Kidsme Food Feeder, Blue/Yellow, Small

Kidsme Food Feeder, Blue/Yellow, Small

This award-winning product provides a safe and easy way for your child to enjoy fresh food and nutrients at an early age without the risk of choking. Convenient, Hygienic, and Comfortable. It is ideal for babies and mommies on the go. Simply put fruit, vegetables or meat into the silicone sac and shut the snap lock. The Food Feeder helps to encourage your child to self-feed, build independence, develop confidence, improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Your child will feel excitement and accomplishment, as they initiate and actively participate in the feeding process. The Kidsme Food Feeder with uniquely designed textured silicone sac can also help soothe teething pain and provide extra stimulation to a baby’s gums when teething. Try frozen fruit or ice cube to help soothe and massage baby’s gums. The patent pending soft silicone sac feeder improves from the traditional mesh bag, it makes for easy cleaning, does not retain odors, and encourages chewing to extract food. The naturally-shaped silicone sac is comfortable and familiar to your baby when compared to other food feeders made of mesh. Replacement silicone sacs are available in two sizes and can be purchased separately to accommodate your baby’s growing needs. A cap helps to keep the silicone sac and food clean. This product is easy to clean and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Establish Safety and Healthy Eating: Allow your child to eat fresh food without the risk of choking; Replaceable silicone sacs are available in two different sizes
  • Award Winning Feeder: Unique patent design, improved from traditional mesh bag feeders; Silicone sac makes for easy cleaning, does not retain odors, encourages chewing, more natural and comfortable to the baby
  • Textured Teether: Designed with textured silicone surface works best with frozen fruit or ice cube to soothe teething pain and massage baby’s gum
  • Safety and quality: BPA free and FDA tested; Recommended for 4+ months; Choose the size of the feeder according to the width of the child’s mouth; Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Secure and Convenient: Shuts and locks easily with the childproof snap lock; Easy to grasp; Cap helps keep silicone sac and food clean

Verified reviews



I should have checked the reviews before buying. Most reviewers only have this 1 review. Hmmm… Anyways, the holes are too big and too many for young infants. My 5 1/2 month old put it in her mouth, nibbled once, then gagged. I tested it and found that quite a bit comes out. I can just squeeze the feeder and see too much gushing out. It’s good portion for babies used to solids, but not for ones being introduced to solids. Maybe for an older infant it might be better? Grandma noted that the gagging might also be due to the length of the silicone portion (too long). The length would be fine if the width was wider. The width is about an inch…ummm that means babies can shove the whole thing in their mouth. I truly don’t suggest this for 4 months and up like stated in the product description…more like 7 months and up. Pros: It’s a good concept. It was easy to clean. Daughter held it easily in both hands. Hope that helps with anyone considering to purchase.

Jade Converse, LA

Cute design but didn’t work for us.

I was really excited about getting this food feeder because my 5 1/2 months old baby liked sucking on fresh fruit (like apples or pears) but i was always scared that she might choke on it if a big piece gets in her throat. I tried to put pieces of apple in the feeder and give it to her but she didn’t like it and just spit it. You have to really squeeze it to get some fruit come out. Maybe it’s because my baby never took pacifiers or bottles, she just doesn’t like any plastic stuff in her mouth. The feeder looks very cute though and easy to hold for little hands. Also it’s easy to clean. I’m hoping to try using it again when my baby starts teething. Who knows maybe she’ll take it and as well as a bottle eventually.

John Sanbornton, NH

Seriously Small

I ordered this thinking it would be the same, or about the same at least, size as the Munchkin Brand Mesh Feeders.I really like the idea of the Munchkind Mesh Feeders but they are a nightmare to clean and I thought this would be easier to clean and keep clean.However, It’s so small, not even a piece of banana would fit! The width of the "food holder" is about the width of my thumb. It wouldn’t hold a strawberry, a piece of a banana (unless cut lengthways) or most other fruit.I will be returning this for the larger size, but seriously? What would any one put in these? I say you skip the small and go straight to the large.

Herminia De Soto, MO

very small– consider getting the bigger one.

The size of food you can fit in here is the top joint of a finger. It’s *almost* small enough to just give a young child that size… so to make this more useful, I might go up to the bigger size version of the same product. (Note– I started using at 6 months. Maybe I’d prefer this size if I really was starting at 4 months, as the product is labeled for).

Graciela New Brockton, AL

Just received this yesterday…

…already LOVE IT. My miserable teething 4.5 month old literally has not liked a single teething toy. This is amazing. It is the perfect size for him to suck and chew on. I put a small piece of frozen apple in it and he has been going at it for at least half an hour. This is a new record for him–he won’t even keep a paci in his mouth. I am so happy, and so is he! The little handles are great, too; he can keep it in his mouth even with his chubby, uncoordinated little hands. What a superb product. Easy to clean, too, unlike what I’ve heard about the mesh bags.

