Kids Preferred Label Loveys Chime Ball, Little Diva

Kids Preferred Label Loveys Chime Ball, Little Diva

Kids Preferred Label Loveys Little Diva Chime Ball: Gently roll this soft ball to baby or let him kick it around the crib. Each 8″ ball features multiple textures and makes chime and crinkle sounds that will bring a smile to your baby’s face. Our new and improved Label Loveys are back by popular demand. We’ve added lots of new accents to our signature non looped, baby safe satin labels. Each tactile toy is made of baby soft, high quality materials that will both stimulate and comfort baby. With so many accents, we offer many textures, sounds, and sights for babies to explore, and a look to suit every baby’s style. Check out all of our Label Loveys collections; such as, our Cute as a Button primaries collection, the bright and popular Little Diva Collection, and the Little Lovey pastel collection. Each group features cuddy character plush, rattles, chime balls, soft blankets, teether blankets, and take along attachable. Stock up but, don’t be left without your LABEL LOVEYS.

Main features

  • Our new and improved Label Loveys are back by popular demand
  • Features 8″ ball with multiple textures with chime and crinkle sounds
  • Little Diva is a new accents to our signature non looped, baby safe satin labels
  • Made of baby soft, high quality materials to both stimulate and comfort baby
  • Offers many different textures, sounds, and sights for babies to explore

Verified reviews


Instant Hit!

I have been looking for some softer toys to put in my son’s pack n play since he is able to pull himself up now and I don’t want him falling on the harder plastic toys. I saw a Taggies ball at the toy store and almost bought it, but at $20 I wasn’t sure it was worth the money. When I got home and looked it up on Amazon, I saw this one for about $14 and it looked like it had a few other things on it to peek his interest than just tags. So I took a chance and ordered it instead. Out of the box I can tell you its a bit squishier than the Taggies version, I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing, it might lose shape faster but be easier for little hands to grab, so the jury is still out on that. However, my 8mo old son absolutely loved this the second I handed it to him. So many different things for him to look at and he loves shaking it to make it chime. Which by the way isn’t an annoying sound like so many other of his toys. I would definitely recommend this activity ball!

Regina Manley, NE

Fun ball

We first bought this ball for our son when he was 4 1/2 months old. At the time he didn’t seem interested in it whenever we took it out. Every now and then he would grab the knots or the tags and suck on them, but aside from that he would kind of avoid it. Now he is 7 1/2 months, and for the past few weeks he has been in love with this toy. He likes to sit in front of it and dive on top of it, rolling around and sucking on everything. Once in a while he will push or kick it and we “play ball” for a while. It makes a nice chiming sound when rolling/moving which I actually find kind of soothing. A nice change from his other, very loud toys.

Madeleine Farnam, NE

Choking Hazard

Upon first taking it out of the bag, it looked like a nice ball–bright colors and varied textures. (Little Diva model.) But all I had to do was run my hands over the strip of synthetic purple fur that runs along one of the lengthwise seams from top to bottom (you can see a portion of it at the top of the photo), and a huge chunk of it came out in my hands. I thought perhaps it was just some loose fur left over from construction, but upon gently tugging at the strip (which runs the length of the ball, so there is a lot of it)–huge chunks of it completely pulled up from the ball with barely any strength exerted on my behalf. I gently tugged on 3 different parts of the strip and it all came out in my hands. I was shocked. If I could pull it out so easily, so could an infant, who could put it into her mouth and easily choke on it. This is a totally unsafe, hazardous toy and should be recalled. Returned to Amazon, thank God for Prime.

Mari Carmen, OK

Great developmental opportunity

I gave this to my daughter for Christmas, and at 5 months, it became her favorite toy. She generally prefers non-toys (wooden spoons, books, measuring cups), so her enthusiasm was a bit of a surprise! I like it because:1. She’s developing her grasping skills – she practices grasping all the soft little tags.2. She just loves tags! On any toy, she goes straight for the tags, and there are lots of them on here to keep her exploring for a long time.3. Lots of different colors and textures to aid in her development4. Easy to talk about with her – the textures, colors, shapesA great, inexpensive, seemingly good quality toy!

Alexis Seco, KY


This item was purchased for our granddaughter as a Christmas present. She was 8 months old at the time and she loves anything with a tag on it. This item entertained her for quite some time. The small handle allowed her to pick up the ball, also move the ball around. The different textures on this make it a neat toy!!

Deidra Towner, ND

Soft ball with pleasant chime.

My 10 month old loves to play with this in the car. It is soft, nice colors, no annoying sounds. It has a plush handle so it is easy for the baby to hold on to. My son shows no interest in the tags and other extras and it would probably roll better without the extra things on it.Pros:1. Safe and soft2. Easy to grip handle3. Pleasant colors4. Soft chime5. Light and easy to throwCons:1. Does not roll easily(If baby is not a proficient crawler then this could be a Pro)

Lelia Munster, IN