Kids Line Cascade Bow Diaper Bag, Blush

Kids Line Cascade Bow Diaper Bag, Blush

Cascade Bow Diaper Bag Blush

Main features

  • Changing pad included
  • Water resistant lining
  • Includes detachable shoulder straps

Verified reviews


gross color

The color of this bag is not what it appears to be on the listing. It isn’t a light pink (blush) it is more a flesh/foundation-makeup color which is pretty gross looking. The bag also doesn’t have any structure to it like the photo sugggests. It’s just a huge floppy bag. The bow on the one I recieved was also bent back and I’m sure with time and patience I could put it back to where it is supposed to go but I’m returning this bag immediately. It might be a good diaper bag but I think I’d just be embarrassed to carry it because of the color and how cheap it looks. It looks so dang cute online! I’m dissapointed.

Beatriz Fruitland, WA

Very cute diaper bag

I love this bag and have gotten many compliments about my cute "purse." It doesn’t look like your typical diaper bag. It has a soft faux leather feel on the outside and a fair amount of pockets on the inside. The bottle holder was too small to hold any of my baby’s bottles so I use it to hold a bottle of hand sanitizer instead. It’s the size of an oversized purse so there is plenty of room to hold both baby stuff and mine. It comes with a basic diaper changing pad which isn’t thickly padded and my son quickly outgrew it’s length but for the most part it keeps him protected from laying directly on dirty diaper changing stations.

Tricia Monongahela, PA

Bow and ruffles not as pictured

It looks very stylish and cute on the pictures but when I got the bag in the mail it wasn’t as elegant. My bow was a little lopsided and the ruffles kind of “off”. I sent the company a picture and requested an exchange but they didn’t seem to care. However, iv been using the bag for only a couple days now and got compliments. My pregnant friend saw it tonight and was ready to order herself one.Pros for me:1) It has a nice built in insulated side pocket inside for a bottle (my favorite feature). A little narrow, but deep so it could hold a 9oz long bottle. Not so sure about wide bottles or sippy cups, but maybe?2) It is gigantic. In the picture it looks like a nice little handbag/purse. In person it is massive- like 4x what you imagine from the picture. I felt like it was a piece of luggage the first time carrying it around. BUT- with a toddler and a new baby that’s exactly what I needed – and BOTH sets of their clothes, diapers, etc. fit with room to spare! So I love how roomy it is.3) The stroller straps are so nice. It looks cute hanging on the back of my strollerDownfalls:1) You can’t “organize” anything in this purse bc there are no dividers or anything. Just a big empty space inside where everything can get jumbled up. There’s 2 small pockets on one side that u can fit a pacifier, hand sanitizer, and small odd things maybe, and another slightly wider “pocket” on the other side but essentially your diapers, blankets, change of clothes, snacks, etc are all going to be in one same area and you might find yourself fishing around for stuff.2) the changing pad it comes with takes up like half the room inside. So I don’t use it because it wastes all that space! It is too big and unpractical to carry around. And unlike other reviewers, mine was padded. But since it’s so long, big, and wide, it’s a waste of space to carry around in my purse (I use a thin recieving blanket as my “changing pad” when I’m out – SO much more practical).3) the zippered pocket on the outside is very* small4) the zippered pocket on the inside is very* small (again, basically its just one big empty bag with not much to offer for organizing – aside from a couple small pockets and the bottle holder on the side)Overall I do recommend this bag bc it has the the two things that were most important to me when choosing a diaper bag. A) it doesn’t look like a diaper bag but a stylish purse, and b) it’s huge. The reason I gave it 3 stars is bc my bow/ruffles looked a little messed up and wasn’t as pretty as the pictures but iv been tugging at it and it looks better now…I mean I did get some compliments so I guess it passes.

Ava Vicksburg, MI

Great Diaper bag/purse

I, like many other new moms, came to the sad realization that carrying around my adorable purse just wouldn’t work anymore. I also came to the realization that most diaper bags are, well, diaper bag looking. This bag is great because it can double as my purse, and its still stylish enough that I don’t feel like a frumpy new mom while carrying it (even if I look the part of frumpy new mom in every other way).It has a ton of room, which is nice when you have to pack a few extra outfits and burp cloths and diapers and basically an entire nursery 🙂

Deana Hudson, IL

love it!

I haven’t gotten to actually use my bag yet because our son has yet to make it arrival, but I do have it all packed up. I love that it came with extra straps, and a very roomy changing pad. The bag is very roomy inside and holds a lot. Absolutely LOVE my bag!

Candice Fairfax, IA

Cute big bag for the price (mine was $30)

Yes,it’s true…everything inside gets all desheveled. Inside pockets are pretty useless. The pockets need to be deeper. Not much compartments. So far,nothing has ripped. So,that’s good! Haha! I usually carry 5-6 bottles in this bag with a huge pack of wipes and diapers (about 6-8). A full set of changing clothes,5 bibs,etc. Fits it all. I think it’s a bit impossible to keep insanely organized when it comes to a diaper bag. You’re on the go all the time when it comes to a baby. With that said,to me,I don’t mind how cluttered a diaper bag can get. It’s going to happen no matter what. This bag comes with stroller handles that I would not dare use. I’m lucky to have a huge basket on my stroller,so I don’t even use that option. This bag is light on its own and still bearable with stuff in it. The color is more of a very pale pink-beige. Looks great to me. A lot of people mistake it as a regular bag. I’m not a fan at all of diaper looking diaper bags. Pretty happy with this purchase.

Shanna Kotzebue, AK


The diaper bag is really big, you can not imagine when you se the picture. Has a lot of space and is really fashion!

Audra Isabella, OK