Kidkusion Toddler Edge Kushions Black

Kidkusion Toddler Edge Kushions Black

MADE IN THE USA Edge Cushion 12 Ft contain NO added flame retardant chemicals. Made from all naturally flame resistant materials. Proudly produced in North Carolina. Use our dense, yet soft Corner Cushions to cover sharp corners of furniture, shelving, countertops and cabinets in your home. Protect children and older adults from injury. Foam is non toxic, naturally flame resistant, BPA free, phthalate free and latex free. Our premium foam products can be used in schools, daycares, hospitals, senior living facilities, work areas, offices, museums and restaurants. Adheres securely with 3M double sided tape, included. Remember to clean all mounting surfaces with rubbing alcohol before using any foam product. This will ensure a secure bond.

Main features

  • Protect children and older adults from injury. Soft, yet dense foam Edge Cushions attach securely to hard edges with 3M double sided tape.
  • Made in the USA!
  • NO added flame retardant chemicals. Made from naturally flame resistant materials.
  • Dense, yet soft, premium impact absorbing Corner Cushions.
  • Adheres securely with 3M double sided tape.

Verified reviews


Great bumpers, just need to get a different adhesive

We have a mix of surfaces in our living room. Stone table with wooden legs. Glass entertainment center. Ceramic tile surround/hearth on our fireplace. So, off to the store to get babyproofing as our 6 month old started pulling herself up precariously using the table, couch, etc. as a hand-hold. The trouble is, most of the stores only carry a beige or offwhite color, and our decor is more black. Fortunately, we found these cushions on amazon in black. They are great quality, very cushiony and of sufficient length to be able to cut to any application. The included double-sided tape is not useful. Doesn’t hold very well, etc. So, we found reviews of this “peal and seal” weatherize caulk. Which is designed to be temporary for sealing windows. It’s sticky enough to hold the cushion in place, and can be peeled off the surfaces easily enough without leaving a mark.These bumpers are a great find, and the best price is, of course, on Amazon.

Louisa Mullett Lake, MI

Impossible to use

This product is completely useless in the sense that it is impossible to go around corners with it. And if you try to cut it it looks like s**t. Not a product anyone who remotely cares about the look of things can use.

Liz Milton, VT

Great bumpers

Its a good product other then its an ugly color! I ordered this before realizing that it came in black also. So I have both on my living room furnature.Again it didnt come with enough tape, i guess you can buy more seperate. easy to install and can cut to any size.

Barbra Grammer, IN

Crap product

Did not even come with adhesive and i had to end up nailing it in. NEVER buying it again. So disappointing 🙁

Blanca Jayuya, PR

Kidkusion Toddler Edge Kushions, Brown

Kidkusion Toddler Edge Kushions, Brown is a great product for child safety. it is all over my house now. Spent too much money on it, but worthy to keep my son safe and injuries/

Nora Fairfield, VT

Edge cushions

I got this for my fireplace hearth before realizing that it wasn’t labeled for that. Oops. I put it on anyway. It sticks great and it hasn’t melted or anything. We use our wood stove all winter to heat the house and I haven’t had any trouble.

Katy Fall River, WI

Just returned the product

We bought this so we can protect our 9 month old from the sharp surfaces in our home. My husband had spent about 2 hours on a Sunday when my son was napping to paste it in almost all kind of surface he could – wood, plastic, walls, etc.The next sunday when we looked around in our home, only 2 of them were left out in the place were we had pasted them. Rest all had been removed and been safely secured in toy stash by my 9 month old! After 2 months, when he can stand up, he removed even the taller ones, and now there are no kushions in our home except in the toy box!However, I have to commend that the walls, and other surface where we pasted them, they look immaculate after the tape came off. No damage done. But whats the use if a 9 month old can pull it out ?

Natalie Mohegan Lake, NY

Sticks great.

This stuff sticks on really well. Has not come off even with my toddler pulling herself up on the coffee table with it. I am very happy with this.

