Kids Line Jungle 123 Hamper, Brown

Kids Line Jungle 123 Hamper, Brown

4020HAM Features: -Folds for easy storage.-Hardwood stand folds up for easy storage.-Flap hides the sight of dirty laundry. Includes: -Remove-able mesh liner included.-Includes a removable mesh bag insert to easily pull and tote laundry. Specifications: -Keep your nursery clean and organized with Kids Line Jungle 123 hamper. Dimensions: -22” H x 12.5” W x 13.5” D, 3.64 lbs. Collection: -Jungle 123 collection.

Main features

  • Hardwood stand folds up for easy storage, Measures approximately 16 x 15 x 28
  • Includes a removable mesh bag insert to easily pull and tote laundry
  • Flap hides the sight of dirty laundry
  • Jungle 123 hamper, removable mesh bag included, attractive wood stand folds for easy storage, fabric cover is fully removable

Verified reviews



Returned it. For the price we were expecting a much more substantial hamper. The wood supports are very flimsy and the fabric very thin. Wouldn’t expect it to last very long.

Nadia Tyner, KY

Cute and functional

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this item. There is a little bag inside the hamper for you to just lift it out of the basket and toss the items into the laundry. You don’t have to really touch the dirty clothes especially with all the spit ups and left over food on their little clothes. It looks really cute too!

Socorro Delton, MI


Very functional and the color goes well with the theme of the baby’s room. I would recommend to friends. Love it

Cheryl Clifton, OH

Super cute and fits the room perfectly!

I love this little hamper. It’s perfect for the small clothes and blankets from a baby – I also like that the inner bag is removable so it’s easy to take down to the laundry room. I recommend it!

Juanita Loma, MT


Our little guy isn’t due until March but we are slowly building the nursery. While the theme is technically Noah’s Ark we are incorporating a lot of monkey’s as well. This is a perfect fit to our nursery and appears to be really durable. I look forward to many years of use with this hamper.

Tammie Junction City, KY

Cute, but overpriced

My wife decided on Kids Line Jungle Walk products when our son was but a few months old. There is no secret their stuff is expensive. Yes, it is cute – and even as a guy, I like their products more. They just seem more “baby like” if that makes sense.While most everything we have purchased seemed to have a quality that at the least pretended to be worthy of the cost, this hamper does not. We will keep it, my wife loves it. But the construction is just CHEAP. The wooden supports are too thin, the attachments are questionable.I have NO doubt this thing will be broken during some point while we are using it. Buy it for yourself, yes. Buy it as a baby shower gift? No.

Darla West Millbury, MA

Very cute, goes with jungle decor

This is a functional hamper. The decor is cute and goes well with our jungle-themed nursery. The hamper itself is very lightweight, and comes with a mesh bag that hooks on the four legs and is easily removed when it’s laundry time. The mesh bag is also great because it allows air to pass through and dry out wet items that are thrown in the hamper. I would prefer if the hamper was heavier – it’s fine now, but I can imagine lots of accidents when the baby is older and mobile. It seems like it will be very easy to knock over and the top flap does not velcro or snap on.

Rosanne Smith, NV

Functional, Cute Hamper

This simple hamper goes well with the jungle 123 nursery decor. It is very cute and looks good in my son’s jungle themed room. It is incredibly light and does exactly what it is meant to do. The top part, with the monkey face, is actually a flap that serves as a cover. Sometimes this flap can be cumbersome, but it does stay in position and does not sink in unless there is weight on top of it. When I get a little lazy, I toss the clothes on top and the flap eventually sinks in so just the giraffe portion shows, which still looks fine. There is an easily removable mesh laundry bag inside the jungle themed hamper bag. I have not washed it yet, so cannot comment on how it washes up. It is a simple design, but functions well. I am pleased with this purchase.

Sharon Moscow, TN