Debbie Lunenburg, VA

It’s okay…

We purchased this item after my son began eating solids. I needed a way to allow him to suck on foods without taking big bites or without me having to hold it for him while he sucked on it (ice!). This product got the job done, but not as well as I would’ve liked. It is very small and I have to change it out or add food to it often. Although my son loves to suck on it, it does become messy when you introduce fruits such as watermelon and peaches. Overall, this product serves it’s purpose but I find myself using it less and less because of the time it takes for me to prep everything for it’s use.

Ruby Edgemoor, SC

Terrific product

This feeder is perfect for our toddler. We use it everyday for a variety of foods — frozen applesauce or pear puree to help with teething, any kind of fresh fruit such as apples, grapes, pears and mango. We also bought the bigger "inserts" so we could fit more fruit in. Also, the cover is great so we could bring along a piece of fruit in the diaper bag for later. High quality, easy to use and much easier to thoroughly clean than any other feeder we’ve used thus far. Highly recommend.

Yolanda Marble Canyon, AZ

Great if you use the right types of foods

I bought this for my 6 month son who has started to show an interest in foods. The first time I put some slices of pretty firm peaches in it and he loved it, gnawing away at it for quite some time. Since then I have tried other things like ripe banana and avocado. I found that with the softer foods, any slight squeeze of the feeder part (or even snapping it closed) will cause the soft food to squish out and it can get quite messy. Especially as my son will drop it and then sometimes pick it up by the feeder part. So I think I will just put more solid foods in the feeder and feed him soft foods via spoon and bowl.The only other comment that I have is that it is quite small, especially when you consider that the baby can’t even get to any food in the bottom half because there are no holes there. So you will be refilling it quite often.Otherwise it’s very clever, super easy to clean, and I like that I can use a pacifier strap to keep it from falling on the floor.

Claire Robertsville, MO

Great Concept

I really liked this feeder over the mesh ones because they are much easier to clean. You cannot fit as much inside though (like 2 small grapes). I started using this product when my son was 4.5 months and it didn’t really work well because he couldn’t hold the feeder yet and guide it to his mouth. He’d just drop it if I didn’t hold it for him. I would recommend this product for older babies rather than the 4 months the manufacturer suggests.

Candice Mc Knightstown, PA

Like it but could be made better

I bought both sizes of these and the bigger size was meant for 6+ months…WAY too big for a 6 month old. This one is much better because he can move it around his mouth to learn to chew and not just suck on it like a pacifier. My only complaint with this is that once he’s chewed it for a few minutes, you have to refill it b/c all of the mashed food falls to the base where there aren’t any hole. it leaves quite a bit of banana that he cannot get out. There should be more holes down the length of the silicone. And expect your child to be a mess with these!

Joanne Idalia, CO

Love, love, love this!!! A must have!!!

Ok – there are lots of baby items out there that we simply don’t need but this is NOT one those things. I can’t say enough about this – it’s AMAZING!They are easy to clean – much better than the feeders with the mesh bags. These things last a long time. I put everything in it – frozen breast milk cubes (great for teething babies), frozen fruit, fresh fruit & veggies, etc. I have been using this as a teether (with frozen breast milk) since my son was 3 months-old and it’s awesome.Easy for baby to hold. Easy for you to fill and clean. Highly, highly, highly recommend!!!

Allyson Hartstown, PA

It’s Okay

My baby will be so hungry, I will immediately put banana on it and it will satisfy him for 30 seconds, then I will put some again.But it doesn’t teach him how to use the spoon. So I only use this for emergency purposes only.

Chasity Howardsville, VA

Best product ever!

My daughter is 4.5 months old and loves this feeder! She is cutting 3 teeth right now, so she is in so much pain. She loves gnawing on anything and everything, but nothing makes her as happy as this. I just recently started her on solids. I put frozen banana in this and she loves it! She is able to hold it herself pretty well too. It’s easy to clean and closes well. I highly recommend this product.

Laura Gulfport, MS

The idea is great but it’s not that useful

I like the idea of the babies can learn and feed themselves but it’s just too small and it gets so messy

Saundra Uxbridge, MA

Makes a GREAT teether with frozen grapes!!!

We were skeptical about this at first so we only purchased one. Now we own four and I am always washing one!!! They are extremely easy to clean (a little soap and hot water). We recommend over the MESH feeders for this reason alone, but also love that these are NON toxic and BPA free given that your baby will be chewing on not just the silicone sack no doubt!!These are also extremely durable (our silicone sacks have never ripped, but I do replace them every 3 months or so to keep them fresh). The sacks do stain if you put melon or blueberries or sweet potato in them. BUT baby doesn’t care.We love that we were able to introduce our son to so many fruits and veggies without the risk of choking.Lastly, now that he does eat a lot of purees and finger foods easily, we use this as a teether with frozen grapes, sometimes I freeze some puree in one of the silicone sacks to make a baby-friendly popsicle, or apples work well.Such a great little thing . . . and sometimes the little things are everything!!