Deloris Wheelwright, KY

Exactly what I needed

We have a raised slate hearth that runs the length of our living room (the edge is about 22 inches off the ground). My son likes to chew on the edge (yuck) and uses it to cruise but because the edge is so sharp and so hard I wanted something to protect him should he slip. It went on easily and and completely blends in. For the first few days my son kept trying to chew it but quickly gave up since it was no longer cold and hard. There is no visible damage from him chewing and it still sticks great. As another reviewer mentioned it says it’s not for hearths but like her I’m sure that’s a flammability issue and like her we don’t use the fireplace anyway.Edit -I just wanted to add that when we put our house on the market we removed this and it came off cleanly. If I ever need it again I’ll be able to use it (just need more adhesive). The adhesive tape also came off pretty easily and we were able to get any residual stickiness off with a little goo gone and an old toothbrush.

Shauna Cochiti Lake, NM

Mostly great

I have a metal coffee table with sharp edges and these work well to protect my little one’s head. These edge guards, along with the same brand and color of corner guards, have formed a complete barrier to keep my baby safe, and it looks decent too because it matches well. Despite the destructive tendencies of my baby, not one piece has come loose, unlike other brands I have tried.One important caveat, the double sided tape provided is barely enough length, but permanent double sided tape from Scotch works just as well if necessary.

Harriet Calpine, CA

Ripped the paint off my wall and my child pulled them off upon discovering them

I’d be okay with the fact that my child ripped these off the wall, but I didn’t expect that at 6 months old she would be able to also rip the paint and chunks of the drywall off too! I knew there was the risk of this happening, but didn’t realize so much paint and drywall would come off. While the cushions are great, the adhesive ruins them. My advice? If you need to soften your corners, use these cushions, but secure to the wall using small nails that your child can’t pull out. Repairing a few small holes would be much easier than what we need to do!

Milagros Oak Grove, LA

Don’t use on veneer anything

This product will ruin any veneer finish you put it on. We used it for the coffee table, and then threw out the coffee table because it was ruined.Also, at 6 months our son could easily rip this off anyway. Pointless product

Rosalyn Sulphur Springs, TX

Nothing impressive

I’m sure if you looked hard enough you could find weather stripping at Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart that is the same shape and quality for less money per foot. The tape they send with it is just sticky enough to hold it down but I’m doubtful it will last long. If I need more I will just get weather stripping and some nice 3M tape. I gave it 3 stars because it’s not garbage.

Shawna Wading River, NY

Good price

This comes with quite a bit of length to cover our brick for our wood stove, I wasn’t really sure how to cover the edges, but we made it work. I didn’t use the tape, we took another reviewers advice and bought the peal n seal. You have to leave the house airing out for many hours though.

Adriana East Andover, NH


This stuff is worth it’s weight in gold at my house, it has def served it’s purpose and protected my now 18 month old from running into the bar in the kitchen plus what I had left over went to many good uses as well!

Natalia Portal, GA


this is great for protecting kids around hard corners and edges. I use it on coffee tables and end tables. my daughter fell and bumped her head and got up laughing instead of crying. this really works, it is thick and sticks on well. the only problem i have is that my table has a removable glass top, sometimes i need to clean under the glass and when you remove the adhesive (double sided) from the table, it does not stick well may want to get some double sided tape to use if you think you will need to move it.

Lilly Stone Creek, OH

not enough tape and bad customer service

I actually purchased this through lowes while there shopping for some garden supply. The cushion seems thick but not rigid enough. when pressing down against a corner, in my case bath tub tile corner, you can clearly feel the sharp, hard corn through the cushion. But it’s definitely better than not having anything there. However, half way through applying the cushion, adhesive tape ran out, and I still have about 3 foot cushion left (out of 6 foot total length). I contacted manufacturer a day later, and it’s been almost two weeks and still haven’t heard anything back. So, if you want to use this edge cushion, make sure to buy some extra adhesive.

Adeline Beech Grove, IN

Product works but not enough tape supplied

We purchased this to cover our wooden coffee tab sides in order to protect our baby as he starts to walk. The foam is soft, fits the edge and protects well. My biggest complaint is that they did not give enough tape for the entire roll. We used almost the entire roll and ran out of tape around half-way through. I had to go buy some from the hardware store and could not find any that matched. If you only need half the roll, then I would give this 4.5 stars, otherwise expect to spend another $5-$10 on double-sided tape that will not match the size of the orignal tape.

