KidKusion KidSafe Deck Guard

KidKusion KidSafe Deck Guard

Our clear, durable, outdoor netting, provides a safety barrier between child and railing. Easily attached with the enclosed tie straps. 3 ft x 16 ft roll.

Main features

  • Kid Safe Deck Guard is a clear, durable, outdoor netting. Made in the USA.
  • Provides a safety barrier between child and railing
  • Easily attached with the enclosed tie straps.
  • Outdoor Deck and Patio safety barrier
  • Clear durable outdoor netting
  • Easily attached with enclosed tie straps
  • 34″ x 16 ‘ roll

Verified reviews


Sent it back

I really didn’t like this. The whole thing has sharp edges and it is just not safe to use for your baby, in my opinion. I sent it back.

Gay Cimarron, CO


this is NOT even close to being invisible. it looks like cheap plastic chicken wire and is not even half as nice as the other products i purchased for deck/balcony safety.

Phoebe New Cumberland, PA

not recommended — it breaks down

At first I really liked this deck guard — it is very easy to install and its see through so it really is not as ugly as others. However, I was very disappointed recently. I’ve had the deck guard installed now for about 7 months, and my deck gets direct sun light in the afternoon for about 2 to 3 hours every day. And now the plastic is chipping off, with very little effort I can pull on the guard and it crumbles at my fingertips. Where is the safety there? My daughter is walking all ever the place and I defiantly don’t want her to fall off the deck, but also now I’m worried about the tiny scraps of plastic from the guard all over the place. Buy something different, don’t waste your time or money…

Shawna Beltsville, MD

Safety Net

I have been looking for a safety net for our indoor balcony. I searched for several months online, trying to find a safety net that would keep our toddlers from climbing over the rail and falling over. We have a balcony upstairs that looks over a foyer. I was terrified that my kids were going to fall over one day, not realizing the danger below. This net is very sturdy and easy to install. Its also transparent as well. Its not an eye sore, once installed. The edges are very ruff, but you just need to be careful. My kids also cant get there fingers through the holes of the net. I like how easy to install it is and the fact that it will hold my kids in, if they decided to climb over the rail and play superman!

Robyn Wrentham, MA

Peace of mind! Works great!

This is great. We used it along the banister of our upstairs railing and it makes me much more comfortable with the little people running around up there. No more nightmares of my 18 month old wiggling through the rails (she can fit in between the main beams and the first set of dowels) and falling onto the first floor below. I just cut the mesh to the appropriate height and ran it along the banister for the length of our railing. I did use some 3M hooks to secure it to the wall (instead of drilling holes) on the edges.

Millie Cranford, NJ


My baby boy this kept him safe and secure and I would recommend it babies mine is now 18 months and this is well worth the investment

Judith Culpeper, VA