KidsKit 3 in 1 Potty Training Seat For Boys + Girls | Potty Seat With Sturdy Non-Slip Ladder, Toilet Seat Reducer & Portable Potty

KidsKit 3 in 1 Potty Training Seat For Boys + Girls | Potty Seat With Sturdy Non-Slip Ladder, Toilet Seat Reducer & Portable Potty

Potty training your kids will never be a burden again with our KidsKit 3 in 1 portable potty seat for toddlers. Introducing a unique design that is guaranteed to give your child the best potty training experience. Your searches for the right potty seats are over; no need to buy multiple potty training contraptions. Our potty training seat includes a portable potty, toilet trainer with a mini ladder and a toilet seat reducer . Three possible uses: 1. It’s a standalone potty training seat that your child can independently reach and use. 2. It’s an actual potty seat for toilets with a step stool so kids can easily get on the toilet on their own. 3. The portable potty seat for toddlers is a detachable kids toilet seat reducer for when your child grows out of the small potty. KidsKit 3 in 1 potty training seat can easily be disassembled or adjusted for your convenience. The potty seat for toilets only weighs 3.3 pounds with the dimensions of 13.8 x 13.8 x 15.8 inches that is ideal for kids 12 months of age and above. This potty seat has a 44 lbs. weight capacity. Not only is this portable potty seat lightweight and transportable, it is designed with bright and attractive colors perfectly suited for your toddler. This potty training seat for boys and girls has a removable basin for quick clean-up; wash with mild soap and water.

Main features

  • The KidsKit potty training seat features three products in one. It is the portable potty seat that will adjust to every stage of your child’s potty training so they could learn to use the toilet independently.
  • A self standing potty seat for toilets that is designed with bright and cheerful colors and will encourage your toddler to want to use their potty seat everyday. Our potty training seat for boys and girls is made with skid proof, non slip materials and has sturdy floor grippers.
  • This is the only portable potty seat made to use on-the-toilet with a built-in step stool, and a comfortable, toddler toilet seat insert.
  • This portable potty seat for toddlers can be detached and converted into a a child-size toilet seat with its toilet seat insert.
  • A potty training seat for boys and girls ideal for children 12 months to 36 months of age and can carry up to 44 lbs in weight. KidsKit 3 in 1 potty training seat makes for a great folding potty seat that can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water, and is ideal for travel and storage.

Verified reviews


Good for what’s out there

I haven’t actually tried other products like this, so I can’t confirm this is a flaw in all similar units, but based on the other reviews it seems like they all have the same defect, which is that they’re unstable.It appears to me that this particular unit could be easily addressed by the manufacturer though. The four rubber feet on the underside of the seat are flush with the rest of the seat lip, meaning that there isn’t enough contact between the seat and the rim of the toilet (yes, the toilet seats are up) to make a sturdy grip. As an experiment, I took four squares of foam (like the kind you line a drawer with or put under a slippery rug) and placed it under each of the feet. Bingo! Sturdy potty seat. So if this had just a little more rubber, or even better a U of grippers, then it would be very stable on the toilet. I’ll probably just hot-glue those four squares of rubber onto the feet to make the fix permanent.The other area where it is unstable is on the two feet that touch the floor. Again, the pegs under the feet don’t provide much grip, and to make things worse there is a slight curve to the bottom of the feet that leave them useless to grip the floor in any way. I had less success with the added foam there. To keep the whole seat stable during the mount-dismount process, I keep my foot on the bottom bar. No biggie. And by the time she’s ready to use the potty without assistance, hopefully she’ll be practiced enough with this to be able to keep it steady on her own.The final ‘con’ to this is how easily the arm-leg units loosen up from the seat. When my daughter is sitting down, she rocks the arms up and down, which makes the seat wiggle. I tighten them up, and then two visits to the potty later they’re loose again. However, flexibility is needed to make it fold-able for storage. That doesn’t bother me so much, I just keep my foot on the base rod.Now onto the Pros… cost – the cost wasn’t too bad, I paid this much for a standalone potty. It was really simple to put together, I had it done within 10 minutes, and 5 of those minutes were just trying to wrestle the pieces back from my toddler. The colors are bright and happen to match our bathroom decor. My daughter is so much happier being able to get onto the potty by herself, and she is able to get up onto the step, drop trow without having to disrobe completely, and then just stand and pull her pants back up when she’s done. This is a ton better than taking her pants all the way off and having to wrestle them back on, or in trying to lift her on and off the potty a hundred times. My queen-of-independence toddler would give it five stars.If I had to rate it entirely on its own merits, I would have given it 3 stars; but when you compare it to its peers who all have the same flaws, it gets 4 stars. Pretty good for what’s out there.

Jeanine Chatfield, MN

It’s okay…

….works much better as a stand alone versus on top of the toilet. We just couldn’t get it stable enough, enough with the seat up, where my son was comfortable on it. We converted it to the standalone and that seems to work better for him. If I knew we were going the standalone potty route, would probably have bought something else.

Kristen Marthaville, LA

Awesome idea, but the seat is not comfortable.

My son loved the idea of this chair, however he won’t sit on the seat – says it hurts. He’ll stand a pee, but we have to use another seat for him to go #2 – so pretty much this chair has become a dust collector.

Stella Starkville, MS

It’s okay

This seat doesn’t actually attach to the toilet, just rests on top of it. There are no grippers anywhere to help hold this seat in place, so it slides on my floor and on the toilet itself. It’s not too bad as long as I’m there helping my 2 year old, but it constantly needs to be readjusted so that when she steps up it doesn’t twist out of position. The screws that hold it together also come untightened a lot even though we never fold it up. It does have a slightly higher edge in the front which helps prevent some accidents with my daughter. All in all, I wish I had just bought a good seat that doesn’t slide around and a big step.

Millicent Bloomsbury, NJ

Not very sturdy

I bought this because it converted into two types of potty chairs. We ended up just using it as the short floor version. It was very wobbly on the toilet and our son was afraid to get on it (which didn’t help with potty training). Even on the ground, it’s quite flimsy. My husband tried to tighten the screws (which are plastic) and that didn’t help. We ended up buying a little Elmo toilet seat that goes on the big toilet and it works much better.

Noreen Preston Hollow, NY

Great seat

Great, versatile seat. My toddler can put it on the potty himself and loves it. This is the only seat he would use. Definitely helped us wrap up the potty training. It is worth every dime, trust me, from a parent who has been trying to potty train a boy for two years.

Belinda Kootenai, ID