It might have worked better if I’d been putting it on a straight edge, but with a corner, the bend in the foam makes it harder to stick. I purchased a heavier duty double sided adhesive strip and it worked great. I’d also suggest attaching only one side, allowing it to stick, then folding over the other part of the corner. It was an extra $4 to get the stronger adhesive, but worth it and not an overall negative for the product.

Leslie Traphill, NC

Great for my purposes

I needed this to take the edge off my Elfa desk, which had rough edges. (Yeah, hard to believe the lack of quality for that price.) Just used regular Scotch Tape in loops for now, seems to hold fine, but I don’t have to worry about kids ripping it off.If you do have to worry about kids ripping it off, you may experience the same issues others have here, but it’s a no-win for the manufacturer. If it sticks too well, you’ll have trouble removing it later (especially the glue residue). If it’s easy to remove, kids will find it easy to remove, too. You could try using some 3M product to secure it, as others have.For my purposes, it works great.

Gwendolyn Monteagle, TN

Functional, but not very sightly.

These work for their intended purpose, but I’m not too happy about how they look. I don’t know if there are better looking options available though.

Cortney Ingalls, MI

Great extra protection!

These keep out little guy from banging his head on our desk which backs up to the couch. The adhesive has been pretty impressive. He hasn’t managed to pull them off yet. Given enough time…he would…but we distract him before he gets that devoted to the task! He has banged his head on the padding, and it really did cushion the impact. Very happy with the product. We also bought the corners. They work well also.

Imogene Wilkesboro, NC

Love it for our stone coffee table with VERY WIDE edges

Our coffee table is low and it is made out of stone. The edges are super thick even this does not cover the edges from top to bottom. But only about an inch. left over so not awful. Our table also does NOT HAVE SQUARE edges ours looks like the corners have been cut off. Its beautiful but made looking for edge guards hard. This worked out for us perfect. Since we kept it all in once piece and simple wrapped it around our table. We needed two to go completely around our table with a few inches to spar in the back but since its up against the wall this was not a problem. It is super padded. Our son will stand holding onto the table and bite the edges since thats where his mouth is. I tried it just to make sure he would not feel any hard edges and I did not feel anything. Its so soft and he has yet to cry when hes hit head on it , many many times.! Like other people have said the double stick tape is joke. So when you order this just go to store and buy some heavy duty tape yourself and you will be fine. You will not regret this purchase I promise. If you have an oddshape table, strange edges or the girth of your table is thick this is for you.! all of those other products seem to be for those skinny glass tables or something! THIS IS THE PERFECT PRODUCTUpdate! We’ve had this for a few weeks and I had to duct tape it to our table it looks awful but my son kept pulling it down since the double sided tape it comes with us a. Joke . He chipped his two front teeth in our table when he pulled it down. So duct tape it is. . Its still a great product. I have yet to find an edge fairs like this with tape that’s actually sticks. So that’s a given when you buy baby bumpers the tape will not stick!

Lucy Villa Grove, IL

Just OK

We purchased this edging along with the matching corner pieces and some Seal & Peel caulk to affix it all to our fireplace. The adhesive strips that come with it are worthless, but even using the Seal & Peel mentioned in another review, my 8 month old can peel it right off.I’m still giving it three stars because it is one of the more attractive options for making a fireplace more baby-friendly, and it is easy to install. But it is very hard to adhere to the brick and we have to keep re-applying. I have found that cutting it into smaller sections makes it harder for him to peel off.

Dina Cambridge City, IN

Expensive and not worth it!

I bought these and the corner pieces to go on the hearth of my fireplace. Just 2 months later they are detaching from the hearth. They are sort of expensive and definitely will not stand any length of time. Very disappointed.

Lolita Hagatna, GU

Great pad…

We have a 15ft stretch of a 6″ step in the middle of our home. Our home is fully ceramic tile and thus we have ‘sharp’ edges and corners were the step is. I was hesitent to these but the taupe color blends in perfectly with the ceramic tile we have and thus no one even knows they’re for the baby (our luck, color wise).However, this gets 3-stars because the supplied double sided tape is a joke. Seriously? It barely held on for 2-3 minutes before it started to fall off. I switched to construction adhesive (liquid nails LN-950) which was specifically made for tile & foam. It works perfectly.Edit: Do not let your child near the LN-950 while its drying. It will be quite the mess to clean up. Spoken from experience. 🙁

Rosalinda Middlefield, OH

Does exactly what I needed it to do

Bought this to cover an extremely dangerous jagged edge on my travertine hearth. Based on previous reviews I purchased a $4 tube of construction adhesive from Home Depot and used a generous amount to attach the padding to to stone. I let it dry overnight and it looks great and is firmly attached. Comparable padding costs double or triple the cost, just invest in a tube of good adhesive and some masking tape to hold it in place while it dries.

Erica Nephi, UT

Doesn’t stick

My son just peels this thi g off and I even tried to stick it on with a heavier duty adhesive. No dice.

Nona Lynchburg, VA

doesnt stick very well..

Great idea but you need better tape to get it to stay on wood.I have a wood base around my fire place and my son is always around it. This bumper is thick and big enough but the tape doesn’t like the wood and Patrick just takes it off or it just falls off.

Cherry Ellwood City, PA

Works well on fireplace mantles, bad tubs, even furniture.

Easy to install and I feel it overs adequate protection against head bumps. I gave it four stars for two reasons, one, I bought several of these in the same order and they vary in width by almost an eight of an inch. Very visible when you need to cover a longer stretch. Second, it only comes with little patches of double-sided tape so that you easily get your hand under it. Our boys took that as an invitation to use it as handle, and in the end it came off. I remounted it with regular mounting tape and that solved the issue.

Rosetta Snover, MI

Cushion is good and thick- tape is worthless

The cushion is great- my daughter has already taken a few spills by the fireplace and is unfazed because this broke the fall, so it certainly accomplished its main task handily. The tape that comes with it is no good, and I had to go buy some new tape to adhere it to my fireplace. No biggie- I needed it for other things anyway. I got an outdoor tape- works well enough but I’m already needing to replace some of it after about 5 mo. Our fireplace is brick, so things loose their stickiness because of the dust of the bricks. Just keep this cushion and some tape on hand, and your hearth will be kid friendly for a good long while!

Ebony Neosho Falls, KS

Won’t stand up against your baby!!

My 8 month old went directly to the bookcase onto which I affixed the foam, tore it off and chewed on it. I put tape every few inches and followed the directions….. My kid isn’t more apt to do such a thing either, it just looks attractive to him and he had to go for it.This isn’t worth the money for me….but it’s the kind of thing you actually DO need with a mobile baby so…… I’ll see about some superglue. Though if I wanted some jimmy-rigged piece of garbage I’d just have my husband cover our stuff in weather stripping.

Freida Wirt, MN

Does not stick….

We tried this on two different textured fireplaces because that was what it was advertised for….yeah, we had to buy a boatload of extra tape and it still didn’t stick all that well. It did hold up for the weekend which was its purpose, but not for the long haul!

Esmeralda South Webster, OH