Kids Line Jungle 123 Rug, Brown

Kids Line Jungle 123 Rug, Brown

Decorate your nursery with the perfect matchback rug. The rug will add style and comfort to your child’s bedroom or nursery. Made with a non skid backing and soft acrylic blend, the 30×40″ rug will create a soft and comfortable area in your nursery.

Main features

  • 30″x40″
  • Non skid backing
  • Made from an acrylic blend
  • Design used to showcase the adorable jungle 123 collection, non skid backing

Verified reviews


Nice addition to my nursery

Rug is a nice size for an area rug. It stays in place (better than a different rug I bought elsewhere). I like the design and colors, and fits well in my nursery – both size and theme(which is a relatively small bedroom – I keep it in front of the changing table, and do have a second rug for the room).

Mari Vernon, UT

Poor quality! Doesn’t fit well in the room!

It wasn’t elegant at all. We had a wonderful nursery set-up but I really felt it needed a rug. Although we have some jungle/animal themed things around the room, this just did not fit FOR US.If you have the entire theme from the Kids Line Jungle room… it may be nice as it completes it. But don’t think this would fit as a stand-alone piece in a room that did not have other Kids Line Jungle items.Plus, this is really weak quality- terrible and flimsy.

Josephine Belfield, ND

Completes the nursery decor

I received this rug as a gift during my baby shower, and although my nursery bed-in-a-bag is from a different line, this rug really complemented the rest of our items and brought the room together. It is very soft, and it does not have any rubber backing- perfect for a carpeted room although it would probably be slick on hardwood, etc. I’ve washed this rug a couple of times, and it has held up well. Very happy with it!

Tania Chino, CA

Good rug, a little expensive for what it is in my opinion

As my wife and I finalize our first sons room I purchased this rug because it fits with the theme of the room. There are no complaints about the rug, it is soft, looks great – fits with all of the other Kids Line Jungle Walk stuff in the room. The only complaint would be that it is kind of expensive for what the rug seems to be. No doubt this will withstand a baby, and will survive in his room until he is much older. But the price is a little high compared to other similarly sized rugs we have.

Erin Saint Thomas, MO

Monkey Jungle Adorable Rug

Great jungle rug and very cute by my doll’s room door. Fits under a door in a carpeted room if anyone is wondering. Love it~!

Marjorie Athol, KS

Great Rug. Could use non slip backing

We got this to go along with onther Kids Line 123 Jungle stuff. it is perfect for our small nursury.

Whitney Canton, PA