Luella Los Molinos, CA

better than the alternative

before purchasing this, i looked at another model. i picked the kidsme over theMunchkin Food Feederbecause it seemed much easier to clean. i bet it would be a nightmare to remove all the tiny pieces of food from the mesh on the munchkin. also, that material would probably absorb odor and flavor over time. with the kidsme, it’s quite simple to wash with no small areas for food to hide. the only downside is that the silicone material is tough so my baby has to bite fairly hard to get anything out. in fact, i’ve even sometimes had to manually squeeze it with my fingers. that being said, it’s probably a good feature because it’s very unlikely to get ripped apart and accidentally swallowed. overall, i think it’s a great way to introduce my baby to solid food and i would recommend it to others.

Christi Moville, IA

my daughter never used this

Too firm, and by the time my kids knew how to use this efficiently and regularly they were beyond just tasting things, they wanted to EAT the food. Not suck it.

Frances Teaneck, NJ

Too small

The small size is too small to really put anything in it. I got it when my daughter was 6 months old and it was already too small. We prefer the less expensive Boon option.

Aileen Trinidad, CA

Simple and smart

While at Buy Buy Baby, I was comparing the bag-type teethers in their store. I liked that one brand had a case. I liked that another brand had a handle though. However, when I checked Amazon, I found that there was one teether that had it all. This KidsMe teether is silicone (not mesh, ew). It has a case if you’re traveling with it. It has TWO handles so it’s easy for babies to transfer from one hand to the other. There is a tiny loop on it to secure it with a pacifier clip. Overall, nothing I would change about it. My 5 month old is cutting his first tooth and loves this thing. He’s a big boy (in size 9m clothing) but the small size teether is perfect.

Gracie Laurel, DE

Best thing for teething!

Love this thing! I have started giving it to all my friends as shower gifts. Was great for introducing new foods and for when my daughter was teething. I just froze some small seedless grapes and let her chew on them, really helped.

Deena Ireton, IA

Glad I spent the money for this

I hemmed and hawwed over the cost of this item. Glad I bought it. Baby took to it the first try and loves her treats. It helps her gums when I give her frozen banana or pears or whatever I’ve put in them that day. The handle is better for little hands and it’s easier to sanitize (comes apart) than the mesh type of feeders – which look realy big compared to these. I’ve already purchased the larger size

Rachel Osteen, FL

love it

I love this product and use it for feeding and teething purposes. Its easy to clean and fast too unlike the mesh feeders[…]

Sara Hartland, MI

Amazing product!

Lawanda Enterprise, AL


love this had the one that was a mesh sack and was so hard to clean glad that I found this…it is so convenient!

Roberta Granby, MO

Small, and hard to get it out

Small! Really, very small.Once baby push the food, it will be on the top. And, she could not get it any more.Very pricey for a little thing like this.

Freda Cornish Flat, NH

Perfect for little hands to learn to feed themselves

Our boy got to taste delicious fruits through this feeder when he turned 4 months old. It’s the perfect size for his little hands to hold and he could suck on this baby for 30 minutes! His favorites were watermelon, apple, grapes, and cantaloupe.If you’re preparing for a baby, check out this comprehensive baby registry must-have list: […]It covers the first 3 months and helps you decipher what you really need and what you can live without.Here’s another one for beyond the first 3 months through the first year: […]

Olive Natchez, LA

Almost perfect

My 10 month old daughter has been using this happily for 4 months now. The handles are perfect for her to hold onto. It has been an invaluable tool during teething (just put an icecube or a frozen strawberry in it!).My one complaint is that the holes that food can get through only go about halfway down. Baby can only get half of the food out, and the rest just gets squished and compressed down into the end of it. This gets messy, wasteful, and frustrating for baby.

Bianca Durhamville, NY


Our LO doesnt seem to like using this, I think because the silicone part is too tough. He can hold it well but doesnt like chewing on it.

Jerry Tununak, AK

This is the best feeder

I do my research on all the items I buy. This feeder is award winning and I could see why! My 6 month old instantly loved it. The handles are comfortable for him. Unlike other feeders, this one isn’t messy. It’s easy to insert food too and we take it everywhere. When I lost my first kidsme food feeder, I went out and bought another one.

Sondra Johnstown, PA

Watch your dog!

This is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased! Its so great to know I have a magic trick in my bag for when my baby decides he’s had enough of the mall or whatever….I can hand him a banana in this gizmo and he is happy as a clam. Wonderful invention & sooooooo worth the money time and time again…like if your dog chews it up. Ahem.

Kathrine Hume, MO