Lillie New Berlinville, PA

Saved me from a sharp edge

We have a bed with drawers underneath it, so we have to watch out for the sides of it. as well as our other furniture in the bedroom we put that edge guard on it. it helped me more out then our little one, when on more then one time i have stubbed my toe on it. yet the sticky tape is were it falls short on, worthless stuff!

Elinor Tonganoxie, KS

Great Product

Very sturdy and thick foam, yet not too hard to be comfortable for little ones. Sticks very well with included tape to CLEAN, FLAT surfaces. We have had no problems with this coming off at all. Be sure to install following simple instructions included and not stretch the foam as you put it down to prevent later shrinkage. Blends in very well with furniture and most people don’t even notice that it is there. We ordered more!

Helene Havana, AR

Works well enough – saved from injuries several times already

I bought these in conjunction with theKidkusion Toddler Corner Kushions – 8 Pack. And unlike the corner pieces, these ones stick down quite well and have given me no problem. By contrast, the corner pieces stuck well at first, but over time, seem to be popping off all on their own. The cushions are great in and of themselves, but the double sided tape used to stick them down isn’t. But I’m still happy with the purchase and will just stick them down better with better tape or glue. I have sensitive legs and have bumped into my low coffee table corners several times, and I know these have saved me months of recovery time. Well worth it, even if they do need to be remounted with better adhesive.

Dona Mabel, MN

Wouldn’t stay on

We thought this was a great idea for our coffee table, but we could not get it to stay put with the tape that was provided. We have a normal wood table (Pottery Barn Apothecary Table). The tape just wasn’t strong enough. It kept coming off & was annoying, so we finally just threw it away. I didn’t try to buy any other type of tape. It just didn’t seem worth the hassle. We just moved our coffee table up against the wall & out of the way once our son started walking at 10 months old. That worked fine… probably not what a decorator would recommend, but all of our friends & family who visit didn’t care at all. Our son is almost 2 years old now & we’ve been able to put the table back, so that only lasted a little over a year.

Bobbie Pekin, IN

Maybe I put it on wrong

I’m probably just bad with directions, but I had a hard time getting this to stick to surfaces and it is easy for my daughter to pull it off.

Joanne Belmont, NH

Needs more tape

As many other negative reviews say, the foam part is great, but they do not provide enough tape with this product. There is only enough to cover one edge of the foam if you are using all the foam, and anyone with a baby/toddler knows, they will pull up anything they can get their fingers under. If it is being used as provided by only adults, the product works great. More tape is needed if you are using it for child proofing. Weigh the cost of what it will take to buy more double sided tape with the cost difference of a more expensive product.

Allyson Dill City, OK

Great product–does its job!

We cut this long strip up and used it to trim our TV console. Days before, my son fell into it and got an enormous bruise right in the center of his forehead… not so, now. He’s bumped into it several times and hasn’t even cried. It does its job and he can’t pull it off.

Susana Cowley, WY


I love it. We use it for the edge of the bed. I have no bruises anymore and it is safe for he baby had and teeth.

Adrian Tenino, WA

good for safety

I like this product, the only thing is that it does not stick well in bumpy surface.

Samantha Lost Hills, CA

Sticks well and matches my black dining room table nicely!

I highly recommend this product. Sticks well, but does take a couple of days to properly adhere. Especially if you do it vertically along the edges of a table leg such as I did. My son bumped his head on the edge of the table LEG (his level was the leg, not the table rim) at 15 months and had a concussion — rushed to ER. I had the table top and table edge bumpered, but not the LEGS. Very scary! So, now i have another baby (girl this time) and wanted to assure no such thing would happen again. Better safe than sorry!

Melody Hyder, AK


This stuff is SO expensive, and barely covers anything. AND the adhesive sucks. i guess that’s why it won’t ruin your furniture. however, your baby (and yes- baby, not toddler) will pull it right off. 🙁 Get another adhesive and it should work better. but still not happy about the cost for this stuff. i wish amazon used styrofoam peanuts to pack their boxes… i would use those to pad corners/edges around the house- in a heart beat!

Denise Golden City, MO

Does it’s job

Yes, as all the other reviewers mentioned, the tape on this does not work well. I just bought a roll of scotch two way tape and fixed it on all corners that my baby gravitates to. It’s well cushioned and blends in well with my furniture. Cheaper on Amazon than in stores, I recommend it while child proofing your house!

Camille Mc Neil, TX