KidKusion off white Table Cushion, Off White

KidKusion off white Table Cushion, Off White

MADE IN THE USA Table Cushion contains NO added flame retardant chemicals. Made from all naturally flame resistant materials. Proudly produced in North Carolina. Use our dense, yet soft Table Cushions to cover sharp corners and edges of furniture, shelving, countertops and cabinets in your home. Protect children and older adults from injury. Foam is non toxic, naturally flame resistant, BPA free, phthalate free, and latex free. Our premium foam products can be used in your home, day cares, hospitals, senior living facilities, work areas, offices, museums and restaurants. Adheres securely with 3M double sided tape. Remember to clean all surface areas with rubbing alcohol before using any adhesive product. This will ensure a secure bond. Table Cushion contains 4 Corner Cushions, 12 Ft Edge Cushion and 3M double sided tape.

Main features

  • Soften hard edges and protect children.
  • Non-toxic, naturally flame retardant, NO added flame retardant chemicals.
  • Can be trimmed to shorter lengths as needed.
  • BPA Free, Latex Free, Made in the USA.
  • Attaches with double sided adhesive tape (included).
  • Protect children and older adults from injury. Soft, yet dense foam Table Cushions attach securely to furniture with 3M double sided tape.
  • Made in the USA!
  • NO added flame retardant chemicals. Made from naturally flame resistant materials.
  • Dense, yet soft, premium impact absorbing Corner Cushions.
  • Adheres securely with 3M double sided tape.

Verified reviews


Wonderful product, but 12′ isn’t enough

This is a wonderful product and has saved my baby numerous bruises, black eyes, and scrapes. I found that as long as you use small pieces of the tape spaced out at regular intervals along the foam, there’s more than enough to attach the product. My problem was that 12′ of foam edger isn’t enough to do even a small coffee table – I came out an entire leg short. Anyone with a coffee table that holds more than a remote and a tv tray would have to order a whole extra spool of the edging foam. Other than that, I can’t say enough good things about this! Great value for the $$$!

Berta Foster, NE

Perfect Protection

Amazing! Work so well!! Don’t bother with any of the others! We used for granite window ledge, night stands and coffee tables!

Fern Macy, NE

The adhesive won’t even stay stuck to the cushion!

If I’d have known how well(or not well for that matter) this would work out I wouldn’t have spent the money on it! Daily I have to go around the edge of my glass coffee table and repress down the cushion, so it doesn’t just fall off. The adhesive stick fine to the table, just not so well with the foam padding. I followed all the directions and this is my experience.

Erica Baltic, CT

Very soft protection

This product is very thick and very soft, making those bumps a lot easier. I’ve even caught my toddler chewing on it, without any pieces coming off into her mouth full of teeth. The only con is that the adhesive tape has started to loose it’s sticky in a few spots, and I have to keep repositioning a corner piece constantly. Otherwise, it’s great!!

Marci Berkeley, CA

Great bumpers!

Only bad thing is it didnt come with enough of the sticky tape…hmmmm. not sure how they expect you to use it without the tape.Otherwise easy to install and I love that it is in black as matches the furniture! And you can cut to size.

Carol Shubert, NE

Nice soft cushion

Nice soft cushion… but the tapes are not strong enough. My 14 months old can easily peel them off. (and he loves it)

Leeann Noyes, MN

it works and looks good

these are good quality. The included double-sided tape is strong enough. Not sure how the other reviewers managed to get these fall off after a few days. Mine are still secured after weeks. Make sure you wipe clean both the cushion and the furniture surface with rubbing alcohol before applying the tape.One complain though. The included roll of tape is not long enough to run the entire length of the cushion. This means you have to tape the cushion down at intervals instead of the whole length. 5 stars if they include more tape.

Therese Endwell, NY

Great product, not enough sticky tape

This product is great–I put it on my black coffee table and it looks good. Most people don’t even notice it until they get up close to it.My problem with this product is that not enough double-sided tape is provided to utilize the entire length of the cushion material. And we aren’t talking short by a few inches, we are talking REALLY short on the tape–I only received enough tape to secure a little more than 1/2 of the cushion material. I didn’t go overboard on the tape–I followed the directions explicitly. Luckily I had bought 2 packages so I had enough tape to finish my coffee table, but now I have a bunch of leftover cushion material and no tape to secure it to any other furniture in my house. The double-sided tape provided is very thin and probably won’t do as much damage to furniture as the thicker tape you’d find at a hardware store. I couldn’t find the same tape that came with the product anywhere, so I’m stuck with a bunch of extra cushion material.

Laverne Dadeville, AL


I absolutely love these bumpers! I was really dreading having to put bumpers on my super modern coffee table that I love for fear that it would completely ruin the look. The color (black) blended with the table beautifully and once applied, it looks almost seamless. I have gotten compliments from guests about it…although it takes them a while to notice them. I did have to buy this kit, an extra roll, and another 8-pack of corners (coffee table has 3 tiers of wood which makes for 12 corners!)…a pretty good chunk of change, but I think it’s completely worth it. I am buying another kit in brown for my mom’s place and having her throw away the ugly stretchable bumper she currently has. Best part, I am now comfortable letting my 10 month old cruise around the coffee table, she does chew on the bumpers sometimes, but they are stuck on tight and aren’t budging.

Dora Sibley, MS

Works well for granite and brick fireplaces

This foam has worked well for our granite fire place, though unlike many users, our tape seems to have worked just fine! I ordered one for our granite fireplace and the other for a brick one. I have not installed the brick one just yet to know how it does on that.*update* I have now installed the one for my brick fire place using the included tape. I cleaned the brick before placing the tape down, then put the tape on the flat areas of brick (my bricks have a “weathered” look to them so some have chips, holes, or uneven areas) and then pushed the pad down over the tape. Not a single issue with the padding coming off my brick yet, even with my little one pulling up on the edges or clawing at the foam. I am pleasantly surprised and it looks great with my white molding despite being slightly off-white in color.

Meredith Lodgepole, NE

Have purchased before and would purchase again!

I bought this for 2 marble topped end tables I inherited that have sharp, hard edges. I had covered the edges with this system a few years ago, but the cushions had to come off when the table tops needed to be fixed after moving: the double sided tape came off easily without ruining my furniture and the cushions keeps my kids safe.

Edna Pomaria, SC

a good value

Like the other reviewers said… there is not enough tape included in the packaging to apply this thing to your table. I knew this going in, and have lots of double sided scotch tape on hand, so I knew what i was getting into. That said, it’s a good product. It would have 5 stars if they had included enough tape to apply it. Its the best value i found, you can cover an entire coffee table for 12 bucks. Whereas the competitor was a lot more expensive. But still I would recommend it, because it is customizable, it works, and even the regular double sided tape is holding it on the table, nicely. I just wish we had bought it before my son nose dived into the edge of the table.

Tanisha Mansfield, MO

very good

They protect everyone in our family, from grandma to my toddler daughter. Easy to use, I recommend this to all the families with babies.

Kristina Willow Spring, NC